Walmart and Better Homes and Gardens. And a Trip to The Headquarters!

You all will never guess that the items I’m about to show you are all Better Homes and Gardens products from Walmart. It’s true. I had the pleasure a few weeks ago to head out to the Better Homes and Gardens headquarters in Iowa, and it was SO fun. Iowa is a beautiful place and I want to go back!

Getting to tour the BHG headquarters was such an honor and a dream come true. I mean, we were right there at their ginormous building, right where all the action happens. It’s where their employees work of course, but it’s also where all of the photo shoots for the magazines are done. We even saw their prop room and taste kitchen, where all of the recipes are made and tasted before they are published. What a fun job that would be!

So as you can imagine, it was a pretty inspiring place to be. Listening to the designers give us their tips and tricks and seeing it live in action, was incredible!

Living Room Arrangement from BHG Walmart |

Yep, that’s Walmart. Remember, everything you see in this post will be BHG products from Walmart. They are either out now, or coming out in the Fall or Spring.

This bedspread was so pretty too.

Walmart Bedding |Decorchick!®

And yes, only $39.97!

I’m telling you, BHG Walmart has really stepped it up with their items.

Walmart X-bench Table | Decorchick!®

That X table was so pretty, and their table setting and dishes were beautiful too.

Walmart Dishes | Decorchick!®

Here’s a fun Christmas table that I thought was super cute too.

Christmas Table Decor | Decorchick!®

I mean, really, would you ever guess those were BHG products at Walmart?

I had lots of fun in their kitchen.

BHG Taste Kitchen | Decorchick!®

Listening to Nancy teaching us simple ways to create seasonal centerpieces was SO cool. And she made it so effortless. And affordable.

Fall Centerpiece | Decorchick!®

Christmas Centeripiece | Decorchick!®

Fruit and Dip Arrangement | Decorchick!®

Aren’t those beautiful? I definitely will be getting that big Christmas platter and bowl! And probably will copy those arrangements. :)

We walked around the studios too where they have rooms set up to shoot. I loved these.

BHG Showroom Bedroom | Decorchick!®

Coral Bedroom | Decorchick!®

Yep, Walmart! :)

I love how they are bringing so much style to their product line, at such affordable prices. I mean really, who doesn’t go to Walmart?

Their test garden was beautiful too.

BHG Test Gardens | Decorchick!®

And this gazebo thing they make for grills is super cool. Now no one has an excuse not to grill if it’s raining.

Gazebo Cover for Grill | Decorchick!®

We ended the night at the Iowa state fair!

Fair Ride Swing | Decorchick!®

Iowa State Fair | Decorchick!®

Blogger Fair Ride | Decorchick!®

And oh my gosh y’all. I thought we were going to die. Several times. Luckily we didn’t. I haven’t screamed like that since I was probably 6 or 7. Good times though. :)

So over the next year I’ll be sharing more ideas with you all on BHG products at Walmart and I’m thrilled about that! Remember, style doesn’t have to cost a fortune, so that’s why I’m especially happy to team up with them so show off their items. You’ll love them!


Be sure and follow BHG Walmart on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get their latest ideas and inspiration too.

So what were some of your favorite items I showed you in this post? Are you surprised they are ALL from Walmart?



Disclosure: I received compensation from  BHG at Walmart for my time and participation in the BHG Live Better Network. Random thoughts, opinions and musings are of course always mine. 

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  1. I was blown away by some of the new BHG stuff I saw at Walmart. What amazed me the most was how soft the bedding was. Usually quilts and comforters from stores like Walmart require lots of washing to be comfy to the touch. These were great right out of the package. Now I just have to convince my hubby that we need something new.
    I also love that grilling gazebo! Who knew such a cool thing existed! Happy early birthday hubby! :D

  2. Wow great stuff! I actually have an entertainment center and an end table from them. I’ve had them for 3 years and they are in great shape. Now are they selling those upholstered headboards?

  3. Wow, I’m impressed! I like everything, especially the bedding.

  4. Kelly Dietz says:

    What about the monkey knt lamp in the top pic, walmart or no? If no, where did it come from? I WANT!

  5. I live in Iowa (city girl, trust me). You said Iowa is a beautiful place and you want to come back. Say whaaa? I don’t think anyone has ever said that before. Thanks for saying kind words! Lol

  6. So glad you love my beautiful home state! The Iowa State Fair is the best of the best! I love that nail trimmed headboard!

  7. I LOVE everything in your post and will be going to Wal Mart for some new bedding. I live in Des Moines, Iowa ad am so happy that you liked it here. I love, love, love the Stare Fair too! Come back again and check out some of our wineries and breweries. Thanks for the centerpiece ideas!

  8. I loved almost dying with you :)

  9. alston nobel says:

    Impressive designs.

  10. Great page, just lately been searching forever for ideas on the best rattan furniture for our home and in our patio.
    This website sincerely helpedgreat blog some great info here

  11. I love the new Better Homes and Gardens line. How come the Walmarts in Canada don’t carry it. We used to have and one day it just disappeared. Walmart if your listening please bring it back

  12. I am a subscriber of BH&G magazine and in one of the latest issues (not sure maybe March/April) there was and advertisement entitled: Create inspired walls with a 3 piece Florence mirror set (round, square and rectangle – $19.88) and also Baroque Mirror 19″ x 24″ – $24.97. Can you advise as to where I may be able to purchase these items? I went on line a numerous amount of times an even tried Pinterest/bhglivebetter and was not able to locate it. Thank you.


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  2. […] Crossmill pieces were definitely some of my favorites when we visited the Better Homes and Gardens Headquarters last month. Very on trend with the rustic grey weathered wood. So […]

  3. […] pieces were definitely some of my favorites when we visited the Better Homes and Gardens Headquarters last month. Very on trend with the rustic grey weathered wood. So […]