Sweet Home Alabama

There’s just something about Alabama. We were on vacation last week and got back earlier this week. We had a wonderful time, like we always do. It’s nice to get away from the hustle and bustle and flat land of Houston, and see beautiful greenery and hills. Like, real hills. If we ever move, it’d likely be to Alabama where sweet tea is abundant and lightning bugs light up the summer skies.

Alabama Lake | www.decorchick.com

It’s really JUST so pretty there. And everyone is so nice. And we have family there.


That’s my cousin Rachael who I am very close with, and she’s also expecting baby #2 in September! Me and Rachael are a lot alike, which can be bad at times. Haha. But she’s my best friend and love her dearly!


Her little girl who is the same age as Ellie had her birthday party while we were there.


Here is us with our grandmother.


with Emma making her best monster face. :)

But if you recall, this is the same grandmother who makes the famous caramel cake.


I indulged and it was wonderful. And would you believe she is 87 now? #truestory

We all had a shrimp boil at her house one night too with the whole family.


Shrimp and crawfish? Yes please!

Here are some handsome men of the family.


That’s my husband, Ellie, uncle Randy and Ben (Rachael’s hubby).

And me and uncle Randy.


Emma got really attached to him. It was so sweet.

The kids had a wonderful time playing together. And doing yoga together.



Ellie likes to pretend she’s asleep wherever she goes. Silly girl.

Then when the night wound down, the girls had a little sweet ipad talk.


We got to stay with my other best friend, Myra from My Blessed Life during our visit in Alabama. It was so fun! I love her dearly too, and her family.


Please excuse my puffy eyes. I had been crying as it was our last day here and was sad to leave. :( But did you know me and Myra met at a blogging conference over 3 years ago and that’s what has formed our friendship? God is so good.

It’s a blessing that our kids and her kids are friends now too.


Again, this was our last day and glad I got another picture with grandma with our girls.


And my husband with grandma…


And on our plane ride home.


It’s always good to be back home, but, there’s just something about Alabama…



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  1. Hi Emily, Enjoy your blog. What part of Alabama did you visit? We live in north alabama near huntsville. You are right about the sweet tea. It’s everywhere. Ha. Love sweet home Alabama!

  2. Not from AL. *close in GA.* but gosh I love that song. ;) We make our way down on occasion to see hubby’s family in MS. They are so precious to us. All my family is here & I see those people all the time. haha.
    Looks like you guys had a great time. Your grandmother looks so sweet.

    Happy Weekend.

  3. I loved looking at your pictures from your trip to Alabama! What a beautiful grandmother you have–so youthful!! And boy, did that shrimp boil look good! How fun that you are such good friends with Myra–I love her blog too! So neat to think of the blogs I love loving each other! :)

  4. Loved the family photos. You can sure tell you and Rachael are related. Gosh you look like sisters.
    Used to have a friend who lived in Alabama. Right now I think I would like to just move out of Texas it is becoming too crowded and congested. And yes FLAT. I would also like to live somewhere that has 4 seasons, but not severe winters.lol
    Glad you had a great time.

  5. Jerri C. TN says:

    You are so right about……. Alabama. It’s such a peaceful place and the landscape from hills to beaches is just magnificent. While I live in TN, I have to agree….. there’s just some’in about Alabama. Thanks for sharing.

  6. You can tell there is a family resemblance! I am sure you would be happy in Alabama but I don’t want you to leave Texas! I can’t wait to meet Myra in Utah! Glad you had some fun family and friend time in the South!

  7. I LOVE that you met your best friend through blogging! I met one of my very best friends through blogging as well. (It was through an old blog, years ago- she left the blogging world and I am just now getting back into it…) Anyhow, you’re right- God is so good!

  8. Oh, yes, there is something about Alabama. Glad you enjoyed your visit and love that you have family there. I have commented before that my hubby, son and I were all born in Alabama and lived there until moving to Texas in 1990. After ten years in San Antonio, we moved to the PNW and now live near Seattle (talk about a culture shock). Alabama will always be home. Alabama has mountains, gulf coast beaches, amazing food, famous Southern Hospitality, and the best college football team in the history of the world (ROLL TIDE). It is pretty much God’s Country.

  9. oh wow what part of Alabama did you visit?! I live in the mobile area! I don’t think I could picture myself anywhere else…except for maybe the New England area but snow sounds like too much work lol!

  10. I have lived my whole life in Anniston AL and our beaches are beautiful. Love to visit Gatlinburg tho too! We can have snow sometimes. In fact, we had like 2 weeks of snow here…very unusual for us. Glad to know you’re from “Bama”.