Well, I Thought I Had an Original Idea…

…until I did a search on Google and saw that these have been made…like all over the place!  I should have never searched to make sure.  What a buzz-kill!  It was just too clever that someone other than me thought this idea up.  Haha.  But, I’m still going to show you!

So, remember one of my mason jars I just scored recently from the resale shop?

Well, I came up with the idea to make a soap dispenser!  :)  Well, my idea until my dreams were crushed via the internet, but oh well.  :)

First I drilled a small hole in the zinc lid and finished it off with a little hammer and nail.  On these types of lids, underneath is hard ceramic stuff.  It ended up breaking into pieces anyway.  I tried to remove it first, but couldn’t get it so I just broke it up.

Then I took an old pump from a bottle of lotion that’s been under the cabinet for I don’t know how long, and carefully fit it through the hole.  I had to work around the lid and cut a little bit here and there so it would fit.  The original zinc lid is very fragile.  But you could make these with any mason jar lids.

Then, assembled it and admired my someone else’s creation.

And then added some soap!

I promise that is pomegranate soap and not strawberry jam…

Then I had it in the kitchen where it lived for a short while, but now it’s in our master bath since it matches our master bedroom.

Isn’t it cute??  It’s a big jar and would hold probably a gallon of soap, so that’s why it’s not filled all the way.  I’ll have to buy 2 huge bottles of soap to fill it up all the way.  But I probably won’t do that either since I like to switch out my soaps.  :)

You like it?  :)

I have a moral to this post.  Don’t do a google search on something you think YOU thought up, before you do the project.  Haha, just teasing.  :)

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  1. Funny post! The soap dispenser came out nice – even if it is not one of a kind!!

  2. nice job……..and yes i have seen these everywhere even in stores!!

  3. original idea or not – i think it is super cute! i want one!!!

  4. Wow, I just LOVE this Idea!! I think I am gonna have to try this. What kind of soap is it that you put in it? It really looks great! I am also a new follower!!

    • It’s made my Softsoap. You know, that really high end brand? haha, just kidding. Got from grocery store. :) I do like the soap though! It’s Pomegranate & Mango.

  5. I’ve seen these too and have wanted to make one. At least you did…and it’s cute!

  6. Nothing new under the sun, huh? LOL! I LOVE it anyway!
    This may be a DUMB question, but how do you do the reply thing to comments?

  7. You crack me up! Your project came out really cute and I bet it looks super cute in your masterbath! :)

  8. Hello! Thank you for your comment on my post and becoming a Follower! Much appreciated! And even though you might not have been the ‘original’ creator of your soap pump, I still think you did a great job! Have a great weekend!
    Best regards,

  9. Super cute… hey it was your idea even though it wasn’t original.

  10. Very cute ! I love new uses for mason jars.

  11. I have done that too- thought an idea was an original only to find out it actually wasn’t- bummer, but yours is orignal to your home at least:)

  12. Well, it’s bound to happen. It just proves that great minds all think alike!


  13. Well, you could have fooled me because I don’t think I have ever seen this done before. I think you are incredibly talented for thinking of this on your own. I bet everyone else’s doesn’t look as good as yours :)

  14. Don’t worry this happens to me all the time…my mom actually bought one of these for me several years ago. You still came up with the idea even if you found out later on that it had been done before. Also, wanted to let you know that your blog is great and that you have a new follower. :)

  15. Even if it wasn’t your original idea its still a really cute one and you know what, go ahead and take credit for it, I’d never know :-) I’m visiting from New Friend Fridays!

  16. Don’t be sad you thought of something done by others before! I should be sad, it didn’t cross my mind and it’s such a great idea!!! But I’ll steal it and make my own soap dispenser :)

  17. I still think it turned out cute, Emily. Maybe you can find a smaller jar in the near future that holds a little less soap so you can fill it up more. LOL!

  18. Lol! Can’t even tell you how many times that’s happened to me on Google too. It’s such a great took 99% of the time, but sometimes it bursts your creative bubble! Anyway, it still looks great and I won’t tell anyone your secret : )

    Thanks so much for your vibes and thoughts this week. Much appreciated : )

  19. So cute! I love the way it turned out-

  20. It may not be the original but it is the first time I have seen this! Kudos to you. Can i link this in a post later? I am going to try and make one…

  21. OK, I’m a little behind, but I wanted to check out some more blogs. I’m a new follower from New Friend Fridays.
    I hope you’ll come check me out at PS Mom Reviews and follow me too!
    I have fun giveaways going on now, including one for an $80 GC to CSNstores.com!

