How To: Fake Wainscoting

Remember my “Difference Molding Can Make” post?  If you don’t, I’ll be nice and show you the after picture again when we put up the chair rail and framed boxes…

I liked it, but wanted to try something different.  We have textured walls, so I was a little scared to try this, but I have seen others do board and batten and wainscoting with textured walls and it looked great.  One that comes to mind is Joy from Thrifty Parsonage Living when she did board and batten in their bedroom.  I had asked her about her textured walls and it didn’t bother her, so it shouldn’t bother me then right?! :)  Her new board and batten looks great!!

So, keep in mind that “true” wainscoting has smooth wood paneling completely covering the wall, then you put your boxes on top of that.  But since I already had the boxes up and the chair rail, I didn’t want to have to redo everything and take off the baseboards etc, or spend any money for that matter.

So, how do you get the look of wainscoting without all the extra work and money you ask?  Paint!!

Please don’t pay attention to my uneven line there on the right corner.  I still have to figure out what to do with that transition column.  So instead, just humor me and admire my fake wainscoting for a moment.  :)   It looks real to me, and if it doesn’t to you, please don’t say so and rain on my fake wainscoting parade. :)

Last Thursday night at 9:00 p.m. I just popped up and said “I’m going to paint that wall, it’ll be easy!”  I already had that white semi-gloss paint in the garage.  Well of course it turned into a 2 day project because I needed 3 coats of white paint, because again, I didn’t prime.  When will I ever learn?  And then after I painted it all, the boxed frames looked like this…

I had already started caulking everything when I remembered to take a picture, but you can see the ugliness I’m talking about.  So yes, I had to caulk ALL of the frames inside and out.  Again, when will I learn to do this FIRST?  I guess never.

This is the caulking/sealant stuff I used in a tube.  It was really easy to work with…a lot easier than the caulking gun, for this project anyway.

So in a nutshell it was pretty easy, but would have been easier if I had primed and caulked first.  Oh well, I’m happy with my new wall. :)

Here is a close up of the textured wall in case you are curious like me.  Yes you can still see it, but it still looks pretty.  And from afar you can’t even tell that much.  Also, if you have people coming over and inspecting your walls for the real stuff, then they shouldn’t be in your home. :)

Another before…

And after…

Ahhhh!  So whatcha think?  I think this really dressed up the wall, much more than before.  I have plans to do this in our living room, the opposite entry wall, and more fun molding in the dining room to tie everything together.  Oh, and some board and batten or beadboard in our bedrooms and bathrooms.  Yea, I love molding, all kinds, and I want it all.  It’s amazing people. I think it gives you the biggest “bang” for your buck! Now I just need the bucks. :)

So have you tried anything like this with textured walls?  If so, did you like the results?

Sharing this post at Layla’s Tutorial party.



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  1. You did a great job, it looks beautiful, something like that would look great in a dining room too. I love your colors.

  2. oh, I love this look!!! I think when the kids go back to school, this is my new project!!! you did a fab job!

  3. Oh yes, looks great all painted out! I think a lot of people have the textured walls. I don’t think it looks bad at all. And yes, I hear ya with the caulking. When I started painting all of my trim. I primed first then all the spots that needed caulking showed up. Caulk hides all! I did just notice some spots on my stairs that need some touching up though. I have to get out my gun!

  4. Your wainscotting looks beautiful ! My entrace way is screaming for this right now;)

  5. very very nice i like when i get into doing some re-dos in LR and BR i am thinking of doing this…..but that is in the furture, also i think your memory wall looks fantastic 1 of the nicest ones i seen i bet its the wainscoatting!!!

  6. That looks gorgeous! You did such a great job! I just can’t stop looking at your pictures of it – it just looks so elegant! :)

  7. i am planning on doing this in my kitchen! you did a wonderful job and i do have to say i like it much better!! =)

  8. I seriously did not know that was drywall with molding! It faked me out! It looks awesome.

  9. Love, love, love your wall. It turned out gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  10. I LOVE this! Great job.

