Ana White’s The Handbuilt Home Book Giveaway

*This giveaway is now closed and winner announced at the bottom of post*

Have you heard yet about the fabulous Ana White’s new book, The Handbuilt Home? I’m SO excited about it and have loved looking it over since it got here.  She has me more inspired than ever to BUILD something!

I had the pleasure of being on the same panel with her at the SNAP! conference, and she’s the total package and a complete gem. I am so proud of her success and blown away by her talent.

A little bit about the book: “Forget IKEA hacks and glue guns. Ana White, a young homemaker, is revolutionizing the furniture building industry, designing DIY furniture plans that rival the styles of Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel and cost 1/10 of the purchase price to make. Using basic tools and hardware store supplies, Ana’s THE HANDBUILT HOME teaches readers how to build everything from bookcases to beds to kid-friendly items and storage solutions, even if they don’t have any woodworking experience. And the best part? Building your own furniture means you can customize it for your home and save thousands of dollars off the cost of buying it. Packed with 34 of Ana’s favorite projects, THE HANDBUILT HOME includes easy-to-follow instructions, costs, time estimates, and plenty of helpful tips guide even the most amateur of carpenters through every project. As Ana likes to say, “If I can build it, so can you!”

I know you will love her book, and I am even including one of her most popular plans to date, The Farmhouse Bench.  It’s a free download so enjoy!

And, I am excited I get to give a copy of her book away to one of you!

To enter the giveaway:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me you’re excited to build something.

That’s it. Easy peasy. I’ll choose a winner at the end of the week! :)

Update: The winner is #98, Kim P! Congrats Kim, be looking for an email. :)



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  1. I want to build a farmhouse table!

  2. Jessica L. says:

    I would love to build some cubby shelves & a farmhouse bed for my little girl as she moves out of her toddler bed!!!

  3. I love Ana White’s designs. I would love to build something.

  4. Rebekah Stockton says:

    We really need some new furniture, but we’ve put off buying any because I want to learn to make it ourselves. This book would be an amazing way to start the process!

  5. Stephenie says:

    I wish my overworked husband didn’t have so much on his “honey do” list. I want to build something of quality myself!

  6. I’d really love to build a table and conquer my fear of power tools!

  7. I love her work! I just love to have new ideas and choices. I really want to create an upholstered headboard for my hubby and I’s bedroom. I’d LOVE to win this and so glad I ran across this giveaway before I purchased my own. Thx

  8. Stefanie Roy says:

    Want to build a little one’s table and chair set for my grandarlin’! She is 2 and loves to sit at her table. We have a “card” table and chair set. She needs a nice wooden one that Nana can paint the story of Alice in Wonderland for her next tea party! Thanks for the great give-a-ways!!

  9. Rosemary Palmer says:

    Met Ana at Haven and would love to build the cubby she demonstrated at the event.
    She was such a sweetie.

  10. I love power tools!! I am excited for some great ideas! Would so love this book!!

  11. I would love to get this book! Been a fan for quite awhile. I too am hoping to build a farmhouse table! Keep up the good stuff!

  12. I would like to love to build the storage bed.

  13. Would love to make the farmhouse table but would start with something easier first.

  14. I’d love to build something – certainly if she can do it I can too.

  15. Beverly Jones says:

    Would LOVE to add this book to my collection! Makes me want to build one of everything… especially that farmhouse bench! :-))

  16. jennifer marie russell says:

    I looooove the mantel headboard, can’t wait to build it!!!!!

  17. Angi Robinson says:

    I’m excited to build built in cubbies in my mudroom and tables for my entry way. :) angi

  18. I am about to use of her bed plans and i am so excited! I can’t wait to see how the bed will transform my room.

  19. Connie Haack says:

    This book is on my Christmas wish list. The only thing so far. I would love to win it. Love the Farmhouse bench, the console table, and the entryway organizer. Lots of ideas to make for gifts for my 4 kids and their families next year.

  20. I love what Ana does! I have been following her for a long time and am so proud of her and her new book! I would love to build more furniture pieces for our home! Thanks for such a fun giveaway!

  21. I would love to build a new pantry or pie safe cabinet.

  22. I think I’d like to start with a bench and then tackle a headboard. Ana is an inspiration! Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. I’d like to build some built ins in the closet for more storage.

  24. Ana is so talented!! I love her library drawer coffee table.

  25. I would love to learn how to built a wooden bench with storage for the foot of our bed!

  26. I would build a bench for the end of my bed. Oh I would treasure this!!

  27. deaconsbench says:

    I’m “excited to build something”. Seriosly, looking forward to the book!

