Where Does All That Stuff Go?

Have you ever wondered where all of the bloggers put their “stuff” a/k/a decor and accessories when they aren’t using them? Well, I always wondered that when I started blogging, especially for the ones who are always making cute crafts.  I’d always think “where in the world can they store all of this stuff?!”  Hence the reason I’ve slowed down on crafts because I’m out of room!

Well….ahem…..today I’m here to show you where all of my stuff lands.  Basically anything that has a door in our house has some kind of decor shoved inside it.

You know the table in our entryway?

Looks pretty from the outside, but what’s inside is scary. Here’s the middle cabinets.

And the side cabinets.

And no, it’s not organized.  But I do know where everything is when I need something.  Well, most of the time I remember.  :)

And then we have this good sized linen closet upstairs in the hallway.  Are there linens and fresh towels in there?  Ummmm….

This would be what we call the home decor closet. I could open up a shop I think. :)

And oh mercy. The garage.  Well, we won’t talk about the entire garage today, but I do have a really bad (and annoying) habit of just putting stuff right on the floor by the door.

Uhhhhh, why Emily?  But yes, I do have TONS of bins also in the garage that are actually organized by seasonal decor.  I know you don’t believe me after seeing this but it’s true!

Oh yea, and then there’s this pretty thing sitting in our office.

Remember that hutch and buffet?  Well, I would have snapped some pics of what’s on the inside, but when I open the doors all sorts of stuff (lots of greenery, flowerpots, hurricanes, plates, etc.) falls out.  No lie.

Now you all probably understand that when I look for new furniture pieces to bring home, I always try to make sure it can be used as storage to house my junk.

So there you have it.  My dirty little secrets.  And the moral to this post is…..to have a garage sale ASAP.

Where do  you keep all of your stuff, junk, treasures….it’s all the same right? :)



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  1. I love your honesty. It makes me feel like i am not the only one who crames things into their dining room hutch and closets… And then prays that no one opens them….lol

  2. You’ve got the mother load of home decor backups :) It’s pretty sweet that you can devote a closet to it. I have a bunch of stuff in my basement, and when i reorganized my work room I decided to hang all my frames along the drywall, since it was just sitting there empty. This way I can see everything I have (in the frame department, at least) and as a bonus it made my work room look a little nicer. There’s a photo half-way through this post:

  3. Thanks for sharing that because I read all these blogs and wonder the EXACT same thing!!

  4. FoxyMomma says:

    you & i are alike! we’re currently renting & our house has tons of cabinets & storage spaces.. and i just cram anything & everything in there to make my house “clean”. haha!

  5. I just went thru a giant purge and de-crapification a few months back. Keeping it stored neatly was a challenge and I was hanging onto stuff I really didn’t need or want..that being said, i now have a few large plastic tubs stored over the washer and dryer that are labeled and full of decor items. I try to restrain myself and live with the decor the way it is until I feel the urge to change it up…but I so admire all the pretty changes I get to see on everyone else’s blog!

  6. hehe you are not alone in this! I hide my stuff where ever I can too!

  7. You gave me some new ideas of where to store my “treasures”. My hutch looks like yours. We are multi-tasking….right?! We just had a grad open house here and even though I donated bags of excess, I still stuffed things here and there at the last minute and had to “re-find” all of those items I stuffed. Just so we don’t get nominated for any hoarding shows/interventions by our kids…we will be okay! Hugs and Tweets!

  8. “Oh, Look at all that storage,” is one of my favorite sayings when shopping!!! I so agree. In my dreams I would have an entire room to store random decor! Cute post, Emily.

  9. I’m loving those pillows and vases in your linen closet! I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one that has to take caution when opening any type of door in my house. ?

  10. I have a built-in cabinet in the 1st floor hallway and that’s where I keep most of my decorating stuff that I use year round. It gives me easy access to it all. The shelves in the cabinet can get pretty messy. So, I try to clean it up and organize it regularly. For seasonal items (especially Christmas), I have many storage bins that are kept in the basement so that they’re out of the way the rest of the year. I love seeing how everyone else stores/organizes their goods!

