The Ultimate Garage Makeover

I have some BIG news today friends!! Over the past several weeks my husband and I have been working like crazy people giving our garage a makeover and complete overhaul! More so my husband, since I still went to bed at usual time while he stayed up late in the garage. Bless him.

Remember three years ago I wrote a post on our horrific garage? Well fast forward 3 years and it only got worse. Much worse. But I’m happy to report it is amazing now!!

Flowwall Garage System |

Eeek!! Really a dream come true. And a work table too? Super dream come true.

You ready for the before pictures? Brace yourselves. Grab a gag bag, or two. And promise me you won’t disown me.




I know. I. KNOW. You couldn’t even walk in the garage and as you can see it was a major hazard.

Luckily, we went through all of that CRAP and lots was trashed, donated, and the good stuff stored up in our garage attic that my husband just finished! The attic has always been in the garage, but no floors up there so hubs put down some boards so we have lots of storage up there now. It’s great.

I’ve been working with FlowWall and they had pity on me and our garage and wanted to bless us with their 7-piece garage system in espresso.

I am not going to do a tutorial in this post on building out the system, but I will follow up with a 2nd post on that because it really is fascinating how it works. Randy put it all together and built the system so he’s going to be writing some.

I will say though that FlowWall is super cool because their systems are modular, and you can move your cabinets, bins, hooks, whatever around at any time. There are many ways to configure the sets which is nice since not everyone has the same spaces. You hang up the FlowWall panels first, and then the cabinets and such just securely “click” in until you are ready to move them.

Okay so more after pics. Here is a wider shot of the garage showing how clean it is and there is a floor we can actually walk on.

Garage Organization System |



We aren’t hoarders any longer.

I know you want to see what’s in these beautiful espresso finished cabinets now right?


Here ya go.


And a close up of the spray paint because I know you are nosy like me.


And all of them with plenty of room to spare…

How To Organize Garage |

I love their hooks and how we can have stuff hanging nicely.


Here is my paint stash (which was about 3 or 4x’s more before I paired it down).


It’s so nice to have them all organized! It was a nightmare before to try and find the right paint can I needed, as I am sure you can imagine.

And here is one last before and after.

Garage Before and After |

We can breathe now.

Just so you know behind the area you can’t see in the garage, is where our table saw and miter saw are, along with about 5 little kid bikes and a radio flyer wagon. And a stroller. So we are still normal and have to have some things in the garage.

FlowWall has many great sets and configurations, or you can buy pieces just individually. Love them!

Whatcha think? Pretty epic, yes? It only took us 3+ years…



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  1. So nice! I gotta get working on my home’s garage — I would love for it to look like yours! I’ve done some organizing, but your garage is so much prettier!

  2. We are redoing some of our garage too. Moving the laundry out there, and debating how long to make the counter next to the sink. I like the flow wall system. If I didn’t have other large projects, I might try that. The lower portion of the wall the washer/dryer is on, is recessed about 2 feet. Our upper floor hangs into the garage space. It’s hard to find visual ideas for that kind of issue. I’m hoping to fit in an mud room spot as we’ll.
    Congrats on making it through all the stuff. I purged a ton when we moved but I’m still thinking there is more that could go.

  3. WOW- looks amazing!! You could…park a car in there…gasp! ha. We recently cleaned out our garage too- it is SO nice to be able to go in there and not feel grossed out/overwhelmed. I think garages should be just as pretty as our homes- yours certainly is! :)

    • Thanks Emily! You are right. There’s just no excuse to have a pig-sty of a garage. I would NEVER let the inside of our house look like that! Good point.

  4. You could knock me over with a feather! We can, at least, park one car in our two car garage, but we need to get rid of the nonsense, too. Then we could let our daughter park her brand new car in the garage all winter!

  5. Man you really could not walk in that garage before hand. What a great job cleaning it up and making it functional again.

  6. Awesome transformation! The mother side of me, now keep it that way! lol

  7. WOW!!!! What a great idea! I love that everything is off the floor of the garage and behind doors. My garage has undergone some organizing over the last year, but this is my dream. So much easier to concentrate when you don’t have so much junk staring you in the face!

  8. I love that, our garage looks like your before but worse. Someday I’ll get there :)

  9. Only wish those systems were for unfinished garages; mine has block walls, no drywall.
    And it’s detatched. Any ideas?

  10. Wow! That was a lot of work! It looks so good. It’s great to have the right kind of storage!

  11. jennifer malek says:

    Omg I’m so jealous! Our garage is full of so much stuff! You have inspired me! =D

  12. I’m dying. Absolutely dying over here. Your befores look like my garage right now and it is so overwhelming. This would be the bestest Christmas present ever for my husband, but I don’t even know where to start! And there’s no way I could do it without his help! Gah, but lucky you!!!

    • Hey Natalie, that would be the best present ever. It is a daunting task for sure so I won’t sugar coat it. Randy installed the Flowwall system first, and THEN we cleaned out the garage. We had been doing it over a period of time though but his goal was to get the system in place. So maybe start with that and then you can start clearing things out. I was brutal. Donated several things and things that have been sitting in the garage with no purpose for 5 or + years was trashed. It’s just unnecessary baggage that we hold on to. Good luck girl!