  28. Shelley D says:

    I love Ana White! I have already built a picnic table and can’t wait to build something else.

  29. I’d love to have this!

  30. I have so many plans saved on Ana White’s site! I am planning on building my daughter a corner desk for her room

  31. It’s going to be a tight Christmas this year. So, I’m hoping to do a lot of crafting and DIY projects as gifts. I have tons of paint, lumber, and the tools. I just don’t have the book.

  32. Cheri Reimann says:

    I just want to build….something….anything! The sooner the better.

  33. I want to build a farmhouse table

  34. There are so many things on our list to do–but first is Bedside Tables for our guest room. It is the last thing to do–right now we are using really odds and ends…..

  35. I want to build an end table.

  36. I want to build one of her snazzy porch set ups.
    she has some of the coolest furniture

  37. I would love to build the bunk beds for my son’s room! He would love them!!

  38. I want to build a coffee table!

  39. All I need to get me started is this fabulous book on how to do it! Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

  40. I am so excited to build anything! And this book sounds amazing!

  41. I want to build a cabinet for my laundry room!

  42. April was in CT now CA says:

    I’d love to learn how to build a few pieces for our house!

  43. I’m looking forward to building bookshelves! Thanks for the giveaway

  44. Kristen McNinch says:

    I’m excited to build something! A garage workbench is on the list!! Thanks for the giveaway! paleblueapron at gmail dot com

  45. I’m so excited to try one of the shelving units for my office!

  46. I am so excited to try my hand at building once we’re in a house next year!

  47. I’d build a desk. I’ve been wanting this book!

  48. Echoing some of the similar comments above, it’s going to be a tight Christmas this year and I would love to build some nice gifts for the family this year with how much they have helped me. I’d love to build some shelving units for my mother.

  49. This book looks amazing. I would love to build a padded corner storage bench for my breakfast area.

  50. Lynn Doggett says:

    I’ve never been too craftsy or creative but I’ve always inspired to be. I can do things if I have step by step directions so this looks like the book for me!

  51. i want her book so i can build something!

  52. I love Ana White! We’ve used quite a few of her plans over the years. We are going to try a bed next!

  53. I’ve built one of her bookcases/storage bins, but I’m ready to tackle a farmhouse table. We have a large family and the larger tables are EXPENSIVE! I think the only way I’m getting the table I want is to build it myself.

  54. Oh I want to build a farmhouse table – we’ve already built her craft table and a few other little pieces. I love Ana!

  55. I would LOVE to learn how to build something! I’ve never built anything before, but seeing as how finances are a little tight, I think it would be a really useful skill!!

  56. I would love to build one of Ana’s kitchen tables!

  57. LOVE Ana White! Would be so thrilled to have her book.

  58. I’ve been wanting to build something from Ana for years! A bed for my son is very high on the list.

  59. Love Ana White (who doesn’t?) I want to make a table for my kitchen.

  60. I would love to make the cute one piece kitchen for my daughter. It’s so darn cute!

  61. There are so many things I want to try!!! I ambitiously want to try to make a loft bed for my little girl :)

  62. I’m excited to build a TV stand!

  63. We just bought a house and I’m so excited to build a window seat for my little girl as part of a book nook! Thanks for the giveaway.

  64. I’m excited, I want to build a new coffee table!!

  65. Oh, I have been waiting to get my hands on her new book! She is a very talented women. I have some cube shelves in mind for an upcoming office makeover.

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  66. I’m excited to re-build our office. We’re working on a door-turned-desk now, and have ideas for built-ins and all kinds of fun :)

  67. I love her designs and would love to find a farmhouse table to build and use as a desk in our new office. My husband never seems to have the time to create things, so I’m sure that if Ana can build this stuff, so can I !!

  68. I am excited to build furniture that actually lasts to replace the cruddy pressed wood “furniture”.

  69. My next Ana project is going to be the fancy x-desk! Ana has inspired me so much. Never did I ever expect to be able to build. In the past two years, since discovering Ana’s blog, I’ve built an entertainment unit, wall mounted bookshelves, a daybed, a king headboard, two night stands and nesting tables. I can relate so much to the title of Ana’s book — because my home is beginning to feel like a hand built home! One last comment; if you ask my son what is my favorite part of Home Depot, he’ll answer, “The wood section!”. And it is very true. :)

  70. Love Ana! We’re building a house and I’m going to need to fill it with furniture :)

  71. It’s official, I’ve hit midlife and I’m having a crisis! I want to create everything I’ve “put off until the kids get bigger”. The kids are officially bigger and I lack the skills to create! Please help me! I think this book is exactly what I need to get started! Thanks!

