New Living Room Seating Area!

Hello friends I hope you all had a great weekend. We finally had a cool front in Texas! Today I’m so thrilled to show you all our new living room seating arrangement today! I’ve been itching to do something different in our living room since we only have brown leather furniture in there (which was bought pre-blog days), and we have always needed more seating in there, but more importantly, something to break up all of that leather.

P.S.-keep reading below for a Homegoods giveaway! Plus, I really need your help at winning this challenge so re-pinning this image from THIS link will be MUCH appreciated and I’ll love you forever. (PS-Contest is over now don’t worry about that!)

So here’s the new seating area, and my new non-leather chair, hallelujah.

Seating Area in Living Room |

I’m SO glad to have this little area! I have it angled so it’s more conversation style in here now and it feels much cozier. I’m doing this little challenge for HomeGoods and their “Happy Home Resolutions”, which I touched on previously with my interview with Genevieve Gorder. And my happy home resolution for this challenge is “Personal Style.” A survey that Homegoods conducted said half (50%) of Americans surveyed say they have at least one room in their home that feels unfinished or incomplete even though it is fully furnished. And I can totally relate to that! Our living room has been completely furnished for a while now, but yet there was still something lacking. I believe that was more seating options, and more vignettes.

So what’s the resolution? A room doesn’t feel finished until it feels like you. Choosing décor touches that reflect your personal style will help create a finished look that will make you smile every time you walk into the space, and for me that included more chairs, more coziness.

Side Accent Table Decor |

And this makes me smile. Like many of you all know, my style is a mixed variety. I just love everything. Can’t help it. So when I saw this paisley patterned chair at HomeGoods it took me a moment (and a few text messages) to say this is the one. I was thinking to myself “what if people hate my choice because it’s a paisley pattern and not some modern geometric pattern that’s all the rage?” Then I slapped my face and woke up and said WHO CARES because it’s our living room and I happen to like paisley, but most of all, it’s me. :) Plus, the colors are just perfect for this room.

There are many HomeGoods finds in this little seating area…the chair, the swing arm floor lamp, the sequin pillow, the herringbone throw, the teacup and saucer, and the vase! The other items I already had.

And the chair was a steal of a deal for a nice upholstered arm chair that is SUPER comfortable and well made too. It’s actually an Ashley Furniture chair, if any of you are familiar with them.

Side Accent Chair with Sequin Pillow |

That throw is amazing and so soft and the sequin pillow is amazingly cool. So see, I modernized this set up a little bit with the gold accent table and fancy pillow and cool lamp. :)

Sequin-Pillow |

Swing Arm Floor Lamp |

But then the granny came out in me again and I had to have the tea set. The colors were so pretty and that gold on it. Ahhhh.

Flower Tea Cup and Saucer |

This is actually not a vase but I made it into one and love it as well.

Hydrangeas in Blue Vase |

Even though I used to always like the living room more open so the kids have playing space, I’m kind of over that now and wanted to take back our living room since we are done with the giant baby gear and huge jumpers for now. And let’s face it, the kids now have another playing space and something new to climb on. Win win.

Here’s the space one more time in case you forgot.

Seating Area in Living Room |

Speaking of giveaways, I’m giving away 2 $50 gift cards to HomeGoods! Just leave a comment on this post and tell me what you think of the new seating area, or tell me what your happy home resolution would be and what you’d use the gift card for. Do you need some new lighting, more organization, more color? The sky’s the limit. Giveaway will be open until October 15, 2013 and will be chosen via

Thanks for all the support everyone I really appreciate it! Now let’s do this! Also sharing this post at Thrifty Decor Chick’s Before and After Party.



Disclosure: I received gift cards for this challenge and may win a prize from HomeGoods if I win the challenge. Woohoo!

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  1. I love your living room! Beautiful!
    I would totally update pillow and more in my living room! It needs lots of love…

  2. I am loving that tea set! I would love to used the gift card for some new throw pillows to brighten up my living room!

  3. Love that chair! I really like paisley prints too! I would love a gift card for some new throw pillows!

  4. Love the new seating area!

  5. I wish I could put things together like that. It always feels unfinished somehow. I have a new guest house to do and I know it will never come together the way my mind wants it too. Great job, I love it.

  6. I am in love with the chair!! It’s the exact style I’ve been looking for. You did a great job!

  7. shannon macklam says:

    Looks gorgeous!

  8. Stephanie R. says:

    I love the chair – especially the colors. Great find!

  9. I love the chair and entire seating area! I’ve been looking for a chair for the corner of my newly renovated bedroom and this would be perfect! The gift card would be great for some new accessories for the bedroom!

  10. I love the new seating area :) Sometimes I think people get all wrapped up in ‘open-concept’ (which I do love) that they forget the comfort of coziness. Like a little seating area, or a cozy entryway. And, I admire you for sticking to what you love! I need to do more of that ‘stick to your gut’ decorating :)

  11. The new chair is lovely!

  12. Love the paisley! And the whole look of the seating area. I would like an end table, new pillows and an accessory or two! Winning would be motivation to DO IT!

  13. looks great! I love that table. i’d probably end up using this for throw pillows. I always see some that I “need.”

  14. I am in the same boat!! We have dark leather furniture, dark coffee tables, and a dark armoire in our living room and you guessed it, dark “wood” floors. It is so DARK in there! I am taking baby steps to lighten it up as the budget allows and so far it has really helped. I love your new sitting area!

  15. The seating area looks great. Love the metallic touches for a bit of glam. I definitely need more lighting in all areas of my house. Love the lamp you chose!

  16. I have the same chair and love it!

  17. Love it! I especially love the sparkly pillow. Please show us a photo of the entire room when you have a chance. Thanks!

  18. Chelsea Alexander says:

    The seating area looks great. I agree that the sequin pillow and gold accent table modernize it quite a bit, but overall it still makes me think ‘traditional’ which isn’t a bad thing! Own it!

  19. Jennifer Apple says:

    I love the chair, too! I would love to have some new throw pillows to punch up the color in my living room, or some new accessories to liven things up!

  20. Bertie DeWane says:

    I love the paisley chair and seating arrangement. I would use a gift card for accessories for a master bedroom we are adding to our tiny house.

  21. Ooh, it looks so good! i repinned it from the link!
    I’d love to win too because I desperately need some artwork on the walls!

  22. I absolutely LOVE the colors! Something old, something new :)) Would love to put that gift card to one of those chairs for my bedroom! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Happy Monday!

  23. Beautiful!!

  24. The new seating area looks amazing! I love all the little touches like the sparkly pillows and throw!

  25. I love the area. It looks so comfy & organized! If I won I would get a new mirror for my living room. My mantle is in need of an update.

  26. Bethany K says:

    BEAUTIFUL space…and I’m totally with you on the paisley. Gotta mix in some florals and paisleys to balance out the geometrics. And that lamp? Perfection. I’d love to use $50 to Homegoods to snag some great stuff for our sunroom…thanks so much for the giveaway!

  27. I absolutely love how great this looks together. Love the color and the print of the chair…makes me want to jump over to Homegoods RIGHT now and see if I can find one :). I would definitely use the gift card to help with my living room re-do!

  28. Absolutely beautiful!! I love your color choices. I am currently working on a bedroom remodel and am having trouble picking out colors.

  29. I would love to get a new rug for our family room. I will always love the one we have, but it’s been 14 years and I’d like to change it up with a different color!

  30. Nance Greenwell says:

    Popular styles come and go, choose what you love and it will work. I appreciate your varied textures, this looks so inviting, you did great! Now, I’d like to see the whole room too. There are so many great things to be found at Home Goods, I can spend hours there just dreaming.

  31. Great fabric! Hubs does not go for flowers but he is ok with paisley. Good job!

  32. Andrea Edwards says:

    I LOVE that chair!!!!! Your makeover looks great and I actually just rearranged my entire living room yesterday and now have an area whee I can actually make a cute small seating spot. Hmmmm I think I need to head out on a chair hunt ;)

  33. Love the chair and the lamp! I am looking for something similar to make a reading nook in our home.

  34. Kaitlynn Nielsen says:

    I love the paisley chair and the round ottoman thing in front of it I’m thinking I would love one in my master bedroom! I would use the gift card to work on my master since at the moment it looks like a white box with a bed in it.

  35. The chair looks great with your rug. We’re changing our dining room into a family room so I’d love a comfy chair and definitely a new table lamp.

  36. Beautiful…one thing brightens the next! I love Home Goods, and just walking thru there gives me ideas that I would have never thought of. It’s a new experience every time I go. They’ve definitely changed OUR house, but alot more changing needs to be done :) I’m kinda stuck in my old ways/days.

  37. So cute and feminine! In love with it!

  38. I love the chair! I would love to get some new pillows for my living room with a gift card to Homegoods :)

  39. The area is totally wonderful. I especially like the wire table.

  40. I LOVE THIS!!! The chair is adorable and the pillow adds a perfect touch of sparkle to jazz up this seating area!! I love Home Goods is the best store out there (I feel awful for people who do not have a Home Goods near by). I recently had to move into a basement apartment and so most of my big furniture is in storage. A Home Goods gift card would allow me to get a storage rack for my towels, or maybe a new light for my dresser (and if i’m lucky i’d have a little left over to get a new holiday accessory to accent my living room). I love your blog, you always share great tips and ideas!! Good luck on your Home Goods contest!!