  11. lol.. im the total opposite!… It drives my hubby nuts because I dont keep anything.. I have a touch of ocd..so when i feel somethings cluttered..well you best watch out.. im really really bad.. cabinets..closets so forth are organized.. i even organize my kids clothes by type, season & color.. i know crazy right!!.. I do regret sometimes the things i throw away..because I always end up with a idea and dont have the piece i need anymore!.. I would love all your leftover decor! :) lol!

  12. Ha! Love it. Ours is currently all over our basement!!

  13. I love your honesty too! When we move into the cabin (900 sf), and since it was considerably smaller from our original home (1500 sf), I ended up getting rid of a lot of stuff. I would have loved to been able to find a few inexpensive furniture pieces to use as storage, but sadly no room. Our linen closet is half closet half dresser for my youngest boy. Lol! Garage sale is a good idea or maybe even a blog sale for your unwanted items! I’m loving your little willow wreath. :)

  14. Oh my, you are delightful. Thank you for your honesty. Yes I do wonder where all the craft stuff goes, and where does all the regular stuff goes that should be on the shelves. Where do these people put anything down???? Thank you for admitting to the problem that we all have. You have breathed a breath of fresh air into my day. Bless you.

  15. I love how real you are in this post! And, yes, I did wonder where all those decorations went! :)

  16. I laughed when I read your post because I used to wonder the same thing! Then MY house started filling up. My husband is worried that we are going to have to move so that I have rooms to decorate with my crafts LOL

  17. Hahaha I thought that was just what my cupboards looked like!

  18. Haha! I feel your pain! We’re in an older home and storage is at a premium! EVery cabinet is up for grabs… that is to say, MINE. :) Thanks for making all of us feel normal!

  19. I have a different problem…I put my stuff in cabinets, etc. and then can’t remember which cabinet they are in. I’m always finding things later.

  20. So true! Thanks for sharing … good to know I’m not alone in my ability to stuff things behind random closed doors!

  21. oh girl! I love you!!! cuz I have the same sickness!! if its an empty drawer or hole-Im gonna fill it!

  22. Currently purging here! Great post! I’m pretty good about giving stuff away, but I do have a large stash! One thing that I have a problem with is material.

  23. I am so with you on this subject…..You are too funny! I have things hidden EVERYWHERE!!! My husband is about to have a garage sale the next time I bring something home!! Thanks for sharing this with us!!

  24. The upstairs of our house has a ton of closets, and the one just at the top of the stairs in the hallway has become the decor closet. Candles, crafts, fake plants, glass items, vase fillers and all go there to hibernate until it’s their turn to be on display again. I like it that way. :-)

  25. Sheryl Calvert says:

    Yea! I was just wondering about that last night! Thanks for sharing. It helps those of us who THINK about blogging to consider it more. But I dont live in a perfectly organized world and MOST bloggers photos always look like magazine photos and all I can do is sigh and dream. Thanks

  26. LOL!!! LOVE it!

  27. Thanks for sharing!! I feel SO much better!!

    I have to ask, where did you find the metal keys in the fourth photo? I’ve been searching for a set like that!

  28. I am always wondering where everyone puts their stash and where to put my own! Love to hear that someone else likes to put their stuff by the garage door. :)


  29. I LOVE this post! Thanks for the behind the scenes look =)

  30. lol…This is soooo true!!! I use a closet that has a skull and crossbones on it…considered yourself warned when things fall out!!

  31. I stash things here and there. Then I forget what I have. I hate that part. I have been cutting back a lot lately. Too much stuff just make me a bit claustrophobic!

  32. holy moly. ya know i have wondered where you decorative bloggers put all of the stuff you constantly create and make. i really have been a hesitant to jump on board with most things because i dont know what i would ever do with the overflow. my ocd wont let me. i do wish i could find a solution so i could jump in and be creative and crafty instead of rigid and boring…… but until then, thanks for your honesty.

  33. Ahhhhh, thanks for sharing! I love it!