  72. Pam Whalen says:

    This book looks like a must have.
    I am presently enclosing a porch, DIY, I am going to build some shelving, window benches, and a fireplace surround for a ventless heater.

  73. Monica Jones says:

    I would love to win this book! We are planning to build a new home soon & it would be awesome to stock it with furniture we made ourselves.

  74. I want to make a bookcase for starters. If i can accomplish that I will be able to do bigger and better things.

  75. Husband works 60-80 hours a week. I am unemployed. I am working on this house and I need all the help I can get! I love building stuff!

  76. My boyfriend and I have been in the process of tearing our house apart and renovating from the top down for five years. We have been working from room to room, completing on task at a time with nothing but our hands and a lot of patience to help us through. We are finally to the point where we can begin working on decorating the bedrooms and living rooms, and I am so excited to make our furniture and decorations myself! I have been looking for guides such as this book to help me along!

  77. Jillian Nelson says:

    I am obsessed with ana white. I love everything she does and I want to make one of her toddler beds!

  78. I have wanted to build something for years but have afraid to take the first step. This book would help me to make the move, not to mention my hubby has just given the go ahead to buy a compound miter saw to help with the installation of our new laminate flooring.

  79. I would be honored to have a copy of Handbuilt Home in my home. I am slowly building up my collection of tools as I learn to build pieces myself. I think this book would be the ultimate hand guide to go with my supplies! I have spent a lot of time trying and not I want to succeed!

  80. i can’t wait to build a sofa table with storage!!

  81. I’m so impressed with Ana’s easy DIY designs that makes me want to put my hands on the tools and start creating. My favorite project is the Farmhouse Table out of Pallets that costs only $2, and the shelving inside the closet doors. She’s FANTASTIC!!!

  82. I want to build a loft bed

  83. I would love to build something; maybe a bench.

  84. I want, no scratch that, I am excited to build my little boys first big boy bed! With shelving. And cabinets.

  85. I have two projects I want to tackle immediately – one or two corner china cabinets for my dining room and rehabing an old TV armoire to make it a bar. Then I want to make a headboard for my master bedroom, better shelves for my pantry, finish the tops of the cabinets in the kitchen in our in-law suite and on and on and on…I love Ana’s site and imagine her book is outstanding!

  86. I would love to win this book so I can get my husband to build something :)

  87. Jennifer S says:

    I am excited to build a console table for my foyer!

  88. I want to build patio furniture! I think I’ll have to work my way up to it though.

  89. love her site. my husband and i are moving into a new home soon and i’m dying to build us some side tables for our living room.

  90. I built some things from her website but I want to do more………

  91. I would love to build a nightstand

  92. Michelle M says:

    I want to build lots of things, but I’m going to start with end tables!!

  93. barbara n says:

    I would love to build a simple bookcase

  94. Cool! Would love a new challenge! Sign me up.

  95. Anne Marie says:

    She is inspiring me to make something – anything – would love to be as talented as she is!

  96. Hello! I am soooo excited to build an outdoor bench. I know we’re coming on to winter here, but I figure if I start now, I might have it ready by spring. Love Ana’s designs! Thanks so much for the giveaway. Blessings!

  97. My husband is actually a woodworker and I would like to make something, on the sly, and surprise him with my creation.

  98. I’m so happy for Ana and the success that she’s had with her book. I would love to build myself some new deck furniture, and some tables, and upgrade my doors and windows, and…..

  99. I would love to be able to give the book to my daughter-in-law. She has built some benches and would love to venture making furniture for their home. She would love this book – and who knows, I may get some furniture out of it also! :)

  100. I would love an opportunity to learn how to build something, just to show my husband I can do it! I’ll probably swing a hammer like he says I pitch a baseball, (“like a girl”), and you know what my response has been and will be? “Well hello, I am one!!!” :)

    Gosh, then I’ll have a reason to go to Lowes and buy that pink tool set, pink drill and pink tool belt I’ve had my eye on!!! Wa-hoo!

  101. Linda Southworth says:

    I am in awe of Ana White. I am sure her book like her website would be full of fantastic plans to make and the “how to” which is equally important for us guys just learning.

  102. ive copied your ledges and am totally looking forward to the book

  103. The Farmhouse bench would be fantastic in our kitchen update plans, and the bunk beds perfect for our granson’s room. Thank you for the chance to win this incredible book.

