Some Desk Organization with New Pretties!

Nothing gets me more excited than pretty new goodies for your desk. Whether it be in your home office, your workplace, school room etc., because why? Because that’s where inspiration happens. I may not know what I’m going to write about from one day to the next, but by golly, if I have items that are nearby that are pretty and are begging for a pen to write on them, then it’s going to happen. I have a doodling problem and have ever since I was in school. #truestory

So this month for Tiny Prints, I got a little creative and ordered items that are pretty and functional for the school room desk. I sit there with Emma during school time, so if I was to get a brilliant idea during that time, I need somewhere to write it on right?

Organized Office Desk | Decorchick!®

Plus, while homeschooling, you always need to be inspired. You always need things around you to keep you motivated. At least I do.

That’s why I ordered these Dream Big and Never Give Up signs on their flat and curved glass prints.

Dream Big Framed | Decorchick!®

Never Give Up | Decorchick!®

I actually  bought those prints from Etsy and downloaded them, then uploaded the graphic to Tiny Prints to print on their glass frames. I love them! And love the reminders every day that we all need.

Just remember you don’t always have to print photos when you order at Tiny Prints. You can do something like I did and print fun graphics, quotes, you name it. The sky’s the limit.

I also ordered some really pretty stationary for my doodling and deep thoughts that I always have.

Deep Thoughts Notepad | Decorchick!®

Tiny Prints Stationary | Decorchick!®

Yes I do actually send out snail mail, so maybe some of you will be the lucky recipients. :)

Then of course this monogrammed watercolor notepad that I HAD to have.

Monogram Notepad | Decorchick!®

I love anything in watercolors!

Speaking of watercolors….

How awesome is this world map in a watercolor print?!

Watercolor Map Printed on Metal | Decorchick!®

I ordered that in one of their metal prints because I love them so much (as seen here). Because what homeschool room is complete without a watercolor map?? Again, I downloaded that from Etsy and just uploaded it to Tiny Prints. So easy!

I also ordered a pretty personalized self-inking stamp, that I can’t show the full thing of because duh, then you’d all have our address, but trust me when I tell you it’s beautiful.

Monogram Stamper | Decorchick!®

This is the one I got–highly recommend.

And here’s just a few more of the updated school area and desk pretties!

Writing Desk Organization | Decorchick!®

Organized Office Desk | Decorchick!®

It’s colorful, fun, inspirational, and functional. A winning combination.

Want a chance to win your own credit to Tiny Prints? 

Enter Below to win a $100 credit to Tiny Prints!

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Easy peasy! Giveaway will end on Wednesday, September 24, and winner will be chosen via Good luck everyone!



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  1. I love radiant glow on the flat glass. So cute!

  2. Anne Haun says:

    Gilded love catches my eye – love your purchases.

  3. I like the favorite memory on curved glass. I really like your stamp. I’m going to have to look into one of those.

  4. I love that you can design your own! What a great gift idea.

  5. I like the favorite memory on curved glass.

  6. I think the gilded love is so very pretty! It would be such a nice addition to my workspace!

  7. I love the gilded love!

  8. I love the flat “Favorite Memory” option, but I also like the build your own. They are all really neat.

  9. I shared this post on pinterest and facebook.

  10. sherry Lynch says:

    Il like the curved flat glass

  11. I love metal prints. Very sleek.

  12. Ashley Fancher says:

    I like the radiant glow in both

  13. Kristin O says:

    The stylish montage is cool!

  14. Toni Melton Sheldon says:

    I love the Favorite Memory…who doesn’t want their favorite memory forever kept on such a beautiful glass frame?

  15. Toni Melton Sheldon says:

    Shared on FB and Twitter! thank you for the giveaway opportunity…maybe my desk can look as cute as yours :)

  16. Love the radiant glow

  17. I also love the curved flat glass. Your desk looks cute.

  18. I really like the 5×5 favorite memory glass. It seems like a perfect size!

  19. katie greenlaw says:

    Totally drawn to the gilded love one!

  20. I really like the gilded love. It would be so much fun to create one of these!

  21. Jennifer Madigan says:

    Radiant Glow

  22. Jennifer Madigan says:
  23. I love the gilded love one. So adorable!

  24. Sandee H. says:

    The flat one really appeals to me. It makes me smile. Great choices.

  25. I love the curved Memory that comes in different colors!

  26. Candace C says:

    Gilded Love is really pretty!

  27. My favorite glass print is the Stylish Montage 5.00×5.00″ Flat Glass Print.

  28. The Radiant Glow curved glass is beautiful! Love love love! Your desk is simply beautiful and inspiring. Always Dream Big!

  29. I love the Curved Radiant Glow choice.

  30. I love the favorite memory! So many great styles!

  31. I really like gilded love

  32. Pinned the giveaway. I’m an artist getting back into watercolors so this post instantly drew me in. Plus, I’m obsessive over desk accessories, especially pens and notebooks.

  33. I’m favoring the Radiant Glow Curved glass. But I’m really drawn to the Watercolor stationary. Soooo pretty

  34. I pinned about this giveaway on pinterest. this is what and where link:

  35. Love the flat glass!

  36. I really like favorite memory.

  37. The flat gilded love is my fav. Love the gold touch!

  38. It looks so great and inspirational! Thank you for this idea! I would like to order Radiant Glow curved and Favorite Memory curved to my new flat but I have to decide what I will put on them. I moved to Toronto last month and I’ve been redesigning my new place for two weeks. I plan to have a nice tiny flat with vintage furniture so that it will be stylish and comfortable. I’ve already visited some vintage stores here in Toronto according to one post about them which was very helpful to find because I’m new in the city. I also like colorful things like you so I’m sure that the glass pictures will be full of colors, maybe hearts <3 and with some of my favorite quotes on them. ;) Nice inspiration which came just in time from you, Emily!

  39. This is such a acute and fun idea! Wish my home schooled room would be this fun! Maybe now I could just do it for a study room. Thank you for sharing!

  40. Lexa Cotan says:

    I think the artfully dotted flat glass is adorable!! Ps. I would love to win!

  41. Ellen Casper says:

    I love the Favorite Memory!

  42. Ellen Casper says:
  43. Casey Hill says:

    I am digging the radiant glow in the flat glass, thanks for the giveaway!!

  44. Elisa Gruss says:

    I like Radiant Glow. Thanks!!

  45. I like gilded memory!

  46. Jessica Wyatt says:

    I love the favorite memory the best. And I love your whole desk area, it’s just lovely!

  47. Marci Peters says:

    My favorite is the favorite memory designs….I love how simple and classic they are.
    I love ordering from Tiny Prints! I am never disappointed!