The Christmas Mantel

Well, hello there!!!  It’s been a while, yes?  I’ve missed you all so much, and before I show the mantel I want to thank all of you for the sweet comments, emails, tweets, and Facebook messages about the pregnancy.  I am feeling much better these days and am trying to get back in the groove, but some days I still feel off and do nothing, and I’m fine with that. :) The baby is doing great and is due in July! So thank you again for all of the prayers and well wishes–I felt them. :)

Now for the mantel…I wanted something simple this year and that’s what I got.

And I love it so much!  Don’t hate me, but I bought that wreath. And it wasn’t cheap.  Remember I’ve been sick right??  Well I was definitely sick when I paid $40 for it at Target, but I’m happy I did.  Sometimes you just gotta buy, and I was not up for crafting one this year.  Oh yea, don’t hate me even more because those things on top of the mercury glass vases I bought at Target too.  It was the poinsettia balls they had and they just sat perfectly on top of the vases I already had.  So easy!

The fresh cedar garland I got at a local nursery and I looooove it.  I’ve never used fresh garland before, but I’m a fan now.  It’s so easy to work with and I love how it lays and drapes over the mantel.

I filled some cloches I already had from Hobby Lobby up with ornaments and boom–instantly festive.

I found the red and white stockings at Wal-Mart for $6.47 each.  That was the cheapest stocking I could find that looked the best, and I’m very happy with them.

I just hung an ornament from each one for a little more bling. And I guess next year I’ll have to get different stocking holders to make room for the new baby because “Peaces” isn’t a word. ;)

And one more for ya.

And that’s it!  It’s pretty much exactly what I had envisioned, and I’m glad I didn’t keep putting stuff up there because then it would just be cluttered.  I tend to clutter sometimes but I really like simplicity these days.

What do you think, and what colors did you gravitate to this season?  I think I’ll always have to have red at Christmas–it’s just so darn pretty.  I love the limey green with it too!

I’ll be linking this post to Rhoda’s Mantel Party, Michelle’s Mantel Party, Hooked on Houses House Tours Beth’s party, and The Inspired Room.



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  1. it looks fantastic! love the colors. i love that wreath, so don’t have the guilts at all.

    so glad you are feeling better & that you are somewhat back in business.


  2. So glad that you are feeling better. Your mantel looks absolutely beautiful. I love the colors and the simplicity. Very elegant!

  3. So glad you are feeling better! The mantle is gorgeous. I am all about simplicity these days. Less truly is more!

  4. It looks magazine worthy! and why craft if you can buy what you like! it looks lovely and I am glad you are feeling better!

  5. Glad to hear you are feeling better and Happy Holidays! Stopping by from Rhoda’s party. I just love your mantel it looks lovely. I love the pop of red. And I am a sucker for fresh greens! I would love for you to share this at our {Home for the Holidays} link party at The Corson Cottage every Friday in December.

  6. i love it! so festive and love your stockings…they look great!

  7. I saw that wreath and LOVED it.
    I got fresh garland last year and am a fan now too…:)
    I am impressed with what you’ve accomplished pregnant
    I was always sicker than a dog for 16 weeks..all day
    so I would have gotten NOTHING decorated:)
    Your a trooper…it is SUPER:)

  8. Emily, it looks beautiful! Love the natural garland and the colors you used. I’m a big fan of red & lime too. Merry Christmas!!

  9. So glad you are feeling well!! Your mantel is absolutely gorgeous! Now I am thinking I may have to go out to get some fresh greenery, what a difference it makes!

  10. Your mantel looks great!! I was eyeing that wreath at Target too but was hoping it would go on sale. It looked to timeconsuming to try to make. And your stockings look great for the price!! I may be running out to get those for myself!!

  11. So happy your are feeling better, wow, your mantel is perfect! If I were preggers you know I would have bought too! I saw that wreath and it is gorgeous! It goes perfectly with everything, great job!

