A Handmade Paper Rose Wreath

Hey y’all!!  I’m really excited to be posting today for Emily.  I am Ami and I am the author of AliLilly. Did y’all know we are both married to brothers?  Yep, I’m Emily’s Sister in Law.  Here is a sweet picture of our precious girls playing together.

A few weeks back Emily gave me her Silhouette SD because she got the new Cameo.  And I have been a busy bee with it!!  I made a Valentine Bunting Banner.  And then I made this!!

I have wanted to make one for quite a while now.  I just never got around to cutting the gazillion little spirals.  If you don’t have a Silhouette and don’t mind cutting a gazillion little spirals, Stephanie Lynn with Under The Table and Dreaming has a great tutorial you should check out.  Hers is the first I saw and decided I wanted to make one.  Then when I saw Emily had bought the Red Curled Wood Rose Wreath from Target I knew I wanted to try to make one similar for Valentine’s day.

Now, here is how I did the cutting part with the Silhouette.

Once you open your Silhouette software and select new you’ll want to select draw free hand. Then draw a spiral.  It’s OK if it’s not perfect because you can adjust it with the little gray squares. Select a square and drag the line until it’s right where you want it.

Once you are happy with your spiral you’ll want to copy and paste it.

Then adjust them on your screen inside the red box.  Then select the appropriate paper and cutting mat settings.

Then select send to silhouette. Then click cut paper. If you need to adjust the paper settings click change settings.

My spirals are 3.4 in X 3.2 in each.  Six fit on a page and I cut 55 pages. But, I could have used more.  My wreath looks a bit funny from the side. I would say maybe another 10 pages would have been perfect.  You really do need to fill your wreath at least to the half way mark going back so that it looks great from all angles.

You’ll need to cut your spirals from the paper.  I’m sure if I had added a line at the top of my spiral on the silhouette it would of done this for me.  But, I am one of those “leave well enough alone” people.  When I start to change anything that I was previously happy with all hell breaks loose!
I covered my 16 in foam wreath with a color coordinating tissue paper.
Now that all your spirals are free let’s get to the spinning part.

First fold in the ends.  Through this process I learned that if I just folded the end in half length wise and then began to roll it, it came out much nicer.
Then just roll them up.

Once you have it all rolled up, let it freely unwind a bit.
Then glob a big circle of hot glue onto your wreath and stick your rolled rose into.  You can adjust the size of your rose before you stick it into the hot glue. And don’t worry about the center it will stay in place.  Hold it there for a few seconds so that the end doesn’t unwind.  Then do this again and again filling up your wreath until you are done.  I did mine in box like segments until it was full, or until I ran out of paper.

And then VIOLA!! You have a Hand Made Paper Rose Wreath!
You’ll have some spaces that looks like this….
and then you’ll have spaces that look PERFECT….
But altogether it looks great and you really don’t notice those little imperfect areas.

Here she is on my Valentine’s Day Mantel.

I hope this tutorial was easy to understand.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Thank you so much, Emily for having me over today!
Ummmm wow, is that wreath not amazing or what??!  That took some serious patience and it definitely paid off. I think it looks just like the one I paid $40 for at Target!  What do you think?  Head on over and tell Ami hi if you have a chance–she’d love to hear from you!
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  1. I don’t have any valentines decorations. This is definitely on my list to make.

  2. Wow, you have some patience! But the results were worth the effort!

  3. I want a silhouette! Lucky :) Adorable wreath!!!

  4. I love the rosewood wreaths at Target! Great tutorial! I am dreaming of a silhouette. Hopefully one day! Now I’m off to check out Ami’s blog. Thanks for the great post!


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