Silhouette Portrait Giveaway with Designer Edition and Special Discount

Hey hey it’s going to be a light week around here so lucky for you there’s some great deals going on! I posted about the $250 Home Depot giveaway a few days ago (be sure and enter!) and today’s giveaway is a Silhouette Portrait machine w/ Designer Edition! Ding ding!

*This giveaway is now closed*

Silhouette Promo

What does the designer edition do and why is it so special? Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition contains all the same functionality as Silhouette Studio® plus the following designer features:

  • Ability to open, manipulate, and cut .svg files
  • Rhinestone tools to convert designs into rhinestone templates and create your own rhinestone designs
  • Sketch tools to convert designs into several styles of sketchable art
  • Creative knife tools to allow you to clip designs using different patterns
  • Enhanced eraser set to modify designs with more precision
  • Built-in ruler and guide lines for precise alignment and drawing

I love using it and have many times…just search my blog for Silhouette or crafts, and you should see some things pop up. :)

If you don’t want to wait to see if you’ve won the machine, the great deals this month are as follows:

  • Silhouette CAMEO® plus the Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition software for $269.99
  • Silhouette Portrait™ plus the Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition software for $129.99
  • Or if you already have the machine, you can buy just the designer edition for $24.99. That’s half off!

You can order HERE, and use the code DECORCHICK at checkout.

This giveaway will end July 8 and I’ll announce the winner then, so you will have 2 days after that to still order. I hope you’ll take advantage of Silhouette’s awesomeness!

To enter the giveaway:

I am making this giveaway super simple too because y’all deserve it. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me something awesome. Like what are you doing for July 4, or you can rave and rave about how bad you want to win a Silhouette machine! Your call, and you’re welcome. If you want a second entry, feel free to share this giveaway on any social media outlet and then leave another comment that you did.  :)

Update: The giveaway winner is #368 and that is Leslie Moore. Congrats!* 

Good luck!



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  1. I’m picking my daughter up at the airport on July 4. She’s been away camping. :) Perhaps we’ll get to see some fireworks on our drive home.

  2. We are heading to SC to meet our brand new little red headed addition to the family. A Silhouette sure would come in handy to cute up some onsies.

  3. Wishing I had a Silhouette this week as I cut out numerous stars for a centerpiece I am making as we are hosting a BBQ & Fireworks in the front yard for the 4th. Sadly, our BBQ will likely be help inside thanks to the 100+ heat we are experience in NorCal right now. Hopefully it cools down enough for the fireworks fun that evening. 4th of July is why I love my neighborhood and street – we all gather with stand-bought fireworks and put on our own show versus going to the city-held fireworks with all the crowds and drunks. We melted parts of a neighbor’s ladder last year, designating it the neighborhood fireworks ladder after that night!

  4. Smoking some ribs on our Green Egg then watching fireworks at a nearby baseball stadium with neighbors.

  5. You can check out our mouth watering ribs, pasta salad, and berry cobbler on my blog. We celebrated early as the rain is here to stay for the week :(

  6. Allie Sansing says:

    We re just cooking out and watching fireworks at the lake. I’d love to make school spirit items! shirts, bags, and i need labels!!!

  7. carol roberts says:

    where goin to be bbq n and eating some ice cream we have some like cool weather like last night in texas it was 65 yes u read right and today i didnt even need my air on im so like wow like last year it was 109 and hotter now its not supposed to be over 91 this week

  8. carol roberts says:
  9. attending a going away cookout for nephew who is joining the air force.

  10. As a retired military family, we will spend the fourth at our annual parade. And when Old Glory passes by, you will see this family stand as she passes. God bless America!

  11. Just found out the company my husband works for decided today to give then both the 4th and the 5th off! Yay for a long weekend!

  12. I have researching machines similar to the Silhouette and have come to the conclusion that that the Silhouette offers the best features for my needs. It looks awesome online; I would love to design with this machine.

    I will be spending the Fourth of July with my family. My father immigrated to this country over fifty years ago from Italy and every year on the 4th he is the first on the block to raise the flag with pride and joy. We are a nation of immigrants and in my family, we are extremely grateful to be American citizens. I love this country and am so proud of all the good it does.

  13. If the rain holds off, we are planning on going to our local waterpark and playing all day until they shoot off the fireworks that night :)

  14. I’m spending the 4th with my hubby and our 4 girls under 4.

  15. Enjoying an early July 4th with family!

  16. You are awesome! Thank you for your amazing giveaway! I’ve always wanted a Silhouette! I feel like everyone has one BUT ME!

  17. Mary Stewart says:

    Heading down to Galveston Island, Texas!

  18. Oh, I have wanted one of these for so long. Thanks for the chance to win one.
    My hubby will be off work and it will just be the two of us to cook out and spend some nice time together. Then we can sit on our front porch and watch the town fireworks display because it’s held just two blocks from our house. How convenient is that!?! :-)

  19. Jennifer T. says:

    I’ll be catching up on work for grad school. I’m ready for the semester to be over so I can do some real crafting.

  20. My son and daughter both have to work on July 4. :( So I’m hoping they will be all be able to come to our house so we can have a cookout one day this weekend.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  21. I pinned the promo and giveaway to Pinterest!

  22. My two girls and I would LOVE to have this! We love to craft and create all sorts of things.

  23. My family will be grilling out and going to see the fireworks. :)

  24. If I win, I will give the Silhouette to my sister.

  25. Morgan Smith says:

    I shared about this on twitter!

  26. I’ll tell you something awesome! I just painted something ombre for the first time today and I’m in LOVE. I’m in love with the way it looks, of course, but the whole paint blending process is freaking awesome and yea… I’m a total artsy nerd. ;) Now I just need one of these fancy Silhouettes so I can make even MORE awesome stuff. :D Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. Thanks for making it easy – I get so tired of jumping though hoops! Let’s see – well – my hubby actually has the 4th off so we’ll be packing up the children and a nice little picnic and heading out for a nice afternoon, weather permitting!

  28. Our neighborhood is having a block party & I’ve been want a silhouette FOREVER… I’ve seen some awesome 4th of July crafts ;)

  29. Morgan Smith says:

    For the 4th of July we are having a neighborhood parade for all of the kids…they LOVE it! We decorate bikes and wagons or whatever else the kids want and walk through the neighborhood (maybe next year I will have a Silhouette Portrait to help with the décor;) )In the afternoon we are having a BBQ with my brother and his girlfriend then that night we are going to our local minor league baseball teams game for fireworks after. When we get home our neighborhood will be doing a community show so we will go watch that. Busy day but so much fun!

  30. We are having the best 4th! Our son, PFC Sullivan will be getting home from training. He hasn’t been home for 4 months. Not long compared to Army standards, but very long by this Loud and Proud Momma’s standard. I know he will be gone on much longer tours, but this is our first 4th as family of a true American Hero!
    By the way, I definitely need to make some patriotic signs for my soldier!

  31. stephanie says:

    A friend’s wedding and then fireworks!

  32. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve entered a Silhouette Giveaway… I would REALLY like to win a Silhouette!

  33. Jeanine Russell says:

    I have watched my daughter delight all with her Cricut but have never been able to afford one so far. I am new to a Silhouette but know I can figure out how to make some cool, crafty things to use at work and at home. For work I fundraise for the Dolly Parton Imagination Library sending free books, almost 4,000 each month, in the mail to all the children between birth and five years old in two counties of Georgia. We often make book marks to give out but they are not very inspirational so I know we can create awesome ones with the Silhouette Portrait.

  34. Please pick me :)

    We are walking in a parade, heading to a chicken BBQ, and then on to our cottage on the 4th. God Bless America.

  35. Amanda Buccieri says:

    For the 4th ill be spending time with family, fireworks & s’mores :)

  36. WHOOT! I adore my Silhouette and want to get one for my mother! I may keep the designer edition for myself :)

  37. Amanda Buccieri says:
  38. Bethany A says:

    This would be great to win. I could make some cute stuff for my new baby and my older daughter.

  39. I would absolutely love to win the silhouette portrait…my nieces wedding is coming up shortly and it would be so much easier with the silhouette to make center peices & more options then me hand cutting everything :) For the 4th it will be just me and my boys my husband is away at work and my daughter will be with her grandma getting sized for the maid of honor dress :) have a wonderful 4th and thanks for the chance to win :)

  40. Erin Chupp says:

    Heading to Branson with my entire family. 3 kids in one hotel room = I could really use a giveaway win! :)

  41. Toni Ehle says:

    I just plain flat out want one of these. They look like so much fun

  42. Jen Thomas says:

    Would love to win! Feeling crafty! :)

    Hanging out with the fam for the 4th.. Swimming, BBQ.. and praying the rain stays away for the fireworks!!