  41. Denise Rosales says:

    I love the seating & colors. I would use the giftcard for organization & new decor.

  42. That sparkly pillow is awesome!!! I also LOVE the chair. I am thinking of getting one for our bedroom!!

  43. Korinne Morrison says:

    What I really like about your seating area is the mix of colors, patterns and textures! I love that the side table is gold, but the pillow is silver/grey sequined. I also love the softness of the cozy throw and ottoman next to the hard lines of the side table and wainscoating. Plus I’m such a sucker for mixing patterns like you did with the rug and chair. I adore it and would curl up and read a book there any day!!! Well, let’s be honest…probably not read a book with my little one around, but sip some tea and get snuggly with her-definitely!!

  44. oh and I NEVER PIN anything but since you asked so nice, lol. I will do it for you:}

  45. I love the colours and the way they work together

    I’d use the gift card for something to spice my living room up a bit for winter.

  46. Stephanie F. says:

    My den needs some updated accessories, especially lighting. It’s very brown in here and it needs some pops if color. My gift card to HomeGoods would be spent on this.

  47. Love the chair and the sitting area looks wonderful. So inviting. We are FINALLY getting a home goods nearby in 13 days!! So excited!

  48. Love, Love, Love it! The chair is fabulous, I too had scored a wing back paisley chair for our bedroom from Homegoods. I would def use the gift card to fall-alize my living room!

  49. Looks great!

    I would use the gift card to help spruce up our bedroom.

  50. You have great taste and I wish you could help me with decisions!

    I had plans to update my living room, but alas, but house decided to settle and instead I have to get drywall repaired and window frames realigned. I would use the gift card to purchase an item or two to help me get over the disappointment of having to repair instead of redecorate.

  51. I LOVE everything about this. It is perfect and so many little details. I always have a hard time finding the right lamp and little tables. I need to update alot since my kids are not little anymore. Can you show us how it goes with rest of room?

  52. ellen casper says:

    Love your colors – I want to grab a good book and sit in that chair. I’d use the gc for new bedding.

  53. Love the new chair and the whole seating area. Also love that tea cup. I collect tea cups(only ones that I think are really special) and that one would work for me!

  54. Love the new seating area! I tried to convince my husband that I NEEDED that side table from Target the other day; we compromised to “think about it” but maybe this photo will convince him instead.

  55. Love your new seating area, perfect place to curl up with a book! Plus that sparkly pillow and gold table are awesome!

  56. Vicky McGovern says:

    Looks good, love the blues. Also love Home Goods, was just there yesterday. Changing something in every room, so the gift card could be used for many items…..

  57. Love the colors and the unassuming bit of glitz and shine too. Have to have one of those poofs for my feet!

  58. You are correct, who cares! However, it totally looks up to date. Paisley is a classic, pure and simple, plus the lines of the chair are more contemporary anyway, which updates it. I recently bought new living room furniture and went with comfort over just style. I prefer a higher back for comfort, but then I’m older. Your vignette looks fabulous. I absolutely love paisley, but my hubby hates it! :( I try to compromise for the most part but I did sneak some in the dining room when I made a fabric cornice with, you guessed it, paisley! Home Goods is one of my favorites stores so I’d use that gift certificate in no time flat! I’m trying to spif up my place for my sisters visit (three from three different states) in a few weeks, while frantically building items for my church’s craft show the 1st week of November. Agh!

  59. Love, love, love how you’ve used color/texture and shine in this seating area. Very nice!!

  60. Christiana says:

    This is a great idea. I have been looking for some inspiration that works with colors I like and that is a great one.

  61. Everything looks great. Would love to win a gift card for home items.

  62. I love that chair! It has a cozy feel to it!! Makes me want to curl up with a good book!! Great job!

  63. love your new chair…I have always loved paisley…and I do love Homegoods for sure!

  64. Love the chair. It has all the colors I have in my color scheme at home.

  65. Your living room is gorgeous, Emily! I would soo use a gift card to find a comfy chair to read in by our fireplace!!! Re
    Thx for sharing!

  66. I love everything about your room,you do such a great job of putting things together. And I love, love, love HomeGoods! I don’t even know what I would use a gift card for but it would be fun searching!

  67. I love it. I would totally put a chair like this in my house( future house)

  68. Nicole Davis says:

    Love your new seating area! So many beautiful details! I love the pillow, the throw, the lamp, the side table…pretty much everything! I need to do something like this in my living room. I have a bunch of brown leather furniture and it would be great to break it up with something like this. Love Homegoods!

  69. Trish C. / Mama B. says:

    Freaking LOVE it!!! Repinning as we speak ;)

  70. Love the print in the paisley chair and the texture of the pouf in front of it. I re pinned!

  71. I LOVE your seating area. The Gold lamp, table, and silver pillow are my FAVORITE.
    Mainly because I think they would go with tons of different elements. That chair is beautiful too though!
    That paisley is pretty awesome. I would love to get a homegoods gift card so I can spiff up my husband’s man cave. It’s really bad. Think wood paneling and dingy basement. Ew.

  72. love the grey and blue and blingy sequin pillow … the chair is a great accent to leather too!

  73. Love the new seating arrangement – especially the sequin pillow!!! :)

  74. So gorgeous! I am so in love with that pillow. Fabulous!!!!

  75. J. Johnston says:

    Beautiful job! Looks very finished. I’d love to “finish” an area in my living room!!!

  76. I just got a chair at homegoods last week! Your chair is made by Ashley furniture and is still available if anyone is interested in getting the same one. It’s from the Yvette Steele line and is probably $4-500 range. Just check Ashley’s website for a local dealer.

  77. Love that chair so much!! I love the pattern and colors so beautiful! I pinned this for you too :)

  78. Love what you did to the place. I think I’m likening the gold that people are adding these days. I would probably use the gift card for some lighting. I can’t stay away from the lamps at Homegoods. I want to replace all my lighting every time I visit

  79. I love that chair! I don’t even know where I would begin with a gift card – there are so many things I need help with! Maybe some great frames or one really big one for art work.

  80. I love paisley too and love love that chair!!

  81. Let’s try this again: So gorgeous! I am so in love with that pillow. Fabulous!!!!

  82. The chair looks awesome but I absolutely LOVE the gold side table!!

  83. Love the chair and pillow!!

  84. Teresa Stockdale says:

    I love the chair!! It is so adorable and I love the color mixes you used!

  85. Julie Halvorson says:

    Beautiful colors and textures! I would use the gift card to buy a mirror for my bathroom.

  86. The throw and the side table are my favorite part. :) Nicely done! And good for you for picking a chair YOU like. It is your home, after all!

  87. Sherri Smith says:

    I am looking to add fresh new pillows to the living room. Love what you did to your room. Have a blessed week :)

  88. Rebekah Beasley says:

    We just bought our first home!! After weeks of painting, I am ready to add personal touches throughout out home. Our living room is the brown leather furniture, and I have an arm chair similar to yours that I want recover, love the fabric and the pillow! I would love to win a gift card , love a Homegoods!!!

  89. I need some new lighting!

  90. You created a really beautiful space. Thanks for encouraging us to use our own personal style.

  91. Love the chair, paisley is perfect! ;)

  92. Perfection ~ just the inspiration I needed. Addicted to “Homegoods” and could really use that gift card towards a pretty new rug. Thank you for all the great ideas!

  93. I love the tea set colors. It’s a beautiful addition and kind of pulls it all together. Thanks.

  94. LOVE the chair! The lamp is fabulous, both are a beautiful addition. I am happy you followed your sage advice- buy what makes you happy not just what’s “IN”. Such a good reminder, nicely done!

  95. So pretty! I really like the chair too.

  96. This looks beautiful! I happen to love paisley as well! We could definitely use some fresh wall art, or new throw pillows in the living room.

  97. I would love to change up the family room with some new accessories. Home goods has such great stuff at great prices I could do the whole room with $50. I love the paint color in your photo. What is it? I am so tired of beiges that I have decided to change to gray but finding exactly the right color is challenging.

  98. Love the sequinned pillow! I would get some throw pillows for my window seat and some new dishes.

  99. Christine Potter James says:

    I am a thrift shopper who loves to shop for bargains {due to budget} and even have stuff given to me that I add to the newer stuff and it always looks great. I love the feel of old and new. The glitter pillow adds just a touch of flashiness that I look for in every decorating job I do. Good job!!!

  100. Elizabeth T says:

    Definitely my family room. I am not liking the dark leather furniture it has right now.

  101. Love, love the chair! The other items are beautiful too but I need a chair. :) Who cares about what others think of your choices? This is your home and your likes rule!


  102. We have brown couches too, so I feel you there. I love the pattern and the colors you’ve used here!

  103. I LOVE the new seating area! I am still kicking myself for walking away from that table at Target…I just don’t have a home for it, and no place to keep it until I figure it out!

    What wouldn’t I buy at HomeGoods? Of course, given my total magpie tendencies, it would probably be something shiny or glittery or otherwise dazzling. Though I DO need a chair and a side table or two for the living room. The man doesn’t agree, but geez, not every single speaker has to be hanging out in the open! Slide that bad boy under a pretty chair and make the both of us happy!