    Hugs, Lori m

  104. This would be a great project for my son and I to work on. He has just started showing an interest in building and woodworking.

  105. I would love to build a small curio type cabinet for my family room! I have a corner that needs something special!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this fabulous book!

  106. Would love to build a new headboard for our room and my daughters room. Ana is such an inspiration.

  107. I would LOVE this book! I would love to make a console table!!

  108. I really want to build a wooden trough to put on my dining table with flowers!! Really I do!!!

  109. I’d love a copy of this book ! I want to make a bench for my entry way . Thanks for the giveaway.

  110. A bench for our farm table. Thanks for the chance to win!

  111. If only I could build a king sized headboard and a new coffee table. I have yearned for these 2 items all year. Would love to win Anna’s book. Thanks for the give-away.

  112. OMGsh! I want a copy of this book. There are so many things I want to build and having a book like that would be so perfect. Thanks for the opportunity! I am kind of new to your blog and absolutely love everything about it. Just love it!

  113. Hubby & I built 2 8ft long picnic tables last weekend from scratch. It was fun. Now I’d love to build Ana’s chicken coop. It’s fantastic! Would love to win her book.

  114. kristie burns says:

    not only do i want to build something, i NEED to build something!!

  115. i really want to build something

  116. I really want to build a dining room hutch! I love Ana’s work so much!

  117. I am a very new blogger, and look up to all of you for the amazing things you have accomplished. I’m still trying to get a blog set up, which has been a challenge. You’ll have to take my word for it that I’m a much better builder. I am so excited to read Ana White’s book and get started on my first project, she has so inspired me.
    I think Ana White should be president! Think of all the homes she could provide for those in need. Then she could rebuild the senate and the legislature. Oh what fun she would have!
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  118. Oh wow! I would be so excited to build something! Especially if I can save money!

  119. There are so many things I want to build! I would love (& use!) This book a ton.

  120. I would love to win this book! I don’t have anything in particular that I need to build, however I would love to read each and every of the 192 pages to learn her ways, techniques, uses of tools, etc. Once I have read the book, I will make a copy of the parts I need, then I will pass the book on as a “pay it forward” to someone else.

    Thank you for your blog and all the knowledge and happiness you share!

  121. Jacqueline says:

    I would love to try to build the farmhouse table, and if that’s too difficult for starters, I’m sure she has lots of other projects in the book.

  122. love it all.. torn between where to start – the mantle headboard or the farmhouse table.. better get out the straws!!

  123. Okay, Ana is one of my all-time heroes! I love what she does. I would love to build my two toddlers some customized toddler beds. I would love to win her book. I honestly think I would build everything rather than buy. I love building!

  124. I would love to win this book – it would be so rewarding and fun to actually build something for our home!

  125. Christina says:

    I would love to learn how to build anything really, but mostly I want a farmhouse table or bed!

  126. I’ve never built anything before but I think with Ana White’s help I could build some great Christmas presents for my sons for a fraction of the cost!!! And that is just what I need!

  127. Erin Buchanan says:

    ~ The farmhouse bench looks easy enough for me to attempt. She is so darn inspiring, thanks so much for this opportunity to get my hands on a copy.~

  128. I have never built anything by myself before, but am wanting to start!

  129. My girls & I love home projects. I know I would love this book.

  130. Brittany watts says:

    I want to build a tall bench and cover it so I can hide my dogs kennel!

  131. I am excited to build something! I want to build some beds for my boys, then a gorgeous one for me and my hubby!

  132. I would love to build a headboard for our bed.

  133. I just LOVE Ana White and her plans. I have already built some shelves from her site. It’s the same shelves the John and Sherry, from Young House Love, had in their first home’s dining room.
    I am currently in the middle of redoing my daughters room from a young girl/nursery into a big girl room (long overdue, she’ll be 10 in a few weeks) and have been browing Ana’s site for some storage solutions and insipration.
    I would love to win her book, as I just love wood working and building.

  134. I want to build anything and everything!

  135. I would love to build some cubbies in my laundry room before baby #6 arrives :)

  136. I would love to build a farmhouse table, that looks like it was home to generations of meals. Love it!

  137. Tammy Maldonado says:

    have always wanted to built something myself – would love to work on a captain’s style bed for my youngest – with the drawers under the bed.

  138. Michele R says:

    Just the pure inspiration to try to build anything would be amazing to me!

