New Office Updates and Plans For Another Makeover

I need to switch things up in our office. Our office has worked great for years and has been super functional, but I need some bookcases in there, and some cabinets. If you remember we have the white hutch that I spray painted several years ago in there. And while I love it still, it’s just not suiting the new needs that has come up this past year.

With us starting to homeschool in the Fall, I want an extra place to keep books so we can have things easily accessible downstairs as well. I’m hoping to do most of our school stuff upstairs, but I already know that we will need some downstairs. Plus, I’ve renamed my office the “oily office” now because all of my essential oil items have taken over. I have books galore, training materials, extra oils to send out to new folks, etc and so it would just be nice to have a place all of that can stay organized too.

But for now, I did at least replace the curtains in there with these and love them!

Floral Office Curtains |


I got these at World Market and they are the parrot ornithology curtains. They have parrots on them, but it’s hard to see from a distance. I mostly just think of them as mostly floral.

Here’s a close-up.

World Market Parrot Curtains |

I sort of want to repaint the office. I am just not sure which color yet. The current color in here is Sherwin Williams Mindful Grey.

World Market Curtains in Office |

And I am convinced I’ll never be able to take a photo of a window ever so all of my windows will be blown out ok? You’d think after 4 years I’d get the hang of it now, but nope! :)

And about that oily office thing I mentioned before, here’s what part of the inside of my hutch looks like right now.

Oily Office Hutch |

Hot mess.

But at least the crepe myrtle branches I cut from our tree look pretty. :)

Crepe Myrtle Vase |

Home Office Updates |

And no your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. Those frames hanging up have been like that for almost 2 years now half rub n’ buffed with gold. I never decided what I wanted to do with them. I move fast around here y’all.

So the plan for that big wall where the hutch is is to put built-ins in. Probably hack the Ikea Billy’s again. I need a good spot for my printer too that’s easily accessible so I’m hoping it will fit on a shelf, or behind a cabinet door on the bookcases. It’s currently on top of another console table and well, it’s just not pretty.

I will either keep the current desk, or maybe find 2 of the same desks so my husband can have a work area too. It’s not a huge space, but 2 of the right size desks could work. But I love how big mine is now and that everything is hidden like cords and such. So I will have to do some searching until I find the right thing. Or get him to build us one. :)

And then I need to decide how I want to paint and decorate this area! I definitely want to keep the curtains and would like to add some more pink in here. Tough life decisions.

Any thoughts?



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  1. Love the new curtains. My only thought of possibly using more pink just after mentioning your hubby getting work space, too, is that you have the floral curtains, maybe the other touches with a color that was more gender neutral?

  2. The curtains are pretty. I would pull a color from the curtains maybe the blue. I love the big desk, I have one like it but it was too big for my office so I have to move it to the basement. If you are going to be sharing the room I would make sure to put in some accents that are more masculine so your hubby doesn’t feel overwhelmed by the floral of it all.

  3. Love those curtains – so bright and cheery and your desk is awesome. Now that’s a room I bet you don’t mind spend hours working in! BTW, I love the new look of your blog Emily – very pretty!

  4. Love those curtains. They make a good splash of color. I like the neutral gray walls. It would give you a chance to add color in your accessories.

  5. I love the window treatments, too! So girlie. :) Big fan of the floor lamp.

  6. Where is the floor lamp from?

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  8. We started our school year yesterday. My advice to you is that unless you are completely sold on a room, chances are you will migrate to the kitchen and/or living room. I have an IKEA cabinet that has a basket for each child’s everyday school stuff, and the rest like literature books, art stuff, and other misc. is downstairs. I probably wouldn’t split stuff up randomly throughout the rest of the house or you will have a heck of a time trying to collect it all when it’s needed.

  9. Geez its adorable right now! Love the curtains and the color of the walls. You did a great job on this room. Built ins can help to separate desks on a long wall if you want a sense of separate areas for you and your husband.

  10. Christine says:

    You should finish rub n buff-ing the frames. the gold really picks up the golden yellow in the new curtains!

  11. I love the curtains you picked. For the paint color, I think you should do a bold and bright color on the walls. Possibly a cheery yellow or a pastel pink? I think a bright color will look great against the wainscoting. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

    -Sayeh, The Office Stylist

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  14. Nice and chic decorated office. I really like the floral curtains, it give’s interior retro look and large windows give plenty of daylight which gives the area a pleasant and cheerful look.

  15. Oooh my god, don’t put those curtains

  16. A beautiful decoration.

  17. So bright and sunny, I like it a lot! Beautiful flowers. :)