  104. I love the chair and pillow combination! Looks great! I am in serious need of new throw pillows. Mine are so so soooo bad. :)

  105. I love what you’ve done. I also have leather furniture in my living room that I always felt “needed something more”. I am now going to go out in search of an upholstered print chair. Thank you for the inspiration!

  106. Love the colors in the chair!

  107. Gorgeous! I love that tea set! I’m a sucker for anything with gold too. I feel that my master bedroom needs some help. I could use some cute new pillows and some fun wall art. I love HomeGoods!

  108. I love the chair! Homegoods have great prices and fun finds for the home! I would like some new accessories for my entryway.

  109. Wow!! Your designs continue to amaze me. The chair is GORG!!!

  110. Great chair. Love the paisley. Blues are so hard to match and you do such a great job of it. Hmmm, wonder if that chair is available in Southern California…

  111. Marty trout says:

    Love the chair and the pillow- but swooning over the rug and rustic shelf! I would use the gift cards for new throw pillows or a new area carpet!!! ❤️ TJMaxx. And homegoods !!!

  112. Oh my goodness, what is not to love? That glittered pillow is so glamorous and I especially am fond of the mixing of metallic finishes!

  113. Deborah Killpack says:

    I love the herringbone throw and the lamp! The entire mix looks so beautiful together. I’d love to see a larger shot of the whole room now. I’m a Homegoods addict…I’d definitely use the gift card for some new lighting and art pieces.

  114. haley mitchell says:

    I love the mix of metals, textures, and patterns in this little corner of fun! I love paisley!! I would love to update our living room lamp with a gift card to home goods! Its walmarts basic lamp.. yikes.

  115. Looks like a wonderful place to read. I love the poof and the lamp. Your salvage shelves are beautiful as well. I am trying to accomplish a similar space in our spare bedroom/office and would use the gift card for an ottoman or toward a new rug. Great blog!
    Thank you,

  116. I love the colors in the chair and its get down to business look. I also love your wall above the chair seating area. If I were to win< I would give the cards to my daughter who has a bunch of kids and not much time to decorate! Good Luck to YOU!

  117. Love that chair!! I’ve been searching for one with those colors. I’ve been watching them build a Home Goods near my house. I can’t wait for it to open!

  118. I love the colors and flow of this corner!! I just want to grab a cup of tea and settle into that chair with a good book! My living room needs more organization and de-cluttering so that I can make a few key pieces the focal points!

  119. Love the warmth of brown mixed with the coolness of blue!

  120. I love that chair. It not only is beautiful, but looks comfortable as well. Great choice!

  121. I think the chair pattern is gorgeous, & I’m not a paisley fan. I love the sequin pillow too. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  122. Oh my, Emily! I love that chair {and the tea cup – guess there’s a little granny in me too}. I desperately need some color in my bedroom so I’d totally use that HomeGoods card to find something red for in there.

  123. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I love the colors and the beautiful mix of colors. Its very warm and modern!

  124. I would love the get some fabulous and unique mirrors! A fun little chair would be great too!

  125. I love the chair and the pouf ottoman! I wish I had more space in my house to do little sitting areas like this. I currently have a mantel in my living room with nothing but a blank space above it, so I could really use that gift card to buy a mirror or something. That empty space makes me crazy!

  126. I love the mix of things in your seating area… well done!

  127. Thomas Murphy says:

    I would use the gift card for a new lamp in my living room.

  128. Repinned, sine you asked so nicely (and so often! Lol…) I would never have thought of mixing gold and silver like you did, but it worked so well! Nicely done!

  129. I enjoy how tranquil it is.

  130. Love the new seating area! As for my gift card (fingers crossed!)… I just bought a house and am looking forward to making it a home. I need pretty much everything!

  131. I’d use it for some fall decorating. Love the chair!

  132. Cindy Schwerdt says:

    I love the chair. You can’t have everything geometric. The colors are great!!! Great job!! I love Home Goods!!!!

  133. I adore this look and your new space. The chair is very nice looking as well. I totally love HomeGoods and all of their other companies like TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I would love to win this giveaway and use it to purchase some fun piece for my home. While Ashley Furniture is not of the highest quality and will not last a long time, I do love and own a TJ Maxx chair that is mostly for looks. It is comfy but if I am buying furniture to be used everyday, I choose to buy high end that has a kiln dried wood frame along with higher quality materials in it’s manufacturing.

  134. I want that chair! My style is all over the place too and while I feel a need to be more modern, the paisley would have called to me!

  135. Janelle C says:

    The combination of colors is gorg! I’ve repinned twice (on 2 different boards, is that legal??) ;)
    I also have all leather matchy-matchy pieces that I’d like to break up with a cool upholstered chair like this. Love the lamp, throw & sparkly pillow too! Your interview with GG was amazing…I’d have been sooooo nervous :-/

  136. I absolutely love that chair and the sparkly pillow! I would use the gift card to purchase a mirror for my entryway! It’s been rather plain and needs a little sprucing up!!!

  137. Where do I even begin? I was just in homegoods today looking at all the beautiful things that help make a house (even a rental) a home :) I would love to finish off our living room with some new pictures for the wall, mirror or even some throw pillow. The possibilities are endless! Thanks for having this fun give away!

  138. Diane Yocolano says:

    I love that chair! That beautiful blingy pillow just tops it off! I needs me new pillows maybe some organizational pieces!

  139. Jessie C. says:

    Beautiful color combo! Elegant and chic, I love it!

  140. We just moved into our new home, so it needs a lot of decorating! Love Homegoods! I found a pair of lamps there that I would love to have….among other things!

  141. I love that pattern on the chair! What an awesome HG find. Thanks for the giveaway!

  142. Andrea B. says:

    Love it! Our family room could really use some pattern and pizazz!

  143. Joy Leftwich says:

    Love the new space. Looks so grown up yet so inviting. I’m going thru a similar “season” …I’m ready to take back some of the living space vs a play space (my resolution). As children often are ~ they have been hard on the living room furniture. Even with the no food on furniture rule, they stand on it (sometimes jump lol) you get the picture ha. I’d use my gift card on my living room, I’d love to add more seating, change the seating up.

  144. Love this seating area! My formal living room is in need of a rug and some fun decor. I would definitely use the gift card towards that! Thanks for the inspiration!

  145. Christine says:

    I love the look of your sitting area! The colors and patterns are beautiful and soothing.


  146. I love the new sitting area. The chair is beautiful.

  147. Love it! I am looking for a reading chair for our bedroom, and a chair for my husband in the living room. He wants a recliner, so I’m hoping to find something that is attractive (and not overstuffed) at HomeGoods. The odds are better there!

  148. I love the colors of your new chair!! You should post a picture of the living area where you capture the entire living to see haw the new patter looks with the leather!

  149. I LOVE seeing how the chair works with the rug…since I have the rug! It looks great!

  150. I love this look! The textures are amazing!

  151. Love this! I’ve actually seen that chair at a local furniture store and it always catches my eye but I didn’t know how it would tie in with my living room. Seeing how you styled it is giving me serious inspiration to go get it!

  152. Anna Marie says:

    I love the print on this chair. Good luck!

  153. Arkie poor says:

    I love paisley!! And I would definitely use the gift card for my bedroom-it really needs a big dose of personal style.

  154. Love the cozy and warm feel of your space. Homegoods always had great stuff!! I’m looking for stuff for our new guest room.

  155. I was just shopping in Home Goods today, and I LOVE their throws: In any color! They are s-o-o-o soft! I also gravitated toward the occasional tables, thinking I’d like to put one in my new front entryway. I pinned your picture onto my Pinterest board titled: Color Schemes, because I love this combination you have put together. (And I’m loving the paisley, too.)

  156. Leslie Horton says:

    We’re moving again…… for the third time in 4 years. This time I’m determined to update the family room in the process. I’d love to use the gift card to pick up some decor or put towards some much-needed new furniture. Thanks for the great giveaway and I love the new seating area… especially the paisley chair paired with the sequined pillow. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  157. Carol Lynn says:

    Love your seating area!
    My style is a bit of everything too! I just buy what I like!

  158. I love the chair. Always been a fan of paisley and the colors are great. I am currently updating my formal dining room. It’s challenging because it us a very visible room in my open concept house (so I can’t ignore it), but with young children, we don’t use it as often as we once did ( so I don’t want to spend a lot of money). HomeGoods is a great way to meet to find quality decor that doesn’t break the bank.

  159. So totally love your seating area!! I am like you…..I love so many different types of styles and I am glad to know that I am in good company!!!! I am repinning because I love it!! And I love Home Goods also!!

  160. Jennifer W says:

    Would love the gey new pillows and accents to my living room. Love your chair.

  161. OMG! That chair is Fabulous! Of course I love everything you do. I so wish you could come help me with our new house! That is number 1 on my bucket list!

  162. Love the colors! And the pillow is perfect. I’m currently loving the chairs @ HomeGoods, so the GC would be well spent! Pink, of course, just for me. And yes, my teen daughter doesn’t like my style but she’d love yours. LOL. Pinned on my board.

  163. I TOTALLY love this space! I want that chair!!!!

  164. Jillian H says:

    I love the paisley chair! The whole space is great. And I’m digging anything gold right now so well done!!