  11. well fine, you’re a genius. you deserve all the props and kudos and features you get for this project, b/c girl, it rocks! seriously great job, and you have me wondering where i can do this….

  12. Lauren@SimplyLKJ says:

    Love it! You did a fabulous job. It really stands out now.

  13. This looks great! We have the textured walls too and I am not a fan. I would like to do something similiar to what you did. Thanks for the close up of the wall too, I was wondering if you had the “orange peel” or “knockdown” walls and you have knockdown like us. So I also asked you about the rainwashed and still haven’t started painting yet. But I shouldn’t have painted the sample in our laundry room because there is no natural light in there. We liked the color but thought we needed something lighter so we picked out a different color for our living room, but not we’re scared it’s too light/bright. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I wish I had money to hire a professional cuz I have no idea what I’m doing! I did spray paint our doorknobs though, so at least that is under my belt. I’ve still gotta do the hinges though…

  14. love it!!! Thanks for showing us the details.

  15. Looks fab!

  16. I really liked it without the paint in your original post, but now that you have it painted-it definitely makes a statement! Much better! :)

  17. Looks great! I liked it before, but think it looks even more fab now.

  18. Love how this turned out. I have a room I’m dying to try fake wainscoting or B&B in one of my rooms.
    Great job!

  19. OH MY GOSH!!!! I LOVE IT!!! It looks great!

  20. I think it looks great! Really finished off the look of the wall! Great job!

  21. I love the 9pm inspiration! It seriously looks AWESOME! I really love it. p.s. I saw a comment about “orange peel”- that is what our builder also called the texture of our walls- similar to what an actual orange peel feels like. The super, super smooth wals are apparently also super, super expensive.

    • Thanks Megan! That’s good to know about the peel. Never heard of that. I wonder if that is what we have? Oh yes, the smooth walls are ultra expensive, but oh so luxurious! That will be a requirement in our new house if we ever build one one day. :)

  22. Emily, I love this! I think it turned out great! I love how it looks now. It looked good before, but it looks fab now!

  23. There is no way I would rain on your parade, I think it looks great and I can’t find the unevenness your talking about, I think your over analyzing! Great Job!


  24. It looks great! I have been wanting to do this same things for awhile now but I cant convince my hubby that it would look fine with textured walls. Now I can show him yours and hopefully sway him!

    PS: I think I had the same floorplan as you in my last house (that one was a rental). Really puts into perspective what a difference wainscoting makes when I remember how my old house looked and see how yours is now!

    • Thanks so much Emily! Hopefully your hubby will go for it!

      Yes, I’m slowly but surely trying to add molding in this house…it had none. It should definitely be a “standard” feature. :)

  25. WOW! Emily this looks fantastic! I need to try it.
    Thank you for showing us how. ~Melissa :)

  26. Wow! it turned out great!!! It’s amazing what a few small changes can do to change the whole look. Great job!

  27. WOW! It’s looks amazing. Please move to NY so you can be my new best friend and do this for me!

  28. I am so impressed!!! I still didn’t get it after you said paint…. I didn’t get it until you showed the close up picture!!! This looks great!! I love it

  29. Looks great. I’ve been thinking of doing this in my home as well. I just love wainscoting and lots of architectural details…which my home has little of. Thanks for sharing. Take Care, Carrie

  30. Love it!! I am having a CSN Giveway on my blog My Dream Canvas and would love for you to drop by.

  31. Hi there! Popping over from NFF! This looks amazing. I have textured walls too and have been thinking about doing something like this…inspiration for sure! I am a new follower.

  32. It looks fabulous! I love that shade of brown, and all your pictures!
    I am following you from New Friend Fridays!

