Orange It Is!

I finally did start the laundry room redo this week, and orange was the winning color.

I know it probably looks scary in the can but don’t you worry. It sure looks pretty on the walls!  And let me tell you, our crazy size laundry room is not easy for a pregnant person to paint.  Squatting under the stairs and painting is not an easy task.  If I ever want to repaint this room in the future, I think I’ll spend the $50 and hire someone to do it for me.  In fact, I know I will.  I’d much rather paint a big room than a small room that’s hard to move around in.

So anywho, I am doing the orange/aqua combo like I’ve been talking about for forever now, and I just ordered this rug which I’m SUPER excited about.

It’s going to tie everything together nicely and I can’t wait to get it!

You know you’ll be the first ones to see the progress on this room so I’ll be sure and keep you updated. I have to do this redo in baby steps because well, I get tired really easily now.  At least there is no crazy demolition happening or anything and the hard part is over now. Now it’s time to decorate the room! :)

What have you been working on? Anything exciting?   I feel like I have so much to do before the baby gets here, yet, have done nothing!




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  1. I love the orange and the rug!!! Can not wait to see it all put together!

  2. Orange must be going around, much like the flu :), i look out my window and i see the large orange splotches on my neighbors living room walls — they can’t decide which shade to go with! and then Pantone’s colour of the year is Pantone 17-1463 Tangerine Tango!

  3. I’m not even an orange fan and I was excited to see the paint and rug! I bet it will turn out fantastic! can’t wait to see (:

  4. I’m with Gina, I’m not at all into orange – never have been. This is very nice and might even change my mind. I recently did a painting of Orange Poppies that you might like.

  5. COuld you list the source for the rug please? It is beautiful!

  6. Should you be painting when you’re pregnant? I thought you weren’t supposed to. And if it is OK, why aren’t you just using it as an excuse?? :)

  7. Way to go ! I also am not a fan of orange, but somehow the tangerines and aqua and brown this season are delicious looking! And a liitle lime in there too! And fuschia! wow! I wish I had a room to play with! Am loving it and cant wait to see it all done! How exciting for you!

  8. what color and brand of paint are you using? gloss? i want to do my bathroom in persimmon with a kiss of glaze for richness….

  9. I just started the process of redoing our kitchen… almost that exact orange! I think it is going to look perfectly warm, cozy, and fresh! I can’t wait to see how your laundry room turns out!

  10. We just finished repainting our formal dining room’s vaulted ceiling… raspberry red! It was intimidating seeing that bold color in the can, but the result is so nice! It’s a vibrant pop of color in an unexpected place that helps make our home distinctively ours.

  11. love the colors! please let us know how that beautifully colorful rug wears. the reviews on a similar rug from uo has poor reviews on its fading :(.

  12. Oooh, that rug is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see the paint on the walls! Aqua and orange are such an awesome color combo, great choice! Kudos to you for painting such a hard room while pregnant! You go girl!

  13. Oh, my gosh! I haven’t seen that wall color since I painted my bedroom as a teen while my parents were out shopping! Errr, ummm…they were surprised (?)! I love your rug and can’t wait to see it all work together!

  14. You have the best taste! Love the color combo!

  15. Oooh! I love that orange color! And that rug is so pretty! I can’t wait to see your reveal of the room and your progress. I have been working on getting more organized, myself. It’s definitely such fun and a great way to ring in Spring!

  16. That rug is great and will go nicely with many colors if you decide to change your mind down the road. We had painted one wall of our bedroom orange but it turned out way to bright. Currently I’m in a teal phase but anything other than white is always nice.

  17. Love the orange color! My dining/living room is SW Cavern Clay … looks similar but yours looks more orange-y … LOVE it! Will make for a beautiful laundry room. Looking forward to the reveal! I know you said it is HGTV paint from SW … but what is the name of the color?

  18. I love this shade of orange.. and the run looks fab! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  19. Orange is absolutely one of my favorite colors!!! I can’t wait to see your finished masterpiece. I am in the phase of personal paint selections for our home. Sense it is a democracy in the home, orange would never be allowed. If I had my choice, I would use a nice orange accent wall in the workout room. This would inspire me as I worked out.
    Congrats on staying active while pregnant! Also, you have an excellent Blog. Kudo’s to you and your design team!!!

  20. Love your color combo for laundry room-how fun! What is name of orange color you used form Sherwin Williams. Thanks!

  21. Elizabeth says:

    I love that color! I actually would like to paint a couple of bookcases in a dark hall that I have that color… and then find a lighter-colored runner to brighten the whole room. And love that rug, too. :)


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