  165. Oh, WOW ! I love every single thing in that pic, old and new. Thanks for the chance to win

  166. I love the new seating area!! actually, i want that chair!! thats what i would put the gift card towards… a chair like that :) i hope you win your contest! Good luck!

  167. I want that pillow!

  168. Love your new chair; it’s perfect!! Good luck on your contest!!

  169. I’d love to sit in that beautiful paisley chair & chat with you over tea! (Hope you win the contest!)

  170. I would love to sit there, snuggle up with that throw and read a good book.

  171. Christine T. says:

    I love your new chair! I would use the gift card for baskets, hangers, etc. to get my closet more organized. Thanks for the chance to win!

  172. Shannon Harris says:

    Great idea putting the ‘glam’ pillow on the paisley chair! Adds fun to the already inviting scene! I would use a gift card for lighting in the master bedroom…..I am setting up a reading area in there and need the ‘extras’ to make in ‘mine’!!

  173. I love the way you’ve arranged it and I love paisley too!

  174. Stunning! inspires me to want to add color.

  175. I love the chair and the whole look. I will have to go look at Home goods to see it

  176. I love your new paisley chair, and everything that you purchased! They all compliment the board and batten and gallery wall in the room beautifully. Great choices!

  177. Antoinette says:

    I actually like your new sitting area, it looks like a very cozy reading spot. No offence to any men but it’s about time for the woman of the house to have a chair.
    My kitchen is the room I feel is unfinished. I would use the gift card to find decor for above my cabinets to help bring character to it. Keep up the wonderful ideas and posts!!!

  178. Went super bold paisley-ish on my bench. Was worried as well but I love it and it makes me happy everyday looking at it! Enjoy

  179. I would love to re-create your sitting nook in my living room. It is so pretty and cute! I love the beautiful and dainty tea set! (Being the tea drinker that I am.) I can imagine myself in that nook with a good book and a hot cup of tea. I could really use something like this for my living room — all it has is a piano and two toy chests!

  180. l Love how you have styled this room! Great Paisley Print…..
    I need 2 of those in a paisley with creams, oranges, browns, greens!
    I need to get to HomeGoods and see what I can find!

  181. Hatti Carson says:

    I love it!

  182. I absolutely love your new chair and seating area…very well done. Your print and colors are some of the very same I’ve been looking at to redo our livingroom with so it was no problem for putting your picture on Pintrest. Thank you for the ideas.

  183. I. Love. That. Chair! I would buy that whole set up you have if I had a home goods gift card. ;)

  184. I love the chair. The paisley is adorable

  185. I love your new seating area! Grey and blue are so nice together and I too love them. I re-pinned your picture…good luck!

  186. I love the fabric on that chair….just what I am looking for to go with my new blue couch. I’ll have to go to HomeGoods and check it out. I need 2 of them.

  187. OMG LOVE that chair! If only I could convince the hubs… :)

  188. phyllis henry says:

    I would love to win. I don’t know what I would buy, but every time I go to Homegoods, something speaks to me!

  189. Love that chair

  190. Tammy Floyd says:

    I just saw this chair last week and loved it. Need to lighten up my dark family room.Would love a gift card from Home Goods. I shop there at least once a month. I love how they have new inventory all the time. You have great taste, love it!

  191. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says:

    Love your chair not just because I am partial to paisely, your color scheme is very soothing; yes, I would love to go shopping at my HomeGoods in Fresno, CA, they have super items…….tfs

  192. Love the new seating area. I need to take back my living room and also add some organization to my office/craft space…something bad!

  193. I love it! I could use a whole lot of everything!

  194. There’s no need to worry about the “paisley” print on the chair….it is totally up to date, especially with the color! You will love it way longer than the geometric patterns will be around. I would use the gift card to replace an 18 year old grapevine wreath above my fireplace. I have been trying to find something appropriate for this decade, not the 90’s! Thanks for sharing your vignette.

  195. I LOVE the paisley chair! Gotcha pinned as well! Home Goods…hmmmm…..with the holidays coming there’s always some fun items to pick up!

  196. Leah Adams says:

    Love your seating area. My living room is in need of a rug and a coffee table.

  197. Candy Thayer says:

    I’m a paisley girl too…so, love the chair and the vignette. I am totally changing my living room from primitive country to something that pretends to be Pottery Barn style. It’s interesting…I go into HomeGoods with the best intentions to just look…..but always come home with something. This last time, it was the most amazing pumpkin….and I don’t even need any Fall decorations!

  198. I LOVE THAT CHAIR!!!!!

  199. I love that chair!! Also, love the sparkly pillow and throw! Home Goods is my favorite store…would love a gift card for there to spruce up our master bedroom.

  200. Debra Pashkowsky says:

    Love the paisley chair.

  201. Anne Haun says:

    Love your new sitting area – that chair is so pretty – love Home Goods.

  202. I love paisley! I would love that chair for my room.

  203. Beautiful! Love that pillow. I would use the gift card to breathe some new life into my tired old loving room…

  204. I love the chair!! it’s funny I also have leather but mine is dark gray and I almost bought the same paisley chair. think I saw it at American furniture.

  205. I can just say WOWWWWW…. Amazing co-ordination. Just like a dream place for sitting with a worm cup of tea & watching favorite TV channel. We just bought a new home that has a really open living room & I have a corner in this room that I am dreaming of a sitting area like yours for a while. This card will help me to buy a chair, because every time I go to a store looking for a chair, check the price & come back). :)

  206. Jen Johnson says:

    I am loving your new seating area!

  207. Brandy Wolkowucz says:

    Love love LOVE the paisley chair!!

  208. Love the space. The chair is the exact print of the throw pillows that came with my grey Ashley couch. I’ll have to check out the HGs by me.

  209. LOVE the chair and lamo. I definitely need more lighting and this would be perfect. Homegoods is thr BEST.

  210. I would use it for our new house that we hope to move into soon! I love the vase that’s not a vase. That’s probably my favorite part of your new seating area.

  211. The colors are fantastic! Your vignette is so cozy and inviting. I had to make myself a cup of tea.

  212. Love that new chair. The pattern looks great in there :) xo Kristin

  213. Love your choice of paisley! Looks oh so cozy.

  214. Andrea Masterson says:

    I love the new chair! My living room could use some accessories or pillows to add some color- it’s currently feeling pretty blah.

  215. Jill miro says:

    LOVE the chair!! And the arrangement!! I have the same vase …I would love to win the gift card..1 because home goods is truly my “happy place” and 2 because I could use a new comforter ensamble !!! Please!!

  216. Judi Vrieling says:

    I love the chair with the throw and the pillow you’ve chosen. My other huge favorite and want to have is the vintage old white shelf on the wall – love, love, love it!!!!!

  217. OMG!!! This new sitting area is FABULOUS!!! Those colors are so calming and say, come have a seat and chat a while!!! Good luck on your contest!! I pinned your link!! I love your blog and your design updates!!!

  218. Lawrita Sleepe says:

    I love the printed fabric! I am getting ready to redecorate my living room and my inspiration will be your touches you’ve done job your home. The gift card would be instrumental in achieving that!

  219. Totally LOVE the print and color choices you made! I would do a pillow spruce up myself if I got a chance at the gift cards. Thanks for offering them!

  220. Love the chair. The paisley is calming!

  221. Colleen Myers says:

    Love, love, love the color scheme!!! Perfect!!

  222. I desperately need color, artwork and accessories in my family room!

  223. Love your color choices and the little bits of sparkle

  224. Kristina A says:

    The chair is really nice! I love the colors.

  225. I adore the new chair! I love Homegoods and wish we had one here, but spending a gift card would certainly be worth a road trip!

  226. Angela Thomas says:

    I love love LOVE that floor lamp! And I love how the chair itself has pattern. Gorgeous!

  227. My home resolution is to make my space my own. I want neutrals with pops of color.

  228. LOVE the chairs!

  229. Carol Perez says:

    I love the colors and I would update my brown living room, I bought some wall paper and now that is going to change the space dramatically

  230. Love that chair and HomeGoods! Always finding something over there when I go shopping! Always good finds!

  231. Love the paisley!! The colors are gorgeous and are inspiring me to add more color, too!! Thanks for the great giveaway and good luck on your contest (pinning now) :)

  232. I’m a paisley girl, too! Love your new chair and accessories. Home Goods is the BEST store!

  233. Love paisley! Great choice! I have paisley pillows in the bedroom :-) homegoods always has great treasures! Enjoy youra! :-)

  234. The chair is awesome! I adore the blue scheme and paisleys!

  235. I also love HomeGoods! Your reading area is so inviting and I love the paisley chair too. It makes me want to sit and read the paper while sipping a cup of tea. Great job!

  236. My living room, just inside the front door, first room you see when you enter our home, has two chairs from the 1980’s that I bought at a garage sale for $5 apiece. Hey, I needed chairs, but they hiss at me everytime I pass them. We are not on good terms. I love paisley, & the room has turquoise accents. How perfect is that chair for my room? I’ll take two, please. Love the room (& the blog.)

  237. Dana Valle says:

    That sitting area is very beautiful, but not too beautiful that you’d be scared to sit in it. (Hope that makes is definitely a compliment)…love the blue, grays, and the textures all around the area work so well together. Love it!

  238. Jennifer G. says:

    I love this seating arrangement and the table and pouff. Beautiful details…love!!