  22. Very clever idea….thanks for visiting Pandora’s Box! patti

  23. Super cute, Emily! I’ve never seen anything like it before!

  24. I’ve never seen it before, so I totally think it’s original! Nice Job!

  25. Very cute!

  26. Wonderful!

  27. LOVE this! Brilliant idea! I’m going to put this on my facebook page! :)

  28. You could have fooled me on the originality, I have not seen these before this posting. Really, I do get out a lot. OK, now I must pilfer this idea from you because it’s so cute! Thanks bunches!

  29. I found a mason jar like that at a garage sale that the lady had made into a lamp. The cord doesn’t run down in it at all, just is all at the top. It was $2 and full of potpurri. I took that out, replaced it with river rocks and shells. AWESOME.. just needs a shade. So there’s another idea for somebody. :)

  30. By the way, is that an old jar. Mine is the exact same, but I broke it a little trying to get the crud off the inside. It’s just cracked, but I’m gonna be a little sad, if so. Oh well.. that’s just character, right?

  31. Very cool idea! Love it! Another great idea of yours. I will feature this at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com.

  32. I hate when I think I have an ‘original’ idea, but your soap pump looks lovely. I still need to paint the top of mine because I don’t like the silver :)

  33. I think it’s an original idea. I had no idea such things existed. I wonder what else could be a soap jar.

  34. Adorable idea, I love it!

  35. Well. I love it anyway. It is awesome and cute and very nice way to recycle..
    hope you can stop by sometime


  36. I still think it is brilliant. The blue mason jars are just too pretty. Beautiful!

  37. love this idea very cool

  38. Ok, I have to tell ya, that even though you found out AFTER the fact, it was still YOUR idea because you thought of it all on your own. It may not be an original idea, but it IS still yours….it’s just shared by others, which just proves that it is an AWESOME idea, after all, not so many people would be doing it if it was a crappy idea now would they?

    AND, we don’t see EVERYone’s posts. Yours is the first I’ve seen, so I may have went through life sadly oblivious had you not shared it with us, so thank you! ;o)

    Hugs & Blessings,
    ¸.•´¸.•´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸..•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`-: † :- Anita

    • hahaha, well thank you so much Anita! Yes, that would have been a tragedy if you’ve lived your entire life without seeing a mason jar soap dispenser! haha

  39. I have seen these before in shops, but never a tutorial, so I am glad you posted it. I recently was at a yard sale and there were a lot of these blue canning jars for 4 dollars a piece. I only bought one. Now I wish I got more.

  40. I love this soap dispenser. I collect these old blue jars but have done nothing with them except fill them with noodles, rice, beans and such. I think this would look great on my kitchen sink!

  41. I love this idea! I’m giving you credit when I feature it this month. :)

  42. Well, when I saw your pic on Funky Junk…I thought…WOW, that looks so cool! So it’s the first time I’ve ever seen it, if that makes you feel any better!

  43. I LOVE this with a big heart! ~Bridgette

  44. I am glad that you posted this. I have seen everyone post pint size jars and for my kitchen, I’d like one that’s bigger. And here you are with a bigger one! I use Dawn green apple dish soap that you can use for hand soap too, and to cut clutter, I put it in a handsoap dispenser(which can be harder to pump for dishes). Now, I think I will use the bigger jar(plus it will look better on my sink than the small one), so this IS an original idea after all!

  45. This turned out really cute! Don’t you hate it when everyone has good ideas at the same time! ;)


  46. Hilarious post and I just LOVE your soap dispenser. Totally brilliant!

  47. New idea or not, this looks great! I have some of those jars. I think I need to give this a try!

  48. Well, I’ve never seen that before. What a totally neat idea. :) Love it!!!

  49. Cute idea, I’ve never seen it! That is the worse when you think you are being original and find out that it’s not, bummer!

  50. who cares if it’s original? :) I love how the liquid soap looked like berry jam inside that jar. love it!

  51. Anonymous says:

    how do you keep the soap pump from sliding back up and out of the zinc lid? Did you glue it on? I think it looks great!

    • It actually doesn’t move around and I don’t know how it doesn’t. You could glue it though! But then what if you want to change the pump out?

  52. I think it’s precious! I had no idea about the zinc lid. Soo cute and who cares if someone else made it first. It’s great anyway!

  53. I am totally going to have to do this! Thanks for the idea:)!!


  54. This is great! I’m sooo doing this! I have tons of Aqua Mason Jars, they fit perfectly into my decor. And I hate those ugly plastic soap dispensers.
    I’d love for you to join us on It’s A Blog Party, I host a different linky everyday, Mondays are all about crafting and DIY projects!

  55. What a cute idea. It still is YOUR idea you know. Just cuz someone else had the idea first doesn’t mean it wasn’t yours too! I love it!

  56. Thank you!!! I have seen these on etsy.com but didn’t want to pay $15+shipping a piece since I already have a couple dozen of these jars! Now I know how to make my own. You rock!

