Luna Bar Giveaway! {5 Winners}

*This giveaway is now closed*

*Thank you to LUNA Protein for providing me a LUNA Protein sample pack to review. The opinions I’ve expressed here are solely my own and represent my honest viewpoint.*

You all are busy right?  You eat right?  Well, this Luna bar giveaway is perfect then. :)

And some of you may hate protein bars because well, they taste like protein powder.  I’ve tried lots of protein bars in my time, and when Luna sent me this sample pack to try out, I was pleasantly surprised.  They taste yummy!

As you know, I’m a mom to a little toddler, so I tend to stay pretty busy.  And when we leave and go run errands, I always grab a snack for her and I always get one for me too.  And usually it’s a protein type bar or a cereal bar.  So here recently it’s been nice grabbing my Luna bars and trying out all of the new flavors.

These little bars are gluten free, about 180 calories and have 12 grams of protein.  And they are very satisfying.  I eat mine for breakfast/mid-morning snack and I’m totally fine through lunch time.  Sometimes I don’t even eat lunch. That’s not just since I started eating the Luna bars though…that’s just how it goes with a little one. :)

As far as the flavors go, they are Cookie Dough, Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate, and Chocolate Cherry Almond.  I liked them all but my favorites were the Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookie Dough, and Chocolate Peanut Butter. Mmmm mmmm!

So would you like to try them out too?  Luna will send the sample pack above with those 5 flavors (plus a little bonus), to 5 of you! All you have to do is….

  1. Leave a comment and tell me what your usual go-to snack is.
  2. Bonus entry: Facebook or tweet about this giveaway with a link back to this post.

Giveaway is open only to U.S. residents.

Please leave separate comments for each entry.  And please be sure and leave your email address because I will be emailing all 5 winners to get shipping information. Giveaway will be open until Friday, September 2 and I’ll choose the winners via

Good luck everyone and happy snacking!

Disclosure: Please click here to learn more about LUNA Protein. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own. #cleverLUNA



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  1. Becki Foster says:

    Years ago I worked with a personal trainer and she recommended the Luna bars as a snack. I still buy them occasionally and love the variety of flavors. Would love to win some more!

  2. Ooo, I’ve been wanting to give these a try! I teach preschool and those mornings can get really long; these would be perfect to keep me going right up until 1pm! My usual snack is almonds, so I’d love a change. :)
    Thanks for hosting!

  3. Just sent out a tweet, too! Thanks, again!

  4. I love the regular Luna bars and have been wanting to try these because of the added protein. These would come in handy with the new baby set to arrive here in a few weeks!

  5. Love to try them!

  6. I Love Luna Bars. I just discovered them about a year ago and they are my go to snack on the run.

  7. Funny enough – I already LOVE Luna bars and eat them OFTEN!

  8. Love Luna bars! We always keep protein bars in our house. I love them for a grab and go pick me up, and my daughter uses them for her before/after volleyball snack (although she can’t eat any with chocolate…mom would be happy to though!)

  9. Amy Clayburn says:

    My usual go to snack is honey roasted peanuts!

  10. Mmmm . . . I love luna bars! My job has me, usually, on the road at lunchtime, and protein/meal replacement bars are perfect for me. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this giveaway!

  11. I love LUNA bars! Definitely a delicious & satisfying snack. My favs are LemonZest & Chocolate Peppermint Stick. Would love to try some of those other flavors though!!

  12. My usual snack is some fresh fruit with yogurt.

  13. I tweeted about the giveaway (@evil_lina).

  14. My favorite go-to snack has been a banana and peanut butter! All natural peanut butter that is. I get my potassium and protein all in one, plus it’s super tasty! I LOVE luna bars though! I am training for a half and would love to have a new snack or breakfast before runs!

  15. My go-to snack is string cheese :) I know…. kind of odd! haha

  16. opps…. email address is

  17. My snack of choice is a low-fat vanilla ice cream cone from McD’s…makes me feel like a kid again!

    Luna bars got me through both of my pregnancies! Love ’em!!