    • I’ll keep it simple, I just really want one of these machines!! So many uses!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  43. Jen Thomas says:

    Shared on FB!

  44. I have been wanting one of these for so long to make signs with but I always find something else more pertinent to spend extra cash on. Crossing fingers! Also happy bday to your baby girl!:)

  45. Spending the 4th w/family – hope you enjoy your holiday! Thanks for the giveaway.

  46. We’ll be having family over, BBQing and watching the neighborhood fireworks!

  47. I’m already overdue with DC #3 so I’d love to be able to bring baby home from the hospital on the 4th (or at least deliver by then)!

  48. This is fantastic!! Thanks for the give away.

  49. I would love to win this Silhouette, I have been wanting one for the last couple years but have not been able to pucrchase one. I’ve got a board just for Silhouette projects that I could go crazy on with this Silhouette!

  50. Shannon Roberts says:

    I’m visiting family in Utah and will get back to CA on 4th to then head for a week vaca with my mom. Fun times.

  51. Kandace Huston says:

    we will be hanging out around the house smoking some ribs and getting ready for a yard sale on saturday

  52. Spending the 4th with family

  53. We’re going to Asbury Park for the 4th. Actually, we go basically every weekend now that summer is upon us.

  54. I’m spending my 4th of July preparing for our big primary party. This silhouette would really come in handy with 200 primary kids :)

  55. Ooh, ooh, pick me, pick me! (That was my best Donkey impersonation – from Shrek)! Thanks for the giveaway!

  56. Lisa Antaya says:

    I would SO LOVE to have a Silhouette Portrait machine!! This giveaway is so timely – I was just researching the Silhouette yesterday, but knew I’d have to wait quite awhile before my budget would allow me to purchase it!

  57. Kristen Bray says:

    For the 4th we are celebrating by having a cul-de-sac party with our awesome neighbors.

  58. Heading over to spend to Grandma and Grandpa’s to spend the 4th with them. Grandpa puts his classic car in the parade and the kids throw candy out for the parade watchers. Always a fun event for Papa and his special grandkiddos. Have a safe and happy 4th everyone!

  59. I so so so need this! I am realizing that my cricut is just too limiting!!

  60. We’re hoping that our 3 year old will get to see the fireworks for the first time this year! She’s always slept through them!

  61. I would LOVE to win ! There are so many DIY projects that can be done on the silhouette machine. I am keeping my fingers crossed :-)

  62. Margaret Lambdin says:

    Hi Emily, My name is Margaret and I would love to win the Silhouette. I think I should win because July 5 is my 67th birthday. Don’t even ask me how I got so old because apparently it just sneaks up on a person while you are busy with life. I am a retired Social Worker and College Professor.I have always been an amateur crafter. I love to paint, embrodery, sew, crochet, and what my Mother always called “piddlin'” I have become obsessed with learning new skills on Pinterest and with all of these wonderful Craft Blogs.. I am entertaining the notion of starting a blog to showcase some of my work. I think the Silouette would be a great addition to my crafting studio (actually my kitchen counter). So I really hope I win.

  63. I really really REALLY!!! would love to win the Silhouette Portrait machine. I just became a grandmom for the 3 rd time, but my first Granddaughter. I am on a fix income and would love to make so many crafts for my family. Keeping my eyes,fingers,toes crossed. Having a BBQ on july 4th with my fun and loving family. Thanks and happy 4th.

  64. Wini Del Winkler says:

    Want to win so badly …. I shared on FB!!

  65. Johnna Davis says:

    Having our annual Independence Day celebration!!! Can’t wait!

  66. Nevelyn Schooler says:

    I live in Alaska and I am currently working in Washington State. I am going home on July 3rd for a visit and I get to see my husband and my son who is home on leave. I am one excited girl.

  67. Allison K. says:

    I would be so excited to own a Silhoutte Portrait machine. My Mom is getting ready to retire and I’d love to get her started on her own. She really needs a hobby!!

  68. We’ll be going to fireworks and celebration on our local military base on July 3rd. We’re retired military, with a son still serving in the Army. So then we’ll also go to the community’s big fireworks celebration on July 4th. Can’t get enough celebrating the our wonderful country.

  69. Allison K. says:

    I shared on Facebook today :-)

  70. taking my cousin who are coming in from the east coast to check out fourth of july weekend in the bay area. will be fun and full of eating!

  71. Patrice H. says:

    For this week, I am teaching my girls about Independence Day and what it means to us. We also will finally have family come and visit us for the 4th since every one lives so far away and my hubby and I are going to celebrate our 11th Anniversary on July 6:) Love that man!! Thanks for the contest!!!

  72. Patrice H. says:

    I shared this contest on Facebook!

  73. It’s a 4 days weekend for me and I am going to be spending most of that time in the pool! Also, my sister and brother-in-law are coming in for the weekend and my mom and I are throwing her a baby shower Friday night :)

  74. My dog likes to eat socks. :)

  75. I

  76. IPhone issues! Shared on Facebook!

  77. Winning would be a dream come true!!!

  78. My awesome share is that right now it’s too hot & I’m melting! Whew…Southern humidity is a beast! Ready to hit some cool river water & chill!

  79. We will be going to my in-laws for a cook-out in the afternoon. I plan to do some “picking” in the old barns on the property to see what I can find. Then we will be coming back home to go to our town’s fireworks show. We take blankets down into the park and sit almost directly below the show. It is so awesome to see them so close and without anything in the way. It’s a little tradition that we have started since our son was born. We watch the fireworks as a family in our own town and close to home.

  80. Sharon Lynn says:

    Hoping to have enough rain-free time to see our awesome local fireworks show on the 4th and celebrate with our family :-).
    Thanks for the opportunity – I would love to win a Silhouette!
    God Bless You :-)

  81. I pinned this promo and giveaway on Pinterest.

  82. I got a phone interview with the job I applied for. I was stoked! Here is to hoping for a second interview soon.

  83. We’re going to the beach for the 4th! Unfortunately, no where around where I live does fireworks for the 4th, but we’re hoping to drive around and find some since my little girl has never seen any, and my little boy hasn’t seen any for several years.

  84. Something awesome you say…hmm…gosh, letting myself relax while watching my favorite TV show (Bones!) after painting my front door.

  85. What would be awesome is if I would win. I would love, love, love it. Thanks so much for chance to win.

  86. Carmen Bass says:

    I am an art teacher and I need this : ) That is all.. Lol!

  87. I tweeted about the giveaway. @sebh55

  88. Want, want, want! This would be an amazing anniversary present for me.

  89. I hope I win!!!! I’m spending the 4th with my wonderful family – that’s the best way to celebrate any holiday :)

  90. Melanie L says:

    waiting to WIN!

  91. I never seem to win any of these giveaways but I’m interning anyway because I would LOVE to have a Silhouette!!

  92. Lori-near Seattle says:

    YOU are awesome. For having great giveaways!

  93. Elizabeth T says:

    Enjoying time with my brother who is visiting us from Australia.

  94. I will be working on the 4th, but winning would make it all worth it!!!

  95. I need something awesome in my life!
    This spring has just been the worst I have ever been through! I need a light at the end of the tunnel! My family needs a pick me up and lets craft! I lost my beautiful daughter in law and it seems I just can’t get going! She loved to craft with me whenever they came out! (I will love you forever Lindsay!)

  96. Carol Borders says:

    I would love to win this for my daughter- in -law. That way we could share it but I know she would flip over it. For the 4th of July my husband and I are going to the zoo with my son and daughter-in-law to celebrate their 2nd wedding anniversary and my granddaughter’s first visit. Later that night we are going to local fireworks with my daughter and son-in-law for my other granddaughter’s first firework show. I hope you get to have as much fun as I will.

  97. I have been wanting one of these machines for a long time! I would love to do some glass etching, wall vinyls, and embellish some clothing! Would love to win!

  98. Joyanne T. says:

    I like to sew, and I am using the summer break to teach my girls to sew. Using the Silhouette for quilts, tshirts and special projects sounds perfect. We also love to scrapbook, make cards and other crafts. What a neat machine!

