A Gorgeous Rose Cake

Hi friends! I very much enjoyed our July 4th holiday and am ready to get back to business.  I hope you had a good one too! If you follow me on Instagram you know we had Ellie’s 1 year old party over the weekend! It was so much fun. I will talk about the party later this week, but today I have to show off the rockstar rose/rosette cake my mom made.

Rosette Cake

Oh my goodness isn’t that gorgeous??! I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it because it was so pretty and photographed so well. The pale pink shade was perfection. And that cake stand is awesome too. I bought that to add to my Emma collection (from Pottery Barn) because I love it so much. I have the fruit bowl that you’ve all seen many times too. I hope to get the dinnerware one day.

So this rosette cake thing all started out because my cousin Rachael decided to make her daughter’s cake instead of ordering from a bakery. I was going to just order Ellie’s cake again, but I loved Rachael’s so much and she said it was easy, so I “let” my mom have the duty of cake baking. I’m generous, I know. Plus I’m not much of a cake baker. I am a pie girl and can make a mean pie.

My mom has never decorated a cake like this so I told her she had to just google “rosette cake” and a ton would pull up. And that’s all she did. So I’m not going to do a tutorial here and will direct you to the tutorial she used over at I Am Baker. It really is EASY. I got to make a few practice ones and it’s really very simple. You just need the 1M decorator’s tip and you’ll be good to go. There are also tons of video tutorials on YouTube as well. My mom used her white cake recipe for a 3 layer cake that she uses for everything (you can use whatever you like), and she used a buttercream frosting recipe that she got years ago from an old friend. But she did say it would be very close to the frosting recipe at That Really Frosts Me. Just a warning–this cake will take an obscene amount of frosting so be prepared.

The top of the cake is all rosettes too.

Rosette Cake Top

Then she made rosette cupcakes from the leftover cake batter.

Rosette Cupcakes

Here’s a few more beauty shots.

Rosette Cake 2

Rosette Cake

I think it’s just so beautiful on its own and it was definitely fit for a princess. But I think it would be just as beautiful for a wedding too. It looks so fancy and elegant and I can’t believe how easy it was. Says the person who didn’t actually make the cake…but whatever.

So high-fives for mom! Did you ever see the cheeseburger cake she made a few years ago? That one is a must see. She is making Emma a rose cake too for her birthday party in a few weeks. Can’t wait to see her handy work again. :)

So have you ever made one of these? Did you realize they can be so simple? The cake is definitely a show stopper.



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  1. WOW! That is stunning! Absolutely love it :) I am not much of a baker either (haha didn’t inherit the baking gene from my grandfather that’s for sure – he owned a bakery) but this is something I would so love to try my hand at! I can’t wait to see Emma’s cake now too! Tell your mom I think she is fabulous!!

    • So sweet Dria I will tell her that! I do love to bake, but there’s just something about cakes…? I guess I just haven’t practiced enough. I’ve seriously only made pies and cookies all my life. Ha!

  2. I have the Emma dinnerware collection and LOVE the looks of it, but it has not held up well at all. I got them less than 2 years ago, and every single plate has a chip in it. :(

  3. Oh my, I am not sure if I’d have a steady enough hand to do this but I am definitely going to try. It doesn’t look even remotely like a homemade cake! Amazing.

    • I know right?! Everyone thought I had ordered it from somewhere. I swear–just watch a tutorial on it. You’d be surprised. The tip does most of the work. If you can make circle motions with your hands, then you can do this. :)

  4. You guys did a wonderful job and yes the Rosette design is very easy to make. It is very popular this year amongst the rustic and country themed weddings. I have created several brial cakes with the Rosette design. Again, wonderful job!

  5. Hi Emily! Wow what a BEAUTIFUL cake! Kudos to your mom! And thank you, Jennifer will be up to visit on her birthday and I just found the cake I am going to make her…yea!
    P.S. I love your blog. I really enjoy reading it and seeing your beautiful family :-) Your girls are absolutely precious!

  6. The cake was just as delicious as it was beautiful!!! :)

  7. that cake is just perfect! love how simple but how elegant it is. and the cake plate, I might just need to get myself one!:)

  8. STUNNING! It really was perfect! xo

  9. Happy Birthday to Ellie! Your mom did a beautiful job on the cake!

  10. I’ve made one & thought I’ve done a little cake decorating this is by far the easiest I’ve ever done. It’s so beautiful with so little effort!

  11. Your Mum did a great job on the cake, it looks divine! Your new profile picture is lovely.

  12. A friend of mine has made a few of these style cakes and swears they are easier than they look, but she prefers to use a slightly more difficult Swiss-meringue buttercream frosting vs a typical buttercream as the shape of the rosettes will hold up better in the face of summer heat and gravity.

  13. This is such a gorgeous fun cake to serve isn’t it?! and it’s not hard to decorate at all!! I made my first one a few months ago and it was such a show stopper!! your mom did a fabulous job!!

  14. Almost looks too perfect… Fantastic!

  15. That cake and those cupcakes look too pretty to be eaten but then again they look too delicious to not be eaten! Haha.

  16. That cake looks amazing and its cool to see you and your mom doing things together!

  17. That cake is stunning! Too beautiful to eat! Well, maybe we could eat the inside first LOL! Hugs, Leena

  18. I think the next time I need to impress someone I am going to frost a cake like this! Lovely.


  19. Gorgeous cake!! Looks delicious too!

  20. That is gorgeous! I’d love to try this especially with ombre pink layers inside!

  21. This is so beautiful! I LOVE the little cupcakes too!

  22. I love the gorgeous pink color! What is the color?


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