Finally Getting Some Good Sleep {Our New Bed!}

Hey guys! I’ve immensely enjoyed my little break over the holidays and I hope you have too! We ended 2012 with a VERY awesome and life changing item. And it’s no little item either. I’m talking about our new Sleep Number m9 bed!!

Sleepnumber Bed

Now, one thing you may not know about me (or maybe you do?) is that I LOVE my sleep. I have to have it. At least 8-10 hours every night and sometimes a nap during the day. And we spend a lot of our lives sleeping, so it’s kind of important that you have a good bed to sleep on.

Before we got our Sleep Number m9 bed, we had a different mattress and the body impressions on it were so bad (it was only 3 years old) that me nor my husband slept good. At all. We tossed and turned ALL night and woke up with back pain, and our bodies just hurt in general. It was so bad, that for about 2 weeks I was upstairs sleeping in my stepdaughter’s room on the daybed because that is a nice mattress and I slept better. But, we all know it’s not good to sleep in different rooms than your spouse. Ha! So needless to say, I pretty much RAN at the opportunity to receive a new bed from Sleep Number when asked to review their m9 series memory foam bed!

We went to our local Sleep Number store where Sean, one of the Sleep Number professionals showed us around and found out my “sleep number” by testing the beds out with their 3-D imaging.

sleep number

Sleep number

They can tell what your pressure points are and that determines what they think will be a good number for you to sleep on. And my number came out to be a 45 at the store, and that’s pretty accurate. I sleep anywhere from a 45-55 typically. Since ours is a memory foam mattress and softer, sometimes I like it a little firmer. Of course Sleep Number is known for their dual air technology allowing each side to adjust the firmness to their particular liking. My husband has been sleeping with a high number, like 80-100 and loves it. So right there that’s pretty awesome that we are able to both sleep in the same bed, with very different preferences. :)

One of the things I love the most about this bed is how thick it is.

sleep number memory foam

It’s 13 inches deep and that is a perfect size mattress. I don’t like a wimpy mattress. The m9 bed offers the highest memory foam profile too.

The other thing I REALLY love about this bed is how COOL it is. I’m not talking about cool as in “hip,” I’m talking about how it keeps our bodies cool at night. A lot of memory foam mattress can be hot, but definitely not this one. Their special foam features a breathable air-flow design and it really does its job. Promise. I am very picky about how hot/cool I am.

The guys that delivered the bed set it up in no time.

Sleep Number Bed

That top layer is the memory foam that was just being rolled out. Then you just put on the cover, your mattress pad and sheets and that’s it.

m9 sleep number bed

The bed also comes with 2 wireless remotes to control your number and adjust it however you like.

Hopefully you know me well enough by now that I am an honest tell-it-like-it-is person, so I’m not going to write a glowing review just because I got a bed. But guys, there isn’t anything bad about this bed that I can think of. Seriously. We’ve been sleeping on the bed a little over 2 weeks now, and it’s pure Heaven. I know these beds are not cheap, but I believe there are just certain things you have to spend money on. One is a good sofa, and the other is a good bed. They are just necessary in my opinion for your quality of life so it’s good to make an investment into staple items. And if you have been thinking about purchasing a Sleep Number bed I’d highly recommend them, especially the m9 memory foam bed like ours. It’s so luxurious. Customer service is great, their warranty is great, and the product is fantastic. It’s win win. Be sure and follow Sleep Number on Facebook too so you can stay up to date with the latest innovations and sales!

My husband and I haven’t slept this good in a long time. I used to wake up several times a night, but now I barely even move. I think I stay in one position now it’s crazy. Oh, and I’m sure you noticed the new upholstered bed too. More on that soon. :)

Do you have a Sleep Number bed? Do you love it? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Are you thinking of purchasing one? Tell us!



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I received a free Sleep Number® m9 Memory Foam bed to review from Select Comfort / Sleep Number for this post.

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  1. This is indeed a great treat for the holidays especially that the New Year is also coming up. It will be a great start knowing that you had a really great sleep and relaxation during the holiday season. Hope I can afford one someday.

  2. Good for you Emily! I could not agree more, a good quality mattress is a must. We purchased a custom latex mattress a few years ago due to my severe dust might allergies. Best investment ever!!

  3. We’ve had one for over 10 years (we love supporting our MN companies!) and LOVE it! My hubby has a high number too, I’m usually at a 55. I should add that we have had zero problems with itso you know the quality is great!! Lucky you to get a free one!

  4. Well you found my jealous bone today! Our bed has started to really, well, suck, lately. It sucks us down, sucks us in, and doesn’t let us sleep.

    My mother bought herself a sleep number bed a couple of years ago and she’s thrilled with it. I love that they have brought in the memory foam.

  5. Terri Cook says:

    We have had ours for about a year and a half now. We still LOVE ours! One of the best purchases we’ve ever made. I’d do it all over again!

  6. Your new bed looks beautiful and so comfy,enjoy and HAPPY new Year.

    Hugs, Lori m

  7. Teresa Hamilton says:

    I bought a Sleep Number off one of those t.v. shopping networks 8 years ago. The best investment I ever made! My sleep is my everything. I did not know how sleep deprived I was until I slept on a Sleep Number. I was late for work 3 times in 2 weeks because I was in such a sound sleep. Where I lay down at night is where I wake up. I do not move! I will be downsizing next month , so a new Sleep Number for me!

  8. Is it worth almost $5k? I see that you recv’d it for free, would you be willing to spend that much on it had you not? Thank you for the review!

    • I’d be willing to spend a decent amount of money on a bed. If I had been saving up cash to buy one because I don’t want to finance one, then yes I would. I would just do plenty of research beforehand to make sure my $5k will go a long ways and last for many years.

  9. I used to like my sleep number bed, but not anymore. Because they are so pricey, we don’t have the budget to get a new one. My side of the bed wore out in a few years (after the warranty expired) and I can’t seem to find a number that feels good for me. The other negative (which has nothing to do with the bed) is my husband snores like a freight train, so I have moved myself to another room and sleep where I can control how cold it is and can sprawl out in the bed.

  10. How fantastic! We are looking to replace everything in the Master Bedroom next year (this year the Family Room will hopefully get new furniture) so I will put this one on my list to try out. Thanks for the review. Wishing you a beautiful year! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  11. New mattresses are always a wonderful thing! If a poor mattress was giving you back issues, all the more reason to get rid of it :) There is no substitute for a good, solid sleep! I, too, need a minimum of 8 hours per night.

    That said, if you have an existing back problem, be cautious that you are not accomodating the injury rather than restoring & healing back to normal and correct structure. Just my 2 cents after research and talking to chiro & doctor.

  12. I came back because I was interested in your response to the more negative comment you received. I know it’s easy for some people to type something negative behind the wall of anonymity, but some questions are worth asking (and answering) when you’re giving an “objective” review. Yes?

    • Which comment are you referring to Renee? I did have to delete one because it was just vicious, and no real point of their comment other than to make me feel bad we got a new bed. Which it didn’t, but I just don’t want to keep those types of comments around. What’s the point? Now if they asked a legitimate question or had a real concern, yes of course those warrant a response which I am happy to answer.

      I just wish instead of people getting jealous, I wish they could be happy. I guess they just don’t really understand what a blessing something like this was. Me and my husband were in serious pain from our old mattress. So this new one was perfect timing and really just that…a humongo blessing.

    • Anonymous says:


  13. I’ve been wondering about these beds. Glad to hear you really like it.

  14. This bed is really best for a comfortable sleep. I like to sleep at these type of comfortable bed . its good that you also like this bed.


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