New Mini Gallery Wall (and a Tiny Prints Giveaway!)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! I am excited to show you all the beginnings of a new gallery wall that I started in the gameroom! And it was super easy because I have the ledge up there on the board and batten, so I just leaned them up in a row. Easy peasy.

Gallery Wall on Board and Batten Ledge |

I am in LOVE with these prints!! Over the next several months I’ll be showcasing different products that Tiny Prints offers, and this first month are their frameless metal prints which are way cool.

I haven’t seen anything like them honestly, and what makes them so unique is that they are printed on very thin sheets of metal.

Tiny Prints Metal Back |

And they come all ready to be hung up easily, or propped up and layered like I did.

The other favorite thing is how customizable these are. You can choose different background colors and designs, write sayings, and I love their new radiant glow metal prints.

I chose to have my photos printed in all black and white, and chose their light pink color for a background on some of them. I chose Cashmere Pink, and it’s a very pale pinky blush color. It was just what I hoped it would look like when I received them!

Emma Kate

Tiny Prints Frameless Metal Prints |

As much as I love having family pictures up around our home, it breaks my heart sometimes too. Needless to say, I had a few “moments” when these were delivered.

They are precious memories though, and I want to have 100 more photos done and printed like this.

Here is a bigger family collage.

Family Gallery Wall |

Aren’t they awesome? They are little cuties. :)

And here’s one more for you.

Layered Pictures on Board and Batten Ledge |

You can find a very easy tutorial for this board and batten here. Just keep in mind, this was done in my “early years” of diy. ;)  And, I have plans to redo this room since we will be using part of it as a homeschool room, so I am SUPER excited about that! And yes, it includes a new paint color. The blue color here now is Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay.

Now for the giveaway!

Enter to Win a $100 Credit to Tiny Prints

To enter, simply do the following:

  • Visit Tiny Prints and tell us what type/style of their new frameless metal prints you’d love to try out. What would you choose? Tough choice, I know. Leave a blog post comment letting us know.
  • Share this giveaway on any social media including a link back to this post,( i.e., Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter) and come back and leave a second comment of where you shared.

Easy! Giveaway will be open until Monday, August 4, and winner will be chosen via Good luck everyone!!



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  1. Anne Haun says:

    Love the artfully dotted frame.

  2. katie greenlaw says:

    Love the gilded love.

  3. I’m loving the Radiant Glow.

  4. Giveaway shared on Pinterest:

  5. Tricia K. says:

    I love the gilded love picture and the radiant glow, it would be too hard to choose!

  6. I really like the gilded love and favorite memory boards!

  7. Jennifer B. says:

    Gilded Love is my favorite!

  8. I love the radiant glow in the turquoise! Thanks so much for the chance – I have been eyeing these up for awhile now. Jane

  9. I shared on FB, too!!!!

  10. April Lopez says:

    I love the artfully dotted!

  11. Kaitlynn Nielsen says:

    I like the favorite memories

  12. The radiant glow is my favorite.

  13. I love them all, but the gilded love in gold struck me the most. Love it!

  14. Shared on Twitter.

  15. I like the Gilded Love as well!

  16. I like the Gilded Love print

  17. Jennifer W. says:

    I love the Gilded Love!

  18. Rachel Ehlers says:

    My finance and I just got engaged and need to take our engagement photos. I would love to put our photo in the “Gilded Love” layout! How cute! Maybe even a couple “Favorite Memories” holding some of the other pictures of us together.

  19. Love your wall of B&W family pictures! I have been wanting to do the same thing in our family room. I would say my favor designs for the DIY or the Favorite Memories. Thanks!

  20. I would love to do something with the Artfully Dotted… I am obsessed with dots : )

  21. I really like the design your own option and would probably choose the sea glass color.

  22. I really like the “Gilded Love”!

  23. Love artfully dotted!

  24. I would probably have to pick the design your own with the sea glass or the maple color. I would have to decide where to put it before I could pick!

  25. Amanda Buccieri says:

    Gilded Love is my fav!

  26. Amanda Buccieri says:
  27. Susan Jaggers says:

    I love the Radiant Glow and the Favorite Memory prints! Did you use any particular style on yours? Or just design your own?

  28. I love the board and batten! I think those pictures are adorable too but I’m a sucker for family pictures ;)

  29. Eileen marie says:

    I like the Favorite Memory.

  30. Eileen marie says:

    I shared on Pin

  31. Lovin’ the Radiant Glow!

  32. Love the Favorite Memory, but they are all great.

  33. I’m loving the radiant glow

  34. Pinned to Pinterest. Thanks

  35. Linda Carson says:

    What fun photos! I really like the Stylish Montage. Thanks for an opportunity to win!

  36. Linda Carson says:
  37. Benny Sequeira says:

    Gilded love is my favorite.

  38. Erica Petrucci says:

    I love the DIY – of course! Such a cute print. Metal, who would have thought. Can’t wait to share with all my friends :)

  39. Erica Petrucci says:
  40. Love the Golden Memory. These are really neat. Thanks for the inspiration!

  41. I love love the radiant glow!

  42. Amy Stillions says:

    I would choose Favorite Memory I think….so hard to choose

  43. Amy Stillions says:

    shared on facebook

  44. I like the gilded one wit the word “love” in gold. Usually I don’t like gold but it’s fitting here on a B&W pic! I’m sharing on fb! =)

  45. linda schwehr says:

    Love favorite memory metal print!! WANT whole gallery of prints! Left message on FaceBook!