  99. We are spending this whole week doing Red, White and Blue themed crafts and activities with my kids!

  100. I also shared on Facebook!

  101. Having a bbq and fireworks with the family for the 4th. On a side note, I have been obsessed with upcycling and painting furniture. LOL

  102. Since my daughter is in Michigan volunteering at Life Action Ministries Family Camp, hubby and I decided to work on our home on the 4th :( We will still smoke a brisket, pray for our military & our country. We are preparing our house for the market because we found an awesome house that we’d love to move to!!! Think of the decorating I will get to do!!! I will have a dedicated craft room so I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win the Silhouette!!! A fabulous new toy for my daughter and I to enjoy together as we create memories in my craft room :-))

  103. faith moreno says:

    This summer we have decided to visit as many Texas State Parks as possible. We plan to go early and hike early. We have been collecting a rock from each park. So far we have 4! Not to bad for this HOT HOT Texas weather!

    Would love to win the Silhouette and make these memories last!

  104. Pamela Bendall says:

    Our 4th will be spent recouping from surgery. Hubby’s been sick. But I will still BBQ, just for us. Then watch the firework shot off at town square. But I really, really need the Silhouette. Spent today making dress up hats the hard way. Really have a 100 projects I could use the treasure for on a daily basic!

  105. faith moreno says:

    Reposted to PINTEREST!!!!

    Heres the link!

  106. Heather N says:

    Spending the 4th with extended family! Hoping the weather is gorgeous! Would love to win one of these awesome machines and start creating like crazy!!

  107. Grilling and fireworks for sure!,

  108. Grilling and fireworks for sure! Or maybe stay in and commiserate with my dogs about the sound

  109. I also pinned this:
    Thanks for the easy entries!!

  110. July 4th is my grandson’s birthday, so I always go all out decorating for him. We will have a family and friends BBQ at my daughter’s home to celebrate the 4th, and of course my grandson’s birthday.Thanks for the chance to win this great machine!

  111. I will be helping my daughter finish unpacking at her first apartment all week. For her it is a very exciting Fourth of July :)

  112. Emily,
    Just love everything you post. I’m continually in amazement what a person can create with a Silhouette! Would love
    To try one out – although I have no idea how complicated they could be?
    Happy 4 th, Wendy

  113. Stephanie S says:

    My friend has a silhouette and I love hers! I teach preschool and it would come in extremely handy for class projects. Silhouette is AWESOME!!!!

  114. we will be grilling and chilling in the pool under the awesome az sun!

  115. I don’t have to work this weekend!!! That’s about all I have for awesome right now.

  116. i would love to win one of these!! Thanks for keeping it simple!

  117. Ashley Randall says:

    We will be returning from a dance competition…I am dying for a silhouette! I have wanted one for about a year now, can think of tons of projects I could use it for…just haven’t been able to swing the splurge! I would LOVE to win!

  118. Ashley Randall says:


  119. Ashley Randall says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  120. Just excited my husband has thu and fri off and Sat and sun. Works so hard for us and time off just because never happens.

  121. Ohmygoodness, I’ve been trying to win a Silhouette for probably two years. I just painted my first plywood sign this weekend and was irritated that I didn’t have one. haha ::fingers crossed::

  122. I “shared” on my FB page: Thanks!

  123. Rebecca Monce says:

    We’re just going to see fireworks on the 4th. We’re having a cookout on the 5th though because it’s my BIRTHDAY :D and that is completely awesome! What would be even cooler is winning the silhouette for a late present!!

  124. I’m not sure what, if anything, I will be doing on the 4th. Probably, packing and getting ready to move 700 miles! I have been looking a Silhouettes for a long time trying to decide to purchase one. I already do so many crafts that I always am a little leery about getting into something new but if I was to win one, the decision would be made for me. :0)

  125. I will be celebrating my daughter’s 10th birthday on the 4th of July. She loves having fireworks on her big day!

  126. Rebecca Monce says:

    shared on fb (sorry if this is a double post)

  127. Sherry Best says:

    My daughter is home for the week from Washington D.C.. We are spending time visiting family and friends that she has not seen since Christmas. I treasure every moment that we get to spend together!

  128. Spent a few days at the beach last week with our family (11 of us now) …especially loved watching our little 14-month-old grandson have a ball! Welcoming our second grandchild in September and our third in February! I am truly, truly blessed!!! P.S. Would LOVE to have a Silhouette so I can be that “mema” who makes all the cute stuff for her grandkids! (ok…and herself…) ;)

  129. TONIA ALLEN says:

    swimming all day at the in-laws and having my husband cook everyone some delicious food.

  130. I would love to win this cameo. I have been dreaming about one for years. My friend got one for christmas and i finally got to use it a few weeks ago and i am totally hooked.

  131. In my wildest dreams, I would own my very own silhouette!!!

  132. Hanging out by the pool during the day and then off to a friends for the evening to watch some fireworks. Should be a great family day. :-)


  133. I’ve got to be able to organize and make labels, etc for bins and storage as we get the renovation done. between that and all my sewing projects, a silhouette would REALLY come in handy… i’ve been lusting one for over a year now…

  134. super low key 4th spending it at home w/ my little family. fireworks at night.

    thanks for making this giveaway super easy :)

  135. I would love to will the Silhouette machine to spruce up and organize my home!

  136. Aubri Dickerson says:

    I am spending the week of the fourth in Breckenridge, CO! So so beautiful :)

  137. I would love to play around with one. The possibilities are endless!

  138. Suzanne S. says:

    I’m going to the beach with family and watching fireworks off the pier. thanks for giveaway!

  139. You know what is awesome?? Your daughter turning 1! She is adorbs! I’ve enjoyed watching her grow up way too fast! Actually both your girls are adorable and I am not just sucking up! Pinky promise, as my 16 year old still says. And girls are the best.

    I am dying for a Silhouette because I have a dresser that I want to do reverse stenciling on, and can’t figure any other way to do it without a Silhouette. I have wanted one for two years, but it is so far down the list because I am out of a job and have been for 3 months. Being unemployed sucks, except I get to craft a lot more. Actually it doesn’t suck too bad except for the lack of $$$!


  140. Spending the 4th with family. Thank you for the opportunity to win a useful tool for upcoming projects.


  142. Not doing much for the 4th due to empty nest. BUT I did see a number of ideas for so many decorating items that I could use the Silhouette Portrait machine for the 4th of July next year. Come to think of it, I’ve seen ideas all year long that could keep me busy. I would love it! :)

  143. I’m raving ! Would love to win it !!!!!

  144. Kristine Rude says:

    Spending time with my granddaughter
    in Norway. Was able to come for the birth of my
    Second granddaughter.

  145. Bryan Sequeira says:

    My fiance is a DIYer, would like to win to gift her.

  146. N Sequeira says:

    My brother is getting married soon, I have a lot of projects lined-up and this would really really make life easy !

  147. Elizabeth Bee says:

    Awesomeness: my garden! Right now, the corn, basil, blackberries, jalapenos, and cucumbers are thriving.. Thanks for the giveaway!

  148. I absolutely love July 4th and this year we’re celebrating by going to our town’s celebration. There is a parade in the morning, festivities at the park, and a HUGE fireworks show at night. It’s my baby girl’s first Fourth of July and I’m so excited to spend the day with her, my husband, and our family. Thank you for the chance to win!! I really hope I do!! :)

  149. I shared the giveaway on Pinterest:

  150. I have nothing special planned for the entire summer except to pack up most of the house so the renovation can begin (I hope by the end of July). I would love to win a Silhouette machine to use for wall words and stencils. Life would be a lot easier than trying to create the above with a pencil and a matte knife. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  151. We’re having family over for the fourth for a barbeque and we’ll be shootin’ off fireworks and celebrating one of my girls 12th birthday at the same time. Fun!

  152. Alicia Beckett says:

    I’ll be at the beach! I would so love to see all the ways a Cameo could get my creative juices flowing. I’ve been needing a way to get my crafty mojo back! I bet the Cameo would spark a bunch of fun ideas! I love how that the connected world we live in can be used as a springboard for creativity! It’s contagious in the best way!

  153. i’m starting to decorate the babies nursery!!

  154. For the 4th we are just going to a picnic in our backyard with or little one, light sparklers at night and then bed:-)

  155. Elizabeth M says:

    A silhouette is #1 on my craft tool wishlist. I would love to win thanks for running this giveaway.

  156. Two things that are awesome:

    1) As a mother of 2 young children, I had 2 hours all to myself yesterday getting my hair cut and colored like this:
    2) The in-laws are coming for the holiday weekend so that means we have babysitters and can go watch a movie for the first time in forever! World War Z, here we come!

    Happy 4th of July weekend everyone!

