My Prized Possessions…Hutch and Buffet Redo

Have you inherited an ugly piece of furniture whenever you got married?  I have.  It was our dining room buffet table.  I’ve lived with it for 4 years now, and it was time for an overhaul when I found this hutch at Goodwill to go on top of it.

Goodwill had it marked for $99, and I got it for $65.  It was in perfect condition.

So I brought her home, removed the cabinet doors, and put some of my accessories in it to see how it looked.

Uhhhh yea, not good.  See the buffet table that I’ve lived with for almost 4 years now?  How did I?

If you can tell in the above picture, mirrors were all over the back of the hutch.  Not a good thing when you want to display pretties in there.  So I took them all out, moved both pieces out to the garage and got busy.

And here are what my prized possessions looks like now.

Can you believe it?  I can’t.

Here is how I did it, and then I will just show you a bunch of pictures. :)

First I lightly sanded the buffet table because it had that super glossy finish.  I really don’t think the sanding did much though.  Sorry I don’t have any “during” pics because I did all of this at night in the garage.  That makes for awful pictures.  After wiping the dust off, I sprayed a few coats of polycrylic to seal in the wood finish, then I primed both pieces with spray primer.  When that was dry, I spray painted them with Rustoleum Heirloom White.  I went through SEVERAL cans of spray paint.

Then when both pieces were painted, I lightly distressed the hutch to reveal the dark finish underneath.  After that, I applied a glaze mixture of raw umber acrylic paint and faux glaze to give it an antique finish.  I did this all over the hutch and the buffet.  I just wiped on the mixture with a rag, then wiped off with another clean rag until I got the finish I wanted.  And lastly, I finished off the hutch and buffet with a few coats of Polycrylic for durability.

Since I removed the mirrors in the back of the hutch, I lined the back of the hutch with beadboard wallpaper and spray painted that Heirloom White as well.

Now here are lots of pictures!

I decorated the top of the hutch with some shutters I found at the thrift store that I painted Heirloom White as well, and a few urns from Homegoods. :)  Got new hardware for the buffet too.

A close up of the distressed finish.

A close up of the antique finish…

A close up of the beadboard wallpaper lining the back of the hutch now.

Isn’t that better than the mirrors??  I know mirrors are supposed to reflect light and stuff, but when you are trying to have your accessories be seen, it just doesn’t work and they get lost.  And isn’t that little girl a cutey??! :)  She’s about to be 1 year old this month.  *Sniff sniff*

Just some more pictures with my accessories.  I know hutches typically house dishes and whatnot, but I would rather have it hold pictures that I love and other pretty things in there, rather than just dishes that I’ll never use.  I do love dishes don’t get me wrong, but I wanted this hutch for another displaying purpose.

And another repeat picture just for good measure…

So whatcha think?  Every time I look at this I can’t believe what it looked like before.  Our dining room has been through lots of “looks” since we’ve lived here.  I’ll have to post about that sometime if I can muster up the courage to show you the previous hideousness.  Oh don’t worry, you know I will because I want to keep it real here. :)

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my redo as much as I do!



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  1. That looks perfect like that. Paint works wonders in transforming things. I am glad you removed the mirrors. I don’t care for them in hutches either. Great idea using beadboard wallpaper.

  2. Your dining room cabinet came out so nice! I love the creamy white color you used.

  3. It really looks great! I don’t like mirrors either and I think the beadboard wallpaper on the back is perfect. Good job!


  4. This is gorgeous! Good work!

  5. That came out great! Don’t you just love GW?!

  6. I love painted furniture. The white looks so nice and bright. What a dramatic before and after! Love it.

  7. totally different look and i noticed your wall color now POPS…..nice job

  8. Ohhh, Love white furniture and yours is stunning. Great job. A little creativity and Wa La! Magnificant!
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  9. I adore it! Great job! It looks like something out of a magazine.

  10. It’s gorgeous, good work!

    How did I not know there was spray primer? Sounds like a time saver!

  11. You know I love that hutch/buffet!! Someone already commented and took the words right out of my mouth…but I think it DOES look like it came right from the pages of a magazine! pretty, pretty….

  12. Awesome Emily! I love it!!!!

  13. that looks great! i really like the new hardware, but i want to ask if you knew the measurements when you were looking for the hutch. it seems to juuuuust fit b/c of that curve in the front, and i was wondering if that was luck or careful planning? congrats, it looks like a whole new piece.

  14. Your finished project really lightens up the room and helps to highlight your display. Nice!

  15. This is gorgeous! I read your very first post just for fun today. If you like Tobacco Road, you should check out Eddie Bauer Pecan sometime. Jake and I repainted our foyer in it recently. It warmed things right up. :)

    I’m your newest follower. Enjoy the week!


  16. haley davis says:

    Looks fabulous!! You did a great job!

