Our Vegetable Garden 2014!

Well last year’s garden was so fun to have, that my mom helped me again with this one. We kept everything mostly the same this year as far as veggies go, just used a different soil. I’m not too sure on this soil though, it was one our nursery highly recommended, but it’s not as moisture rich as the one we used last year.

Vegetable Garden | www.decorchick.com

We’ve got okra, squash, bell pepper, zucchini and green onion. We’ve already had several okra growing too!

Okra Plant | www.decorchick.com

Last year’s okra did SO good and produced until like October or something. We were swimming with it, really.

Growing Okra | www.decorchick.com

The plants got so huge. There’s nothing that is more satisfying than walking outside to pick your own veggies or fruit for a meal.

I got creative last year and wrote a post on how I made roasted okra. It is delicious!!

Roasted Okra Recipe | www.decorchick.com

So I’m hoping this year’s garden does just as well!

Raised Garden | www.decorchick.com

I’m a little worried about the squash, and hope they start doing something. They looked a little wimpy at first. I also need to add in some more soil don’t you think?

Are you planting a garden this year? I’d love to hear your tips and soil used!



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  1. I wish we had a space where we could have our own little food garden; and have our own little harvests…. To bigger dreams! Thank you for the inspiration!

    • Space is always an issue. However, I lived in an apartment for about a year and I planted tomatoes, peppers and some herbs in containers and had a pretty good yield. The only challenge was making sure they got plenty of sun. They were spindly and a bit dwarfed but they did produce enough for two. Good luck and happy gardening. :D

  2. Wow- I never knew what an okra plant looked like!! That’s so cool. I should try to grow my own here, we’re in Georgia so it *should* do well :) And I never thought to roast it- yum. Everything is better roasted. Just don’t steam okra because it becomes slimy and gross :)
    I’ve done a BIG garden in the past, but this year I’m going small and just doing containers on our deck, and using some miracle grow garden soil. Our soil here is not great and I think that’s why my garden has failed in the past. I’d love to do some raised beds one day, but for now I will settle for my containers (I’m doing cucumbers, tomatoes, bush beans, green peppers and peas) :)

  3. No garden this year. But! I love fried okra. ;) Will give the roasted a try this summer.

  4. Another Emily throwing in her voice :). I would love to do a vegetable garden. We actually have a huge spot on the side of our house where a raised vegetable garden was. We have to repair the sides but it is sort of ready to go. When do you start planting and prepping your garden? I figured we lost out on the growing season this year. I am in Wisconsin if that makes any difference. I have no helpful info, just looking for some.