All You Need is Drama.

Umm, hello new luscious long drapes that totally transformed our living room!  Where have you been all my life?

Over the weekend I spent 4 hours on one of those death metal ladders hanging up the curtain rod.  It wasn’t fun.  Not at all. But, it was well worth the sacrifice to have those lovely curtains hanging up now!

So where did they come from you ask?  From a great company called Curtainworks.  I was thrilled to find out they sell curtains up to 144 inches in length for our large windows!  And the price?  You will be amazed at their prices!  I’m not kidding.  I needed 132 inch length panels, and each panel for the style I chose are only $29.99!!  But the team at Curtainworks was way generous and sent me the 4 panels I needed to transform our windows. Thank you Curtainworks! :)

Even being 132 inches long, these curtains are extremely light weight, and they are even lined.

I chose the Monterey Textured Lined Grommet Panel, in the color Mocha.  And I am so glad I chose that color–it’s a beautiful shimmery perfect neutral color, and they hang and puddle the floor just perfectly.

Oh yea, how about those wood floors?  Pretty awesome right? :)  I’m working on a living room reveal and will show you all very soon!

What’s also awesome is that the new curtains hide these…

You all should know I am BEYOND thrilled about that. :)

Close-up of the top of panels and grommets.

Another pic just because.

And just to be dramatic because it’s in my post title, here’s what our windows used to look like before:

And after!

Pretty amazing huh?  I seriously love them.

If you are in the market for some new drapery, I’d highly recommend taking a look at Curtainworks.  There is no way I could have made curtains like this for the price they sell them for.  Actually, not even close with the amount of fabric I would have needed. They have tons of pretty curtains in several different lengths, and I am sure you will find something.

Hooray for affordable and pretty curtains!

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  1. WOw – you are so right…the dramatic effect is HUGE! Love them! We have sets of french doors with transoms over them, and I know I need to tackle some treatments on them…ah…it’s been ten years of enjoying the beauty of the windows, but I am done with that. After seeing yours….WOW!

  2. Oh no! I needed this post about a month ago, BEFORE I bought the Pottery Barn panels. Oh well. I agree that he curtains have made a huge impact in your room. I love the ones I found for our living room, but will look at the site to see if there are other curtains I can use. Thanks.

  3. They look amazing! I’m totally checking them out. I’m in the market for curtains for our ENTIRE house! And we need that extra long stuff!

  4. WOW!! Just the addition of curtains makes these windows even more fabulous and really highlights how great they are. Definitely worth the four hours on the death ladder… :)

  5. WOW! Gorgeous….it did make a big difference. Can’t wait to see the complete room reveal! XOXO

  6. These make such a difference and you’re right…they add a ton of drama. I’m sure your room is looking gorgeous and I can’t wait to see the whole reveal!

  7. I’m so glad I saw this post. I can order panels for a few rooms for the price I was about to pay for the Pottery Barn panels. Thanks so much for this post. And the coupon code will definitely come in handy. I can’t wait to see your finished living room.

  8. Beautiful..I like the shimmer that they have to them! What a great resource to share!! I am looking for some new ones for my wall of shutters also! Thanks for sharing!

  9. LOVE! The curtains are gorgeous. The shimmer on them is fantastic. I like that you hung them high and that you put a panel in between each window.

  10. I’m pretty much in love with them! It’s amazing what a transformation a few curtain panels can make, eh? Great choice! Now I’m off to see if I can find some for my daughter’s room. Thanks for the link!

  11. I love the curtains! And what a great deal. I will be ordering some soon. Thanks for the discount!

  12. What a great look! And, I can’t believe the price. AWESOME!! Oh, and those floors, to die for!!!

  13. Looks AMAZING! It still amazes me what window treatments can do for a room! Good Work!

  14. OMG! They are gorgeous. I am blown away by the change. The whole room feels more grand and stunning. You must be just thrilled with the room. And those floors. Wowzers. Can’t wait to see it all.

  15. These look amazing! You’re so right- no way you could buy fabric at a better price. Thanks for the resource info! :)

  16. Wow! What a difference. They add such warmth and depth to the room (do I sound like Candice Olsen here?? :)

  17. Um seriously $29.99 for those pretties?! I’m dying!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Wow! It’s all coming together so beautifully!! I have a question…how long is your rod? I have 144″ french doors and the longest rod I’ve found is 144″ (not long enough to go beyond the doors). I have a wooden dowel up there now painted with ORB paint, but I like yours so much better. I don’t want to spend a fortune on a rod. BTW, I am SO ordering curtains from them from now on!!


