My Awesome Antique Finds

Hey all!  I don’t know about y’alls Goodwills and thrift stores, but for me, they’ve been a total bust lately.  Granted I haven’t gone much this summer, but I do pop in occasionally searching for the next treasure.  So since I haven’t had any luck at those stores, I decided to go to a really good antique store here in town.  The place is ginormous and always filled with beautiful things.

On my quest that day I was looking for something specific, and that would be an old scale.  And lo and behold, they had several. Here’s the one I picked up, and it was the least rusty one believe it or not.

But I love it’s rusty goodness.  Just gives it more character and really makes it feel old right? Plus, the scale actually works which is a double bonus. :)

Check this out…

See that date?  Patented in 1913! 1913 people!!  That’s pretty darn old.

And here’s yet another picture of the side of my new scale because I like to know about old stuff.

It’s “American Cutlery Co.”  I looked them up. Pretty interesting.  But won’t the scale be cute with a little pumpkin sitting on top? :)

Anyway moving on…

I love me some old winders, and I found another one.

What a beauty.

This next thing was pretty cool I thought.  They had it marked as a “tool caddy.”

I obviously won’t use it for tools, but for a Fall display.  But just look at how old that thing is. My favorite is the paint splattered on it (hopefully it’s not blood). It shows it was used well and maybe by some fabulous craftsman building beautiful things.  See the stuff that goes through my head?? No wonder I don’t sleep at night.

And can we check out that chain for a second?  It is so heavy and chunky.  I could do some good distressing with a chain like that.

And last but not least…

Yes, those would be acorns. I paid money for some acorns, yessiree.  1 pound to be exact according to my scale. :)  But they are so cute and HUGE, and we don’t get them like that in Texas. They’ll be great for a display.

And that’s a wrap on my antique finds.  A lot of these will find a home on the mantel for Fall. Yippee!

So what have you found lately?  Have your thrift stores been good to you or have they been a bust?  Are you ready for Fall?  Have you decorated yet?  I’m gearing up! :)

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  1. Great finds. I have that same exact scale and I love it too. We like the same ‘stuff’ that’s for sure.

  2. Goodwill is always hit or miss. But you sure had a “hit” day for all your great finds. Love the scale, funny just seem one almost exactly like this in my area.

  3. Our goodwill is hit or miss, not much on the home decor front. We have several great antique/flea market stores though. Love all your goodies. Can’t wait to see the fall display!

  4. Love all of your finds. That tool caddy is amazing. Didn’t even realize that was a chain until you showed it up close. So cool. those acorns are huge. Would look great for fall decorating, but I am so not ready to let go of summer.

  5. I have been disappointed with my Goodwill lately too :( Your “new” scale is awesome!! I have never seen acorns that large – where did you find those?

  6. Ok now totally have acorn envy!! those are awesome! What great finds girl!

  7. I have almost given up on Goodwill. Anything that is slightly vintage, they jack the price up so high. Ridiculous. I have a small thrift store that I like to go to BUT lately they have been looking every item up on ebay and pricing their vintage items that way. That prices me right out of the running. Still, I mostly look for “junk” to repurpose so I can still find items that no one else seems to want for a good price.

  8. Those are awesome finds!!! I love ’em! I haven’t been back to a thrift store or a Goodwill since a ginormous roach almost ran across my feet the last time I was in G’will. I’m not usually too squeamish about those things, but I just can’t do roaches. So yeah….haven’t been back. But now you’ve got me thinking I need to pay another visit to see if I can find some goodies for Fall!

  9. Actually, you can find acorns that large in Texas. I live in West Texas and we have several Burr Oaks in our yard. Burr Oaks produce acorns just like that. My local thrift stores have been somewhat of a bust too! I find things here and there, but I find myself leaving empty handed more often than not :(

  10. fun! you might want to put the acorns in a ziploc bag in the freezer for a few days. they can have critters living in them, and if you don’t kill them, after a few days in your display you’ll have moving acorns, and disgust you don’t want to know about!!!

    • Ewww! Well since they were at the antique store I figured they had been there for a long time, you know because everything is old there? :) Kidding–thanks for the tip!

  11. Such great finds. I wish I were so lucky. Can’t seem to find anything as of late.

  12. What great finds!
    I love me some antique windows too!!

  13. That scale is AMAZING! I’m loving the window too.

  14. wowee – 1 pound and only 3 acorns – who knew they grew that big – really cool!

  15. Wow, you found some wonderful things…I love them all. It’s funny because every time I scrolled down to see what else you found, I remembered almost buying the very same things at an antique store I just wen to. We have good taste! lol Ok…love the idea about the pumpkin on the scale…that is darling…and the tool box…great! the acorns are wonderful too and you are right, that’s about the only thing they don’t make BIG in Texas lol. Although, I just scrolled up and apparently West Texas has that covered. lol…ok, so Texas has everything now. Really curious to see what you do with the window. Gonna spend some time on your blog and see if you have done a post on old winders. Have a great week! Kristine

  16. LOVE those finds!!! What stores did you go to…was in in the montrose area?? Would LOVE to find some things like that…

  17. Great finds Emily! I haven’t had much luck at the thrift stores either. I was thinking of hitting an antique mall also. I love that tote and the window is fantastic! And we don’t get acorns like that either, I would have bought them! Heck I buy shells and live near the beach. We don’t get pretty shells here either. :(

  18. kristin M says:

    Sounds like a lot of people are finding their local Goodwill to be pretty empty or at best “hit-or-miss”. For my area of the country, New England, this is prime yard sale, garage sale, barn sale season so people are selling their things rather than donating them. Only the stuff that doesn’t sell gets donated. Plus it’s prime beach weather. I think things will pick up in the fall when kids go back to school and moms start trying to organize their homes again. Have faith.

  19. These are great and I luuuuuv that scale! Awesome find! :o)

  20. I love the chain on that tool caddy. Great patina on all your finds.

  21. What great finds! I’m totally crushin’ on that scale, so if you ever get tired of it, send it my direction ;)

    And that chain on the tool box – how flippin’ cool is that? Love your scores!

  22. Love your finds, can I ask how much you paid for your scale?? Thanks alot, Sue

  23. Oh my…you had a lucky day at that shop…love the old scale…LOVE that old window and REALLY LOVE that old tool box!!! I’m having a Pottery Barn gift card giveaway…hop over and enter…ends 8/28 at midnight.


  24. What great finds! Check out my Antique Fair finds here:

  25. I can’t believe it took me this long to find your blog. I just became your very excited follower. The window is way cool.

  26. Wow, I love all of your amazing finds, especially that toolbox!
    I would love to have you share them at my Restyled Sundays party.


  27. Great finds, Emily! Those will be fun to decorate with. Love that scale. thanks for joining the party!!

  28. Very cool scale. I just love when I have something in mind and actually find it!

  29. What fantastic finds! I love that scale!

  30. Oh my! 1913?! Antique-iest ever! Congratulations for your finds. It’s not often that we get lucky and we find exactly what we want ;)

  31. On the lovely old window…please test that chipping paint for lead since you have a toddler. I had many old windows in my house for docoration (we sell them) and my crawling baby tested positive for lead. It was the window frames. She is ok, but I will always feel bad about that.

  32. where is this thrift store

  33. Love your blog. Do you mind sharing the area in TX where you find your antiques? I live in TX (DFW) area and can never find good antiques that are decently priced. I am i love with your scale!

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