  57. Don’t worry-you are still clever! Cute idea. Stopping by from the Girl Creative linkup.
    -Mama E

  58. I never saw this before, it’s all new to me and I love it ! I have ordinary mason jars and I could make this. It’s so much more beautiful than the soap dispensers in the store.

  59. Well even if its not original its the first time I’ve seen it and I’m stealing it! IT will match my bathroom as well and ours just broke in the construction process so its perfect thanks so much!

  60. I have never seen this idea before and have loads of those jars!
    Thank you for inventing it and putting it here so we could all make early Christmas gifts.
    that’s my story…and you’re stickin to it!

    Love it. Really!

  61. Hey? Still a great idea! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  62. I thought this was a very cute idea, when I saw it on whipped it up on Monday….so I had to pop over and see what it is all about..thank you for sharing with us…I may give this a shot…nice to meet you.

  63. Ha! do I ever know how you feel with the internet buzz-kill! But this is a brilliant idea! (even if you didn’t have it first but thought you did) So much cooler then any other store bought soap pump.
    Oh and here’s my theory on ideas. Every idea in the world is floating about just waiting to be grabbed, but it can be grabbed by many people many times. Therefore it makes your idea original to you, and you should still be thrilled you got a chance at that idea!

  64. Good thinking, even if someone else thought of it first. :-) I love mason jars and I’ve got a bundle. You’ve inspired me.

  65. I absolutely love it! Thanks for visiting us at our Anything Related party!

  66. What a cute idea! I haven’t ever seen it before – and no – I haven’t googled it! But how right you are about google. I thought I had an original idea and after I posted found out it wasn’t so original – what do you do? haha.

  67. Haha!! I’m here again from tip me tuesday! i Love this mason jar. The green tint adds so much, as does the lid!
    Great job!

  68. Well they might be all over the place, but I hadn’t seen them yet, and I LOVE it! We’re moving/remodeling and I get to completely decorate from scratch. this is SOOO going someplace, kitchen or bathroom???? Can’t decide yet. I just started a link party and I would be honored if you’d consider adding your crafts to it! We’re having flower headband giveaway as part of our first party too! http://imtopsyturvy.com/index.php/2010/07/topsy-turvy-tuesdays-1/

  69. I love it, and since yours was the first I ever saw, I am giving you full credit :)

  70. I love it, it is so cute!

  71. I hate when you think up a really awesome idea and it’s already been done :( so depressing to find out. I love this idea, if I ever find a pretty jar to do this with, I’m doing it!

  72. Now looking for that small jelly jar i kept.
    Loved this idea ,thank you so very much!

  73. This is just adorable! I love the color of the jar! So creative!! I am your newest follower from NFF. I’d love to have you as a new friend and I can’t wait to check out more of your fabulous ideas!! :-)
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

  74. You are wrong. It WAS your idea… it just happened that someone else thought of it too. Proof that great minds think alike. Nonetheless, I had not seen it before so thanks for posting….. now to find me a mason jar .

  75. I have seen these but honestly thought they were wayyy tricky to make, you just made it doable for me… Thanks!!! Theresa

  76. hee hee…
    great project.

    A friend of mine showe me a pretty “trick”. She places empty glass bottles by her sink with dishsoap in them. BUT… here’s the cool thing. If you put more than one color layered on the other, it doesn’t mix. So you can make some really pretty color combinations. For instance, in the summer, she uses a green detergent and then layers a red one. It has a melon effect and is really pretty, especially when the sunlight hits it.

    Might not sound exciting, but my favorite projects are the ones that are useful and pretty :)

    Neat blog. I am looking forward to exploring more.

  77. The jar is beautiful – who cares who thought up the way! I love it!

  78. Love it! Thank you for linking to my Upcycled Awesome party!

  79. This is SOOO cute! And as far as I’m concerned, it IS an original idea because you hadn’t seen it anywhere before!
    I love the soap too…wow…it looks so adorable.

  80. This is so pretty! I have never seen it before, either. And you’re right, it totally looks like jam :)

    Thank you for participating in the Creative Therapy Session with Life in the Pitts!

  81. Love this idea, even if a lot of people have already thought of it! I’m featuring you tomorrow on crazydomestic.com!

  82. Perfect timing! I was brainstorming an idea for our bathroom soap dish. This is it! I’ve already got the jar and the dispenser. Thank you!!

  83. I love it — just what my old farmhouse kitchen needs. I’ve even got a bunch of old jars with zinc lids.

  84. This is very cute!! I might have to switch my olive oil dispenser out for one of these ball jars. I’ve got several in the basement calling my name!!

  85. How clever! I’m going to have to steal this idea from you! Or, who? thanks, Marcia

  86. Great idea!

  87. simple and easy but practical project! what a sweet dispenser

  88. I’m totally going to try this!! I featured this on my friday favorites!!

  89. haha don’t you hate that! There are too many creative people in this world! I LOVE the idea though, and this is my first time seeing it, so THANK YOU for sharing! I will be featuring this later tonight! Come join us again tomorrow!