  18. My go to snack is pistachios!

  19. Luna bars are by far my favorite go-to snack before my early morning runs. Running on an empty stomach is not recommended but luckily Luna makes such a good variety of flavors that its easy to scarf one down as I’m rushing out the door!

  20. go to snack is celery w/ peanut butter!
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  21. Sheryl Calvert says:

    My go to snack is usually yogurt or a gronalo bar. These look good.

  22. EliseKayEm says:

    Cookie Dough sounds delish!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!! :D

  23. EliseKayEm says:
  24. I usually have fruit, right now watermelon….I go through one a week, by myself:)

  25. I love Luna bars and Lara Bars, but am thrilled that Luna has now added protein. Thank you.

  26. my go to snack is fruit… or a cookie!

  27. My go-to snack is usually one of those 100 calorie packs – may be cookies or may be something like crackers – depends if I am looking for sweet or salty. Not terrible, but not the best either.

  28. Felicia Woodward says:

    I try to snack healthy and my main healthy snack is raw green beans, because I need that crunch.

  29. Felicia Woodward says:
  30. My go-to snack lately has been Larabars, but I love Luna bars too! :)

  31. My go-to snack is a handful of nuts – sure would love to try those bars!

  32. My go to snack is either a hand full of nuts or a string cheese. I’d love to try these LUNA bars =)

  33. I don’t have a decent “go to” snack, so it varies from a piece of fruit to pretzels to fruit snacks or a granola bar. Would love to try all of the Luna flavors.

  34. April was in CT now CA says:

    Ohhh, this is exciting! I usually grab some type of granola bar if I’m busy or I’ll have cheese and crackers if I have a few minutes.

  35. I’ve never tried Luna bars. I do however, keep Cliff bars on hand at work. At home, the go to is apples and cheese. I would love to try these!!

  36. My go to snack is usually nuts or a granola bar of some sort.

  37. These sound yummy! I always have almonds and goldfish crackers or goldfish pretzels on hand!

  38. I usually grab a handful of almonds for a snack!

  39. I have to get something chocolate. Oreos, M&M’s, etc.

  40. My go-to snack is low fat string cheese and wasa crackers. Yum!

  41. I like veggies and dip.

  42. My grab and go snacks are usually fruit, a banana or an apple. I do like Luna bars though and would love to win some.

  43. I do meals not snacks, which explains why I’m over weight! I’d love to try the luna bars!

  44. I love Luna Bars and would love to try some new flavors! I do not snack much but these make a great quick lunch for me!

  45. I have not tried Luna bars, but am interested, my go to snacks are an apple or yogurt

  46. I would love to try the Luna Bars. I’ve been dieting for 3 weeks now and am looking for anything that can help. I read today that your body actually burns more calories when processing protein. My go to snack now is fruit or yogurt. Prior to the past 3 weeks it would have been something quick and sweet like cookies.

  47. Lisa Bracale says:

    I really love natural almonds. I haven’t tried these flavors yet but have tried other Luna bars before-good stuff.


  48. I love Luna bars! The Smore’s flavor is usually my go to snack if I have any in the pantry! If not, I like the new Fiber One brownies or the Nature Valley Granola Thins (I’m trying to watch my calorie intake). Thank you for the fun giveaway! :)

  49. My favorite go to snack is homemade trail mix…perfect for snacktime! I’m a teacher and definitely need a little pick me up during the day with the kiddies :)

  50. Catherine says:

    I love Luna! My go-to snacks are pop chips and trail mix with dried cherries.

  51. would love to try these, usually snack on fruit or a piece of cheese

  52. I have really been wanting to try these as our fall schedule is always so hectic. Tennis practice/matches, marching band competitions, and football. Currently my go to snack is almonds or freeze dried fruit…. high protein and low residue.

  53. We usually use crackers of some sort or nuts for a quick on-the-go snack.

  54. Katherine says:

    I love Luna bars! My favorite snack is hummus on pita chips. Yum!