  239. That is exactly the kind of seating area my living room needs! Love the side table.

  240. Repinned! I LOVE HomeGoods! In fact, I wanted that same lamp from my store, however it was kinda wonky and wouldn’t stay up straight….bummed!!! Looks great in your space. I have an entire room that sits empty, and am sitting in a folding chair at my desk so I am also in the market for that too. There’s so very much HomeGoods giftcards could help accomplish here!

  241. Rachel Castro says:

    LOVE the chair, pillow, table, poof …pretty much everything! Love!

  242. Your living room is beautiful! I love the colors and everything about it. I repinned it!

  243. I LOVE everything about your seating area! Homegoods is the BEST! I desperately need to finish our guest room and playroom! I’m constantly stalking your blog to find inspiration. :)

  244. The room has a very calming appeal….really nice:)

  245. Love your new seating area! The mix of colors, textures, and patterns is genius. And I practically live at Home Goods so that seating area felt like HOME to me:)

  246. Your new little space is absolutely beautiful!! You did a good job is buying the seat your really liked :)

  247. I like the mix of modern touches and textures with a softer look. I could definitely use some color in my brown family room!

  248. Love your new chair and seating area. It gives me some inspiration to create my own in my family room! Thanks for the chance!

  249. love this chair and all the accessories! beautiful!!!! I need to get things more organized and update my window treatments.

  250. I love the poof and the pillow (don’t you love alliteration?)!! The vase is great, too! Go with what you love, whether it’s with the trend or against it.

  251. mollie Clawson says:

    I loved what you did with your chair. I have 2 old worn out chairis. After seeing after seeing you page I’m going to recover them, we just moved and it is hard to get a vision. For my junk. You have inspired me to make old new again

  252. hahaha This is so must already have a million responses, but anyway..i need to say I love the chair, and the throw. I totally understand about the room “not being finished”..I always feel that way! I would love a silver lamp for my living room , 3 way for reading etc!

  253. Love the chair!

  254. Fellow Paisley Lover,
    Beautiful chair! I am magnetically pulled to Paisley, have been since making a Paisley print shift dress in Home Ec a gazillion years ago.My sewing skills are still lacking to this day but that mint green and lilac Paisley dress was a knockout! Thank you for choosing a timeless design and bucking the chevron trend!

  255. Love the new chair and need to do that to my leather filled living room!

  256. Your new seating area is very pleasant. I can’t decide whether to read a good book there or listen to my fave music. Great job. If I won a gift card I’d get some lampshades and pillows. Mine are soooo old fashioned (not in the good way). Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  257. LOVE this seating area! Its beautiful and so inviting. If I won the gift card, I would put it towards purchasing this chair! Love, Love, Love!!!

  258. LOVE the whole look!!

  259. I have heard of this HomeGoods you speak of.
    :) We just moved to a city the has one and I’ve been meaning I check it out.
    Judging by your decor, I think I could find happiness there. Thanks for sharing!

  260. Oh your new little sitting area is so pretty! It looks like the perfect spot to curl up with a book and a cup of tea. I love how you styled it, and those colors – calm and serene.

  261. the chair looks great! we need some new lamps in our living room so this gift card would be perfect!

  262. That is a fabulous chair! I rather like paisley myself. You did a wonderful job creating a cozy spot.
    I would get new pillows to fluff my space and some decor to decorate my coffee table!

  263. stephanie says:

    Just moved…would love to update the “new” house! Love this.. a bit too metalic for me… but glad you are happy!:)

  264. I would love some new pillows and throws!

  265. Great Chair and I love the pillow! Pillows make a space and add different colors! Love it!

  266. I LOVE the fabric on the chair! Love the color combo also…so clean, cool, and calm!

  267. Hi!
    found your post on pinterest!
    LOVE the new seating area and LOVE Home Goods!
    Please sign me up for a chance to win! I am in the process of redecorating my entire house so what DON’T I need?!
    Beautiful blog,


  268. Love new seating area – the chair and all the accessories play off each other well and really make the corner of your living a cozy place that anyone would want to seat and read a good book!


  269. Love it, The side table is amazing. Ive been looking for the perfect rug to complete my living room.

  270. I am a big fan of paisley and I love that chair!!

  271. Christina Brunk says:

    Love the lamp – I would definitely look for lamps at Home Goods – they have a great selection!

  272. If I won a gift certificate to Home Goods, I’d shop for a chair too! I’ve been looking around for one for my bedroom and just can’t decide upon the color. I’ve seen some at HG that are so pretty! Keepings fingers crossed. Hugs, Leena

  273. Tawnya Marney says:

    I love that chair!!!! I’m a big paisley fan too, and the colors are yummy. I need some side tables, for sure. Something with personality and uniqueness but storage. Always storage, right? :)

  274. Heather B. says:

    I love the chair! and I love Homegoods!

  275. Hanna Garcia says:

    I love it!! I have the same chair, but I don’t know what to do with it! Where did you get the gold table and the pillow! Love Homegoods

  276. Cute chair, it makes your space look so cozy! We are in escrow, and will be moving into our first home next month. A Home Goods gift card would definitely come in handy :-)

  277. Love the sequin pillow!

  278. Ooo! That seating area looks so inviting! Thanks for the chance to win a fun giveaway! I’ve repinned for you!

  279. Loving the gold table and the ottoman. would love something like that for my living room! thanks for the inspiration!!!

  280. Nicole Burnham says:

    We just bought a new house and it is in need of some love and decorations!

  281. Rose Castillo says:

    I love the patterned chair!! Definitely adds pops of color to the space. I could definitely use a gift card to Home
    Goods, for updating the house with new accessories for fall.

  282. Amy Ruhstorfer says:

    I LOVE that paisley chair!! I am heading to Home Goods!!

  283. Love the color scheme and especially the side table, sequin pillow and floor lamp. Also love the flowers in the “vase”. Home Goods has the best stuff at a great price point.

  284. Mai Drummond says:

    I love you whole living room and especially the glitter pillow! I could definitely use some new pillows, and I would love to get them from HomeGoods. I love that store!

  285. Since I live in a tiny apartment and don’t feel like I can have a happy home resolution until we own again….

    I love that you used silver AND gold (gasp) in this space! They go so well with the color of your new chair and break up the old lady feel of ALL gold. I generally hate paisley and I think you chose a beautiful, classy paisley that doesn’t feel like your grandmothers drapes from the 90’s!

  286. Sorry for the double post… I forgot to include my info!

    Since I live in a tiny apartment and don’t feel like I can have a happy home resolution until we own again….

    I love that you used silver AND gold (gasp) in this space! They go so well with the color of your new chair and break up the old lady feel of ALL gold. I generally hate paisley and I think you chose a beautiful, classy paisley that doesn’t feel like your grandmothers drapes from the 90′s!

  287. Rachel Krause says:

    I love it! Especially the tea set! So beautiful! I’d love to go shopping at HomeGoods and get some more color for my living room and some more lighting for our bedroom.

  288. Your new area is beautiful! ! I am seriously jealous of your paisley chair…just gorgeous! !

  289. Elizabeth Campbell says:

    So beautiful! Love the colors and pattern, not too busy! I love HomeGoods and I’d love to add some color to my brown and blue bedroom that hasn’t changed in 5 years. Repinned! Thanks for the giveaway!

  290. I LOVE the chair! I’m not a big fan of geometric prints.

  291. I love the new seating area, especially that side table! I am in desperate need of new lighting… there are no overhead lights in my living room and we need some new lamps!

  292. Enjoy your wonderful site….will visit more often. Refreshing the bedroom and looking for lamps this week at Home Goods….Love the place and visit about every 2 weeks.

  293. I absolutely love the chair! It is so cute.

  294. Maritza Martinez says:


  295. Love the side table, lamp and chair! Love Homegoods too ;)

  296. Love love love the space and the chair is amazing! Guess I need to check out Ashley furniture when I finally get around to redoing my living room!

  297. Love the chair! I am a paisley lover from all time! Currently redoing my master bath and having to strip some really cool paisley wallpaper, that I am already missing dearly. Love Homegoods, in need of some new accessories for my bath. Would be so grateful to win a gift card from them.

  298. Seating area is beautiful! For me, a 50.00 Homegoods Card would do wonders for pretty much ANY room. We lost our packed Moving PODS, to Hurricane Sandy the day before we supposed to close on our house, and the replacement of items continues,,,and continues!. Too many things to mention, but, it would certainly, get put to GREAT use!

    Love the Blog,,,it is helping me come up with LOTS of ideas!

  299. I love your new chair, oh my, I am in love! the colors are so gorgeous, every time I go into Homegoods I drool, I can find a million things that make me happy, it’s such a happy store, I bought a little plaid pillow the last time that I simply love :)

  300. Kimberly Deacon says:

    Can you come decorate my house, I love what you did, colors and all. The chair is my favorite. I also pinned it for you.

  301. Love it all! That is a gorgeous chair and I LOVE the tea set!!

  302. Leigh Healy says:

    LOVE the new seating area! Definitely a place I could prop my feet up and ignore the family for a while!

  303. I love your new seating area. That chair is really beautiful. I need some new lighting in my living room, so I would probably use the gift card for that. However, when I go into Home Goods, I always get sidetracked, so who knows what I would come out with!!