    • Hey Brandi, this is the pole I ordered…

      It is extendable to 144in and I guess I extended it about 142 in. I do like the rod, but it only comes with 3 supports. With a rod that long it should come with 4, but it works for now. It was very affordable at $50, and I think I paid $40 or $45 with a coupon I had.

      Could you maybe just use 2 shorter rods on either end? I would have done that but I wanted panels in between each window in the middle to hang on the wall.

      • I was just wondering about the rod! Thanks for the info! I have similar windows and have been struggling with what to do about the rod. I have three rows of windows and have bamboo shades on the bottom row only. The middle row of windows are squares. There are 4 windows across separated by wall in between each. How many panels would you do?

  19. They look fabulous and I am in the market for some curtains too! And how can I go wrong with that great price plus a discount? Thanks!

  20. FANTASTIC!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE long floor length curtains!

  21. Jacqueline says:

    We LOVE our Curtainworks panels that we put in our family room. Changed the entire room….we have since gone back and bought Black Velvet Panels with Silver Grommets for our daughter’s room – simply AMAZING!

  22. Wow, they add so much drama & elegance to the room! The “right” curtains can make a huge difference in the feel of a room. I’m glad to hear about the company you ordered from. I’ve been looking for very specific panels in my livingroom with little luck. Enjoy your beautiful room!!

  23. Beautiful! Great job of hiding the speakers. Your posts are always inspiring. Reminds me I need to go work on the speaker cords curling all around the family room.

  24. They are beautiful!!!

  25. Hang-’em-High Emily!
    Uh.may.zing transformation from your original living room. Thanks so much for the link to I can see you’ve already created a stampede to their business!

  26. Wow, what an awsome price.. those are gorgeous.. I wish I had known about them last week.. just ordered curtains for my Mom and paid a lot more than that! They made a world of difference in your room.

  27. amazing what simple curtains can do!! what drama it brought to the room!! i am looking for curtains with green pattern in them! that site doesnt have any which is a bummer!

  28. Wow. Drama indeed! They look fantastic. Sometime I feel like two story family rooms are hard to decorate but those panels do a really good job of blending the top & bottom…

  29. I love your curtains! So happy that you informed us of where you got them and are offering such a great discount to your readers. My great room has 6 windows and I am in desperate need of new curtains! Thank you!

  30. Those are lovely! We did something similar to our living room but I bought our panels at Ikea and it was a big transformation for our living room!
    I now need some pretty panels for our dinning room, I will check out the website because I was thinking of making them myself but maybe it will be cheaper just to buy! :)

  31. Hi Emily! I am your newest follower!! Wow, what beautiful drapes! They totally change the whole feel of the room. And I’m loving what I see of the hard wood floors :) Can’t wait to see all of it!

  32. Chantelle says:

    I absolutely LOVE those curtains, i went straight to the site and was about to order 4 panels in 95″ Length, to realize they don’t ship to CANADA!! :( very disappointed!
    If any of you girls know where i can get some cheap curtains online that ship to canada, please let me know!! Thanks!!

    PS. What a DIFFERENCE a bit of fabric can make in a room hey? Great Job!

  33. They look so great! Love when curtain are hung high. That was a great deal. I will go check out their site to see if there is anything I need ;)

  34. Claudia Cruz says:

    Wow!!!!! Em, it’s so MESMERIZING. I LOVE it!!!!!!!

  35. In love with this – I’m totally gonna copy you :) And thanks for the site! BTW – I love your blog

  36. I Love your Drama! Those curtains make an amazing difference. I really love the color and it completely changed the feel of that room. Wow!

    Thank you so much for sharing the website I can’t wait to checkout what they have. I did some curtains for a client and had to sew most of them because we needed the longer length. Thanks again for the info.

  37. Just stunning! The fabric looks so rich & expensive — I’m amazed at the price. The color is beautiful.

    Just took a peek at your Spring Mantle post. Love it! All the elements you pulled together make for a delightful vignette.

  38. Beautiful!

  39. What a huge difference it makes to hang up curtains. It really makes it feel cozier. I really love how you hung the curtains higher, it definitely adds drama to the space! Can’t wait to see the whole room in your reveal :)

  40. You chose the perfect curtains! And such a great price- I may have to snatch up that coupon and order some for our dining room! I’m really excited to see the room reveal:)

  41. Your new curtains are so gorgeous!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  42. Your curtains make such a difference in the room. There is a softness. . .bet the sound is different with the wood floors too. I like rugs over my wood floors for the same reason. Very nice change.

  43. Wow those look great, it’s sooooooooo hard to find drapes for 2 story height windows (without taking out a second mortgage to pay for them)……nice to have them cover the speakers too.

  44. I just wanted to let you know that I went straight home yesterday and ordered the same panels in black for my living room. Thank you!!!

    I would have spent a lot more anywhere else.