  12. ummm HOLY MOLY!!! Is GORGE!! ok so I totally thought the 1st photo was your inspiration picture-but realized it was YOUR mantle!! I vote this is the best one I’ve seen so far this season!!

  13. You could always keep the “peace” hangers and add a silver snowflake or angel. I’ve seen some that would match your at Garden Ridge and Hobby Lobby I do believe. It is a beautiful mantel though…great job!

  14. This looks awesome! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  15. Looks great! Glad you are feeling better!

  16. I love it! I have those same stockings this year … only I used the green instead of the white. They do look really good.

  17. This is my favourite CHRISTMAS mantle thus far…its simply lovely. You did a absolutely wonderful job.
    Merry CHRISTMAS!
    Happy Birthday JESUS!

  18. Perfect! Love it! There is not a thing wrong with just buying something! We put way to much pressure on ourselves don’t we?:) Hang in there….

  19. Rose Castillo says:

    Great job on the mantle!! Kudos to you for creating this beautiful mantle, the colo rs really pop against the white!! Glad to hear that you’re feeling better.

  20. I love the bright red wreath, flowers and stockings. Just makes me smile.


  21. Very pretty! I have stocking holders that spell “JOY,” and I, too, needed a new one once we had our daughter (the third was for our dog). I just added a reindeer one to keep from having to buy all new! Of course, my garland is so fluffy and wonderful this year–a cheapy fake one filled out with a bunch of different greenery from the yard–that there’s no room for them! Looks like command hooks this year.

  22. This looks so lovely! I love the live garland! I’m your newest follower and would LOVE it if you’d come for a visit of my mantle and return the “love”!

    Your New Bloggy Friend,
    Aimee from

  23. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Your mantle is just lovely and I love the bright colors. About your stocking holders, you could always look for an exclamation point, a beautiful star or tree to add to the “PEACE”

  24. Well look at you! Back in the game and coming in with this beautiful mantel. It really is gorgeous, Emily! So glad you’re feeling better. I’ll be featuring your faux mantel as one of my favorites from the link up! : )

  25. Mantel looks beautiful…love the simple red and white theme. I have those same peace stocking holders and as babies (grand in my case) started to arrive I purchased two stockings holders that look like gifts for either side of the word. That gives me seven and then I added large stockings for couples instead of individuals. Hope my mantel has room for more grandbabies…(there’s always room for grandbabies!)

  26. So pretty! I love every inch of it. I am so not judging about buying a wreath. I am due in July too and seriously am just happy to have gotten my tree up! We are going to be some really hot mommys in July in Houston!! Congrats to you :)

  27. So glad you are feeling better.

    Love the mantel… I have red and gold ornaments this year.

  28. I love it!! I really want that wreath from Target too and everytime I go in there it calls my name. LOL. LOVE the red color!! I think it looks great with the fresh cedar garland too- I may have to try that next year! Love the stockings as well. :)

  29. What a beautiful mantel! $6.47? Seriously??? Wow, I think I might need to get to Walmart… otherwise I might be breaking out the drop cloth to fashion some new ones. Color? We just decorate with what we have and what we were given.. Yeah its um eclectic, yeah thats right with a little bit of Bohemian and many early 70’s German thrown in too! :)

    All in all your decor is truly lovely! Hope you are starting to feel a bit better and never, I mean NEVER, feel guilty about buying the wreaths at Target! They are too die FOR! Trust me if Dave Ramsey wasn’t my “friend” right now I might give in and buy that very one.

  30. I love this, very elegant!

  31. If I had a mantle I would want it to look just like that! I LOVE the stockings and need to see if I can find some here. I adore the little finishing touches you added to them too.

  32. I’m a big fan of the Target purchases, stockings, and it all looks great. As for the P*E*A*C*E stocking holders, just add a heart to signify all the love this new baby will be bringing for next Christmas! Peace and Love, it’s a win/win for everybody. Have a Merry Christmas.

