Our Summer Front Porch

Hey hey! Hope everyone is having a good week so far.  I’ve had a productive one so that’s good, yes? :)  And like I told you all earlier this week, I spent a lot of time at our nursery last week.  I was getting some new planters to put at our front door!

Well let me explain…I mentioned how I loooooove those beautiful container gardens right?  So what I did because I don’t have a green thumb is that I took my planters up to our local nursery and they did all the work for me.  Yes, I cheated. Why not have the professionals who know what they are doing, do it for me, and for free?  All I had to pay for was the plants.  It was a win win people.

And so here’s the porch with my new planters.

And you might be saying to yourself “where’s the pink flowers in the planter on the left?” Am I right?  I’m having issues with that particular flower and I don’t know why. I think I might have drowned them but I’m not sure so I’m having my mom come take a look and hopefully doctor it up.

But regardless they are still pretty. :)

That wreath on the door is a few years old and is actually the very first wreath I made.  I’d like to make another one but it’s not top priority right now.

All of the plants in the planters are shade plants, since we don’t get much sun in the front of the house.

The ones I know of that are in here are:

  • New Guinea Impatiens (pink flowers as filler)
  • Fern (used as the thriller in back of pot)
  • Potato Vine (spiller on sides)
  • Impatiens (filler)
  • Iboza Vine (spiller in front)

The only one I do not know is the plant with the little purple-blue flowers on them. If anyone knows let me know!

So anyway, that’s about it!  Oh I did buy a new doormat at Target for $11 too.  The Welcome vinyl sign was done a few years ago as well, and I just had a local sign shop print it out for me and I stuck it on. But if you have a Silhouette you can make one yourself!

I’ll leave you with a few more pictures now.

Yes I need to trim our bushes too.  It’s not to the point where you get attacked when you walk up, but it’s getting there. I should spray paint our light fixture too because it’s really faded.  Goodness, the list never ends!  :)

Have you been doing any sprucing up to your outside areas?  I’m trying to get it all done before it gets too hot here! Sharing this post at Sarah’s Before and After Party.



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  1. I know what you mean about the never-ending list…and one project always begets another! I so need to go freshen up our front door area. I would like to get some containers that “spill” plants out of the edges. I love that look. Also a new mat…and paint the front door…there’s that list.

  2. My impatiens are dying off this year–apparently, there’s an airborne diesease that are killing them–though I think only with regular impatiens–yours look a little more of the New Guinea variety…But if they are the regular kind, may be something to take note of…here’s the most recent article I can find…http://siouxcityjournal.com/lifestyles/columnists/riggenbach/no-need-to-be-impatient-with-impatiens/article_bfd70325-2bbb-5fd9-8c5e-598b6641d1f2.html

  3. Love the new planters. I am going to have to try some of the overflowing plants in mine too. You may want to try switching the planters every day for a while. I have noticed some of mine even out in my yard where there are two sides are getting more sun on one side. Even though yours are in the shade the reflection of light from the glass or something may be causing the one to get more sun than the other. That would cause the one to bloom and not the other. The overflowing plant looks larger in the one with the pink flowers blooming too so it may be the more light getting to them to cause the extra growth and bloom. Hope that might help with getting them both blooming. Thanks for the inspiration to try something different in my containers.

  4. I love the look of your porch. I bought some dark paint (almost black) for my front door, and I’m waiting for a kid free day to get that project finished. Now I’m considering shopping for some pedestal planters like yours. Thanks for the inspiration! (And I agree, the list just gets longer and longer and longer…..)

  5. I love the idea of taking the planters to the nursery and having them do the planting. Why didn’t I think of that? Thanks Emily! It looks just gorgeous! And I didn’t notice your light until you pointed it out. I bet most of your visitors won’t either, because they’ll be looking at your pretty planters! :)

  6. Love it – you did a great job – your entryway is so welcoming and pretty! I also love using potato vine in containers – such a neat color and shows off the flowers nicely!

  7. So so pretty. I am envious of how grand your entry looks. I have such horrible luck with flowers. I keep trying, though! Love your planters.

  8. Everything looks great =) Nice and inviting. I love the big urns.

    I have beds in front of my house and the flowers on the left side always get about 20-30% bigger and fuller. It’s the morning sun. I can flip my posts around, but not that planted stuff. LOL.

    You said it… it never ends. We make a circle around the house, and then it’s time to start all over again.

    It sure looks pretty though. My front door is black too. And I love it!

  9. I really like it. This is something I would love to do but I didn’t know that the staff at the nursery would help you do it. FABULOUS! Makes me wanna do some sprucin’ of my own.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Love this idea. I never thought about getting the nursery to do it. I have some of those little flowers too flowers and they are called Lobelia.

  11. I am in “get-done” mode, as well. I like to get all the yard clean-up done before my kiddo gets out of school for the summer! Yikes, that’s next Thursday!!!! Why am I blogging and not out digging up some weeds. Oh, because it’s cooler inside:-)

  12. Brilliant idea to have the folks at the nursery do the planting ~ I’ve never thought of that! I figured they would charge extra for it…now I know and I will certainly try this. It’s getting hot here too so I understand about the effort to get things done.

    LOVE the black door and the “Welcome”. I like the scrolls with the words.


  13. Looks lovely! I was wondering, what colour did you paint your garage? I was going to paint my door black too, but I don’t know if the garage is supposed to match? Would that be too much?

  14. I’m in love! Not just with your front porch, but you did something I NEVER would have even come close to thinking of on my own! I do NOT have a green thumb. In fact the only thing that does beautifully in my yard every year are my lilies and not by my effort! I think I just lucked out with some amazing bulbs that come back each year and I don’t even water them until summer time! Who would have every thought to ask the local nursery to plant them for you??? We are moving at the end of July and trying to figure out what to do in our new space & I’m running with your suggestion! The nursery will officially be my new best friend (well….that is if they actually do the planting)! :)

  15. Beautiful flowers and beautiful porch! I’m moving this weekend and can’t wait to decorate my porch! I’ll be posting pictures on my blog this weekend. Check me out !