  157. Elizabeth M says:
  158. Heather Pence says:

    My husband will be off work for the 4th! He works really hard 7 days a week so this is a special treat for me and the kids (and him too of course!)…still not sure what we’re doing, but we will all be together! =)

  159. Spending the 4th with family. I will be making Paula Deen’s easy peach cobbler. Yummy!

  160. The 4th is a much needed family day. Time spent together is the best time. Would so love to have a Silhouette but it is not something our budget can do. Thanks for all you helpful info. Happy 4th! Celebrate our Freedom and those who protect us.

  161. This year’s 4th will be a low-key affair. It’s supposed to be crummy, weather-wise, but if it happens to be nice, we’ll probably head to the pool or local water park. The rest of the time will be spent getting my DS ready for his first sleep-away camp next week. Love your blog!

  162. Christina G says:

    For the 4th of July my fiance and I will be laying by the pool with my family and house sitting! I’m so excited for a relaxing day after a rough work week!

  163. Rosalyn S. says:

    I’d love to finally win one of these silhouette giveaways! I’d have so much fun creating!

  164. Rosalyn S. says:

    I shared this giveaway on pinterest!

  165. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win the Silhouette. I have been salivating over them for over a year but cannot afford to buy one just yet. Thanks for the opportunity to win!!!

  166. I am finally ready to take the plunge and buy a Silhouette! I’ve been weighing my options for a while and I’ve decided it’s time…I sold off some unused equipment and saved up to buy one!

  167. Kaitlynn Nielsen says:

    Getting ready to close on our first house next week! This would be great in decorating it!

  168. Kaitlynn Nielsen says:
  169. Michelle Hill says:

    We will be making a whirlwind trip to see our families for the 4th. I am SO excited to see them and SO dreading the roadtrip part with my 5 and 7YO! It will be so worth it though :O)

  170. I would love to win the Portrait! This weekend is sure to be full of fun…although none of it is planned yet! Time to scour pinterest and work up something absolutely adorable! :) Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  171. Julie Kirk says:

    I would love to win a Silhouette – I would use it for all kinds of projects for my upcoming DIY wedding! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  172. I am trying to convince my baby to stay in a few weeks longer and making my husband do the nesting. :)

  173. I have been planning so many projects that I would do with a Silhouette!! I keep trying to explain how life would change forever with one of these!
    We are planning on staying cool in the 100 degree heat by swimming all day!

  174. Michelle Laulu says:

    We are hosting our first bbq at our new house this fourth! I would absolutely love to win a Silhouette machine!

  175. Britney L. says:

    We have low key 4th of July celebrations. This year we are only going to someone else’s house for a BBQ.

  176. Debbie M. says:

    I would love to win a Silhouette to put in my new craft room. Oh, and we just got a pontoon and plan on spending the 4th on the lake with it.

  177. Debbie M. says:

    I just pinned this giveaway :)

  178. Michelle Smith says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    We’ve headed to the beach for our Fourth of July!

  179. I’ve been trying for months to win a Silhouette for my mom. She is in awe of all the amazing stuff it can do and would love one of her own!

  180. Relaxing with my children and grandchildren and of course watching the fireworks.

  181. I have entered so many times to win one of these! I have so many ideas for it. Crossing my fingers!

  182. Nothing for the 4th, my two year old is scared of lightning so we don’t think he will like fireworks. We’ll watch them on TV and just relax. My husband is being furloughed next week so it’s good to just keep our money in our pockets.

  183. Shared on FB

  184. My Awesomeness is a hometown celebration with my kids!! Small parade down main street, BBQ, Games, Fireworks, just like when I was a kid!

  185. We will be in AZ for the 4th! Visiting family and finally getting to meet my cute little nephew!!

  186. Shared on FB!

  187. This is an awesome giveaway! I hope you enjoy your 4th.

  188. Nicole A. says:

    We will just be relaxing on the 4th, which is something we don’t get to do very often anymore!

  189. Heading to Houston to visit aging parents and BBQ it up! Happy 4th all!!

  190. We are going swimming at grandmas in the morning then off to a bbq with friends. It should be a great 4th!

  191. I’m just having a relaxing day at home spending time with my husband and 2 little boys for the Fourth of July. With how busy we have been, I think that’s pretty darn awesome!!

  192. We’ll be having friends over for the Fourth and it will definitely be awesome!

  193. For 4th of July, we are doing sort of a route party. Starting at my parents’ place for late lunch, swimming and general cooling down (since it is supposed to be 112 here!) until about 7, when we head to my brother & SIL’s place. There, the kids will be able to play on the inflatable waterslide while the grownups grill and imbibe a few adult beverages in preparation for the block party fireworks display at dusk. It’s going to be a long day, but we will spend it we people we like and love, so it will go all too quickly I’m sure!

  194. My sister and her twins are flying in that day! I am very excited to see them. We haven’t seen the fireworks in a few years. So I am taking them to Aquatic Park/Ghirardelli Square for an early dinner. Then a dessert picnic with hot chocolate of course to stay warm. After all, it is San Francisco!

  195. My hydrangea bush is awesome! It started out as just a little twiggy bush, about 6 inches tall. The flower bed flooded at one point, causing all the plants around it to rot, yet it still stood there. A blizzard a few years ago broke off a lot of its branches and I feared it wouldn’t grow or bloom – it did both come spring! It has always had blue flowers, but this year it has done something special! It has bloomed mostly blue, but it includes a few white blooms and three pink blooms! I’ve decided that it wanted to be red, white and blue I honor of the USA and 4th of July! You can see pictures of it on my blog listed above. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this fantastic contest! Hugs, Leena

  196. Tawnya Marney says:

    What’s awesome is I have a 4 day weekend coming up! Can’t wait to celebrate the 4th then have a nice long weekend to get things done around the house. Or maybe just relax.

  197. Will be enjoying the 4th with family. Maybe hit a theme park?

  198. Shared on Twitter and Facebook.

  199. Debbie Vigil says:

    This 4th I will be celebrating with friends and family at our block party! Love thy neighbor, yo! ;) And hopefully be planning on what to do with that beauty, if I win it! I was just cutting hundreds of decorations by hand for our son’s 1st birthday and saying how I need one of these!!

  200. I’m not doing anything special this 4th of July. Maybe I’ll finally get some sewing done? I’ve been meaning to for weeks :P

  201. I’m going to have an awesome time in Canada, Whiteshell Provincial Park, loads of kayaking and hiking with great weather finally! Hope to win a Cameo I would love it! Thank you!

  202. My husband passed away recently, we’re making a little memorial garden for him where our grandson can put Papa’s painted rocks.

    Happy 4th to all, hugs, Lori m

  203. MARISSA JOHNSON says:

    I’m spending the fourth of July (my favorite holiday) with friends & family, in our patriotic small town!! :)

  204. I’m going to the drive in to see Despicable Me 2 and Monsters U and I don’t have any little kids!

  205. No big plans for the 4th. Would love to win a Cameo. I could use it at home and in my classroom.

  206. Traci Severson says:

    Spending time with my family and topping it off with the fireworks display!!

  207. Lisa Kubin says:

    Going to a friend’s house for BBQ and then fireworks on the 4th of July and would love a chance to win the Silhouette!
    Lisa K.

  208. What a great giveaway!

  209. We are staying home this 4th with our puppies!

  210. I hope to celebrate with family and friends this 4th if my hubby is well enough to attend. He was involved in a freak accident at work this past week and is absolutely blessed to be alive. If he isn’t well enough to attend then we will still celebrate in some simple way at home. Any which was this giveaway goes I am already a winner to have another day with my loved one. God bless!

  211. I’m going to a family reunion at the lake! Yay!

  212. Just staying home and working on projects. Tufted ottoman, stairs, laundry etc., This would sure make it a more exciting weekend!

  213. Thanks so much for the chance to win. Happy Fourth!

  214. Wendy Lynch says:

    Photographing fireworks on the 4th! Also, trying to win the for my sister. She really needs it!

  215. I’d love to win! We just had a baby girl last week so we are looking forward to relaxing and enjoying time with her on the holiday weekend.

  216. melanie l says:

    I love IT!!

  217. I’d love to win one of these, I’ve never used it but I’m in awe whenever I see what it can do and how you can create so many different things.

  218. My son is super excited to be going to a special Cub Scout overnight camp for 4th of July! But that means he won’t be here for our festivities! Oh well– I bet he’ll have a wonderful trip!

  219. Going to the mountains with the family for the 4th. I would luv a Silhoutte machine to craft with.

  220. Becki Foster says:

    We plan to spend the 4th with family! We used to go to FL on vacation but it’s sooooo hot this time of year! We’ll stay home here in Ohio! I would love to have a Silhouette cutter. I borrowed my daughter’s Cricut but it’s so involved for me! I do scrapbooking and it would be fabulous to have a Silhouette! I love your blog! Is that enough raving – I can go on! LOL!