  33. Oh, so glad to hear you are feeling better. I have been worried.
    Why is it that we feel we have to make everything? We must keep the economy going, and buying stuff is what keeps businesses in business and people employed. So heck yeah, go ahead and buy every once in awhile or more if you feel like it :) It is all good.

    I missed seeing our mantle…well that is what I call it since I think I was one of the first ones to see it when you first got it at Pottery Barn outlet lol. It looks fabulous, you can never go wrong with red and silver. How about “peaceful”? That would only be a couple more kids right? Or use the extra for the animals of the family

  34. Your mantle looks lovely. How about adding “JOY” stocking holders next year to go with the ones you have? Then you will have spares. LOL!

  35. OH. My. GOSH! This is the first link I clicked on from Rhoda’s party not knowing it was yours!! WOW, Emily! I LOVE! LOVE this! It’s perfect. I LOVE that wreath too. It’s gorgeous! I’m glad your feeling better too. :)

  36. Love it! I’ve been tempted to buy the very same wreath. It takes hours to make all those flowers, so when you really think about it, the price isn’t bad, right?

  37. It’s good to hear you are well. Don’t be ashamed of purchasing – we all gotta do what we gotta do these days. I love how your mantel turned out – simple, bright and cheery. Merry Christmas!

  38. I LOVE the balance of red and green!!! It looks great! I hope that you are feeling better!

  39. I Love your mantel and the idea to add the cute ornaments to each stocking to give it a little something-something is so cute! :) We have a corner fireplace with our tv above it with all our components on it so I can’t do anything to cute because that stuff is in the way… :(

  40. beautiful mantel, so festive, I love it!

  41. It’s beautiful!!! And so happy to hear you’re feeling a little better. You’re doing the most important thing, btw. ;-) RICHEST blessings to y’all this Christmas!

  42. Gorgeous Emily! I agree, sometime you do just have to buy. Less stress :) Hope you are feeling better!

  43. Absolutely gorgeous!! I love the balance. This makes me miss my mantle at our old house. I have been thinking of making a faux mantle for Christmas, this may have made up my mind! Next year, next year.

  44. Beautiful job! I love the simplicity of it! Feels so modern!

  45. Love your mantle, love the chipped paint! Fresh greens and ornaments in the cloche are perfect!

    Love for you to check out my mantle. For some reason when I linked up my Halloween mantle pops up! Just click my name and my Christmas mantle will pop up!


  46. Girl, it’s stunning. I love the red and lime green. And sort of envious of your stocking find. I needed two and turned to Etsy but you scored. Been thinking so much about you! Hugs.

  47. Love it!! :-)

  48. I think you could keep the PEACE and just add trees or star holders on one or either side. The mantel looks lovely!

  49. I have a mantle without a fireplace. I should decorate it especially for the holidays. Those are the perfect colors. Santa will come this year!

  50. I love it – everything from the simplicity to the red to the touches of bling. I used red and simple and touches of bling in my decorating this year as well – great minds…

  51. What a beautiful mantel! I love the red wreath and the stockings! Thanks for sharing :)

  52. I love the simplicity of your mantle! I went way the opposite direction this year…. just crammed mine full of everything. Now I’m wishing I’d gone the simpler classy route!

  53. Oh, it’s so pretty! I’ve been longing for some fresh garland, and yours is SO pretty! And I’m totally with you about just having to buy things sometimes. Lol! There is nothing wrong with that!

  54. It’s so pretty! I love it :-)

  55. It might be simple, but it is perfect as far as I am concerned. It gives just the right message, Merry Christmas!!

  56. I LOVE that wreath! I’m not very crafty, so there are times when it is cheaper for me to buy than to buy all the materials to make it and then the materials sit on my craft desk for the next 5 years without ever getting used. Don’t ask me how I know… ;-)

    Merry Christmas!!

  57. Beautiful. Glad you were able to get some decorating done. Thanks for sharing.

  58. That wreath is worth 40 bucks!

  59. Add an S to spell Escape and have a Hawaiian Christmas mantle next year? Yeah, I’m obviously not a decorator.


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