The Musical Living Room (The Final Arrangement!)

Well I can’t ever say “final” about anything over here, but for now, it’s final. Like I mentioned recently, the oldest new arrangement wasn’t working out. It was crammed. And I tried to fit too much in there. It’s amazing what removing one huge leather recliner did!

Decorchick Living Room | Decorchick!®


Living Room Arrangement | Decorchick!®

It’s like we can breathe now!

Here’s the old way we had it when we switched it up over the summer.

Living Room Arrangement |

It looked nice on camera, but it was not the set up for a family with kids who like to play. Plus, it was very hard to clean everything because there was so much to maneuver around.

By removing the 1 leather recliner, it allowed so many more options.

Living Room Arrangement with Open Floor Plan | Decorchick!®

We still have plenty of seating, and more than enough room for the kids to play. They particularly love sliding on the wood floors which are exposed even more now.

Engineered Hardwood Floors | Decorchick!®

I still like this brown leather chair, and like the extra reading area it’s turned out to be.  Doesn’t mean I’ll keep it forever, but it’s good for now.

Reading Chair | Decorchick!®

Living Room Seating Area | Decorchick!®

And that’s it for our musical living room! Sometimes it takes a few (or several) tweaks before it feels right to you.

And here’s a little tip. If you rearrange a full room like I did on a whim, SLEEP ON IT. Don’t decide you hate it immediately like I did. Change is hard, so it took me a few days before I really loved it and got used to the new look. I really do love it now though! :)

Decorchick Living Room | Decorchick!®

What do you think? Better than before? I know some of you want to see our TV area and I’ll get to that soon. It’s really not much to see though unless you like seeing big record players, cable boxes, and every other electronic known to man?

Need to work on that. :)

p.s.-you can read all about those long inexpensive curtains in this post. They are super affordable and we’ve had them for several years now!



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  1. What a nice space! It feels very open and inviting, and full of light. I really like the brass tray on your ottoman, did you happen to get it recently? If so, where?

  2. Hi, Well probably calling it as final arrangement would be a mistake ;) as there is nothing certain. But over all its a great arrangement Nicely Done ..!!

  3. Love this arrangement!! Your styling and photography are perfection, too!

  4. I love the new arrangement, I’ve been feeling the need to move some stuff around.

  5. Barb Hughes says:

    I approve! Airy, Roomy.

  6. I like it! It seems like it has a great flow.

  7. Hi Emily!

    I love the layered look in your living room – what a fun idea! I also have two carpets and I can’t really decide. I have a silk Persian rug and a cow-hide, so why not do both right?

    I’d love if you could drop by my blog too, I have a similar style that I think you’d like!

    Kind regards,
    Suzy Cacic

  8. where did you get the printed chair? I I love it.

  9. Your room looks really nice! I like the new arrangement. It really opens up the room. I always liked moving my furniture around as it made me feel like I bought something new! (Sorry but I don’t care for the striped throw. It looks “hard” compared to the softness of the rest of the room)

  10. Ahhh it can breathe :) Love the new arrangement!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Loved it before!! Love it nowm

  12. Everything looks so beautiful, very open, bright and inviting! love it!

  13. curtains and rugs are looking very beautiful.

  14. Wow, your arrangement and decorations are superb! The removal of the recliner was indeed a good decision.

  15. Love the lamps! Can you share where you got them or who makes them? Thanks!

  16. I am interested in the grey sofa on this page. I am wondering who is it made by?