  17. WOW…is all I can say! Just beautiful, love the added wallpaper beadboard and the cute star plate with the starfish inside!


  18. This is your best project to date! What a great transformation, I am sure it was a lot of work. I can’t wait to see what you do next.

  19. Oh, what a beautiful job you did! I love the look of your hutch and you combined the two. Wasn’t that awesome that they fit each other! Love your paint job and the way you dressed your hutch up inside! Genius!
    You’re very good!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  20. well done.

    leave us the howto & get a link back to your site here:

    till soon!

  21. Her makeover looks sooooo stunning…luv that coastal touch!


  22. YES — like 100 times better! : ) You did a great job — and that beadboard along the back of it totally makes the whole thing! It’s absolutely beautiful!!

  23. What a beautiful transformation! Great idea with special items inside the hutch. The shutters on top really caught my eye – love ’em! Linda

  24. What a perfect pairing of two unrelated pieces! You did a terrific job, love the beadboard wallpaper. Awesome display inside, beautiful and personal!

  25. WOW! Now only did you do a great job on the two pieces, but I just love all of your items in there! All of the white/cream color frames and different accessories you’ve displayed in there look so lovely. I really enjoy seeing monochromatic arrangements like that. And that beadboard wallpaper? I have never even seen that! Love it! Great job, Decor Chick!
    Best regards,

  26. P.S. Happy birthday to little cutie this month! (She shares my birthday month!)


  27. WOW! What a transformation. The piece is beautiful and you did a great job. I love checking in each day to see what you have to inspire us. Pam

  28. GORGEOUS!!! I am such a paint clutz that I think I’m doing well to paint and distress a picture frame! Oh I wish I could 1)paint like this and 2)have room in my wee little house for a hutch!

  29. Your hutch is amazing! I can’t believe that those two pieces didn’t belong together from the beginning. Totally awesome makeover. You should be proud

  30. Oh that is lovely! I envy you – that is a gorgeous piece, you did an amazing job!
    I’ve had my eyes open for something like this for a loooooong time, but so far no luck! But I did find a bookcase that I painted white,(I think it looks pretty good too.) You must have used a ton of spray paint, I never thought to spray but will try it the next time.
    I’d love it if you’d stop by for a visit sometime!

  31. Looks so good! Lovin’ the bead board wallpaper instead of the mirrors. Great idea! =)

  32. You did a fabulous job and should be very proud of your beautiful pieces of furniture.

  33. This came out so perfect! We never have good things at our Goodwill… or maybe I just don’t have what can be made of the things that are there like you can! Again, such a beauty!

  34. This is really so nice. I think you did an amazing job. I wonder how many hours this whole project took you?

  35. Love this, turned out fabulously! I like the white because it contrasts nicely with your wall color, is that a red?

  36. What a great transformation! It’s so light and airy that it’s hard to believe it use to be such a dark piece of furniture…love your accessorizing!

  37. That looks amazing! What a transformation. The beadboard wallpaper is SO much better than the mirror. Genius! ;)

  38. wow wow wow! did you actually take the glass out of the front doors? Its fantabulous!

  39. Just STUNNING! Thanks for joining us for Anything Related #14!! ~Bridgette

  40. Love it! I found you on Silly Little Sparrow. I love to refinish furniture too. I have a couple projects posted on my blog if you’d like to take a peek! You never know what can inspire you! I have a laundry room redo I’m working on now. Its so fun to see the transformation! Good job!

  41. Just beautiful, Emily! It looks like they were meant for one another! Sigh!

  42. It is beautiful, great job!!

  43. Looks great, you are cute and I love your ideas.

  44. That is amazing and your white and creamy treasures look right at home. You should give yourself a very big pat on the back!!

  45. Emily, those came out so well. I love the way you distressed it and I think it’s great to display photos and the things You want to see everyday. p.s. your daughter is adorable!

  46. What an AMAZING transformation. You did an incredible job on this one!

  47. This is AMAZING!! I have a curio I’d like to paint but I’m a newbie. I take it you have your own paint sprayer? Is that a necessity? I have mirror in the back of the curio and I LOVE your wallpaper. I wonder if I can wallpaper right over the mirror??

    Thanks so much for sharing. I am truly inspired to get working on mine now.

    • Thank you so much Charlene! No, I don’t own a paint sprayer. It’s on my wish list though! Yes, my finger got very tired painting these 2 pieces. haha. I only have one of those plastic spray nozzles that attaches to the paint can, but those don’t always work well, especially at weird angles. It will drip. So I mostly just did it the old fashioned way…with my finger. :)

      I bet the mirrors come out of your curio like mine did, but if they don’t, I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to go right over it?

      Let me know what you do! :)

  48. Absolutely beautiful! Looks just lovely all creamy white & I love all your little beachy decor on the shelves.

  49. That came out beautifully. What a lucky find. That antique white is the perfect color. I am a big fan of the fact that you’re displaying your photo’s and other treasure, rather than dishes….it’s much more welcoming.