  33. I’ll bet it was a lot of work with that textured wall, but it really looks great. I’ve been wanting to do this in my dining room for ages. Someday … ;-)

  34. I looooove this! Very nice! What section did you get your “foam framed boxes”? Is that the technical name for it in case I need to ask someone where it is?

    • Thanks Lori. They are in the molding section of Lowe’s, like where the chair rails and everything are. If you asked for the premade foam boxes, someone should know what you are talking about. :)

  35. Ann Garvin says:

    Thank you for the tutorial. I too have wanted that look without the added cost of putting up flat board ( I have textured walls also). I think your wall turned out great! Now I’m a bit closer to doing it myself.

  36. I think it lookis fabulous! I loved the before, but I think I like the after even more!!!! Beautiful!

  37. Wow your a genius I live in a 1950’s beach cottage but am a renter and cannot paint knotty pine trying to think of creative ides to make rooms lighter without painting!

  38. It looks fantastic! You did a great job :).

  39. WOW! And I thought it looked great before!! This looks really amazing! Great job!

  40. Love, Love the after! Looks GREAT!!

  41. I LOOOOOVE this! Looks fantastic –Thanks for sharing!

  42. That is what we have in our house- when our builder built our house, the trim guys put up the beauty boxes and then the painters came in and painted it white in the dining room. Then later we added more in the foyer and staircase- I watched them do the trim, it was really interesting. I blogged about it here:

    New Follower from New Friend Fridays! :) Your wainscoting job is awesome. It is harder than it looks, isn’t it? All the caulking and painting in the ridges and what not. Good job!

    • Wow Katie what a beautiful home you have!!! I love your wainscoting and trim work. It’s gorgeous! Looking forward to reading more of your blog for sure. Your staircase is killer!

      It wasn’t that hard, just a little time consuming with the caulking, but isn’t every project? haha. The paint goes on the wall very easily. The texture is not rough or anything, which is a good thing. It’d be better if they were completely smooth walls, but that costs a fortune.

  43. I love it… we are doing faux in our sons room… but you are right no people should be over inspecting that!!!

    Did you do the texture on your walls? or was that there already?

    Hey I am your newest follower… glad I found you on a little lovely

  44. Lisa Glowacka says:

    I love the wall! I have been thinking of doing this in my dining room! But can’t decide since it’s kind of a weird shape but since you did one wall you got me thinking!

    Totally agree that new build homes lack character.

    • You can always make the boxes odd shapes too, to go with the shape of your wall.

      Yea, such a bummer. Builders really need to read these blogs. :)

  45. Thanx for posting this!! We are getting ready to put up picture molding in our dining room. I wanted to do board and batten but the hubster said it would look funny with our textured walls. I keep telling him that does not matter so picture framing was a compromise. I can not wait to get started! Yours looks great!

  46. What an incredible idea, and so beautifully executed. Gotta set the computer down for a bit, walk around my house, and see where I can give this a try!

  47. BTW, New follower from Tater Tots and Jello. Have a great weekend! Jenn

  48. It looks marvelous! One of these days I will be brave enough to try it in my home!

  49. This is just soooo clever! And I love your comment about people that inspect your walls so closely. lol.

  50. It really looks great! And you’re right, people shouldn’t be inspecting your walls; that would just be weird =)

  51. WOW! That looks amazing! I can’t wait to own my own home so I can decorate however I want. lol Great job!


  53. Great job! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  54. LOVE IT!!! I absolutely love wainscoting and I think you did an outstanding job!!! :)

  55. I love what you did. I did the same thing in my family room and hallway. I did put up thin wood panel in my foyer with the picture framing on top. I gave up on it and contined the way you did. No one could tell the difference. My ceilings are very high so I put a sub rail under the chair rail. I love the color of your walls also. Fantastic!!