  221. I have always wanted one of these!

  222. Would love,love,love to win the Silhouette Portrait. For the 4th were going to a morning parade
    and then a picnic and then fireworks display on the Niagara River. Wishing everyone a
    wonderful 4th.

  223. Pretty sure we can see the fireworks from our backyard. This will be our 1st full year in our new house. So we’re pretty excited! Thanks

  224. Grilling with friends (if the weather cooperates!!)

  225. I will be waiting to watch my dogs enthusiasm with the fireworks, only dog I know who Loves fireworks and thunderstorms! I guess making it a party during those times when he was a puppy paid off! I so want one of these silhouetted I have a whole wall project in mind!

  226. Shared on Facebook!

  227. My sister has a huge 4th of July party every year… This year has a Luau theme so very excited about wearing coconuts (just kidding, I’m not wearing coconuts!). Other years have been “Ugliest 4th of July t-shirt”, The Voice talent show contest, etc. At dusk, they provide their own fireworks show. So much fun for the whole fam!

  228. We are laying low for the 4th but in a few weeks we will be traveling to see family at the beach and the Disney for 5 days! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  229. I shared on FB
    Dana J Valle

  230. This year we are planning to head to the bay and use our water trampoline

  231. I will be DIYing to prepare or my wedding! I don’t know if your giveaway is open to Canadians, but I would love to win a Silhouette!

  232. erin meerzaman says:

    shared on pinterest!!

  233. erin meerzaman says:

    I would love to win this giveaway and complete the millions of projects in my head!!!

  234. I would love to win a Silhouette to start all the DIY projects floating in my head!

  235. I tweeted also!

  236. I am grilling out and hanging out with my triplets for the 4th!! :)

  237. Thank you for this opportunity!

  238. Wow! Would so love to win a silhouette!!! Thanks for a chance at such a great giveaway!
    Happy 4th!

  239. My entire family calls me organized…think of what they would say if I was able to put labels on E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G with my new silhouette!!! That’s what I would do first, when I win one of course! thanks for the giveaway!

  240. I’ve seen so many great ideas using the silhouette that I would love the opportunity to try it out for myself.

  241. I just found out I’m pregnant with my first child and my mom is coming from Wisconsin to visit me in New Hampshire. I haven’t seen her for 2 years!

  242. Shawnee H says:

    Spending time with my family! Parade, BBQ, fireworks…

  243. Nothing too exciting. My husband is on call for work, but spend time with my boys. I’d love to win this for lots of fun crafts..

  244. we are going to Nashville to be with my sister and brother in law and have a cook out!

  245. Going to Symphony on the Prairie and enjoying their fireworks.

  246. Excited to try out a Silhouette machine for all sorts of crafts! Thanks for the post and chance to win! :-)

  247. For my daughter’s 14th birthday, we decided to decorate her bedroom. So, she got the first painted room in the house (lived here over a year!), I’m making a padded headboard and a whole slew of projects. Today I recovered her desk chair, and it is awesome! Now if I had that Silhouette, I could cut out the vinyl leaves I need to put on the wall so they aren’t plain. Thanks!

  248. ellen casper says:

    I would have so much fun with one of these! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  249. ellen casper says:
  250. Something awesome – our friend found out he had a tumor in his throat – but the docs were able to remove the entire tumor without damaging his vocal cords or esophagus. AND – he is able to eat normal food again! Thank God! :)

  251. I posted the giveaway on pinterest:

  252. How much do I want this Silhouette? SO BAD! I’ve heard of these for the last year and my friend told me about what they do and I want one so bad! It’s so cool how much it can do and I have even downloaded the program through Silhouette to figure it out before I finally get one. We have our first baby coming in Sept and I want to make things for the baby shower and nursery!

  253. ohhhh, would love one of these little bad boys! Oh the possibilities!

    Thanks for the chance!

  254. Tona in Bama says:

    Huge week here for me!  First of all our corn is almost ready.  We will be on the back porch with the family shucking, silking and cutting corn to put in the freezer.  We will have our entire family and all our neighbors over on the 4th for a barbeque and fireworks…(lots of good food and desserts…yum!).  Would love to have the Silhouette to aid in scrapbooking all the week’s pictures :)  Hope you have a blessed 4th!!!

  255. Tona in Bama says:

    …..and it would be a wonderful birthday present :) July 10th :)

  256. Would love to win so can use for crafts with my 7 brands.

  257. Would love to win to add to my craft room. Sounds like just what I need.

  258. hey there. First up thanks so much for the giveaway. Love your blog. Who would’t want to win such an awesome machine, i know i would. keeping my fingers crossed.

  259. Connie Haack says:

    I tweeted your silhouette giveaway

  260. Connie Haack says:

    We will be staying close to home. A four day weekend is rare. Glad to have it off and will be relaxing!

  261. We will be grilling and chilling on the 4th!! Oh, did I mention how much i REALLY want a silhouette?? I REALLY do!!!!

  262. I’ve been dreaming of a Silhouette since I discovered one last year! I love the fact that you can buy individual images rather than a cartridge full of images you don’t need! Thanks for this chance!

  263. For the 4th we are having a family cookout and being thankful for all those who have fought for our freedom!

  264. On the 4th we are relaxing and cooking 2 whole chickens on the grill with my dad!

    I would love to try out one of these Silhouettes! I keep reading such great things about them!

  265. Just moved to Myrtle Beach, away from everyone I know and love, so I’m hitting the beach and maybe, hopefully, will make a new friend or two.

  266. Celebrating my anniversary on this 4th of July!

  267. We are taking our daughter to our town’s old-fashioned steam engine parade. It’s a great tradition!

  268. kelly rae says:

    We are having a very simple fourth of july at our house. We will grill something on the bbq for our dinner

  269. Super excited and hope to win!

  270. Christina says:

    We are spending the 4th in Lake Geneva Wisconsin. I love this giveaway, thanks for the chance!

  271. Taking a break from 4th of July fun to enter this great giveaway! Yay!

    ~ Ferly
    Gifts We Use {to grow, love and serve}

  272. We just went to see the Lone Ranger (awesome movie!) and later we’re going for a walk around the neighborhood. There are a few places around us that do fireworks so if we go for a walk we can see four different shows instead of one. Our celebrations are low-key this year, usually we go to my in-laws but weren’t able to make the trip out there this year because of summer College courses.

  273. I have so many projects in mind for my Silhouette when I buy one or better yet, win one :)

  274. Sue shaver says:

    Having all the grandkids at a lake. Wish it was warmer!!!

  275. Paige Storsteen says:

    Just took my little girl to watch the fireworks, she love it! We would love to win the silhouette portrait giveaway !! :-) Happy 4th of July!

  276. Christin Harms says:

    So thankful for our military past and present. Freedom isn’t free…but I hope this Silhouette is :)

  277. I want this so bad because I am a teacher and I want to make cute things for my classroom! Happy 4th!

  278. c claiborne says:

    I want to monogram all of my stuff !!!!

  279. c claiborne says:
  280. Well… the Silhouette is awesome in and of itself, and for another awesome thing: I’m going to have a little baby girl :)

  281. We enjoyed the 4th watching fireworks with our kids and visiting a historic airplane. Would love a portait so I can make shirts for us next year!

  282. We are buying a house! The things we could make with a portrait is endless! Thanks for the giveaway!

  283. Had a super fun fourth of July – and my mother-in-law suggested I should buy a Silhouette! I didn’t even know about the designer pack until I found your blog. So excited! (Hope I win one ;))

  284. We’re building a house, and have baby #3 on the way. I have so, so many craft projects I could use this for!!

  285. kelly tillotson says:

    we just bought a {new to us} home. so i have lots of projects in mind that this would make easier! thanks for the chance.

  286. My son received his brother’s stem cells in a stem cell transplant last December and his latest scans showed no active cancer.

  287. Our Beach vacation is almost over and we are heading to orientation at our daughter’s college. Those kids…they just grow up WAY too fast! Enjoy EVERY second with your daughter!
    and oh…thanks for the giveaway!

