Pretty In Pink…The Mantel

I wasn’t even going to decorate for Valentine’s day, but silly Beth decided to have another mantel link party coming up on Monday, and well, I’ll do anything for my mantel…and Beth.  I wasn’t ready to part with my winter mantel just yet, but I love how the Valentine one came out!

So here is the very foo-fooey (how do you spell that?) pink-ified mantel.

That boa!!  It kills me!  I never decorate with stuff like that but I thought I could get a little wild and crazy for Valentine’s day. You know, because love is in the air.

I used my blue mason jars that I love to collect as little candle holders.

I actually got the idea from Melissa at The Inspired Room when she made her Jingle Bell Jars at Christmas.  She filled her jars with epsom salt and dropped in a candle, and then obviously decorated with bells. And apparently she is the queen blogger/creator of mason jar candles. Now, I didn’t use epsom salt or bells, but I did use a filler of some pink and clear crystal bead things, and dropped in a votive.  So pretty!

I displayed a Valentine card my husband gave me a few years ago.

Awww. And no, you can’t read the inside. :)

I also displayed Emma’s Valentine card that she sent out last year. I LOVE this picture of her.

Ahhh I wish she would let me put bows in her hair still. :(

These are just some pretty napkins that I taped up to the shutters for some more bling. Fancy.

The cute “I heart you” vases are from the dollar section at Target, but I think they were $2?

I got real creative with those and just stuck in some extra crystal knobs I had on top.  And they fit just perfectly!

I used my Rosette Wreath and just switched out the ribbon for a pink one.

I did buy some new floral stems, and I know some of them are a little crazy and long.  Floral arrangements aren’t my thing.  I did buy 2 of the feather boas at Hobby Lobby at $3.50 each, and the little white vase set at Target.  But everything else I had.  Now that we got that out of the way, just enjoy too many photos because I couldn’t stop.  Photographing pink is fun.

Yummy. Makes me want cotton candy.

Have you started Valentine decorating?  Heck, some of you still may be in Christmas mode. I still have our Christmas wreath on the front door.  But it’s red, so it’s staying up.

Don’t forget to link up your mantels to Beth’s party on Monday!

The link to the party is here.

Also sharing this post at Thrifty Decor Chick’s Before and After Party.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the foo-fooey-ness of it! Maybe since my hubby travels a lot he wouldn’t recognize that it’s really, really girly! It is Valentine’s Day afterall AND my birthday is the day after. I should decorate that way just becuase! I love it!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Oh how pretty and I love the pink and turquoise. Great garland. The shutters are fabulous also. Hugs, Marty

  3. OMG, your mantel is adorable. I wish I had the motivation to create a Valentine’s mantel in my house, buuuuut…I don’t. LOL There is only so much I feel like doing at 8 months pregnant. So I will just keep coming back and enjoying your photos!


  4. Argh! I JUST finished the winter mantle last week (very much inspired by yours) and I love it. I’m not ready to take it down and do Valentine’s yet. Maybe next weekend???
    I actually love the winter one so much that I’m thinking of moving it to the guest bedroom dresser when I’m done with it. Is that crazy?

  5. I heart everything about this mantel! It is so girlie and fun. I never decorate for valentines day eigther, but this would be so fun!!

  6. I love how girly this is!!

  7. Too cute, and I LOVE the boas! That’s what I was wanting for my mantel, but couldn’t find any around her. :0) I have my mantel all finished, but couldn’t blog about it today…it’s my son’s b-day, so I had to blog about him! :) You’ll have to come over and see my handsome son’s face! (can you tell I’m a proud momma!)
    Hugs girly!
    missy :)

  8. Ack! I LOVE it!!! This is so, so cute! Well done girl.

  9. Aw so pretty! I love pink, I really do.

  10. You really pinkified it-love it and you’re right-valentine’s day can let the wild thing out!! The boa’s rock!-Claire

  11. I get such a chuckle every time I see you post about your mantel. I love how you have embraced your pottery barn mantel. I know this was a fun purchase for you (I remember when you got it) I hope your husband is pleased on how you really take pride in using to it’s full potential. It looks so festive for Valentines day!

  12. I love it! Are those mercury vases real, or knock offs? They are fab!

  13. I love, love, love the pink feather boa/garland. Great idea! Like the great deal on the I heart U bottles at Target too…gotta love the dollar section!

  14. Ooooo… looks cozy & fun! I saw Beth’s party too… just not sure I’m ready for it yet… maybe a week before or something.

    Good thing you got such a great deal on your pb faux mantel, or we wouldn’t have all this yummy eye candy all the time ;)

  15. I must say I don’t think I’ve ever done a Valentine’s mantel. But you went all out girl! Way to embrace the holiday! And those blue jars are SO CUTE. I love them!!! :-) You are adorable.

  16. I love the over the topness (a word?). Valentine’s is the perfect time for pink fluffiness. My daughter would be so pleased if I did this at home.

  17. FABULOUS….you’ve given me the valentine bug and I’m still working on Winter and some vintage. Thanks…. I really like your posts.

  18. Love it lady! The mason jars are the perfect color to go with the pink!! You are wonderful!

    love your guts

  19. Very cute Valentine’s Day mantel. I love blue mason jars. La

  20. I bought the same “I Heart You” vases from Target last week.
    Love them. : )
    Awesome mantel.

  21. I bought the vases from target last night too… they were $2.50. The ones that I got .. one says live.. one laugh… one love. I wonder if they are the same ones? Do they have I heart you on the back? I will have to go get them out and see. Hmm….
    Cute mantel. Quite fluffy and pink. lol…. My husband would freak.

