Stitch Fix Reveal #8 – My Unicorn Piece!!

Time for another Stitch Fix reveal!! Gosh they have made my life so much easier. For real. I just don’t have the time to get out and shop these days, so having a fix delivered once a month is such a blessing for me! And this fix my stylist sent me my unicorn!!

Stitch Fix Reveal #8! | Decorchick!®

So before I get into what all came, here’s a little bit about Stitch Fix and how it works, in case you don’t know. You should though since I’ve been talking about it for 8 months now! ;)

1. Start by filling out your style profile – you will complete all sorts of questions on sizing, pricing, preferences, colors, etc. You can also write notes about like and dislikes. Be VERY specific here! Make sure to link your fashion board on pinterest so your stylist can see what you like!

2. Order your first fix! Your card will be charged a $20 styling fee, however, if you keep any item (one or more) you will be credited back the $20. Because of this I always recommend keeping at least one item or you are basically giving away $20. You will receive 5 items (clothing, jewelry, and handbags, shoes, etc). I tell my stylist I only want clothing, and maybe surprise me with a shoe every now and then. I’ve seen lots of cute ones out lately that others are receiving!

3. Decide what you want to keep and what you want to send back, in the postage paid envelope that’s provided. You have 3 business days to do this, so use this time to try everything on, see what you have in your closet that pairs well with it and don’t be afraid to try things you normally wouldn’t! That’s what makes Stitch Fix so fun! If you keep all 5 items you will receive 25% off your entire fix! That is what makes this service even better in my opinion.

You don’t have to receive fixes each month like I do. You can request them whenever you want. Like every other month, every 6 months, every 5 years, doesn’t really matter. You aren’t tied down to anything at all. It’s not a subscription-based service.

So are you ready for this month’s fashion show? Let’s get to it! And if you see anything you like, don’t forget to pin it, or ask your stylist for a particular piece. I do it all the time! And it REALLY helps if they see your pinterest board, so they have something visually to go off of, rather than just words you have written. Not mandatory, but beneficial. :)

I had some fit issues this month, so not everything I have a picture of me in. Who wants to see me in pants that are too tight anyway? Um, no one, that’s who.

But here is everything I received.

Stitch Fix Reveal | Decorchick!®

I was really hopeful y’all and I LOVED all of the bright colors!!


Not everything fit great. It happens. And it’s ok!

But my unicorn as they call it, did arrive and I couldn’t be more happy with it!

  1. Market & Spruce Suva Cargo Jacket – Verdict: Kept. 

Market & Spruce Suva Cargo Jacket | Decorchick!®

I am in LOVE with this jacket. They first sent me a size small, and while it fit, the arms were too tight for my liking, like when I’d lift my arms or something. And I knew if I were to were something with sleeves underneath, it just would be too tight and drive me crazy. I am very particular with jackets and coats because of this reason, and probably why I hate wearing coats and never do! They did a size exchange for me (for free) and sent me a medium as shown above and it’s perfect, with plenty of arm movement to be had. :)

I love the back and how it cinches too when you pull the strings.

Suva Cargo Jacket Cinched | Decorchick!®

But about those strings…

They will just hang like this if you don’t do anything about it.

Suva Cargo Jacket in Green | Decorchick!®

Maybe they are supposed to do that?? I have no idea. But they are pretty long, so I just tucked them into my jeans and that solved that!

ETA: you can actually easily just tuck in the strings on the inside panel! Worked like a charm.

And here is how I actually wore this jacket recently.

Market and Spruce Suva Cargo with Outfit | Decorchick!®

I’m obsessed with this kelly green color and love love love it!

2. Rebekah Textured Knit Blazer – Verdict: Returned

Rebekah Textured Knit Blazer Stitch Fix | Decorchick!®

Now, I asked for a casual blazer, and I definitely wasn’t opposed to yellow, but I felt this was a too bright of a canary yellow for me. Plus, it was a little big in the chest area. That’s just a personal problem I have. ;)

3. Yellow Box Link Espadrille Wedges – Verdict: Returned

Yellow Box Link Espadrille Wedges | Decorchick!®

While they were SUPER cute, and very comfy, they were just too high for me. The color of them was perfect though and would have gone with SO many things! I slightly regret returning them.

I don’t have pics separately of the next two items, but they are pictured above.

4. Kut from the Kloth Siena Cropped Pant (pink) – Verdict: Returned

I really wanted to love these, and while they fit nicely, they bunched up around my knees. So every time I sat down and then stood up, I would have to pull down my pant leg. And well, no one has time for that.

5. Moscow Skinny Jean (white) – Verdict: Returned

These were just all around too tight, especially being white. Not flattering on me at all, hence the reason you won’t see a pic of me in these. :) I did however find a pair of white skinnies which I’m wearing with the cargo jacket in the above pics, from Ann Taylor Loft, and I love them!

So there you have it! I kept 1 item this time, and that’s completely fine. You won’t always receive 5 for 5’s, although I have gotten several! It’s really just a bonus if you receive 1 item you love and keep! I really did love everything my stylist picked out for me, and it’s not her fault I had some fit issues this month. I’m so in love with the green jacket she found me!

If you still need *the* stylist, Sherri R. is still mine and she’s awesome. Request her in your notes if you need a good one!

So if you are ready to try it out and have a stylist send you clothes each month too, you can do it here. Remember getting it monthly is completely optional! So if you don’t need new clothes that often, set your account settings accordingly. You can also request just an all dress or all top fix, all pants, etc! I think that’s super fun. I will request an all dress fix during the summer! They really do their best to listen to your needs and requests.

Let me know how your fixes have been lately!



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  1. Quick tip about the too-long strings on your jacket: (let’s see if I can explain this in a way that makes sense…) Loop each string in half and tie the tail in a knot around the loop. Should keep it out of sight, or at least make it a ton shorter! Love it, btw!