  288. I tweeted about the giveaway

  289. Hi Emily! thank you for your beautiful blog and giveaway!
    One of the awesome things happened recently was that I saw a dolphin jumping out of the ocean 6 feet while I was walking on the beach! =)

  290. OK, I will rave about how much I really want to win one of these machines. Thank you for the chance.

  291. wendy byde says:

    Our block has a huge party on the 4th! We hang out all day and eat and watch the kids’ talent show! Then, at night, we all head down to the elementary school field for a giant fireworks show! :)

  292. Oh, yeah, I need this silhouette! I would be labeling everything in my house if I had one!

  293. megan Calhoun says:

    The 4th is my birthday! I celebrated with the best friends and family a girl could ask for. Winning a silhouette would make life even better!

  294. My family is getting together to meet a prospective other of one of my siblings! So glad to just be together one again. Happy Fourth to everyone!

  295. Oh, the fun things we could create — this silhouette portrait and I! :-)

  296. I would love, love, love to win one of these! I have been doing art and cutting the words out with scissors. A silhouette would make it so much easier and quicker to complete my projects! : )

  297. I have been wanting a silhouette for a long while. My daughter and I have a long list of things we will use it for. I have the entire month of July off and would love to have one to use with my daughter.

  298. I’m loving celebrating the 4th of July in Nebraska with my husbands family because fireworks are legal here! (rather than CA) :)

  299. I’ve been wanting a Silhouette for ages, first project I would do is a birthday banner. The Silhouette would be perfect for cutting out all the letters in a fun font. My fingers are crossed! Hope you had a happy 4th.

  300. Julia Hill says:

    I’d LOVE to win one of these to make decorations for my classroom and home. I’d also love to use it to make gifts for my family and friends!

  301. Every year we go to our friends house for barbeque, volleyball, corn hole, drinks and fireworks. It’s always a good time.

  302. Julia Hill says:

    I also tweeted!

  303. I also “pinned” this giveaway. Here is the link –

  304. elizabeth thomas says:

    spending a nice long weekend with family and friends! Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win! I am a crafter and desperately want one of these and have for some time now. Oh the many things I could make with my grandchildren! Please pick me!!!

  305. elizabeth thomas says:

    posted on FB!

  306. Melissa Banks says:

    I want to make wall stencils sooooo bad! Thanks for the shot!!

  307. Diana Duncan says:

    This looks like a fun tool for so many things! My 4th was wet and rainy…. still waiting for the rain to stop!

  308. I’d so love to win this Silhouette and be able to enhance my scrapbook pages and cards with different shapes, fonts and artwork, too. What a cool machine – and lucky me has the summer off to get to play with it! Thanks for the chance.

  309. I will rave about the meal I had for the Fourth (I was invited to a friend’s home) we had steak on the grill, and corn on the cob, avocados, cantaloupe, strawberries, yams, and a huge mixed green and other-things salad! It was a feast! (And when I left I promised to donate one day to her to help with a good top to bottom house-cleaning.)

  310. Niki Blake says:

    I would just LOVE to win!!!

  311. Connie Haack says:

    I have so many ideas I would like to make for Christmas gifts if only I had a Silhouette. I really enjoy seeing all the things created by you bloggers!

  312. Connie Haack says:

    I tweeted your giveaway

  313. I have a cameo already and love it. I’m trying to win one for my friend Christina!! thanks!

  314. I have been drooling over the cameo and portrait for a LONG time and would so love to win one! If I won, I would make all sorts of cute labels to organize my entire house!

  315. I have been dreaming of getting a Silhouette for over a year now, financially It has made it impossible.
    So I keep dreaming and entering giveaways in the hopes that I am fortunate enough to win one.
    Love your blog, and always look forward to new posts!

  316. Thank you! I got to spend the 4th at Sunset Beach, NC with my family of 20 =) Now I need a vacation after the vacation!

  317. Crystal Rose says:

    We went to see the fireworks and otherwise lazed around the house on the 4th.

  318. I have been dreaming about having one of these great machines! I have so many ideas about fun things I could do. My birthday is later this month and this would be the best birthday present EVER! I have so many things that I would love to do with one! ((((fingers crossed))))

  319. Dede Randall says:

    I have been wanting one of these so so bad!!! I would love to win the silhouette portrait. I could do so much with this machine. Thank you!!

  320. Crystal K says:

    I would really like to win this machine. I am such a girly girl in a house of 6 men/boys, no girls. So things like this are my girl time. As for the 4th. We took our boys fishing for the first time. And they each caught their very first fish. They were so excited, so now all I hear is, when are we going fishing again. :)

  321. Sadly, I didn’t do anything fun on the 4th! I stayed in and sent my kids with grandparents to the fireworks. Finally got out to the pool yesterday in the swimsuit I made myself.

    I’d love to win a Silhouette to keep the crafting going and be even more awesome! :D

  322. I would love to win the Silhouette Portrait. I would have so much fun making fancy cards and I would put vinyl decorations on everything in sight! Thank you.

  323. lindsay fekitoa says:
  324. lindsay fekitoa says:

    I have a Cameo and I LOVE it! I’m trying to win this for my sister cause I know she’d love a Silhouette product just as much as I do! I swear by these things and use it for everything! Can’t live without it!

  325. Would love to win!!!

  326. We traveled from Tennessee to Michigan for our two week family vacation…we stayed with my in laws and enjoyed fireworks on their lake! I’d really LOVE to win this giveaway!!!

  327. Diana Duncan says:

    I shared this today on my FB!

  328. We celebrated my sons 1st birthday!!! Bah how did the year go by so quickly??

  329. Our 4th was quite time at home and see how many fireworks go off around the neighbor. My daughter really what this so got our finger crossed.

  330. For the 4th, we had a family reunion and watched fireworks at a local park. It was wonderful!

  331. Just saw this.. Here goes: I’m starting my own custom invitation design company and would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to own this baby. Making mock ups and custom cutouts would be so much easier with the silhouette!!! And being that I’m just starting out, I need all the help I can get! Pretty please with a paper cherry on top? : D

  332. I’ve got my fingers crossed. I hope I win.

  333. Diana Duncan says:

    Shared today on my FB page

  334. It was a very rainy July 4th holiday for us so we just relaxed and hung out at home.

  335. Christine says:

    I just want a Silhouette so badly! All my crafty friends have one…but I don’t. :(

  336. We drove across the country and our van had big complications on the way. :( Winning this could help though! ;)

  337. Jennifer J says:

    We had a cookout on the 4th, and on the 5th we watched the post fireworks from our yard.
    Thanks for the chance

  338. Love a silhouette – so many awesome crafts to be made!


  339. The silhouette cameo is ahhhh-mazing! The things it can do! So excited!

  340. I was in Germany for July 4th and it was amazing!

  341. Would love to win!! :)

  342. First of all, let me say, THANK YOU for the simple entry! Such a breath of fresh air.
    Here in the panhandle of Florida, it rained all week last week so, we did NOTHING for the 4th. It sure would have been nice to have a Silhouette to do some fun crafting while stuck inside during the flood!
    Thanks again.

  343. This would make my night! I would love to win this!

  344. I have an awesome family, had an awesome 4th and an awesome weekend!!!! ;)

  345. I’m pregnant!!! Expecting baby #2 in December. I could make all kinds of great baby items with this!!!

  346. Becky Bixler says:

    We were going hiking and have a picnic but it rained and still is raining…..but it was still a great day.

  347. Tweeted about the giveaway…@mamarazzix2

  348. Eve Thomas says:

    I would really love to win this! I could do so much with this!

  349. I really really really really really really really really really really want to win this!!!!!!!!

  350. Jennifer J says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway for 2nd entry

  351. Yours is the first drawing from a blog…I have entered…it would be so cool to have beginner’s luck & win something I have dreamed of owning!! Your posts & projects always put a smile on my face!!

  352. I’m so happy you’re giving away a Silhouette! Woo hoo – so much fun!

  353. I love,love, love the silhouette!! I want one so bad. Every time I am going to order it something comes up and I never have enough money or to scared to spend the money. I love doing crafts. My husband is in the service so between raising two boys, crafting is what I use as my escape and vacation. I have been organizing my house and this would be perfect to help make fun labels. I love the holidays and this would be to much fun to get to make fun crafts ejh my boys. I have a circuit and I am not that impressed but it works just doesn’t do what I am wanting to do. Love the silhouette, wait did I say that already?? I really do like the silhouette. It does so much. I shared it on my Facebook page for my friends to see!!

  354. Krystal D says:

    Resting, I know that might sound lame but we just got back from an 8 day mission trip and we are feeling very blessed but very tired ;)

  355. Eve Thomas says:

    Shared on FB

  356. Would so love to win a Silhouette and create some fun back to school items for my two little girls. Great giveaway!

  357. Allison Hendrickson says:

    I would love to have a Silhouette so I could make my husband a Welcome Home sign when he returns from his deployment!! Thank you for this simple entry.

