Energy Efficient LED Light Bulbs

Hey hey let’s talk about light bulbs today. I noticed a lot of newer homes are coming with those LED lights now, you know, where it takes a bit for them to turn on after you flip the switch?

Well I received one from The Home Depot on one of our service projects and haven’t put it to the test yet.  I will do that soon and show you (hopefully in a video format) how it looks.  If I can ever figure out how to do videos on my site. Ugh.

But if they really last 22 (TWENTY TWO) years, ummm, I think I will love them regardless. ;)

A little bit about these bulbs:

  • Emits the light equivalent to a 60 watt standard incandescent bulb using only 12.5 watts of power
  • Uses 79% less energy than a standard incandescent bulb, saving homeowners up to $130.62 in energy costs over the life of the bulb
  • Emits 800 lumens and lasts 22.8 years with normal use
  • Gives off a soft white light and is fully dimmable
  • Ideal for use in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and hallways
  • Price: $24.97

So have you tried out any of these LED lights yet? I’m pretty excited to try it out! We did some energy savings projects with the light bulbs at my last 2 Celebration of Service events (here and here) and it will make a huge difference in their energy costs per year and that made them all very excited.

What do you think of the LED bulbs and CFL’s in general?

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  1. My son did a project for school in the spring of 2011 & he used a LED bulb among others. When he finished with it I put it above my kitchen sink. It gets a lot of use, more than pretty much any other in our house. So, we’ll see how long it lasts.

    I have a few florescent bulbs around the house but I don’t like them. I’ve hit the age where I need more light to see & I can only get that from incandescent bulbs. So that’s pretty much all I buy.

  2. I’ve tried a few and really dislike them. My son has them all over his house and it’s like walking through a mine field. I have had bruises on my knee’s and thighs to prove it after running into tables and ottomans. When I turn on a light I want to be able to actually see.
    Like Jen Y i’m older now and need more light to see to read and sew.

    If these work and really light up good i’d be willing to give them a try. Till then i’m sticking to ye ol’ lightbulbs. And THANKS to the blogger’s dad that fought to keep them on the market! *wish I could remember who it was*

  3. I just totally hate all the CFL’s. They are not bright enough and they don’t last as long as quoted due to turning them off and on in a normal household, especially in the bathrooms. I am trying a couple of the LED bulbs. They are a bit brighter. I have put halogen bulbs in my lamps in the living room and so far, I like them best for brightness. I do not like that the CFL’s have mercury in them and need special disposal.

  4. Some things for people to keep in mind: LEDs and heat dont mix. They will last an insanely long time outside but will die early in upside down can fixtures that trap the heat. The new ones look much better and have gotten rid of the spotlight effect by diffusing the light better. They have also learned how to better filter the light so they can be not be told apart from incandescents. They are not going to be ideal for every application though.

  5. Sorry, I don’t care for these bulbs. We have one in our bathroom. They take forever to come on. I can turn on the light, walk across the room, do my business, flush, wash hands and about that time it is finally getting up to full power/brightness!

    I want a light that comes on when I hit the switch!

  6. Well unfortunately some of you are getting confused with CFLs and LEDs, LEDs are instant ignite, use less power and last a lot longer. Their are companies who are rather big selling LEDs who mislabel their products so that the equivalent wattages are wrong, you’d never want to buy a bulb off eBay as they’re terrible quality and would last 10 minutes, also the cheap bulbs on websites are also the same, if you’re going to switch to LEDs go with a branded bulb, Philips is top of the range however the price tag is a bit hefty, However one brand that I found (and sell on my site) is Pharox, whore a bit more expensive than the average Chinese bulb, yet are amazing manufacturer quality.

    • Becky in SC says:

      Thomas, I think you have a severe type-o up there in your comment….. :-/

      • I know I spotted it after I pressed send and there isn’t any way of editing, autocorrect usually catches those (on an iPhone) but leaves swear words for people who actually want to use, really didn’t mean to…

  7. Yes, I agree with Thomas. People are confusing CFLs and LEDs. I have an LED above my kitchen sink that is the same bulb you have in the picture and it turns on instantly bright. I think if you use several in can lights in one room it would be wonderfully lit. The one I have in my kitchen lights up half the kitchen. I love it. It is totally different from the CFLs in the rest of my house that do need to “warm” up a bit before turning bright.


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