Where To Find Inexpensive Poufs and Ottomans

Just wanted to pop in and let you know where you can find those cute pouf ottoman things that you see everywhere, including our new seating area in the living room which many of you asked about. And by the way, thank you for all of the repins! Keep em’ coming. :) But the best deal I have found was at World Market and they are the knitted kind, and super cute.

World Market Pouf | www.decorchick.com

We have the charcoal grey pouf with the new paisley chair.

Seating Area in Living Room | www.decorchick.com

It seems like it will hold it’s shape well and it fluffs right back if you are sitting on it too long (my kids). Well, you have to do the fluffing I should say.

These are so versatile though and great for propping your feet up, and great when you need an extra seat for a guest. And they are light weight so you can carry them from room to room or play toss the pouf with your kiddos. The sky’s the limit.

Poufs and ottomans usually aren’t the cheapest, so I get giddy when I find some that I love and think you will too, so I just want to pass on the love. And no, World Market has no idea I’m writing this post or that I love their poufs. Maybe they will now.

That first pic isn’t the best iphone pic but the multicolor one is really vibrant and pretty in person. I actually love them all. Duh. What’s your favorite?



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  1. That is a great price point!! One more reason to love World Market!

  2. Jamie Ledford says:

    They have some good prices on Target.com on Poufs. Some are even on clearance for $29.99.

  3. Thanks for the tip! Loving your new chair!!

  4. Hello Decorchick! I love your blog first of all, but I would like to know were did you get the rustic wall shelf?

  5. Love the pouf. I think I need to knit one up for myself

  6. Pouf looks great, but wouldn’t work for me with my little doggies.

  7. Antoinette says:

    What a creative idea!

  8. We have a square one from Target which was on clearance for $12… even though it was ugly as sin! I have the means and materials to make it over. (trust me I priced what it could cost me to make it from scratch and this was by far the cheapest route to go at this point in time…for us.)

    Love your grey pouf! I am looking at crocheting a cover for one myself. We shall see….. :-)

  9. Je vais terminer de lire tout cela plus tard