  358. I shared on FB! :-)

  359. I spent the 4th of July on the interior of my new house. Paint samples, fabric swatches, trim color and playing with all my vintage stuff, pottery, linens and the like.I ended the day with a swim in our local lake, a beautiful glacier made spring fed pond, while the fireworks were happening. A Silhouette sure would be a fun addition to all the madness!

  360. Had a great 4th with family and friends!

  361. Vicki Whitney says:

    Thanks for this giveaway! I would love to win it for my son’s classroom (he is the teacher).

  362. Jenni Nicassio says:

    I would love to have this machine. I really love all the vinyl decals out there but can’t afford the proces. It would be really cool to make my own and add to my blank vanilla walls.

  363. Lisa Hawn says:

    Thank you so much! I would looooooooove a silhouette! Sometimes I feel like the last crafter on earth without one! Sigh! I think I want one more than an iPad and I really want an iPad!

  364. Jenni Nicassio says:

    I would love to have this machine. I really love all the vinyl decals out there but can’t afford the prices. It would be really cool to make my own and add to my blank vanilla walls.

  365. Amy Maurer says:

    I visited my sister in Cali and met my new niece!!!! She is soooo adorable, and I would have stolen her if I could :)

  366. Fun giveaway! We have a fire in the mountains west of us so our 4th of July was extra smoky. But we got out of town for the weekend. That was nice.

  367. Found out today my little one doesn’t need another sleep study right now, which was very good news!!! Also hoping to add to the goodness by winning one of these amazing machines! :)

  368. Amy Maurer says:

    I just shared on Facebook! :)

  369. This would be the perfect way to finish up our basement remodel! I want to add quotes to the walls but can’t find ones I love that aren’t crazy expensive. Please pick me!

  370. The highlight of my week was when I was I was leaving my 10 year old son with his grandparents for the week, he called me back to give me a kiss on the cheek. Such a rare sweet thing. :) I’d love to design something for his new room. Pick me, pick me!

  371. I would really LOVE to win this Silhouette – we have a new baby coming in 9 weeks and it would come in really handy to do some cute things to finish up the nursery! :)

  372. Don’t worry, be happy!!! <— the most awesome quote ever

  373. Lorrie Mizell says:

    I would so love to win this…oh, the projects I could do!

  374. Carrie Roberts says:

    My super awesome comment is that I LOVE your new picture! You are so photogenic and beautiful! I think it is absolutely great – and I LOVE your blog/website!

  375. Can I just say I love! I get such great ideas and there are such fun giveaways! The possibilities with the Silhouette are endless! It’s been a great 4th of July weekend! It’s one of my favorite holidays! I love America! Go USA and go! Thanks!

  376. Lorrie Mizell says:
  377. The 4th was a bit of a washout with rain, rain and more rain. I’d love to win so I can focus on some fun indoor projects and stop thinking about all of this rain!

  378. Love your site!! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  379. Kristen T says:

    I would LOVE to get my hands on one of these!! I have been eyeing them for a while and I just haven’t been able to pull the trigger. There are SO many things I could do with this!

  380. Kara Miller says:

    Had an awesome July 4th. Got some much needed family time. What made our 4th even better was our newest edition to our family. Our son was born on June 25th. My little girl actually loved the fireworks this year, she’s 3. Every word out of her mouth was,” That’s AWESOME”. I felt truly blessed this 4th of July!!

  381. I am LOVING all the silhouette projects on Pinterest – I’d love to have one of my own :) Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway!!

    Shannon @ Sewing Barefoot

  382. It would be awesome to win!

  383. Tracie Abbott Langley says:

    I would love to win this great machine! Went to the lake here in KY and all it did was rain…have never, ever seen the lake that high in the 20+ years I’ve been going. I have one question for you…will you come to my house and teach me how to use it if I win it? Thanks for all your great posts, I’ve enjoyed it tremendously over the past couple of years. You rock it!

  384. Shared your giveaway on my Facebook page :)

    Thanks again!

  385. I’ve been trying to convince the hubs that I REALLY need one of these to make cute appliques and other things for our son and around the house… He’s not listening! I honestly think that I soon as he hears Silhouette or Cameo he tunes me out… GRR!!

  386. Oh I’d LOVE to win this!!!

  387. Oh I’d so love to win the Silhouette machine I sure hope I am not to late

  388. Amy Perry says:

    I been wanting a silhouette for a long time !!! Would LOVE this !!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway !!!

  389. April Lopez says:

    I want one so bad I enter all the contests I can but haven’t won one yet. I hope I win one soon!

  390. want to win a Silhouette machine

  391. We went to my Grandparent’s cabin on the lake and did a lot of swimming, boating and barbecuing! We had tons of fun!!

  392. Denise Rosales says:

    Short & sweet. Like it, need it, want it! That would be awesome! Thanks

  393. Melissa G says:

    I want one so bad. I have a list of things I will do with it!!

  394. I would LOVE this! I’m going broke buying cricut cartridges!

  395. Sherrele richter says:

    I want one of these so bad one of the coolest crafting things I have ever seen!

  396. Brian Long says:

    I’d love to win this for my wife!

  397. Linda Bergeson says:

    I love following you on Facebook. I would love a silhouette because I feel sorry for my poor friend who has to cut everything for my projects. I could really use one and thanks for the chance!

  398. I spent the week with Special Needs families and had the most awesome time! I would love to win this to help with the decorations next year!

  399. Is it weird that I dream of having this?

    I pinned it here.

    wish me luck!

  400. Amy in SC 15 says:

    I so want this!!! I’m not sure it’s something I will ever buy myself, but I have wanted one for years!!!

  401. I had a party with friends yesterday for a belated 4th of July, and it was so much fun! I am so happy to have a house I can entertain in :):):)

  402. i could die a happy girl owning one of these bad boys!!! my sister is getting married in august and i could help make her cute banners!!!

  403. I want one of these sooooo bad!! LOL I have my fingers crossed. It’s not in the budget anytime soon since I need to replace a dying sewing machine, but winning one of these would be the true definition of “Christmas in July”!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  404. Spent the day with the love of my life and our three daughters. First year we were all together. Hubby was either deployed or away during the fourth. Amazing!!

  405. I helped my dad build a porch for the 4th, and have been relaxing in the shade with my family since then :)

  406. Christina says:

    I am spending time with my family. Happy times.

  407. Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway! My Mom and I are both dying to have a Silhouette! We both make cards, she does decoupage, and I enjoy scrapbooking. I get giddy thinking of all the ways we could use one!

  408. Angela Robinson says:

    We watched a 4th of July fireworks display on the 3rd…to beat the crowd for the display on the 4th, then just hung around the house with the kids and let them play with sparklers in the yard. My husband travels a ton and had just returned from a 6wk trip….so quiet family time was just what we needed.

  409. I would love to win I have so many things on my list to make with it :) hope you all had a great 4th

  410. I would just live to own one of these beauties! It will definitely help with organizing my home & girls playroom!!

  411. Rachel Hansen says:

    Just getting ready for GIRLS CAMP with over 100 girls ages 12-17 next week…. LOTS to do and I tell ya, having a Silhouette would come in REAL handy right now. :)
    Happy Summer!!

  412. Carla McGRath says:

    My 2 daughters joined us at the lake in our brand new camper!

  413. Fun has been fantasizing on pinterest all the monogram crafts I could do :) All my friends are monogram crazy here in the South- would love a Silhouette to help me make them some amazing gifts!

  414. Rachel Hansen says:

    Tweeted it :)

  415. Kris Reynolds says:

    I would just LOVE to own a Silhouette. I just have so many crafts and projects in my head to make and the Silhouette would be perfect!!

  416. Marianne Guymon says:

    I would so love to have one of these! It’s been on my birthday/Christmas/anniversary for quite sometime but hubby hasn’t been able to afford it. We’ve got a toddler daughyer and a new baby girl on the way and I have so many great ideas for decorating and stuff that this would come in handy for! So hope maybe this will be my first ever contest win!!!

  417. Marianne Guymon says:

    I would so love to have one of these! It’s been on my birthday/Christmas/anniversary for quite sometime but hubby hasn’t been able to afford it. We’ve got a toddlet daughyer and a new baby girl on the way and I have so many great ideas for decorating and stuff that this would come in handy for! So hope maybe this will be my first ever contest win!!!

  418. Alexis Jasek says:

    Classroom teacher….need I say more? Well, okay, if you insist. I have been using a Cricut and honestly, am feeling really limited…. so many Silhouette ideas…..