  22. LOVE the mantel!!! I call this look, very foo-foo-shee-shee. :)

    I don’t typically decorate for Valentine’s Day. I figure it has something to do with being divorced with no prospect of a man. LOL

  23. Lovely photos! Very cute details!

  24. So fun and pretty — love those mason jars!

  25. I’m loving pink more and more the closer we get to having our girl!
    love the mantel! so romantic! love love love! Talk about inspiration!

  26. Placing those crystal knobs inside those cute vases is brilliant. Hope my Target has those vases…I need them!

  27. Oh my gosh, what a great idea with the mason jars….I just may have to steal your idea :)
    love the pink…

  28. Sorry to admit it, but the overall look is too much. I would thin it out so it doesn’t look like this random crazy mantle with blank walls surrounding it. However, the individual details are quite nice.

    • Actually Kristi, like I said in my post, I was going for something crazy and over the top–just having fun for Valentine’s day, that’s it. None of my previous mantels have looked random or crazy, so I thought it would be pretty clear I was having fun for V-day.

  29. Nice. Pretty in Pink, for sure. Those boas are fun. I did a Christmas tree with blue and white boa. Just like ribbon or garland and the cat never touched it. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  30. okay- I can’t believe I’ve had two comments from the Decor Chick on my blog. You know you’re famous, right? I’ve been reading your blog for so long that it’s an honor to have you look and comment on mine! And I love the flirty-ness of your mantel! Tha’ts what V-day is all about, right? Having fun? I think it’s fab!

  31. I LOVE it! I still want that PB mantle so bad! You are an awesome decorator. I think the floral arrangements look great. Where did you get those vases that you have them in? Pink is my favorite <3

  32. LOVE this!

    m ^..^

  33. Love it! Every detail is adorable :o) I still absolutely adore your little rosette wreath!

  34. Emily how festive and fabulous! Love the pink boa. I still adore that mantle every time I see it! Thanks so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase; I greatly appreciate it. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I’ll be featuring this today. ~ Stephanie Lynn

  35. Looks amazing!! I love how you decorated it!! I love decorating for Valentines Day!! I have little shutters on mine too!!

  36. Okay, so there are so many things that I love about this mantel. Like the actual mantel – love the rough wood. So cool!

    The mason jars are my fave thing about this vingette. Great job!


  37. Hi Emily,
    Your mantel truly is “pretty in pink” and your Emma is just darling. Fabulous ideas, wonderful photographs, and how kind of you to share the credits. Thanks so much for sharing your Valentine Mantel with all of us.

  38. OH!! I have that sweet picture of Emma too!!! I love your mantel Emily! It’s gorgeous and so fluffy!! :)

  39. I truly love the turquoise and pink. This is right up Bluebird Notes’ alley!

    Happy V-day!

  40. This is positively adorable! Adorable, I repeat!

  41. Very girly, indeed! I love the mercury hurricanes – gorgeous!

  42. Very pretty. Love your decorating style. Came from Between Naps on the Porch.

  43. That is so fun! It’s so pretty. I love the colors. And the blue jars. I just found an old caddy for them. I can’t wait to do something with it! I love how you filled yours. I hope you will link this up to my Sew Crafty Party & Giveaway!

  44. That makes me want cotton candy too! Dropping by from Met Monday.

  45. So cute! I love the pink theme — I did mine up in pink too. So fun!! And I love that you called it Pretty In Pink. Awesome!!!


  46. I love your mantle! Love all the pink and the touch of blue with the mason jars! Awesome!

  47. This looks very glamorous, Very pretty and adorable!..Christine

  48. WOW! That’s one festive mantel! Love the distressed finishes!

    :D Lynda

  49. My favorite part of this is the pink boa. It really caught my eye. I haven’t seen a good valentine mantel yet…I would try this myself. The mason jars are pretty with the vignette. Very frou-frou!

  50. So pretty and girly! I love the feather boas. What fun! I love that you used Valentine’s cards from previous years, too. I always keep my Valentine’s, but then never do anything with them.

  51. THIS is my favorite! I love it so much!! I’m craving all kinds of candy right now looking at it!

  52. I love this! It’s so fun and flirty, and I love the personal touches with the cards. I found those vases at Target and had to buy them…they are so adorable. I love that Target dollar spot. :) You can see how I used them here:

    Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

  53. Happier Than A Pig in Mud says:

    Your mantle looks great! Love the vases:@)

  54. This is amazingly gorgeous!! I seriously love blue jars — so this one has my heart!!

  55. This is lovely. I am hosting a Giveaway on my blog. Would love for you to stop by. hugs Anu

  56. Beautiful mantel! I love the pink feather boas, so delicate.
    I’m a new follower.
    Blessings ~*~ Wendy ~*~

  57. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mantle! You did a fabulous job (: I love all the detail! Thanks for sharing..


    • Charlene Jones says:

      Love it! I know this is from last year, and I love this year’s, too. My Christmas wreath is also still on our door, and I justify just like you did… It’s red! I love Valentine’s Day… and decorating for it. I have 3 precious little granddaughters who love “foo-foo,” so the pink boa just has their name all over it. I also collect the aqua mason jars. Great idea for those. :)

  58. Oh Wow! This is darling! I saw the feather boa on your link up at Home Stories and when I got here, I saw we had the same title for our mantel/shelf blogs! I used pink feathers on mine too and considered using my mason jars too, but ran out of room! You did a great job on this, it’s so pretty!

  59. Love the mantel idea! just curious about what paint color is on your walls?



  1. […] love this mantel so much more than last year’s Valentine mantel, but I still used a lot of the same things.  And if you look at last year’s post those […]