  304. Great area. You did good. Love the sparkly pillow.

  305. I love this fabric. I’ve been searching for a similar fabric to this for a chair I need to reupholster. Where did you get it?!?

  306. I absolutely love the colors! I am more traditional, so I love the paisley! I would use the gift card to buy more picture frames, vases, etc to put on my buffet that I am wanting to decorate.

  307. I love the chair. I was just in Home Goods last night! I bought a candy dish in the clearance section for $1.99 yep! I would use my gift card to gosh, I don’t know – get that duvet I’ve been looking at for a month or a striped chair I’ve been eyeing or the blue and white rug I keep contemplating. But I may just buy some dishes, I love dishes, it’s an obsession, well compulsion! Victoria

  308. Kami Holbrook says:

    I love everything about your living room! I want the rug, the chair, & the table! I need to decorate my living room & would use the gift card towards a piece of furniture to go in my living room!

  309. Deb Bruna says:

    That chair would look great with my blue sofa. Love your selections. You should see the blue and white Ralph Lauren lamp I scored there last week!

  310. It is so cute. I like the print of the chair and that shiny pillow so cute

  311. I love Home Goods!! And I love your new seating space!! My master bedroom feels like it’s not completely finished, even though it’s completely furnished. I can relate to wanting to make each room as comfy and cozy as possible!!

  312. Love the update!

  313. I love your new seating area! Paisley is my favorite print right now! The chair is just beautiful! The gift card would come in very handy for us. We will be moving back to America from Italy in December and will have a new house to furnish and decorate! I sure hope I can find some chairs like that one!! Love it!

  314. repinned! I love you blog as we are building a new house and I love all the decor suggestions! You truly have a gift! I would certainly use the gift card to help with furnishing the house :) keep up the great work! :)

  315. Emily Caltagirone says:

    I could use some help in my dining room!

  316. Looks great! LOVE the paisley chair!

  317. LOVE this room! I’m moving soon and your blog has given me so many ideas!

  318. Krystal D says:

    I love the colors! We have a very long living room and I’m try to find ways to fill it up. I also love that shelf in your photo. HomeGoods is my favorite store, it’s DANGEROUS :)

  319. I love your seating area is exactly what my living room needs.your colors are perfect,.

  320. Just finished repainting my dark green den into a beautiful grey and white room. Need some turquoise accent pieces and a new rug. I desperately need help!!!

  321. Natalia Magdalin says:

    I love how you are not afraid of a bold pattern on a piece of furniture! I can only hope that I may be so bold when I make changes in my home.

  322. MARY EGUIA says:

    looks great

  323. I just love your chair. I could certainly use one in my den and have been checking the two Home Goods that are close to my home.

  324. I love the chair. It is beautiful. Than again, your home is beautiful. My home is in need of an update bad! I would use the gift card to update decor in my livingroom.

  325. Melissa L. says:

    I need more color in my living room

  326. LOVE it! So gorgeous!

  327. Marsha Anderson Corns says:

    Love the sparkly pillow, the chair, and the vase! The arrangement looks great.

  328. Love the new seating area……the chair, the lamp, the vase, the pillow……..every little detail! Am crazy over Home Goods.

  329. Love the look you’ve created! I’m helping my friend pick out furniture for her new house. She saw these chairs and wanted 2 of them but it wasn’t in the budget. The furniture store she was at had them priced high. Can’t wait to see if our Home Goods store here in California has them.

  330. Amanda Boerst says:

    I LOVE everything about your new seating area! The chair, the pillow, the poof, everything! My sofa could definitely use some new pillows and a throw :)

  331. I’m obsessed about everything in this seating area!! I want everything! Thank you so much for posting this and giving me inspiration! LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

  332. I love this chair. I’m also a paisley fan :) Always have been.

  333. I love mixing styles, too! It’s a great way to pull together all the things you love in to one space to create a one-of-a-kind look.

  334. HGoods is one of our go to places for installing client projects and picking up last minute goodies. I love to go there weekly!xo Nancy

  335. Meghan Anderson says:

    I need all the help I can get! I love the chair, both the style and the pattern!

  336. Andrea Leu says:

    I love your new sitting area! It’s beautiful! The colors are gorgeous!

  337. Love that chair, perfect color for my house too!

  338. Rachel Galicia says:

    Love this setup and the Stunning accessories that make it modern. I just Love Home Goods!!!

  339. Love it!! I also love paisley and those colors are just perfect :) Also adore the mixed metals, very chic!

  340. I would love a cute paisley chair! I’ve been looking for one to go with my leather couch in my living room. Winning the card would convince my husband that now’s the time! :)

  341. Love it! Ohh my word I’d start to make over the whole HOUSE that we are in the process of buying!! It needs help…and this $$ would SO be appreciated!!!!!! Maybe I would start with the kitchen or living room…or master bedroom.

  342. Sue DeChant says:

    Love the new living room look…very refreshing!

  343. I love that sequined pillow juxtaposed with the paisley chair. Gorgeous! I would love to finally do away with my red chair and ottoman. While it’s the most worn-in, comfortable chair around, I bought it off Craigslist in grad school. Not only did it have a life before me, but it’s been through years of grad school parties, a move from Boston to St. Louis, and now years in my home as a professional. It’d be nice to let Big Red retire and get a big-girl replacement :)

  344. Love. Love. LOVE that chair and pouf! My living room is my “unfinished” room.

  345. I have a new navy blue couch with a white/navy accent chair. Home goods would really help me dress up the room!!!

  346. I would absolutely love to get some things for the bathroom we’re redoing! I love just about everything at HomeGoods, so narrowing it down would be oh-so-hard!

  347. I love the grey pouf! The colors in room are beautiful.

  348. Julie Williams says:

    Love the chair!! AND, LOVE Homegoods!! Have quite a few rooms unfinished, but need help with the “man room” the most right now. :)

  349. I love HomeGoods –we just got one here in MN close by! Seeing your new items and the space is incredibly inspiring!! Great job!

  350. Natalie Baker says:

    I absolutely love this and the color combination

  351. I love that the sequin pillow adds glam while still looking traditional mixed with modern. I NEED a sequin pillow for my living room ASAP!

  352. Mollie Szymanski says:

    I love your new seating area. That chair adds so much to that room. Love the pop of color and all of the new accents as well. My house is in desperate need of a facelift. When we moved almost 3 years ago we sold our couch because it was too big for the space we were moving into. We also couldn’t afford to buy new couches so we have beat up hand me downs. I would love to be able to spruse up my living room and make it feel warm and cozy.

  353. I always love your designs! The room looks great, I especially love the sparkly pillow and the poof.

  354. The table and granny tea cup/saucer are killing it!

  355. Kathleen Rogneby says:

    I absolutely love love LOVE!! The little sitting area you have put together! I’m decorating challenge. So, I would use the gift card to update the look of my livingroom. Some throw blankets, pillows, or maybe something to hang on my bare walls!

  356. Beautiful space, would love to have a space just like it! I’m in the market for the perfect lamps for my side tables!

  357. Love it!!

  358. I love it! I too have a big brown leather sofa and I’m desperately in need of a new fabric chair. I will keep my eye out for something at our brand spanking new HOME GOODS! I could use a little spending money :)
    Oh and I finally got it to repin. I was having issues.

  359. Love the new look! So fresh!

  360. it is very cute !!!!!!!!

  361. One of my chairs just broke…this is so cute! Tempted!!

  362. So in love with that chair!

  363. Shannon A says:

    Super cute sitting area!! We still need lots of furniture pieces in our new house so I definitely could use that Home Goods gift card!! :)

  364. Becky Bixler says:

    Love the chair! I have the perfect spot to be a copy cat. ;)

  365. I love how bright and colorful everything is!! And,it’s not overpowering color!! Love it!!

  366. Kristen Johnson says:

    I love your new paisley chair and Home Goods,

  367. Love the colors! I would splurge on a new area rug. My living room needs the lift to pull it all together. Love what you have pulled together here.

  368. o-m-g! that paisley chair and sequin pillow= totally to die for! i adore that space…the shabby chic and very comfort provoking vibe it emits…i love love love love it! i want two of those chairs and four of those pillows! i love the vase that isn’t a vase and that throw looks like it can keep me cozy and warm. i truly adore this space!

  369. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! Great colors, pop of sparkle, softness from the flowers and paisley chair-perfection! Would love to have this look! Beautiful eye for design!

  370. Love the colors …very soothing.. and crazy for the pillow !!!
    I am doing up my guest room, and am in need of some cute lighting :)

  371. Liisa Sanchez says:

    I love paisley, and tea sets!!! Yay for you taking back your space, love how it turned out!

  372. mary fanara coleman says:

    Paisley tea sets. Everything looks so comfy and cozy and pretty. Just right.

  373. Jennifer Sylvester says:

    I simply love it!

  374. I love the combo of the sparkly pillow and chair. I saw that chair in a parade home and loved it then too!

  375. Our apartment desperately needs artwork / decorative pillows

  376. I love that sparkle pillow!

  377. Your new chair is awesome! Great touches of color.

  378. Great chair!

  379. Mary Ann Gay says:

    Love going to Home Goods! The blue paisley chair is gorgeous! Love the idea of bling and comfort!