  90. I have a million of those jars and I’ve sure never thought of that! LOL, so you’re original in my book ;) sooooo cute!

  91. I enjoyed your post a lot. I’m looking forward to reading more of you. Found you through the Shabby Nest linky party. You’ve inspired me to make one of these soap dispensers, too. Thank ya!

  92. Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party!

  93. It is still adorable. I even had a lady do a give-a-way on my blog one time, she has an etsy store.


  94. Great idea!
    I love antiques and antique looking decorations.

  95. YOU inspire me – I haven’t seen it before! :) I’m featuring it in my highlights. Pop over and grab a button. Thanks for sharing your creativity in the DIY Project Parade. :)

  96. Love this idea!

  97. Incredible! I love this idea, and even though you found out that it’s been done elsewhere, don’t let it make you feel any less proud of your idea and execution. It’s the first time I’VE seen it anywhere, and you worked out all the logistics by trial and error to an absolutely fabulous finish. Thanks for sharing your creativity and talent!

  98. LOVES this! I’m already working on my crafty list for Christmas gifts…this is going on it!

  99. well- I love the idea and this happens to be the first I’ve seen of it! I collect these jars myself and can’t wait to use your idea- thanks!

  100. LOVE it, and can’t wait to make one for my main bathroom.

  101. I found you through the Beyond the Picket Fence link party. I love this idea so much! I think it would be perfect in my kitchen. And in my book, you created it for me since I’ve never googled it! :)

  102. These mason jar soap dispensers are really nice! I’ve wanted one for my kitchen for a while. A friend of mine bought one from a local primitives shop that sells handmade items. She kept hers by the sink with dish soap in it. Great idea, right? Well, her lid rotted away. Turns out, the citrus scented dish soap she filled it with just ate away at the lid!

    So, I just wanted to give you a heads up to watch what types of soaps you use in it, so you don’t ruin your vintage lid. :)

  103. Love these! I googled these a while ago to, to figure out how to do it, and they had another great idea, you can save the tops from your Morton salt containers and pop them in the lid for your dry stuff to! Matching set!! LOL.

    Love this site! Thanks!

  104. I love the old mason jars, and the color adds to its charm. Very nice.

  105. I love these jars. I am always on the hunt for them, especially old ones. I love to put sand and shells in them from different beaches I visit with my family and then put a little tag on them with the year and the name of the beach on it. Great for displays! And memories.

  106. My sister and I thought of the same soap/jar idea. And here I go looking for decent pumps and bump into you and your idea. Yep,great minds must think alike. I was looking for a waterproof label that I could design and have a roll of them printed to put on the front of the jar, say the flatter side of a mason-ball jar. Thanks for sharing!!

  107. Cute idea, I would be afraid of breaking the glass! A great source for plastic liquid soap foam dispensers is http://www.naturalsoapcorner.com. The foam dispensers are a great value and save on the soap!

  108. I recently bought a mish-mash of vintage “mason” jars and lids to display in my kitchen. I love this idea and like you must need to get out more as I never saw this done. How did you affix the pump to the lid or does it just set on top and go through it? I’m one of those people who enjoys purchasing liquid hand soaps from Bath and Body Works for instance but tries to color coordinate the labels and soap colors to the bathroom. I even try to peel the labels off sometimes with poor results. This mason jar dispenser solves the problem. :-)

  109. debbie clark says:

    I love it and just made one for my kitchen , thanks for the idea

  110. Very cute idea! Seems simple enough for this non-crafty gal….and I have never seen it before so it’s new to me! Thanks for posting! : )

  111. Lori Holman says:

    This was a new idea to me also! I wasn’t even looking for mason jar ideas today, but I stumbled upon your blog :o) I just brought a box full of jars I had stored home with me today. I know what to do with a few of those jars now! Thanks a bunch!

  112. Absolutely adorable idea…and your instructions were hilarious! I am looking forward to exploring your other ideas! Thanks for sharing! ~Nancy

  113. So I haven’t seen anyone else ask this so I will….what if you only have the lid that comes in two parts? Will it break the flat part? I’m not sure what the correct term for it is but it’s the traditional canning lid…it comes with the flat part that sits on top and then you screw on the ring. I’m working on this for a baby shower (to put baby lotion & baby wash in) and I don’t want to have to find new lids at the last minute.

  114. Stacy Hinde says:

    Where do you find the zinc lids, I must not get out a lot either because I have not seen them anywhere.

  115. I have seen these all over the place! but still is a great idea and worth mentioning again :) These also look great with metal pump tops. They sell the tops alone at (onedreamdesign.com), really pretty tops and much cheaper than etsy .

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