  50. Your Hutch is beautiful! You did an amazing job. Great job on your goodwill find!

  51. Gorgeous! I love it! thank you so much for linking up to my linky party!

  52. fabulous! simply fabulous! I found you from Kara’s blog.

    liz :o)

  53. Simply GORGEOUS! Thanks for linking it!!!!

  54. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Absolutely amazing. My dining room is without a buffet entirely. I’m going to start hunting at goodwill. And thank you for the specifics on the step-by-step painting because you know I’m going to need it all spelled out for me when I set to it!

    • Aww thank you Stef! I hope you find one soon. I totally was not looking for a hutch when I went to Goodwill that day.

      Oh don’t worry, I need specific details on everything!!

  55. What an amazing transformation! Your hutch looks beautiful! Love the antique white and you would great decorating skills. Want to come to my house and help me rearrange and redecorate? :)

  56. Wowwee!!!! It looks awesome!!!

  57. Wow! What a beautiful job! I LOVE it:).


  58. WOW!!! What a transformation – I LOVE it.

  59. What a great transformation! I bet you are loving the extra storage/accessory space. I need more white furniture in my home!

  60. OMG!!! What a score and you’ve turned it into a real treasure. Super stoaked for you on this find!!!
    Autumn Clark

  61. WOW – it looks fantastic. Totally worth all the work.

  62. I can’t believe how well the hutch goes with the buffet. You did a fantastic job with it!

  63. You did SO great on the hutch!

  64. It looks amazing! I can’t believe how different it looks now-a dramatic improvement for sure!

    Best wishes,

  65. WOW!
    Can you come over and redo some furniture for me? ha ha
    Seriously, you did a fantastic job! Thank you for sharing!

  66. KristiYaYa says:

    Lovely and well done! I’m working on one right now, haven’t gotten past the sanding yet, but you’ve inspired me to press-on! Thanks!!!!

  67. You did an awesome job!! It looks beautiful!!!

  68. job well done! the cabinet looks stunning now with a new coat of paint!

  69. Wow, that is amazing! Those two pieces look like they were meant to be together! It looks great!!! You must be so pleased!

  70. Fabulous! I only wish I could paint my inherited furniture. MIL would have a stroke! LOL Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing all your furniture fix-ups. Happy Friday! :o)

  71. I came from Just a Girl. I love how this turned out, what a beautiful piece of furniture!

  72. Very nice!!

  73. olivia parazine says:

    Oh my gosh I love it! So pretty and very tastefully decorated!

  74. This is beautiful….very chic now!! -shaunna :)

  75. That looks gorgeous!!! I know how much work this is cause I have been doing to same thing…that is got a hutch top that needed to match to the buffet. Not done yet…but will post pictures probably next week.

  76. Amazing! I just bought a hutch today. I needs a little love, and I am thinking about painting it red. Great job!

  77. That turned out gorgeous! I am so glad you didn’t get rid of it. It is amazing what paint can do. Great job!

  78. That looks just like something you’d find in a Pottery Barn catalog. Amazing job!

    So what is beadboard paper? I’m not familiar with it but it sounds cool.

  79. Amazing job! It looks fantastic!

  80. Wow! Great job! That looks SO good in the lighter shade!

  81. It turned out just lovely! It’s amazing how a little paint can transform something completely! Thanks for linking up!

  82. What a great find! Just airy and beautiful. Enjoy!

  83. i love it! Much MUCH better.

  84. Love it! What an amazing transformation!

  85. What a fabulous transformation! I love the white and the finishing techniques you used. Simply gorgeous! Fantastic Job! Thansk so much for joining the Sunday Showcase – I greatly apprecite it! Hope you have a wonderful week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  86. What a fresh new life you gave this hutch. Wonderful!

  87. OK, this is fantastic. I love the after, especially the distress and antiquing. This must have taken quite a bit of work!

  88. I remember this one…SO beautiful and I know it took focus and attention to detail. Great job and thanks so much for linking up to Style Feature Saturday! -shaunna :)

  89. Karyl White says:

    I love this! You have inspired me to do my own. I have an old china cabinet “thingie” that my husband wanted to get rid of (he loves getting rid of stuff) and I showed him yours and so he has agreed to let me fix it up now…so THANKS! but he did say “let’s save that for later though” =)

    Love your blog!!!

    Be blessed,

  90. Just found your site …. your stuff is gorgeous … here in New Zealand we don’t have a Craigs list which is unfortunate … but I’ve picked stuff up on the side of the road and fabulous’ized them (much to hubby horror). Love your stuff.

  91. I went looking to see if anyone else removed hutch doors and mirrors after I thought it through yesterday and there you were! May I ask how you removed the mirrors? Did u have to break them? I was hoping to save for another project. Thank you so much for sharing!!


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