Scentsy Giveaway!

*This giveaway is now closed and the winner announced on the bottom of this post*

I know you all have heard of Scentsy right? You probably already have many of their products since they are so popular!  Well today the sweet Erin Campbell, Independent Scentsy Consultant is giving away a $40 credit to one of you! Woohoo!!

I didn’t have anything from Scentsy up until last month when Erin sent me a few items.  I fell in love instantly.  Like, deep love.  I love anything that smells good and now I understand why SO many people rave about it.  All of the hype is legit!

Erin sent me a full-size warmer premium, Jane, and I absolutely love it.

I have it on our kitchen counter and the smell fills up our entire house!  Plus it looks great. She let me pick out 3 scented bars too which smelled divine.  I chose the fall-ish scents and I can’t wait to order some new ones for Spring! My favorite one was Cinnamon Vanilla. Mmmm mmm.  And they last forever.

She also sent me a Scentsy Buddy for my daughter!

She loves it and she says it “smells pretty.” :)  The “Newborn Nursery” scent pack is inside and the pig smells just like that. A fresh little bundle of joy. :)

Here are a few other Scentsy warmer products that I love…

A few cool things about Scentsy that you may not know:

  • They use food grade petroleum wax, and it does not evaporate. This means only the scent is released into the air, but no wax build up on your walls.
  • The wax warms at just above body temperature, so it gets hot, but will not burn your skin.
  • Bars last 50 to 80 hours, depending on scent strength and room conditions for only $5 versus a $20 candle. (open windows and fans will shorten their scent time)
  • Instead of having 20 different candles, you can switch your scents out whenever you want. Easy peasy.

Good to know right?!

Also one more important thing…If any of you would like to order anything from Erin, some dear friends of hers have suffered a terrible tragedy and lost their 16 month old baby in an accidental drowning. They were able to donate her organs to save 3 other lives, but have been left with high medical expenses. There is a memorial fund set up on Erin Campbell, Independent Scentsy Consultant website and it’s called the “Adalynn Byler Memorial Fund.”  If you just click next to that name where it says “Buy From Party,” 20% of her sales will go directly to the Byler family in their time of need.  Prayers are much appreciated too.

To enter the giveaway to win a $40 credit to Erin’s Scentsy shop, please do the following:

  1. Leave a comment and tell us how excited you are about trying out Scentsy! Or if you already have some tell us about it.
  2. Extra entry: Sign up for Erin Campbell, Independent Scentsy Consultant newsletter and stay up to date with the latest products and specials
  3. Extra entry: Facebook or tweet about this giveaway including a link back to this post.

And that’s it!  Please leave separate comments for each thing that you do. Giveaway will be open until Saturday, January 28, 2012 and winner will be chosen via

Good luck everyone!

UPDATE: The winner is #31 and is That Girl. I’ll be emailing you soon, congrats!



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  1. Deanna Winne says:

    Love Scentsy!!

  2. I have some scentsy bars and love them! I really want a burner or the plug in burner. I sure I hope you pick me!!

  3. Ooh…I would love to try Scentsy, I have heard so much about them. I love having candles, incense, wax burners going. I like the woodsy scents a lot!

  4. My SIL actually gave me a Scentsy warmer and bars last Christmas and I have been in love ever since! I would love to get a small warmer and some bars for my office though. :)

  5. I would love to try this! I’m heading over to Erin’s website right now!

  6. would love to try a scentsy buddy!

  7. I’ve been wanting to try out Scentsy!

  8. Signed up for her newsletter!

  9. I would love to try Scentsy too, just heard about it for the first time a couple of months ago! Love a good smelling house!

  10. So excited about trying Scentsy! I have heard so many good things about it.

  11. I am WAY excited about this giveaway!!! I want to try the scent blackberry Vanilla. I would LOVE to win!

  12. I love scentsy I love the fact you cannot burn yourself like with candle wax! Super safe if you want a childs room to smell good but are afraid of candles.

  13. Here is my Twitter tweet:!/NoKaOiOhana

  14. Joined the newsletter!
    Please Please pick me!!! :)

  15. I borrowed my friends Scensty warmer for a party and did not want to give it back. I loved it! I also want to try the plug ins!

  16. A girl just can’t have too many Scentsy burners!

  17. I have been wanting to try Scentsy. Hear such great things about it.

  18. would love to win

  19. I have one and I love, love my Scentsy!! They are so much safer than candles and the scent is so much better than a regular candle! Thank you for the giveaway!

  20. I love my scentsy warmers!! It’s so easy to make your house smell good, and it’s easy to change out the scents! Speaking of which I need some new ones. ;)

  21. Jonica Whitmore says:

    I love the Scentsy products. I have something in almost all of my rooms.

