The Ottoman Chronicles

Remember last week when I posted about my cute little foot stool and the other new additions?  Well, that day my when post went up, that same evening I was out shopping with my soon to be sis-in-law for wedding stuff.  And we stopped into T.J. Maxx because she needed something.  Me of course wandered on over to the home section, and I immediately saw this.

I thought it was too good to be true.  Then I looked at the price and it was $54!!  Then I text a photo of it to my husband and he LOVED it and said to get it.  Again, too good to be true.

After that I couldn’t have picked it up fast enough to claim it was mine and carried it around the store until I found a shopping cart.  When I checked out I asked for a discount because the feet were just a little nicked (nothing a marker won’t fix), and so I got a 10% off discount and paid $49 for it!  Always ask for a discount, especially at these types of stores. But I pretty much ask for a discount at any store I go to. :)

I was worried the ottoman might be a little too much graphic print going on in the living room with our geometric rugs, but, we both love it in here and it’s SO squishy and comfy!

I know it’s not a round one like I had been envisioning, but I love it, and the price couldn’t be beat.  I’m still keeping the little mini colorful one in here for now and am using it with my chair.  Never can have too many places to prop up your feet!

And if you are wondering why I’m not showing shots of the full room, that’s because I’ve been working hard the past few days on a few other projects in our living room.  I thought this room was done??  But the changes are pretty awesome, and can’t wait to show you!  A couple of wall treatments may have happened.  Ohhhh yea. :)

Did you all have a good 4th?  What do you think of our newest graphic addition? :)



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  1. Love it, the pattern is very interesting, but suits the room well. Great bargain!

  2. I love it!!! I wish we had stores like that here in Australia, our choices are pretty limited, which is a real killer when you are a blogger & see what the rest of the world has to offer!!

  3. What a great find! And at an awesome price no less. Love the graphic.

  4. Love it!! It’s so fun when you have an unexpected find that adds umph to a room. SCORE! :)))

  5. I love it! I have been thinking about getting that rug from Overstock…I like seeing it in a “real” space and it looks great. I also have that fabric that is on the ottoman and have been looking for a place to use it. Looks like we have the same (awesome) style!

  6. Love it!

  7. Well hello Kelly Wearstler inspired fabric!!!!! That is awesome!!! what a score!! and you are too funny! tweaking, tweaking, tweaking! Girl we are cut from the same cloth-i can never feel Im fully “done” with a room. Cant wait to see the rest of it!!

  8. This all looks amazing together!

  9. That is a great find! It looks great in the room.

  10. Wow,,,I love, love, love that ottoman! I think it looks amazing in that space!

  11. Helen Scott says:

    Wow! I think it’s GREAT!! I love it too and it’s not mine. : ) Your whole room looks fantastic.

  12. Omg this totally makes me have an urge to go to tj maxx or a home goods store!! Love it! Great find for sure. Can’t wait to see what your working on.

  13. First the rug from Lowe’s now this. I’m totally jealous now :) Great find!

  14. Your newest addition looks awesome. I love how the ottoman and pillows “pop” against the neutral sofa and even the rug appears neutral. Please share the source for your rugs.

  15. Love it! BTW, are you still searching for yellow lamps?

  16. Amazing find! It’s looks amazing in the room. What a nice touch!! Love it!

  17. Love it!! Been looking for the same thing!
    Where did you get your great rug? Love the geometric pattern.

  18. Super love. That is darling. I can’t wait to see what else you have going on in the room. I love the way it’s coming together.

  19. Wow!! Great find! And I tool ask for discounts, until I think I may need to bring it back…they won’t let you return it if they mark it down for defect. :(

    your gallery wall is going to be fab too!


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