  13. You are my HERO for showing those before pics! HAHA! Love this transformation… I bet you just hang out in your garage to relax now! :)

    • Thank you Beth! It’s been quite a trip to see our daughter just RUN around in the garage the past few days. Never thought that day would happen!

  14. That is a huge difference and one I’m sure you are very happy with. Now if you can only keep it that clean ha.

  15. Holy moly! Good job!!!

  16. Awesome. I need Flow Wall to take pity on me :)

  17. Rosemary Armesto says:

    Dear Emily,

    Your blog is the first one I ever saw on Home Dec, not that long ago. I’m a computer dolt! However, you inspired me to look for more and more and now!!! It history! I’m hooked all the way through right to Pintrest and loving every second. I’m hearing impaired so the net, email, reading those are my things. I love to create, I paint, sew a little, re-purpose and re-cycle. I’m also going to confess. I 100% OCD on Garage function and neatness. I can’t function in a mess and my ‘studio’ is the garage.

    I’ve only had 1 other garage. A one car for 6 years. Oh, a taste of honey! We moved in June. This one has a 2 car garage. Was partially finished, finished it, added A/C and shelves. Needs some painting walls and floor.

    Been running on adrenalin lately. I’m so happy with this house. It’s all I’ve wanted all my life and it’s just a 2k sq. ft. ranch w/ ahhaaha 2 car garage!! ;)

    Thank you, Emily – I’ve enjoyed your trips through Bub’s reading closet, your pantry, your 109th time with the island. LOL Great work and you are right. Long running kitchen remodel in History. I luvs ya, you’re human.


  18. OMG OMG OMG I am sorry but I busted out laughing when I saw your before picture. That looks like my moms shed! haha. Shhh don’t tell her I said that :) This looks amazing and you must be SO HAPPY! So neat and organized. Nice job :)

    • Ha I was embarrassed to even show them to everyone! And that is saying a lot since I usually don’t mind showing our messes. The garage though was just another level. Ha!

  19. Congratulations!! I know it feels amazing to have an organized garage :)

  20. WOW! Just WOW! Oh and…You and hubby get over here and do ours. ;) haha. Mine looks like the your before.
    That really is amazing. Love the cabinets!


  21. Oh, My, I need this system I don’t have a garage so to speak, but could use one in my basement & My craft-storage room. Great Job!! Way to go..

  22. So were did everything go? because it didn’t all fit in those cabinets that’s for sure.

  23. Looks great! And I’m not showing my hubby this because he would be SO jealous :)

  24. I’m jealous. Your garage looks terrific. Seriously, we all know that when we can get our garage or basement organized, we feel like we really accomplished something. We can actually find things.

    Congrats on doing this!!

  25. Super Jealous of your garage! Mine is not as bad as your before-only because I can squeeze my body threw a small path but its getting close. I love this system. I looks fantastic!!

  26. ok seriously!?!? I wouldn’t let anyone work in there cause it is so gorgeous. I love those cabinets!! I have a Monica walk-in closet that looks like your garage. ssshhhhh :)

  27. now, that’s my kind of makeover! doesn’t even look like the same garage (know it is). But what a transformation. great job! Can you stop over by my house next?

  28. I love the cabinets, the color is gorgeous. What a great transformation.

    Saying hello from East Coast Creative, I’m their new blog assistant! :)

  29. Wow! Fabulous!!

  30. Wow, that’s a beautiful organizing project! Congrats! I’m half way thru my basement. Ugh! Can’t wait till it is all done :)

  31. Your garage looks AMAZING! I’m to scared to show my garage off because I am a hoarder as well. At least that is what my husband calls me. And now that I think about it, so does my sister and brother n law, Wow maybe I should take on my garage too.
    Thanks for showing off your garage!

  32. if you google paint storage chinese container you will love what you see!

  33. Emily! Your “Before” looks exactly like our garage right now! So this post is giving me and my husband a little bit of hope and a little more motivation. We’d love to be able to use it for one of our cars as the snow season bears down on us. So thanks!! ;)

  34. Michelle Platt says:

    Really nice job! Now you can actually fit cars inside your garage!
    Those cabinets are almost too nice for an outside space – and I cannot believe they are hardly filled!!!
    Another good suggestion for all of those extension cords is to use a hose holder with Velcro bands to keep them all separated and “lassoed” (not sure if that is the right spelling – but you get my drift)….

  35. You should run for President! You have my vote!
    My dream is to be able to put vehicles in our 2 car garage again!

  36. Antoinette says:

    Very well done!!

  37. Actually, it looks like a kitchen unit w/o appliances and sink (at least like the basic basic kitchen units they sell over here in Europe).

  38. Looks fantastic !!!!! I would love to have a garage look that way. Can’t wait to hear more about the system you used.

  39. Oh wow … that’s EXACTLY what we need in our garage! Ours looks like your before picture. :)

  40. For anyone experiencing a garage that’s overflowing with junk, try tackling the job bit by bit. Even if you grab ONE thing every time you’re in there, you’re at least doing more than you were before. Before you know it you’ll have made a dent and can start seeing improvements which may inspire doing 5 minutes of work, then 10 minutes, then a half hours worth and you’ll be done before you know it!

  41. Great pictures! I love what you have done with your garage to open more space. That is always my problem, how to get rid of all the clutter! These ideas are definitely a way to help organize everything.

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