  46. Stylish Montage or Favorite Memory.

  47. Shared on Facebook.

  48. Nicole Leavitt says:

    I LOVE the 20×16 favorite memory metal frame

  49. I love their golden memory frame; that’s the one set that I would choose.

  50. Gilded love, although I think I would have a hard time picking. You did such a nice display with yours Emily.

  51. Maybe the montage, or the DIY frames.

  52. I adore the gilded love metal print!

  53. Love the gilded love.


  55. I love the gilded love.

  56. Kenny Hall says:

    Gilded love :-)

  57. Nicki Joseph says:

    I like artfully dotted!

  58. These look amazing!! I’d definitely pick Radiant Glow…so pretty! Thanks for the chance to win!
    – April W

  59. I heart the Gilded Love!

  60. Shared on Pinterest!

  61. victoria W says:

    i think the favorite memory is my favorite ;)

  62. The gilded LOVE….Omg It’s so Beautiful! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  63. Gilded Love is so pretty

  64. consuelo carpenter says:

    Gilded Love

  65. I tweeted abouth this awesome Giveaway Here:

  66. Amy Cooley says:

    I really love the Radiant Glow! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  67. Amazing!!

  68. Chrissy Powell says:

    Lush Blossoms is my fav

  69. kim fenner says:

    I like the artfully dotted one.

  70. Gilded love is so pretty!

  71. Sarah Cartmill says:

    Oo oh want them all!

  72. I am torn between the Raiant Glow20 x 16 and the DIY 20 x116 metal print , they are all so beautiful.

  73. I love the ‘guilder love” layout – and who doesn’t love metallic lettering? :)

  74. They are all great, but love the favorite memory!

  75. I like the Golden Memory one!

  76. favorite memory!

  77. I shared this great giveaway on my FB wall

  78. I LOVE the radiant glow! So pretty!

  79. My baby girl’s nursery is in all gold and white so I think the Gilded Love style would be PERFECT!

  80. I love them all, but I’d probably choose the diy print.

  81. I would choose the Radiant Glow in blue for a photo of my new baby boy!!!

  82. I like the Radiant Glow.

  83. Love and need all of these!! Shared on my FB wall.

  84. Shared on Facebook and Pinterest!

  85. KoriLin H. says:

    I would definitely try the 20×16 DIY Metal Print!!! And, oh the color choices! I’d never heard of this place before your post!

  86. I love the favorite memory frame! Soo cool!

  87. Jeanne S. says:

    I would love to do something creative on the staircase at my house.

  88. I love the gallery wall! I would love to win this!!

  89. KoriLin H. says:

    Just pinned to my Pinterest!!! Here’s the link WOOHOO!

  90. radaint glow is so nice

  91. Karen Jaras says:

    Love the matte metal prints

  92. So many choices! I’d love to win!

  93. Katie Williams says:

    I am working on a vacation gallery wall to show all the amazing pictures we got as a family in Italy! I would love to win!

  94. I love the dotted frame. What a fun way to display family photos.

  95. Katrina Little says:

    I like the DIY.

  96. Katie Hostetter says:

    Favorite Memory!

  97. Janice Toguchi says:

    Would love to have some tiny prints!

  98. Jillian R says:

    Gilded Love!

  99. Jessica Anderson says:

    I love the Lush Blossoms!

  100. Mary Kaye Peterson says:

    Love, love, love!

  101. Jessica Anderson says:
  102. Jessica Anderson says:
  103. Naomi Clark says:

    I like the golden memory or artfully dotted.

  104. Bonnie Berry says:

    lovelove love the radiant glow :-)

  105. I like “Radiant Glow”. I have a picture of my daughter in her fairy costume that would look fantastic using the Gilded Love Metal Print.

  106. Hollie Hutcheson says:

    Tough decision but I absolutely love the Radiant Glow!

  107. Bonnie Berry says:

    shared on facebook

  108. I love the 12×12 DIY…….but the radiant glow was a super close second

  109. Misti Beal says:

    This is such a cool idea! Your display is very cute. :)

  110. Gilded Love is my fave!!!!

  111. Shared on FB

  112. Kristen C. says:

    I think I would do the Design Your Own with photos from our wedding and I’d choose navy because our colors were navy and copper.

  113. Kristen C. says:
  114. Anonymous says:

    Luv the frames!

  115. Luv the frames!

  116. Kimberly S says:

    I love all the frames, but really the favorite memory would be my number one.

  117. I like all of them if I have to pick I will say Gilded Love is my favorite.

  118. I’d pick the radiant glow!

  119. I DROOL over tiny prints stuff, I would love to win a credit!

  120. I love the “Favorite Memory” style!

  121. I love the radiant glow and the lush blossom metal frame. I shared it on pinterest:

  122. i love the bigger design your own, I’d get a 16×20 of my favorite image of my three kiddos.

  123. love the radiant glow!

  124. Radiant glow. All are beautiful.

  125. Brandi Morse says:

    I love them all!! I seriously can’t even decide which is my favorite!

  126. Julie Grenella says:

    The Gilded Love is my favorite! But all are beautiful!!

  127. ellen casper says:

    Love the radiant glow

  128. ellen casper says:
  129. I really like the artfully dotted one!

  130. I like the gilded love frame

  131. Love radiant glow

  132. I like guilded love!

  133. Jennifer Madigan says:

    I love the board and batten

  134. These are beautiful? There’s something about black and white pictures that is timeless. You have a beautiful family too!

  135. peggy ferry says:

    Love them all but gilded love my favorite


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