  56. This looks SO good! Good for you for being brave and tackling it! The end result sure paid off :)

  57. I love this idea! I’ve been looking for a new idea for our long entryway hall, I think I’ve found it!

  58. It looks fabulous!

  59. absolutely amazing how good that looks on a well, nearly $0 budget and no super woodworking skills required.

    well, you deserve an invite:

    come link your tutorial up with us so our readers can find you:
    (new party, every wednesday, findable from the home page)

    we love to feature you,

  60. I love love love it!!! It is totally FABULOUS!

  61. I wanted to ask you what color is on your wall? The neutral brown color? What color and store did you purchase it at? Love it. The molding job you did looks amazing! :)

  62. Looks Fab! cant wait to try it out myself. :) Was wondering… whats the color of the wall? It isnt Tobacco Road is it?

    • Hi Nicole, the color on that particular wall is “Baguette” from Sherwin Williams. The color underneath the bar is Tobacco Road, a custom color. :)

  63. Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party!

  64. Absolutely fabulous make over. One opinion…wrap the top trim piece around the corner to finish it off.

  65. Great job! What a great way to get a killer look for an awesome price. I will def. be trying this. BTW…I joined your group!

  66. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant. . . I will keep this one in mind for the future! ♥

  67. It is beautiful. We have some of that “fake” wainscotting in our dining room and I love it. Thanks for linking to Transform Tuesday. I really enjoy your posts!

  68. I LOVE the new look! We appreciate you joining us this week at Anything Related!

  69. Oh I soooooo prefer the white, that looks amazing!!! I would never have known it wasn’t wainscotted if you hadn’t said so, it looks that good! Thanks for linking up! :)

  70. Oh my, I totally thought you had put something up on the wall! I didn’t realize it was just paint! Wow! That is awesome!!! Great project!

  71. This looks fantastic! I’m impressed! I’ve been thinking about doing this next to my stairs, but I’m afraid of all that cutting….I don’t think I’d get anything straight. ugh!

  72. I am loving this idea ! My living room is in desperate need of something. I tried some color on the walls and it failed miserably I want to go back to a neutral on the walls but felt if I am gonna do that it DEFINITELY needs something special going on. I’m going to give this a shot !!

  73. Hello! I just found your blog for the first time! I have been MAJORLY contemplating doing the same sort of ‘fake’ wainscotting in my living room but didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg! I love what you have done here – looks great. I’m a follower now.

  74. WOW, I love it!! I love the later pic’s with the lower half painted white. I think the contrast of the 2 colors is great it really makes the white pop and draws more attention downward to the wainscoting.

  75. That is brilliant! You’ve inspired me! My dad has a woodworking shop and I could get trim boxes like that any day of the week… then I’d just need a touch of paint and waa laa! The solution to my son’s nursery walls =D Thanks!!!

  76. LOVE this! I’m bookmarking it, because I adore the look, and want to try something similar when we move into our new home. Thanks for the info. Really great.

  77. I love it!! It looks fantastic! Will have to give that some thought for my place!

  78. I’ve been wanting to do exactly this on my textured walls, but I’ve been too chicken. But seeing yours, I think you’ve given me just the confidence I need. Let us know what you end up doing on the corner transition. Thanks for sharing! It’s glorious!! Rebecca

  79. I like it so much better now. I think I need to do this somewhere in my house – but I haven’t figured out where yet. You did a great job. The caulking definitely made it look better. Love it.

  80. Yeah! Thanks for sharing. I have been trying to decide if I should buy the wallpaper that looks like bead board. But one of the sites showed that it was easy to mark up, and I didn’t want to risk that with 5 kids! This is a beautiful, simple “fake out”!

  81. that is fabulous! i want to do something like that in my hallway, cuz hallways r boring! you did a great job! visiting from finding fabulous’ link party!

  82. I love it! It looks great!
    Thanks for linking up!

  83. I love it!

  84. This looks so great! Thanks for sharing!

  85. It looks great. I love Wainscoting!

  86. What is the paint/paint color that you used in the hallway. I’m trying to find the perfect paint color and it looks just like what I want! Thanks!

