Why Can’t Things Ever Be Easy?

Every single time I set out to do a “little” project, somehow it doesn’t end up being so little.  It’s annoying.  We got the florescent light down in the laundry room so I could put up my new chandy, and we were left with this.

If you notice it is just wires up there hanging, and no electrical box.  The electrical box is needed to hang up chandeliers, and it looks like this in case you don’t remember.

Florescent lights can be hung differently like ours was.  Ummm, good to know now, after the fact.  And all of those ugly holes. That one big hole that is shaped like a half moon was a mistake by the builders apparently.  That is actually the center of the room, but then they must have realized the florescent box wouldn’t fit if centered so they cut another hole.  Lovely.

I know that you can put up an electrical box yourself, but my husband doesn’t want to mess with it and well, I don’t either, so we will have an electrician come do it for us.  It will just be a few dollars for us to have someone that can do this with their eyes closed, so it’s worth it for us to hire it out.  You have to pick your battles, and sometimes it’s just easier to hire out. :)

But the good news is that the builders will come fix the holes after we are done hanging the new light free of charge.  Yay!

I can’t wait to see the new light hanging up in there.  I did paint it and it looks lovely.  I just hope it works.

Do your little projects end up being more than you bargained for too?  I think I just need to learn that’s just how it’s gonna be. :)



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  1. I feel your pain. In 25 years of working on homes, the only thing I can pretty much guarantee is that a project will never be as simple as you want/hope/expect it to be.

    It’s nice you have builders who will fix the drywall. I hate fixing drywall. Blech!

  2. That is and has been a well-used phrase at my house for years…one project is always made up of several smaller projects that really try your nerves..but if in the end, it looks great, then it was worth it! Oh, and our response to each other when we ask it: it just is!

  3. This looks like every project at our house. Always bigger and more expensive than they should be! It’s always beautiful in the end, though. ;)

  4. EVERY single time I work on a project there is ALWAYS something unplanned…always!!!!!

  5. This is the reason I’m afraid to take down the light in the kitchen. There’s going to be several of these holes and then we’ll have to have someone come in and fix it.

  6. Yes! Last summer, I started out replacing a burned out light bulb in our kitchen and it turned into an installation of a new light fixture, a ceiling patch and paint and a new wall color.

  7. I just had to tell you that I am soooo sorry for you. I am sure you were frustrated when an ‘easy’ project turned challenging. Obviously whomever installed the florescent light didn’t know what they were doing and you probably saved yourself a bigger headache in the future, when the light might have gone crashing to the floor!

    Hoping your next endeavor holds no surprises and goes smoothly. I enjoy following your posts; thanks for the time you put into them.

  8. I had the EXACT same problem.. in the exact same place. I DIY’d the box.. it really isn’t hard AT ALL! (http://www.themoney-pit.com/2011/09/laundry-room-before-and-after.html) Once you learn about the differences in “old work” and “new work” boxes you can do it easily, since ‘old work’ boxes are MEANT to be retrofit. And now I am no longer afraid to take down fixtures anymore.. since no matter what is left, I know I can handle it!

    Nothing worth having is easy! :D

  9. Because if life were a breeze, then when finally we had some difficulty we wouldn’t be able to cope. So we have trails to give us patience and understanding. But it still makes me grumpy when things like that happen to me to. LOL


  1. […] the chandelier I bought at the thrift store works!  Even though a small headache occurred when we took down the florescent lighting, the electrician already came and installed the electrical box and our laundry room (which is still […]