  55. Clif bar!
    Would love to try out these..

  56. MY fav to go snack is apples with cheese .

  57. Would love to try these.
    My usual go-to snack involves peanut butter and a spoon :O yuuum!

  58. I posted the giveaway to facebook. :)

  59. I’ve tried the cherry one and it’s yummy! My go-to snack lately is string cheese and a small glass of cranraspberry juice.

  60. I just posted on FB about it. Thanks for hosting this!

  61. michellansync says:

    My absolute fav. Go to snack would be pretzels and peanut butter!
    I luvv the regular Luna bars so would like to try these! Luv and hugs for the giveaway!!

  62. Elaine Moore says:

    I usually grab an Odwalla Superfood bar – would love to try the LUna

  63. my morning snack/breakfast is the nuts over chocolate Luna bar. live it!! :)

  64. just sent out a tweet about Luna bar giveaway! :)

  65. My usual go to snack is Cheez Its :) I would love to try these. They sound delicious I love Mint Chocolate Chip!!!

  66. These look so good! I like eating apples and PB for a snack, but often times I run to the Starbucks that’s in my building!

  67. I love Luna bars. I’ve only ever tried the mint chocolate ones, but it is definitely one of my go-to grab and go snacks. That paired with a piece of fruit makes a very satisfying snack! I would love to try the other flavors too :)

  68. I haven’t tried the protein bars but I love the lemon zest one… yum! And they really do fill you up. Cottage cheese with tomatoes is my usual snack but I love when I have these.

  69. I usually go for Yogi granola flakes. They taste amazing and they are very filling. I think they are supposed to be eaten as a cold cerela, but I like them dry. I’ve wanted to try the Luna bars, but I’ve hesitated because my kiddos usually snag my snacks before I get to try them out. Thanks for the giveaway!

  70. I love veggies dipped in hummus, but I also LOVE luna bars. They are almost like candy bars, but healthier

  71. Love Luna Bars! My go-to snack is usually a yogurt and im getting bored of them!

  72. I normally have a Special K protein bar as a snack, but I’d love to try these! Especially the mint chocolate one!! Yum!

  73. My go to snack is generally a Clif bar or a Fiber One bar. I would love to give these a try!

  74. Melanie P. says:

    I love Luna bars so I would love to try these! My usual snack is fruit with vanilla yogurt– but it’s nice to have an “on the go” snack like a Luna bar!

  75. Jennifer H says:

    My usual go to snack is yogurt. I would love to try these Luna bars (they have more protein than my yogurt) to help me get through the mid afternoon!!!

  76. Usually a cheese stick or a Greek yogurt!
    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  77. for a grab and go snack i pretty much choose what is fast which is usually not healthy. i am not a breakfast person but force myself to eat something, it would be nice to try luna bars for that quick breakfast re-placer.


  78. the emerald breakfast nuts and general mill sweet n salty bars
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  79. I love nutrigrain bars!

    something frugal at yahoo dot com

  80. My usual go-to snack is usually a handful of chocolate!

  81. A big fat yellow banana!! But I do also enjoy protein bars!

  82. My go to snack are almonds! Keep me slightly full… =)

  83. My favorite go-to snack is peanut butter with crackers.

  84. I LOVE it! I also love it when I can remember all of the things I need on a tutorial and I don’t have to go back to figure it all out! I’m making one SOON :) Cant wait for fall!!!!!

  85. Dana Holt says:

    My go-to snack tends to be a couple of pieces of good cheddar… but I’m slowly trying to switch to to carrot sticks, instead. :)

  86. my usual snack to go is almonds because they are easy and take off the edge!

  87. I try to keep granola bars, nuts and fruit handy. I’d love to try these!

  88. These look yummy! Right now I usually go for string cheese or cereal bar for snack…

  89. I tweeted this too!

  90. If I am home I usually have a yogurt or string cheese. If I am out I grab a granola bar or something similar. I have never tried the Luna bars, so it would be nice to see what they are like.

  91. I hope those are tasty because I have trouble getting enough protein in my meals and snacks. My usual go to snack is a handful of almonds or a banana with a little peanut butter.

  92. I posted this on Facebook :)


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