  87. This looks fabulous! My best friend just bought a house and was asking me about how she could do this and I had a similar idea. This one looks much easier so we’ll have to try it out. Thanks!!

  88. Wow! This is absolutely amazing!
    You’ve done a fantastic job!
    Thanks for sharing this! I enjoy your blog and plan to follow.
    Come and visit :)

    With all my heart..Deborah

  89. This is going to be my “first project” when we moved in to our new home! You have the best idea, ever! I have been looking for funds to have that wainscot and almost gave up (because most of our money will be funneled to the purchase). Thank you very much for this entry.

  90. i love this idea and i always wondered how i could get the look for cheaper!! this is awesome, if your starting from scratch i think it would be easiest to just paint the wall first then apply the moldings??

    LOVE this idea!!!!! LOVE LOVE!

  91. I think my comment went into cyber space….
    This is awesome!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  92. Technical question!

    It appears you used semi-gloss on both the the “wall” and the “trim” part of the “wainscot.” Is that what you would recommend?

    I assume they should both be semi-gloss because if it were “real” wainscoting it would all be semi-gloss. However, I wondered if the semi-gloss doesn’t emphasize the “texture” on the drywall part of the wainscot? They always say to use flat to de-emphasize imperfections…

    I suppose it would be weird to use flat and semi together and have it all look like one.

    Do you understand what I’m asking?

  93. Wow, this is just what I wanted to see! I have textured walls just like yours, and I was thinking I’d have to sand them down before doing faux board and batten. Thanks for sharing!

  94. Love the after! :)

  95. Emily, I have been saving this link to feature forever now! I am featuring this on tomorrow (Thursday)
    Thanks for the great idea!

  96. I liked your before… You know, before. But now that I’ve seen the after it looks like it was always meant to be that way. It looks amazing!

  97. I LOVE it! Our house has NO molding and it seems so plain. I’m trying to convince my hubby that it will look fine with our textured walls. I will have to show him your pictures! I love your room with the board and batten too. The ledge is fantastic. I really want to run to Home Depot right now! :)

  98. This is SO beautiful! I’m just getting ready to start redoing my foyer….I want this look! I don’t know if it’d work well, though, because all of the trim in the foyer (the whole house for that matter) is natural wood color and I’d hate to have one room with white trim but….man, this is so pretty!

  99. I was all set to send hubby to get supplies for wainscotting – but I happened upon this post of yours and I thought I CAN DO THAT MYSELF!! I like it better with the knockdown texture behind and between the frames. How easy is that – I never thought of it. Thanks!!! I will get started on this next week. (:

  100. Love the wainscot you did to your walls! In fact, I am featuring them at Extreme Personal Measures this morning.

    Extreme Personal Measures

  101. Your wall looks awesome! I am in the process of doing that to my dinin room wall. We are remodeling kitchen/dining area. My walls are Behr Wine Barrel. Hubs painted the bottom snow cloud (white) and I almost fainted last night! Started having second thoughts bout doint the wainscoting. I’m hoping it will be done tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed that i like it. If not, back to painting again! Where did you get your shelves? Love them!

  102. Cool informational internet site!!! I have to say which I am completely adoring it. ;-) I’ve just signed up to your site RSS feed also and I’ll come again again. ;-) thank

  103. Superb site you have here but I was curious if you knew of any user discussion forums that cover the same topics discussed in this article? I’d really like to be a part of community where I can get advice from other experienced individuals that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Cheers!

  104. OH! I am SO doing this!

  105. You inspired me to continue my fake wainscoting in my upstairs hallway! Thanks so much. Check it out if you have a chance. Love your blog!

  106. I absolutely love the tan color on your wall! Would you care to tell me what color it is?? I have been trying to get the perfect tan color in my living room for years!!

  107. Hey very nice website, the content is written in a simple yet very effective manner so even the newbie could understand and put these great tips to practise, I will be coming back to check out your new post, thanks again.