  419. Janelle C says:

    I’d love to have this machine for creating awesome party decor for family birthdays!

  420. Rashelle Rieckmann says:

    I don’t just want a Silhouette….I NEED ONE!!!!

  421. Laura Schlesselman says:

    I would love to win!

  422. My husband was home for the 4th. First time every since he fights Forrest fires. We went hiking and bbq’d dinner.

  423. I have been wanting one of these for so long! I have a list of projects I need this for!

  424. Krista Julian says:

    Something happy? Children!! And we have 4 of them plus 2 exchange students who will be in here in just a few weeks and I crave organization….nothing better to get motivated with than this :)

  425. Darleen Weston says:

    I really would love this machine! Wow; I’ve never heard of one . . . SO SO NICE!

    Now, what did I do for the 4th! I made burgers and the like for our lunch. During the evening, my family of 5 went to our nearest town for a free firework show!!

    I hope I win!!

  426. I would *love* to win this! I’ve tried for so stinkin’ long!

  427. Church pancake breakfast, parade, BBQ, and fireworks…it was a great 4th!

  428. Tierra Lowry says:

    My fourth was quite interesting. Our car was running out of juice and we ended up driving home (1 1/2 hours from home) with the windows down in 106 degree heat. That was our fourth. Oh and my son got bit by a spider and we did a few sparklers right before bed. We survived!!! Oh, and I would really really really love to win. Yay!

  429. I shared on Facebook!

  430. Capi Cohen says:

    I keep seeing wonderful things made with a Silhouette and I would love to have one. Selfishly, I hope I win.

  431. Maribel Hannigan says:

    I would make a cool patriotic sign for my mantle.

  432. Maribel Hannigan says:

    Shared on FB

  433. Jennie Sirisky says:

    Would love to win so that my daughter and I can craft together!

  434. I would love to have a silhouette to do party decorations.

  435. Esther Chanie Dushinsky says:

    What an awesome prize.

  436. April Pett says:

    I’ve dreamed about a silhouette

  437. I just scored a vanity table, mirror and a nightstand at a garage sale, $12 for all, woohoo! I would love love to paint them, then make some stencils to use on them, and a Silhouette is the way to go! Want to win :o)

  438. Hillary Beemer says:

    I love summer time and the thought of getting projects done using a Silhouette is out of this world!

  439. Also shared on FB!! Thanks for the extra entry :o)

  440. Awesome is my sweet uncuddly 15 month old just asked to be held and cuddled.!

  441. Monica Kertz says:

    I would love to win this. I would use it in my classroom for sure….
    For the 4th, we had all of my husband’s family for a visit. They brought their campers and parked them in the yard–we live in the country. Fun Times!

  442. I have wanted a Silhouette for years! It would be awesome to win one!

  443. Monica Kertz says:

    I shared on FB
    Thanks for the extra!

  444. Hung out with friends. Not too exciting, but loads of fun!!

  445. Meghan Anderson says:

    I would love to have a Silhouette! I wold love to use it for my son’s school!

  446. I think I threw my best 4th of July party ever. We had 40 people and it was a blast! And I would love a Silhouette, thanks for the easy giveaway.

  447. Diann Ruesch says:

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I would so love to win this awesome Silhouette. Not only because it’s such a handy tool that I would have so many fun projects to use with it, but also this giveaway has the Designer software too. Which I understand is totally amazing! Hope, I win! ;)

  448. Diann Ruesch says:

    Shared this sweet giveaway on Facebook!

  449. Cristin Vosburgh says:

    Something awesome….My kids are probably destroying their rooms instead of picking them up right now while I’m writing this. It’s awesome for them because they are having fun, but that awesomeness might change in about 20 seconds when I re-enter with my ‘mom stare’. ;) They are only 2 and 4, but my 4 year old knows what it means! :)

  450. I’d love to win a Silhouette because I’ve been seeing them around for the last couple years, and I’ve entered quite a few giveaways but haven’t won one yet. Thanks for the chance to get one!

  451. I would love to win the Silhouette cause then I could give my Cricut away and start bonding time with my daughter. She prefers rhinestones and fabric to paper. :) The Cricut limits “our” creativity. :)

  452. Fiorella Monge says:

    I would love to win the silhouette so I can make all kinds of cute things for my daughter’s 3rd bday party

  453. Connie Bartlett says:

    I really need to wn this one. Thanks

  454. Jenny Brown says:

    I would love to win the Silhouette!! I have TONS of projects in my mind that I could use it for! P.S. My 14 year old daughter broke her collar bone yesterday! :( Poor baby.

  455. Tiffany Galvez says:

    So…half off on designer studio is exactly what I was looking for…but I’d love to win it and a portrait too!!! Can I wait to buy studio until after you’ve announced the winner? Will you announce before the promo is over??

  456. Please please pick me! I’ve had such a hard and sad week and could really use something good about now. My brother in law passed away this week after battling a brain tumor, and my toddler ran into a wall and split her head open, resulting in her first ever ER visit. I’m running on empty at the moment (and I realize how pathetic that sounds). So pick me!

  457. Tiffany Galvez says:

    I tweeted about this. Cool huh? Now…I really need to make over my drab house…so pick me! :). Really, it’s just boring, and my husband has given me the permission to shop and buy and make it over, but I have no clue where to even start. I’m no good at this…your blog provides much inspiration. Hmmmmph…maybe if I didn’t live 90 miles from the nearest craft store of any sort I’d be in business.

  458. Thanks for a chance to win. Anything that would make my crafts look great is a plus for me! :)

  459. I would LOVE a Silhouette! I have one of the original Cricuts with just 2 cartridges that my awesome sister got me years ago, but that’s it because with 4 kids, I never spend any money on myself for anything but absolute necessities. My baby boy is 2 days older than your daughter, congrats on getting through the first year! :)

  460. SHARED on Facebook!

  461. Rose Schneider says:

    First of all, THANK YOU so much for not making us like tons of pages on FB, Pinterest or Tweet!
    I spent the whole weekend with my family. My brother is leaving for Africa tomorrow. He is going to be there for 3 years with his family. They are going with Lay Mission Helpers. We are nervous yet excited for him.
    I would love to send his kids some cool projects made with my new Silhouette. Keeping my fingers crossed!!
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  462. Visited a great Salvage yard store with a friend on Saturday. The teenage boy who waited on us asked if we needed help loading our car. We told him no, he jumped in his truck and drove off. We loaded, drove to the front and discovered we were locked in!!! He left us!!! We had to call the police to get out—who showed up about 25 minutes later and the owner soon followed. I heard the Sheriff say “they don’t look like your typical metal thieves”. I need a silhouette—it will be a much more relaxing DIY hobby :) Thank you for the opportunity.

  463. I shared the giveaway on Facebook.

  464. Made a road trip for the fourth to see family that I only see around the fourth (14 hour drive) and it reaffirmed that family rocks! Must make the effort to see them more often.

  465. I am slowly working my way to becoming a stay at home mom. I am a designer with Origami Owl and I leave tomorrow for the first ever national convention. This is awesome for me because this trip is getting me the training I need to convert from an 8-5 job to something more beneficial for my family.
    I have been blessed with an amazing hubby that is 200% supportive of my new business as well as super helpful in my creative endeavors. :) A Silhouette would definitely help in all aspects of this!
    Thanks for the chance!

  466. I got to enjoy my holiday by not working and going out on the boat! Anchor Bay, MI
    It’s only a few hours from my home but when you are there you feel as if your on an island far, far, far away!

  467. Annette Larsen says:

    We skipped the fireworks this 4th of July and went camping! I have SO many projects in mind for a silhouette. Pick me! Pick me!

  468. Carissa R. says:

    Neighborhood fireworks! Thank you neighbors! How awesome we didn’t even have to drag our 3 kids out and about for it.

  469. Renee Smason says:

    I tweeted! @renny500

  470. I have been dreaming of this machine FOREVER!!!!!
    Hmmm…. the fourth of July we had a big block party with BBQ, fireworks and over 1000 water balloons, so much fun.

  471. I was able to go downtown for the crazy fireworks show this year and LOVED it!!! I have always wanted to go but had never been… It was the best 4th ever!!

  472. bran font says:

    I have been dying for this machine!!!! Thank u for the giveaway. We bbq for the fourth

  473. Every weekend i used to pay a quick visit this web page, as
    i want enjoyment, as this this site conations actually
    good funny data too.

  474. I do not even know how I finished up right here, however I
    assumed this publish used to be great. I do not recognise who you might be but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you happen to aren’t already.

  475. Rachael Landers says:

    Love the chalkboards!


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