  380. Tammy Shafer says:

    I love this seating area!! It is so soothing and looks like it will be a great place to curl up with a book. I can see this being your favorite spot for years to come!!!!

  381. I am loving the pattern of the chair. The style & colors are so inviting — then add the cozy throw & it’s absolutely beckoning me!!

  382. Rebeccah Collins says:

    Oh my gosh, what WOULDN’T I use a Home Goods gift card for??? Well…at this point, I’d work on the nursery…I’m 15 weeks preggers and my only other child is TWENTY!! I am starting from scratch again! LOL

  383. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the seating arrangement and hydrangeas are my favorite flower.

  384. I do love the pouf but my fav thing is the teacup and the gold side table it is on!

  385. I just love that chair, the whole space is so cute.

  386. I love the colors in the new sitting area and I love the tea cup!

  387. SO beautiful! What a cozy and stylish space. I’d love some goodies from Home Goods for our living room and guest bathroom. Thanks so much!

  388. Paisley is one of my favorite prints. I would love to cozy up in that beautiful chair and read a good book! Love!!

  389. So great! I love it!!

  390. Love the colors! Looks very peaceful. I also have rooms that are incomplete. I refinished a wonderful buffet that is sitting naked in my dining room as we speak. Would love a Home Goods gift card to dress it in style!

  391. Gloria carrillo says:

    I’m so in loved with your paisley chair! And the sequenced pillow is just devined! I can’t
    Wait to win so that I can go chair shopping at HomeGoods…it’s exactly what my living room needs!

  392. too beautiful for words! i need a rug like yours!

  393. I love the color and pattern of the chair. Our living room is in need of a splash of color!

  394. Sara larsen says:

    I love everything! That chair is ah-am-zing!!!

  395. Love, love, love the chair! I need 2 of them! LOVE HomeGoods, too…the closest one is 50 miles away, but I always manage to work in a visit when I’m there!

  396. I Love, love the chair, you mentioned it is from Ashley but where did you get the throw? and OMG the mantel piece is that an antique you found?

  397. I love love love this! I bought several decorative vases from homegoods and turn them into flower vases.

  398. It is beautiful!!!!!! I love the color scheme and the carefully selected accessories!! Thank you for the inspiration! =)

  399. Lindsey S says:

    LOVE your new seating area! It looks amazing! Our master bedroom needs MAJOR help. I’d use the card to make it look like an actual bedroom. Either lamps, pretty accents, pillows, or drapes. Anything to make it feel like it’s a married couple’s bedroom! :)

  400. Beautiful! I REALLY need to show my living room some love. I have a fun mix of things available at home, but need some things to tie it together. I’ve thought Home Goods would be the perfect place to find those things. I would love to be able to!!

  401. I love your new space! I would use the gift cards to buy new pillows.

  402. Rita Mayle says:

    Love it! Would love t find a chair just like that for our house!

  403. Dayna Barolin says:

    Oh my gosh, I NEED that chair so bad!!

  404. Very pretty!

  405. I need a home goods rug.

  406. Love love that chair!! I can see myself snuggled up in it with a soft blanket!

  407. Renea Anderson says:

    Love, Love, Love the chair and colors. I love the brightness of it all!!!

  408. Catherine says:

    Love HomeGoods & your chair!

  409. I need to win this! My living room is full of brown, too! I am just too happy to repin this for you.

    Here is my link:

  410. Your new seating area is fabulous! I really am in <3 with the paisley fabric chair and the fancy pillow gives it some glam! GORGEOUS!

  411. it looks great! I need some new lamps

  412. I love this chair! The print and color is gorgeous! I would LOVE to win a gift card for {HomeGoods} as decorating my home is my most favorite thing to do! I would use the gift card to buy decor for my new home bar/wet bar! Glass vases, to hold wine corks, maybe a serving tray and nice wine glasses. Cute chairs and pillows and throws to accent the theme as well. Ohhh.. the possibilities. Can NEVER have enough decor ;-)

  413. Love the new seating area! Your lamp is exactly what I’ve been looking for for my living room! You have beautiful taste. The whole space is done impeccably well. :-)

  414. I really like your sitting area and wish I could create the same at my house! I would put the gift card towards a new stand lamp very similar to yours!

  415. Rebecca Brewer says:

    Such a pretty, feminine looking chair. All cozy, could totally curl up with a book and a munchkin.

  416. Jennifer Hogg says:

    That chair!!! I LOVE that chair!!! The whole room is really beautiful too though!

  417. We finally added a basement to our house and it might be underfurnished for a while. I’d love to use this GC towards some cozy seating! Great picks by you!

  418. I love your new little spot! I like the table you are using as well.
    VERY nice!

  419. Love the seating area! I need new throw pillows and accessories.

  420. Jenna Lelis Morteo says:

    Love the colors and the adorable sequin pillow!

  421. I love the chair. Kudos.
    I’ve always thought my style was conservative and classy. Recently I woke up and realized that everything I my family room is some shade of black or dark brown. My toddler must have heard my unspoken plea for change and took it upon himself to destroy our tv stand with acetone acrylic nail remover (how he got the acetone is another story). Needless to say I saw my chance at color and took it, I have precious chalk paint in light aqua teal to paint the tv stand… But I hesitate because I don’t want the stand to be the only colorful thing in the room. So, if I win you can definitely count on me using the gift-card to add more colorful interest to my otherwise uber bland family room.

  422. Beautiful chair!! I would use the gift card on accessories!!! My favorite thing to look for at Home Goods is just all the random decorative items.

  423. Kathie Mennetti says:

    Would get some throw pillows… an easy way to brighten up a space!

  424. I like the floor lamp most of all & have to admit that I’m happy your chair isn’t a crazy bright geometric pattern. :)

    Our happy home resolution would be either lighting in our family room or closet organization in the master bedroom.

  425. Love the sequin pillow!!

  426. Tessa Siegfried says:

    LOVE it! Favorite part is the pillow!

  427. love the chair with the gold and silver/blue accents. repinned!

  428. Super cute! Totally love the colors and just the overall re-do! Amazing as always :)

  429. I love the pattern and the colors. It’s a perfect addition! I also pinned it to my pinterest.

  430. There is nothing I don’t like about this! SO in love with that chair! Definitely a show stopper! I’ve repinned for you as well from the link you suggested! :):):) Oh – if I won, I’d definitely go for lighting! 4 kiddos. 1 manly hubby. Me. 1100 sq ft of living space. 1 tiny window in the kitchen. 1 sliding glass door (yuck) in the living area… which are almost combined. No natural light. So, yeah, definitely lighting!

  431. I would love to get a rug for our entryway. Its a good size space but it has all tile floor and I feel like it just too “cold”. Ive been looking around for a good colorful neutral paint that will work with all the rooms that open from the entryway. Love your chair! Its such a lovely relaxing space!

  432. I love that chair! We ordered a paisley chair and then they sent us the wrong chair. When we tried to reorder they were out of the fabric. We were bummed. I love that one!

  433. I never, in a million years, would have ever picked out that chair. However, somehow, you have completely amazed me and brought the whole sitting room together and made me see the chair completely differently! I absolutely love the pieces you put together!

  434. Kimberly P says:

    I love it and I love Home Goods! We have a smaller older home and our living room feels so cramped. I’d love to change things up with a seating are like that!

  435. Love this seating area. We, too, have leather furniture in our living room and I would love to break up all the brown leather with a patterned chair and new pillows from HomeGoods. When we moved in to our house we had one 3-year-old son…fast-forward 8 years later and we have FOUR boys! So, needless to say, we could use the extra seating space! :)

  436. Lovely! Beautiful colors! I have a BIG dark brown leather sectional in my family room and a printed chair would add so much to the room.

  437. Tierra Lowry says:

    I love what you did. I am actually looking to find a little pedestal table to put next to a chair like that. I just love love love it! I know my biggest problem is organization so I would definitely be looking for help in that area!

  438. Absolutely love the CHAIR! Great job on this area. My wish list from Home Goods is looong…!

  439. Amanda Bradshaw says:

    Your new chair set-up looks like a great place to curl up with a good book! I need to update my family room with new pillows and picture frames. Thanks for the giveaway!

  440. I agree with everyone else…LOVE that chair!! I am currently trying to make my loft area into a nice office/work space for me. I need some storage and seating and book shelves. The biggest challenge is how to make the room presentable without having to put away what I am working on.

  441. It looks cozy. If I was a guest there, I wouldn’t be worried about messing up anything; I could just read of relax.

  442. I love this seating area! It would be beautiful in my master bedroom!!!

  443. Love the pretty makeover! The chair is great!! Home Goods is the place to shop! One of my favorites!!

  444. Danielle K says:

    I think my happy home resolution would be adding some finishing touches to my bedroom! I always seem to focus on the places visitors will see (living, dining, etc.) and my bedroom gets left out :) Love your seating area, pinned it to Pinterest so I can remember it!

  445. I love your living room. The colors are all my favorites and paisley is my favorite style/design.

  446. Love everything about the room. Wish they sold rooms in a box like this so I didn’t have to work so hard pulling everything together. I need more storage in all rooms that or less stuff so I’m going with storage

  447. Jeannine B. says:

    I would love to get new accent lamps for our family room. I found a perfect one at Home Goods recently, but couldn’t fit it into my budget!