  108. what color paint is that? i like the color! want to use that in my bedroom!

  109. I love the look of this so much that I used it for inspiration in our hallway. I just posted about it, and I of course linked back to you. Thanks Emily!!

  110. Love this! Exactly the idea I am looking to steal…um, inspire me. Do happen to have pictures that shows the different moldings you layered together. Building up moldings is such a challenge for me.

    Tnx for sharing!

  111. Mommy Swenz says:

    Love it! Thanks for sharing info about the pre-made boxes! What a time saver! I’m going to try my dining room. I’m a little stuck on how far apart to space the boxes. I guess what ever looks best and fits the wallet. :-) Great job – LOVE the white wainscotting!

  112. Fauxfrugalista says:

    THANK YOU so VERY much for sharing this! I HATE my diningroom and wanted to add wainscot paneling but do not have the money to do so…however, I have all the materials you used on hand and will only have to buy the molding! This is seriously one of the MOST CREATIVE ideas I’ve seen…Not only will I be doing the diningroom, but I am going to do the majority of the house! Thank you again and GREAT JOB! YOUR WALL LOOKS AMAZING!

  113. Selena Carroll says:

    Hi, I am thinking of doing this technique on the front of the island in my kitchen that faces my livingroom just to add some detail. How did you secure the boards to the wall? Did you nail them or glue them?

  114. Found you through Google images – because we’re planning on “faking” wainscoting, ourselves, and I wanted to see if I like it. Yes! So thanks for posting this!

  115. I LOVE your wainscoting and my husband and i were looking online for inexpensive ways to create this in our house and we came across yours. but now we just wqnt to know how you did it step by step. where did you get those square wood fames for the middle part? please help we are planning to do this project this week.

  116. lovetodecor says:

    selena, did you find out if you nail or glue the frames? also, where to get the frames already made?

    • I know you can get the frames already made at home depot/lowes in the moulding department.. they are on the bottom shelf so they weren’t easy to find in my local home depot. I think they run about 7 bucks and up (depending on the size you are using).

  117. Paul Pigott says:


    Great job

    can i ask you the name of the paints you used



  118. I’ve wanted to do this for SO long in my hallway! It looks great.

  119. It looks amazing!!! I am going to be doing this starting tomorrow! I have a question though..what was the spacing you used between the squares, between the chair rail and the squares, and the base boards?

  120. What is the color and brand of paint on your wall? Love it!

  121. Can you please share what color your yellow wall is? And where you purchased that paint I just love it! I love your whole project thank you for sharing it!!! Brandi

  122. I am going to do the faux wainscoting in my bathroom. Did you use wood or PVC moulding? I understand that PVC is cheaper and also recommended for bathrooms because it is waterproof, but I don’t want it to look cheap. Yours looks wonderful! Is it wood or PVC? Thank you!

  123. Hi there,
    My hubby and I have been searching everywhere to find the exact wood trim you used for your molding! Could you please email me asap with the name of the trim you used, what company/store it was from, and how much it cost please? Thank you very much!

  124. To die for girl, just to die for :)

  125. I love this look and hopefully I’ll do my dining room before Thanksgiving.Is the boxes you used trim you cut or is it picture frames?I saw somewhere that frames were used and I couldn’t tell the difference.I have to replace my base boards because the previous owner had a dog that chewed all the corners through out the whole house.I already have my paint so hopefully,I’ll get your answer real soon.I was actually planning on using frames….

  126. I love this idea! will be using it in my new house!

  127. LOVE this look ! I’m always re inventing and re purposing things in our house.
    I’m the “handy man” . I just painted the bedroom Nomadic Desert from Sherwin Williams and I am putting the picture frame style boxes below the 2 windows. They look so so nice and I’m not quite finished yet. I’m not sure if I should paint them white or the same clor as the walls. P.S. I LOVE caulking ! I use clear most of he time so it accepts the wall color better especially if I’m painting a darker color.