  139. I would love to build a new kitchen table…We sure need one!

  140. Phebe Mott says:

    I would love to build a desk/work bench attractive enough for the living room, but sturdy and rugged enough for the 37 projects I seem to have going at one time. And I want my 3 year-old daughter to see me do it!

  141. I would love to build something of my own – that has a touch of my own creativity, style and personality.

    I have a tool box that my father made. To the casual observer, it’s nothing special, just an open top wooden box with a handle. He passed away in February. It has since been painted and now sits outside the front of our house. This summer I planted petunias in it which billowed up and over the sides. Each time I looked at it I thought of my father.

    Hopefully something I make might become a keepsake to one of my children too.

    This is why I would love to learn how to build.

  142. I would love my own copy of Anas book! I am going to try my hand at making one of her bed frames for my 7 year old daughter room….. wish me Luck!

  143. i would love to build shelves in my home bath we are in a 26 ft. trailer for storage

  144. I would love to build a beautiful table for my entry way. Thanks for having a fun giveaway!

  145. I LOVE Ana’s Designs! I can’t wait to see her book!

  146. I’d be excited to build a big coffee table for my den! Big, like the size of a regular dinner table, so you could spread out and do lots of crafts or scrap booking but cut down to coffee table height!

  147. I’m excited to get building!

  148. Love to build a storage bench for the kitchen nook :)

  149. I am a fan of your blog, have enjoyed so many things that you have shared with people on how they can make their home more comfortable and better with little money and some work. Thanks for including and supporting Ana White’s book on furniture making. I am excited about the book and the things that I can make for my home as well as my shop. I also do staging and decorating and a lot of times I need a piece of furniture that costs to much for the client and I am excited that I can make something and give them something they will be proud of also.
    Betty Whatley

  150. I LOVE your blog and am a huge fan of Ana’s site. I just saw her shoe cabinet and am in love. It is what I’d most like to build next, as it might solve my latest pain in the neck, what to do with all of those shoes that clutter our entry.

  151. I would love to build a mudroom bench with some cubbies .

  152. I want to build the turquoise console table pictured in the book!

  153. I would love to build a farmhouse table to fit my kitchen nook :)

  154. I want to build bookcases in our great room. Why? Well, my 3 girls have enough books to over-take the house (that’s a good thing, I know), but also b/c I want them to learn the soul-deep satisfaction of being CAPABLE to create & BUILD something. To look at something with pride & know it is only there b/c they took the time, the skill, the love, & the effort to do it. I call those true life lessons!

  155. I. Love. To. Build!!! There are not many things in life more rewarding than creating something with your hands.

  156. cristin vosburgh says:

    I really want to build a farmhous table!!

  157. I love building things! My last project was a solid wood queen sized head/foot board and bed frame for my son, next up a new couch for the living room :)
    Even though my sons are now 16 and 20, they still call me “Mom the Builder” LOL. This sounds like a great book, I’d love to look it over.

  158. Would love to build a solid table for my craft room. Would be much better to build it, rather than buy it.

  159. Faith Dossett says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! I would love to be the winner, and I am excited about building something!! Thank you –

  160. I would love to build her farmhouse table!!! so pretty!

  161. I want to build a window seat for my daughter’s room. She’s always wanted one and I’d love to make a beautiful one!
    House on the Way

  162. I would love to build something! I’m sure this book would give me the confidence I need to do it. Thank you for this giveaway!

  163. I *really* want to build something! A built a simple project out of my own head this summer, but I’m sure Ana’s terrific instructions would be a great improvement ;-)

  164. I have to wait until I have this baby first! But I’m looking forward to building a second farmhouse toddler bed, matching farmhouse beds!! Yes!!

  165. I would love to get a copy of your book for my daughter as a Christmas present! She has a degree in Theater Design and has recently learned how to make stuff with power tools. Since she just graduated and moved out of our house, I’m sure she could put some of your projects and tips to good use! There’s nothing like LEARNING by DOING!

  166. I am so excited about this book!

    I’m the one in our house who does all of the “fix it” and “build it” lists. For Christmas, I’m the one who asks for tools. Not my hubby. :) I can’t wait to get my hands on this book!

    I want to build everything!

  167. right now I’m building lots of things using the wood from recycled pallets!

  168. I just wanted to thank you again for hosting this give away.
    I received the book today. It’s beautiful and so full of great stuff. I can’t wait to read it cover to cover and try out some of the plans.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  169. deepshikha says:

    Hi ! I’m Deepshikha , now a days I’m trying to make something new & excited for diy project ! can usend me copy of the hand built home bye Ana white :) ON MY Email id ! please :)