  448. I love it! Home Goods is my favorite store, I can’t drive by without stopping in to see what is new!!!

  449. amy Keogh says:

    I LOVE HOMEGOODS! And I don’t go there often enough because it’s in a neighboring town. I can’t believe how many awesome finds you’ve gotten there. Wow. Pick me puhleeze! Okay, now I’m just begging. Thank for the pics!

  450. Barbi Wells says:

    Hello! I would use it toward a floor lamp like the one in your picture :)

  451. I would use a HomeGoods gift card towards new bedroom sheets. I love your chair!!!

  452. Amanda Buccieri says:

    In need of some closet systems!!!

  453. I LOVE your chair!!! My whole house needs some creative love but considering we have a couch with duct tape on it in our living room, I would use a gift card for either money towards some new chairs to take the place of the couch or some awesome throw pillows to cover up the duct tape

  454. I love your area, especially the sequin pillow! I”m working on my livingroom – I need new pillows for my couches!

  455. I love the sequinned pillow. it adds a little glam to a cozy seating area.

  456. I love it all! But I esp love the sequined pillow! My 21 year old family room could sure use some updating!! :)

  457. eileen marie says:

    I pinned my little heart out; I’m sorry you didn’t clinch the win. It wasn’t your request for repins that caught my eye in my news feed -it was that little corner you styled! I swear it has nearly all of the same elements I’m considering for the corner of my living room that I’m working on! I lurve the gold-toned lamp and table, and that gorgeous chair really softens all of the brass/gold hues. I love the blues and the grays as well. Truly, you knocked it out of the park with this one! (Oh and let’s not forget the mirror, the vase, & the rug. Oh, the rug!)

  458. Jennifer Madigan says:

    We are about to get our first house. There are a lot of things that the new place will need.

  459. I like the old/new combination. My eyes always goes to pillow first though.

  460. Gorgeous vignette! I desperately need a reading lamp for a dark corner beside a chair in my family room, so I would use a gift card to {hopefully} find one similar to yours!

  461. Karie Caldwell says:

    I need a full living room color makeover! I love that pillow btw!

  462. Laurel Hensley says:

    I love what you’ve done and I love the chair. Who cares if it’s popular or not anyway, as long as you love it! I seriously love Homegoods and love to shop for all types of accessories there.

  463. Ivonne Lopez says:

    Great combo, loved the colors! Cute!!!

  464. mary fields says:

    Reading area is beautiful. Love the chair pattern and the sequin pillow.

  465. lori lang says:

    I totally love your seating and would love to recreate it my living room. The colors are great and would totally add some character to the corner of the room. Thanks bunches!

  466. I want to do some sprucing up in my master bedroom. I will buy throw pillows and bedding more than likely. Sorry you didn’t win but your space looks great.

  467. Angela Murad says:

    You should have won!! Love the chair and well all of it!!

  468. Becky Bixler says:

    Love the chair!

  469. reilly figenscher says:

    i love the seating area!! i would use the gift card for fun holiday decor for my porch :)

  470. your rooms and decorating ideas always inspire me! I want to start painting my doors now that I saw yours, always love to spice up the rooms and make them cozy!

  471. I love the new seating area! That chair is awesome, but that side table and the sequined pillow are TOTALLY calling my name! :)

  472. Your seating area is gorgeous! Gave parts are table, pillow, and “vase”! I love HomeGoods and am needing a cute ottoman storage chest at the end of our bed!!! :)

  473. I absolutely love the color palette and the mix of textures and patterns that you have used. So pretty!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  474. SO pretty! Very relaxing and beautiful.

  475. Whitney H says:

    I need some beautiful seating like that in any of my rooms. I just moved from a 1 small living room apartment to a house with 2 living rooms. I’m a little short on seating.

  476. I have been in my house 4 years and still looking for the perfect living room rug!

  477. Ah-mazing space! TOTALLY love the paisley chair too!!!

  478. I would go shopping for a new rug.

  479. I need some new throws for my sofas! Live the paisley chair! Glad you stuck with your first choice!

  480. Vicky McGovern says:

    Sorry you did not win, it looked great. Love the blues….

  481. I love so many things about your space! That chair looks super comfy and the paisley is great! I’m glad that you realized the space is for YOU and not for everyone else into current trends! I LOVE that side table. It’s so neat. :) I also really like the upcycled vase. It all looks like it’s cozy and peaceful. :)

    I’d love to get new curtains for my living room (they’re a muted grey/green and SO BORING) and I have NO curtains in my bedroom. LOL My windows are so sad! I could definitely use some new stuff!
    Sorry you didn’t win that challenge but you totally win a ***(sparkles)***MAGICAL INTERNET AWARD****(sparkles)*** from me for having a cozy space! Nice work. :)

  482. I love paisley- and the pouf-and the metal side–and all of it!!! I’m also really loving blues right now…so pretty. Thank you.

  483. I am loving the color brass mixed in with the blues and grey colors, as well as silver. I’m finding myself swooning over crass more and more and incorporating it into my decor. I’ve been wanting to get an area rug forever for our bedroom so maybe I’d use the GC for that. But I also need more organizing and storage in our house. Still a lot to do in this old house.

  484. I love it! I also make a lot of decorating choices others might not (hot pink accent wall in the kitchen, aqua dining room), but they make me happy! If I won a HG gift card at this time of year, I’d probably use it for more fancy Christmas decorations. I LOVE Christmas decorations!

  485. I love the colors! I would create a similar little area in my bedroom for a little area to escape to.

  486. Beautiful arrangement! I would love be able to finally decorate my empty living room!

  487. Love the seating area! I have that table too and LOVE it :)

  488. Everything you do is beautiful! I love it all!
    I would use the gift card to buys new little trinkets and accessories for my house :)

  489. I love that chair! The fabric is heavenly. I’m so sorry that you didn’t win :(. I don’t know who the other contestants were but I’d pick you!


  490. I love, love the sitting area and yes paisley is my favorite! And oh yes, I would love to enter the giveaway! Di@Cottage-Wishes

  491. Melissa C. says:

    I love the chair and the tea set is absolutely beautiful! What I would want for m living room is new throw pillows. My living room is decorated with fall colors, which is my favorite season. I just need some colorful pillows to make my brown couch pop!

  492. I love what you did with this space! It truly is adorable. I also need to take hold of my living room and put the toys elsewhere :) I need pillows, throws and especially art for the mantle. I was going to get brave and make something of my own but with this gift card, I’ll spare my guests that eyesore :) lol. Thanks for the opportunity!

  493. Anshu Malik says:


  494. Lisa Antaya says:

    I would love a Homegoods gift card! Its my go-to place for finding great decorating accessories. Right now I would use it to update the look of my spare bedroom.

  495. Love the new look. I love how you mixed the gold and silver together. Love the knit pouf. I have been looking for one for our living room/fireplace area.

  496. Dianne Ameling says:

    Enjoy your way of putting together things of what you like. I do the same thing…….I have some repurposed things, some funky mod, and some antique…….its my style!

  497. I would have never noticed the paisley had you not mentioned it. I was too busy studying on how the colors would work to give a fresh new look to our own brown leather furniture. Nice work, gorgeous vignette.

    I’m on a hunt for rugs & a lamp for our new (to us) boat right now and Home Goods always has a marvelous selection at great prices. Even so, a gift card would be a big help because I can never resist the clearance aisles – and (as my husband will attest) I’m pretty sure I’ve never left Home Goods empty handed.

  498. Your home is beautiful! ! I need some color in this house! BORING. I would love to put it towards a fun, fab chair. Or even some flowers or pillows for some pops of colors. Love all of yours!

  499. I am so sorry that you did not win. Did you say there are still giftcards available? We have been unemployed so long and I could really use the help in updating some areas. Your ideas are inspirational.

  500. I’m dying over that chair! It’s fabulous.

  501. I’m sorry you didn’t win – but you really did win – you have a lovely seating area that is restful, fresh, comfortable and so very ‘you’! I’d say that’s quite a big ‘win’! I love the tea cup – big fan of all things tea here!

  502. love the chair, need to do an exciting print accent chair to liven up my living room.

  503. Emily, can you tell me something about the floor lamp so I can purchase one? I have been looking for one like it. Thanks. Marilyn

  504. Hi Emily!! I love the new seating area. It’s beautiful. I would love to know what color you used for your wall in this room. It’s so pretty and I have been looking for something similar to it. Thanks!!!

  505. That chair is so cute! I would buy a cool mirror for above my mantle. In with the new!

  506. Perfect choice on the chair! I have the (grey) sofa set from Ashley that coordinates with the chair and came with the paisley cushions. I really wanted the chairs at the time, but didn’t think we had space for them at the time so didn’t get them. Seeing them in your space, I definitely think I am going to have to go back and get it! Looks great – love how you paired it with the sequined pillow!

  507. April was in CT now CA says:

    What a pretty space, I love the colors and print in the chair!!

  508. Hi – I have the same Ashley yvette paisley chair and I am looking for a rug (I have the gray sofa too). I love the one you have – what is the name/color?
    Thanks so much!!!


  1. […] you know where you can find those cute pouf ottoman things that you see everywhere, including our new seating area in the living room which many of you asked about. And by the way, thank you for all of the repins! Keep em’ […]