The Fuchsia Chair That Will Make Your Heart Stop

Oh goodness, several months back I posted a picture on Instagram of the most beautiful fuchsia chair. I had to have it! And guess what? I finally do!! I wanted this chair for our gameschool room since I am going with pinks and greys and bright fun colors in there. And you know what? It’s perfect.

Fuchsia Nina Chair from World Market | Decorchick!®

I really stop and stare at it when I go into that room, which is quite often. I wish I could have 5 of them all around the house.

But isn’t it amazing??!  It’s the most spot-on, very vivid fuchsia/hot pink color that is really gorgeous.

This is of course the Fuchsia Nina Chair from World Market, and it’s still on sale, but it’s worth paying full price for. I love it that much. Luckily I used my discount card from there and got it for an even better deal!

Hot Pink Chair | Decorchick!®

I also picked up this multicolor knitted Sari pouf from World Market to compliment the chair, and it’s so so fun.

World Market Pouf | Decorchick!®

If only I could keep kids from doing flips and rolling their bodies on it like one of those big work out balls, that would be even better.

And they had a few other multi-color ones in the store, and I am not exactly sure if the one I got is the Sari, but it’s the closest I found online. I wanted one with more pinks and bright colors instead of reds and such. So just look at the different options at the store because I think they vary.

The tufted detailing on the chair is so nice too.

Chair Tufting | Decorchick!®

Did I mention this chair is comfortable yet? It’s SUPER comfortable.

Oh and those castors…

Chair Castors | Decorchick!®

The castors are on the front of the chair, and it has 2 regular legs in the back. But anything with castor wheels gets a 10 in my book.

Here are a few more shots. I’m really loving this room so far and can’t wait to fully finish it off!

World Market Nina Chair

Fuchsia Nina Chair from World Market | Decorchick!®

Every time I go to World Market I want to completely refurnish everything in our house with their furniture. It’s so unique and different, but also classy and timeless.

And every girl needs a hot pink chair.

Go get you one! :)



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  1. I love the color of this chair, it works so well with your grey wall. I would love it with some blues too (navy blue!). And I completely second your love of casters on chairs, I have the same weakness!

  2. Debby Broughton says:

    You have great taste, Emily!!!

  3. Wow, it’s beautiful. I love World Market! And it looks great against the gray.

  4. Seriously, I need that chair. I am in love with the deep vibrant color! I will paying a trip to WM very soon!
    Love how the room is turning out! The color combinations are working very well together!

  5. Lovely space! I love that the room is vibrant and cheerful by design. Happy Wednesday, Emily :)

  6. These are some really good and interesting decoration pieces. I would love to put them in my home.