  45. Those drapes are simply gorgeous… I totally love your blog.. !!

  46. Stacy Grogan says:

    Love, love, love them!!! Just ordered some for my living room and family room which have been window bare for-EVER!!! Thanks for the post, they look beautiful!

  47. The new curtains are beautiful and really soften the look of the windows. What a fabulous price!

  48. They look like ones I have from Pottery Barn but you got a WAYYY better deal than I did! They look awesome.

  49. I love the curtains. I’m on the look out for the perfect ones for our dining room. These could be preeeetty close.


  50. Having just finished a living room, i know first hand the difference curtains can make, and urs are quite lovely. I will definately check out the site!…………………..Bonnie

  51. Thank you! Thank you! I have been looking for curtains for months that fit my budget! Most of the cheap stuff is only 40″ wide, so you actually need to buy more panels! I just ordered some that are 50″wide, ivory and machine washable! Whoo Hoo! I am praying they are a shade of ivory that works well in the room. ( We all know there are about a million shades of white and ivory !) Guess what ? I got FREE shipping! If you spend over $125 you get free shipping. My order was $140 (I purchased 8 panels) This qualifed me for free shipping. Then they took the 25% discount! So my total with shipping is $115….. for 8 panels ! I forgot to say that the panels were on sale. So I got a sale price, free shipping and a 25% discount. Thank you again for sharing this with us!
    ~ Christie

    • Woweee! 8 panels?! That’s going to be beautiful, and what a great price for 8!! Would love for you to email me some pics when you get them all hung up. :)

  52. Thanks for posting this!!!! I was looking for afordable panels for my living room for monts now. Yours are beautiful and I love the color too. Not to mention the discount…!! I also like the fact that they are lined.
    Thank You again :)

  53. ummm before and after pictures, ah.mazing!

  54. Oh my goodness – I was gone for a week and I missed a ton! Your windows look AMAZING! Don’t even get me started on your floors! Beautiful!

  55. Officially just ordered from them and if we stay happy, we are ordering like 4 more rooms from them. THANK YOU!

  56. I am thinking about ordering these curtains, but after reading reviews, I am concerned about the quality. How are yours holding up?

  57. Thank you for posting this – I’ve never seen your blog before, and within 15 minutes of reading this post, I purchased four curtains from Curtainworks in the same fabric (but in Ivory) WITH a 20% discount code from RetailMeNot. I can’t tell you how excited I am about how beautiful they are for the price! I appreciate your willingness to help us DIY-ers and home decorators out with these ideas and tips.

    • Anonymous says:

      please let me know how you liked the ivory color. I would like to order some but they only have them in ivory. Is it to light of a color?

  58. Anonymous says:

    I went to go order 144 inch curtains, they are all out of them.

  59. Thank you for posting this!! I have been looking for long curtains- they are out of the ones you bought, but I found some great ones on the same website!

  60. just wondering how long is your rod? I have a very wide window and I am adding about 8 inches on either side so I need a rod 160″ wide. I can’t find any bigger than 120″. Any advice?

  61. A huge thank you for this post! I’ve been searching for what seems like forever for affordable 130″ curtains. I’m going with the 132″ which will give me a slight puddle. Thanks for saving me so much time!

    Your windows looks so great all dressed– I hope mine will too!

  62. I love the curtains!!!!! Where did you get the long hardware from (curtain pole)?

  63. Thank you so much for this post! I was searching for long panels for our den, did a google search and up popped your blog post. Not only did they have exactly what I needed, but they were having a holiday sale and I saved nearly $75! Can’t wait for my new curtains to get here!

  64. Hi,
    I absolutely love your curtains! I went to the website, but I cant figure out which ones you got. Could you please tell me??

  65. What color paint did you use on your walls? I love how the curtains blend wi the walls it looks beautiful.

  66. I ordered from them last year and they sent out curtains with the print totally offline so it was a square pattern going slant. When I called customer service, they refused to help and I had to return them at my cost. Buyer beware!

  67. So I’m desperately in search of even longer than 144″ curtains for a window that is high up, adding insult to injury, it also faces East.. And when you live in the desert, naked windows can effect your cooling bill by hundreds of dollars in the Summer. What’s the best way to cover up this stupid window? Its completely alone, and off center of the window below it. Its like the builder in 1997 was purposely trying to torment me by putting this one random window there. You have something similar in the windows above the curtained (which, totally look awesome by the way, way to score that one!) – if you had to cover them out of necessity, how would you do it?

  68. Love. love, love! My floors are similar in color to yours and I absolutely adore your wall color. Can you tell me what color it is and who makes it?