  128. Shona Woodward says:

    I think it looks totally awesome. Way to go girl. I did my bedroom and it took me 6 weeks (because I have cancer) to complete it but boy do I love it. We ladies are just as good at this stuff as the boys.

    You rock!!!

  129. Looks amazing!

  130. This is AMAZING! We just bought our first home, and I think this would be a great project for my daughters country cottage themed room! Can I just ask, do you know what size frames you used?
    Thanks for sharing!
    Michaela :)

    • They just came in one size Michaela. Someone recently emailed me though and told me they are no longer carrying them at Lowe’s. Maybe it’s just certain ones? I haven’t looked at mine in a while.

  131. Help! I want to do this in my dinning room. How do you measure the wainscoting boxes? I can hang the chair rail and make the boxes, but have no idea what size to make each box. Can you help me??

  132. Where did you find the frames please?? This looks great!!

  133. Hi love what you did. It helped my husband and I decide that we want to do it too. Just one question for you, what colour is the wainscotting painted in. White or cream???

  134. I’m trying desperately to do this in a fast way! I purchased over 12panels various sizes from a co. “EverTrue”. Thru Lowes, many different Lowes stores. Then Lowes dropped them &now I can’t get ANY panels to do the kitchen, Bay window, short hall project? EverTrue has site for help…NO phone #…for help.if ANYONE. Out in BLOGLAND knows where to get more please contact me thru ?a message back here?(ok?). I love your project.I would add a piece thats used on corners to prevent wallpaper from peeling on that edge as a final finish …availble @all big box home stores… Great job! ;). Saved so much $$$$ doing it yourself.

  135. Hi, just wanted to say, I liked this post.
    It was helpful. Keep on posting!

  136. Found the fake wainscoating that was mentioned did you manage to get those frames lined up straight with each other? What a great idea I think! Either way, picture frames eliminate all that measuring and cutting each piece of molding, caulking, etc. Will have to show my home improvement man these. I love that desk lamp in your office..might sharing where you purchased that? It is a beauty!

  137. LOVE this. Looks incredible! You said you used foam boxes from Lowes? How sturdy are they? They dont just absorb and eat up the paint? Are they strong and durable should someone lean against it? I wonder if they make pre-made wood boxes….Sorry for all the questions but I am in love with this and would like to try it in my hallway:)

  138. LOVE IT!!

  139. Awesome!!

  140. I love your faux wainscoting!! (and your blog)! I have some molding and every time I paint I get those dreaded ‘breaks’ after the paint dries. Never thought to caulk around the molding first. What a great idea, and I thank you so much for this!!

  141. Donna Dunbar says:

    Looks great! Just needs trim moulding to cover the uneven edge. :)

  142. It is just gorgeous!!!! THanks for sharing with us.

  143. BRILLIANT! It looks amazing. I might just steal the idea. ;)

  144. Your picture gave me inspiration! I went and found the panels and added them to my entry way and the difference is AMAZING!!!! Thanks so much for the tip about the premade boxes at Lowes – they made this project so much easier!

    I also followed your priming and caulking advice – PERFECT!!! I love your blog – your ideas are great!

    • I’m so glad Stacey!! I’ve had several people tell me they can’t find them at their Lowe’s so I’m glad you did. :)

    • Hey Stacey…could you share where the Lowes is where you were able to get the premade boxes…trying to do this for my daughter who is soon to have a baby and wants this treatment in the babys room, would appreciate any help that you can give. I tried my local Lowes and they were not available…Help!

      • Hi Gary – I live in Charlotte, North Carolina and when I bought them they told me at the store they just started carrying them after not stocking them for awhile. If you are local to the area – they are at the Northlake Mall store and they have several different styles. When I ordered them the first time – I actually found them online at and selected the pick up store option….so maybe if you’re not local that could help you locate a Lowes close to you that has them….do a search on Lowes site for Evertrue or Evertrue moulding and they should come up in the results. I hope that helps!!!

