This Is Going To Be A Challenge

Several months ago on a whim, I videotaped my 4 year old asking what she would like in her room. Her room that I need to redo. And this is her response. She’s the cutest thing ever by the way.

She is a very colorful and happy girl. She’d probably be thrilled if she had a Punky Brewster room with a big rainbow painted on the wall or something. And while I am going to let her have input on her room, we won’t be having a punky room. ;)

I’m super excited about starting her big girl room since she still has her pink and green nursery. We did buy her a bed a while back though, and that’s staying, so that’s good!

And for this mama who is not a purple fan, Emma’s request to have basically everything pink and purple in her room and in the entire house, worries me a bit! Haha. I would be ok with a FEW purple accents. :)

I’ll be off brainstorming ideas. Do you like purple?



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  1. Laurie Julian says:

    This is my first ever blog comment, but have been reading your blog for a LONG time! When I recently made over my 9 year old daughter’s room, I of course asked what she wanted. Her answer? Aqua blue and purple. WHAT?! I was in panic mode. How could I make that work? Can you even put those two colors together? I looked at images online of purple and aqua rooms and I knew it could do it! In the end, it’s gorgeous. I chose a simple purple check quilt from PB Teen and let her choose a very true aqua blue from Benjamin Moore (Cool Aqua), but then chose a purple (BM-Crocus) that’s a toned down purple so that you can enter the room without sunglasses! In the end, I love it and more importantly so does she. I’ve actually embraced the purple now because it’s the RIGHT purple. Have fun and happy decorating!

    • That sounds beautiful Laurie! And thank you for commenting btw! We will see how it goes. I honestly think she would love it if you had to have sunglasses to enter her room because it was so BRIGHT! She’s very colorful. :)

  2. Melissa Geittmann says:

    Purple was my favorite color growing up! My walls had paneling though, so I never got purple walls. I always wanted purple carpet, and then the year I left for college, my mom’s best friend redid her daughters room and pulled out the purple carpet. It was in perfect condition so she gave it to my mom and they had it installed in my room. LOL…so I got to enjoy on the occasional weekend and during the summer :) That was a long time ago..I’m 43.

  3. cute girl! love all the pink and purple! :-)
    Big job for you mom!

  4. As a mother of three BOYS, I would love this challenge! I always feel that no matter what the child wants, it is still OUR house and we need to be able to live with whatever décor is in the home. That being said, accents are key here! Neutral backdrop and pops of her beloved pink and purple! Looking at your gorgeous work, you’ve got this in the bag and I cannot wait to see what you come up with!

  5. haha! us designer moms such control freaks lol. I’m not a fan of purple ( even though it’s this years chosen pantone color lol). I used to love purple and green. I’m a blue girl now, with hints of green with gray as my base. It is kind of nice to change things up a bit with pops of color here and there. Sometimes we get stuck in a color rut. Before you know it they will be on to the next color of the spectrum now. Be brave. Embrace it. You will come up with something totally awesome. Besides there are some purple, almost magenta shades of purple that I’m sure she’d be open to. :)

  6. I also have a pink and purple lover – we redid her room last year from a pink and green nursery/toddler room when she turned 5. Link: Lots of white and gold, with pink and purple accents seemed to make everyone happy. :D

    Good luck! I had a blast doing Alexa’s room, I wish I could sleep in there – ha!

  7. Purple is still my favorite color but I don’t know if even I would paint my walls that color. lol I can’t wait to see how it turns out though.

  8. LOVE purple and hate pink. Purple has to be the smoky gray purple eggplant and it goes beautifully with greens, golds. Not a fan of the magenta purples. My favorite color scheme in my old house was olive, light gold, terra cotta red, and eggplant accents. Now in the new house I am stuck with turquoise carpeting for a while, so the scheme has morphed a bit and I don’t have any purple. :(

  9. Um yes, she is the cutest thing ever. :) I am not a fan of purple either, so I’m hoping Rachel doesn’t end up with that as her favorite color. Right now she likes pink, but she’s only 2 1/2, so that could change.

  10. That’s what my daughter wants as well. But she’s 6 and a half so after this redo, I don’t plan on doing one for a LONG while and I want it to be able to grow with her. I told her she is getting pale aqua walls w/ pink accents and she’ll like it LOL


  11. So- the pink and purple is something that doesn’t go away when they get older! One of my daughters was obsessed with pink and when she was 18 she wanted to paint her room. Whatever… so she and her boyfriend painted her room- pink…and purple. All the walls but one were pink and the wall where her headboard was she painted purple—a medium purple. And being the creative young woman she was she took opalescent glitter and blew it all over her pink walls while they were wet. I had no idea what they were doing until I walked in! She had a fit when my youngest took over the room a couple of years later and insisted the walls be painted beige! :) My advice- give her pink and purple walls with a rainbow light. I learned to pick my battles and as a result have very confident young women for daughters! :)

  12. I love purple, it’s been my favorite color for since high school (I don’t want to say how long that’s been LOL). You have to give her a big splash of purple somewhere, or a purple comforter, or fuzzy purple pouf :D

  13. I love touches of purple. I have an accent chair which is covered in a purple Designer Guild fabric which always gets comments. Doing your big girl’s room should be heaps of fun. Late last year I updated my grand nieces’ bedrooms as a surprise while they were away on holidays. One loved pink and lime green; the other loved pink and aqua. If you have time you might enjoy reading about the process and seeing the final product. The girls loved their rooms. So I was happy.

  14. I have loved your site forever. This is by far my favourite post. I can not wait to see the pink and purple room. I mean the PINK and PURPLE and PINK room!

  15. I love purple, it’s a happy color and I think your little girl is on to something! And this years color is Radiant Orchid which is a beautiful shade of purple/pink. I have a board on pinterest of that color and it’s really beautiful. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  16. and don’t forget a BRIGHT light with a rainbow….. LOL

  17. Purple is my new favorite color. Two years ago, before Pantone announced their color for 2014, Radiant Orchid
    I painted the dining room walls with a two step pearlized paint. Eggplant as base coat and a pearlized orchid smoothed over the base coat. Does not look rag rolled, a smoother more even look. I also replaced my cream sofa’s with a large purple chenille sectional that I have not grown tired of at all as I feared. You shouldn’t have any trouble making a beautiful room for your adorable little princess. Can’t wait to see the results.