  69. They look beautiful! We have similar windows in our family room, and I have been struggling with where to hang curtains…Above the 2nd set of windows, in the middle (like you did), etc. What are your thoughts? What made you to decide to do it in the middle instead of the very top? It looks great!!!!

  70. I’m finally getting curtains for my living room from curtain works and am so excited! Where did you find your curtain rod? I’m thinking I will need a width of around 144in and didn’t see any that long. Thanks!

  71. Beautiful! This is exactly what I’m looking for but Curtainworks does not show these in the color Mocha and tells me they have never offered them in that color. Are you sure the color isn’t ‘Linen’?

  72. What color did you choose for the curtain rod..??

  73. Hi Emily..!! Your window treatment looks fab..!! I want to create the same look but the road, only comes in antique brown, that’s the closest I see to yours you say you choose expresso, & the curtains mocha, the closest I see is linen..!! I use the same web you give usage those the colors you use??? Thank you so much

  74. 2nd time asking, I looked through and saw others ask the same question with no answers so I’m trying again. How long and where did you find the curtain rod? Having trouble here, the ones I’m finding are only 120″. I know you are busy and have a life beyond blogging, but really hoping you’ll reply. Thank you!

    • Sorry I hadn’t responded sooner Brandy. The place I ordered the rod from is no longer in business online it looks like, but I found them just by googling “extra long curtain rods” and found them. If you do the same you should find something. Good luck!!

    • I’ve taken a very long wood pole before (cut to size – 160″ if you need) and found tab/ends in the color I wanted, then sprayed/painted/stained the wood rod to match. Even hardware stores carry different diameter of these type wood rods and will cut them to size for free. You can also pick up various types of hardware to mount the rod, selecting as many as need to support the drapery weight. A little more do it yourself, but probably cheaper than the extra long “packaged” drapery rods.

  75. WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for

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  77. so beautiful and dramatic! definitely going to order. i wonder if the “linen” color that they have now is the same as your “mocha?” how many inches of extra length did you add for your puddle? thanks! : )

  78. Hi Emily,

    Thanks to your website, I found Curtain works. I did purchase long length curtains from them for my bedroom.

    I’m really not sure about drapes for living room though. Our living room is also 2-story and has tall ceilings just like yours. I’m torn between doing a ceiling to wall curtain vs. the 3/4th length like you did. Meaning leaving the top windows uncovered. Would you mind sharing a few pics of your curtains from a distance. I just want to get a better view before I decide. Thanks in advance!

  79. Jamie Anderson says:

    I’ve been searching for 132″ curtains for weeks! We have a 2 story home with a great room that has two rows of windows similar to yours and I couldn’t decide if I wanted to cover the lower set, or cover both sets, or meet in the middle, or just do nothing at all. I loved what you did with your windows and you can’t beat the price so I just placed my order today. Thanks!!

    The prices have doubled since you bought yours in 2011 but I found a coupon code on (CWNOV14) and saved 20% ($42.00) at check out. Score!

  80. Thank you so much!! I’ve been searching for perfect drapes for awhile now and these are it! I don’t see the option for “mocha” only “linen” is that the right color?

  81. Thank you so much for your post!! I found you on pinterest and I literally just bought textured gold 84″ drapes for 9..99/ panel. Not to mention, they are having a 30% off sale right now so I only paid 6.99 for each!! I was looking for all white drapes to paint gold stripes on but now I can just do white stripes on the textured gold to give it a awesome effect on my large picture window. Your post saved me over $100!! I really appreciate everything you do and keep up the great job!

  82. Looks fabulous! Where do you find the extra long rod?

  83. you said the magic words, it’s cheaper than making them yourself! Thank you…

    • Anonymous says:

      I have those same exact windows. I am so ready to dress them now. I have been trying to decide which look i actually wanted for them. And now i see what actually looks great for them. Thanks for this post pin.

  84. which color are your curtains? I looked for mocha but it didn’t come up…the closest they have is the color linen. I really LOVE the color of yours though.

  85. How long is the curtain rod and where did you purchase it?

    • I don’t remember which place exactly I bought online from since this was years ago, but if you just google extra long curtain rod, you will find many options come up. I do remember mine was about $65.

  86. I am trying to order them and the color you said does not exist… Was it linen? I happen to need that specific color. Thank you

  87. Starting to look for curtains for remodeling rooms.

  88. Where did you buy your long extended rod to hang the curtains and what price did it run you?

  89. I have y bedroom drapes just like this, love the effect on the room.

  90. Mary Fitz says:

    I have a group of windows that measures 150″ across (without extending beyond the windows).
    I have the drapes, just need a curtain rod or ideas on how to hang these in sections. The panel of windows looks
    out onto a river & I only want to close the drapes at night to block the morning sun. Any ideas?


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