A Veggie Tales Party Under $25

I wasn’t even going to write about the girls’ Veggie Tales birthday party we just had, because as I had said in this post about extravagant parties, you know how I feel about those. BUT, their Veggie Tales cakes that my mom made I just have to share with you so I decided to show with you a very frugal birthday party! That turned out pretty cute I have to say!

Now those cakes. Feast your eyes on Bob the tomato and Larry the cucumber.

Veggie Tales Cakes | www.decorchick.com

I know. My mom rocks.

A closer look…

Veggie Tales Cake | www.decorchick.com

I believe she just printed out something from the Veggie Tales site of their faces and shapes, and just kind of traced it and then drew on the faces with icing. My step-dad drew the faces I think.

Bob The Tomato Cake | www.decorchick.com

And yes, those are all individual squeezes of icing using a special size tip. :)

Oh, Bob was white cake, and Larry was chocolate cake. And they were delicious!

I made a VERY simple centerpiece with cucumbers and googly eyes and stuck those in mason jars that I had. And sprinkled a few other vegetables around.

Veggie Tales Centerpiece

Veggie Tales Decoration | www.decorchick.com

Seriously ridiculously easy.

I told you all I bought all of the party supplies from the Dollar Store this year, especially because VT party things are hard to find (which is a shame), and so we just used Veggie Tales colors.

Veggie Tales Table Decoration | www.decorchick.com

Veggie Tales Party | www.decorchick.com

So the total budget spent on party decor was $13 from stuff from the dollar store and $10 on balloons. We did order the $5 pizzas and had drinks too, but really, that was it!

And would you believe this is the only semi-decent-not-too-blurry picture I got with the 2 monkeys at their party?


Ellie wore green in honor of Larry, and Emma wore red for Bob. Maybe they can wear those at Christmas too. :)

We had a great time and the girls wouldn’t have known any better if we spent $500 or $25. All that matters is that everyone came to celebrate their special days.

Hope you enjoyed!



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  1. So so cute! And yes, I truly believe kids have no idea the cost…just that they had a great time with friends and family. I always made our girls cakes, as they preferred it and we kept things very simple. Usually choosing a theme, something they were interested in at the time (lady bug, wizard of oz, movie night, bunco, dinosaurs). Great job Emily!!

  2. Those cakes are absolutely adorable!!! Your mom did an exquisite job! The table looked fantastic! I know the girls had a great time celebrating their birthdays. Great job!!!

  3. The cucumbers with the squiggly eyes were the fate de accompli… too stinkin’ cute!

  4. Wow Emily your mom did a fab job on those cakes. Very Talented.

    Nice to see that you had a real birthday party instead of an extravaganza……

  5. LOVE those cakes! I’m planning a veggie tales party for my son who LOVES Larry Boy and I’m having a hard time with the invitations. What did you do for invitations?

  6. Julie Sitter says:

    What are in your mason jars? Beans or rocks? And are the jars tinted green….where from?