Clever and Pretty Ways To Have A Desk in the Bedroom

A lot of people consider the bedroom a sanctuary where there should be nothing but a bed, nightstands, and lamps. But actually the bedroom can serve other purposes, like having a small little writing nook or office space in there too if you need it.  You may not have an extra room in your home to designate just for an office, but you might have a few extra square feet of space in your bedroom where a desk can go, yes?

We converted our dining room into an office and I still love that, but my husband wants his own little space in our bedroom to call his own.  We both share the office now, but mostly it’s just me because he says my chair is uncomfortable. Humph. But anyway, I’ve been on the lookout for a small little desk to transform so we can put it in our room.  But I won’t do that until we are done using the pack n play in there. ;)

So anyway, I did a little searching for some pretty bedrooms that have desks in them, and I hope you enjoy and hope it may give you some ideas!

Via Houzz

Desk in Bedroom

Via Houzz

Built in Desk

Via La Dolce Vita

Bedroom Desk

Via Sarah Richardson Design

Bedroom Desk


Desk in Bedroom

Via Decorology

Guest Desk

Via La Dolce Vita

Desk in Bedroom

Aren’t those bedrooms so pretty? So see, who says you can’t have a desk in the bedroom?  I think these pictures prove that theory wrong. And sure a lot of big designers will put an office nook in a room they design, but that bedroom is usually HUGE–usually something not realistic so that’s why I tried to find images that were normal sized bedrooms. :)

And I love how a few of them are using a small desk instead of where a nightstand would typically go.  I think that’s a pretty brilliant idea and may try it myself one day!  Do any of you have a writing desk in your bedroom?  Or do you need one like us?




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  1. I work at home in an 1100 SF house I share with my hubby & 2 kids. There’s no other spot for my desk other than our bedroom. I needed a bit of inspiration this morning. Thanks!

  2. I do have a desk in my bedroom that I just use at times that I love and inherited from my mother-in-law…but I’m redoing another bedroom and love these ideas…I would love to have something small for one to use with a laptop. Great ideas…love them all but my favorite is the one from HGTV…I like that the desktop is glass…makes it less intrusive.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hello ! I am a french women, I do have a tiny desk, whose style is a copy of an old so callled “bonheur du jour” in our small bedroom, like many other friends of mine ! To write in more serenity and privacy. Also have Another normal sized desk at a corner in the main room, with a computer on it

  3. These are lovely! Thank you for the inspiration. And btw, glad to see your feed is not entirely gone. :)

  4. They all look great to me , O took one bedroom over for my craft, office room, but love all these ideas,

    Hugs, Lori m

  5. lesa dickemper says:

    I’m sorry so many of the blogs I follow have to truncate. It’s not a problem or inconvience for me I just sorry you have to take extra steps to protect what is yours. On another note, love your blog. It is a great source of inspiration.

  6. can you just put your website address on all the photos like a watermark so scrapers cant take credit?

    • I do watermark my photos. I didn’t watermark these because they aren’t my original images. Scrapers will still take the watermark photos, and sometimes even go the extra length and remove them somehow. It’s beyond me. The issue is that there is software and stuff they use and it just automatically pulls entire feeds from rss. At least if they are shortened it may help a bit or at least make it a little more difficult for them.

  7. I had to laugh when I saw that these are considered average sized rooms…. :) Now I know for a fact that we have a small bedroom and have always had small bedrooms but that’s okay. It makes them cozy (and easier for me to keep clean because we are “pilers.”) Do you by any chance have any suggestions for smaller rooms? I do love the rooms that you featured!!!

  8. I am probably one of the few people on the planet who still has a desktop and I like all the elements hidden, so I have a huge desk. We also have cable Internet connection, so the only rooms with a cable jack are either our den/tv rooms or a bedroom.

    Since our cable connection is not strong enough for a splitter, the tv won in the main area of the house, so I had to put my desk in a bedroom.

    I tried it in my bedroom, but did not like the look and found I had more issues separting “sleep time” vs “blog time”. Now the desk is in the guest room, which is unused 90% of the time anyway. The desk keeps the room from being just wasted space.

    Although I am still not fond of the desk in a bedroom look, I do think it is more practical to add a desk to a guest room to double up on functions.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hihi ! I a’ no “anonymous”, I’m Laurence :D


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