  145. I’m trying to do this for my daughter who is soon to have a new baby and I have been looking for the premade boxes for the baby’s room but our local Lowes does not have them. It seems that Stacey who responded in Dec 2013 was able to find them; could you share where that Lowes is so that I might contact them and see if I could get some? BTW the pix look great, I hope I am able to achieve as good results, not looking forward to having to make the boxes, however; would prefer to avoid that step, thanks!

    • I am posting this twice to make sure you get it –

      Hi Gary – I live in Charlotte, North Carolina and when I bought them they told me at the store they just started carrying them after not stocking them for awhile. If you are local to the area – they are at the Northlake Mall store and they have several different styles. When I ordered them the first time – I actually found them online at and selected the pick up store option….so maybe if you’re not local that could help you locate a Lowes close to you that has them….do a search on Lowes site for Evertrue or Evertrue moulding and they should come up in the results. I hope that helps!!!

  146. I was wondering what was the measurements you used for the boxed frames? Looks amazing!

  147. Becky Randall says:

    I know this might be a long shot but I have a question about the frames you used! I can’t find raw wood frames but I found some that are finished and didn’t know if it would be a problem to prime and paint over the finished frames. Do you any information you can send to me? Thanks

    • Hi Becky, the ones I used were white already. If you found some that are already white and finished, you shouldn’t need primer, just paint! :)

  148. This is a terrific idea…..I even plan to just paint what will be my wainscoting color up to the level I want it, just so I can get a preview of the contrast prior to the end result. Love it. Great work!!

  149. I love your wall decoration very much. It’s amazing. And I have a on-line wall decal shop. Maybe you can try some wall decals. Thank you very much.

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    If you have any suggestions, please share. With thanks!

  151. There is certainly a great deal to know about this subject.
    I really like all of the points you’ve made.

  152. I just came across this blog/website and love the job you did on the fake wainscoting in your hall and want to try this for my long hallway.
    Two Questions:
    1) What is the color of your wainscoting – it is so creamy. :-)
    2) My hallway has a cold-air return grate in the wall — suggestion how to camouflage or incorporate it.?

    Thank you.

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    why tthe opposite specialists of this sector do not
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    a great readers’ base already!

  154. Hi Emily,

    Can you tell me the detail how to make the upper cap railing ?


  155. Catherine says:

    Looks absolutely gorgeous!

  156. why would you leave the outlet white? first thing I see.



  157. Bethany Alford says:

    What did you use for the “boxes”?

  158. Love the color on top. What is it called

  159. Christina Descano says:

    where did you get the wood panels – are they adhesive? I so want to do this for my dining room.

  160. pretty!
    Did u get the frames from Lowe’s? can you link here which specific chair rail you used? thx!

  161. Anonymous says:

    It looks awesome! Can’t wait to try it in my foyer.

  162. Michelle in CARY NC says:

    I think you did a terrific job. My question is how did you attach the frames? Are the frames wood? And where did you get them? I will need to make some smaller to my dining room, so I really need wood frames so I can cut them so make the box narrow for partial walls

  163. Love it! We are closing on a house this month. The current theme is 70s, complete with spindles. Need less to say, I Love this idea. Nice look and can put my cash into other projects. Hobby Lobby has plain frames for cheap when on sale. Im wondering if they will work for the rectangles. Looks great! Thank you.

  164. Looks great! Go Faux! Good to hear someone else who plunges in to a project without looking ahead 😎

  165. Linda Kitts says:

    I love it! I have a wall about 4 foot long on my hallway. It faces the front door and I have looked at the wallpaper the previous owner applied long enough! I think this will give me incentive to rip that wallpaper off the walls… Thank you!

  166. Hi ! Love the cream paint color. Whats the name?


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