  22. I would LOVE to try Scentsy!!

  23. enjoying my Vanilla Suede right now! LOVE Scentsy!!

  24. just signed up for the newsletter :-)

  25. I joined Erins Newletter.

  26. and now it’s on my FB page too!

  27. Kim Herman says:

    I have heard so many awesome things and would love to try a scentsy product!

  28. I facebooked this site…… hope to win me some Scentsy :)

  29. That Girl says:

    The business for which I work had a display at a recent Women’s Expo. Right behind my booth, was a Scentsy booth. I could NOT get over how great the smells were but I got over there too late to get what I wanted that night. Maybe this prize would get me in gear!

  30. I love Scentsy!!

  31. Scentsy is so yummy!

  32. Oh I love Scentsy. I had one but it broke in our move a few months ago. SAD! I would love to win another one!

  33. I love Scentsy! I would love to have one for my guest bath! Thanks!

  34. Here’s the link to my tweet –!/laughter_grace

  35. ahh! so excited about this giveaway. I love love love scentsy. Everyone should own one.

  36. It’s like I was meant to see this today! Just yesterday I walked into a friend’s office and it smelled heavenly. It was her Scentsy! I asked her about it and she gave me her friend’s catalog so I could place an order. Not even two weeks ago, I was online about to place an order from a local distributor I don’t even know. I keep seeing this stuff everywhere! I want it bad!!

  37. Love Scentsy. Never had any, but I have friends who do. Thanks!

  38. I would love to win this giveaway – they have beautiful products!

  39. I subscribed to her newsletter!

  40. I’m a Scentsy fan! My favorites: Honey Pear Cider, Perfectly Pomegranate (for fall/winter), Skinny Dip and Cucumber Lime (spring/summer).

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  41. Andrea Masterson says:

    I would love to try Scentsy! Especially the Scentsy Buddy for my daughter.

  42. My husband got me the Love Story perfume for Christmas and I absolutely love it! I would love a warmer to try :)

  43. I have a scentsy that we use as a night light– it’s WONDERFUL!

  44. I love Scentsy!! I need some more scents!!

  45. Love Scentsy!

  46. I’ve always wanted to try Scentsy but haven’t gotten the chance!

  47. My sil house always smells so good and when I asked her what it was she said scentsy, I would love to try it!

  48. I’ve heard so many things about Scentsy & would love to try it. Fingers crossed! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. Id love to win b/c I have been lusting after a few items for a while now! Thanks for the opp to win! best of luck to everyone!!

  50. I love love love scentsy and I hope I win this giveaway! Thank you for offering this!

  51. LOVE Scentsy & would love to try some new scents!!

  52. Thanks for the giveaway! I have a holiday warmer I haven’t put away yet because I love it so much, this would be great!

  53. I would LOVE to try Scentsy!!

  54. I would LOVE the Charity Warmer!

  55. I just signed up for Erin’s newsletter!!

  56. I have wanted to try scentsy for a long time! This would be a great way to try it out.

  57. I’ve been wanting to try scentsy! It sounds like it would be perfect for my family


  58. Danielle S. says:

    I have always wanted to try Scentsy, but I’ve been stuck using the Walmart version, which I’m SURE is no way near as good! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  59. Anonymous says:

    I have always wanted to try Scentsy. I see the logo on cars and have assumed it is a home party type thing but I haven’t known anyone who has had one.

  60. Danielle S. says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway! @LittleBeeCustom

  61. Shannon R. says:

    I have always wanted to try Scentsy, but just haven’t had a chance. I love your warmer!

  62. Danielle S. says:

    I signed up for Erin’s newsletter!

  63. Elissa O'Leary says:

    I have been dying to try Scentsy! They are pretty reasonably priced but I am one of those “frugal” people who has to be able to validate the purchase. This would make that so much easier:)

  64. I would love to try scentsy!

  65. I’ve been wanting to try scentsy for a long time.

  66. Heather Wood says:

    I just got my first Scentsy warmer for Christmas and I love it! (It’s actually the same one you just got too!) Our old house has a musty smell and the Scentsy leaves our house smelling fresh and lovely!

  67. I am already a huge Scentsy fan…I love the unique warmers and the amazing scents…definitely something for everyone!!

  68. I love love love Scentsy! It is so much better than candles and they are getting ready to come out with fondue burners and chocolate!!!!! So excited. It doesn’t burn my children, it smells better and it is so much prettier than candles. I want to win!

  69. I have never tried Scentsy but I would like to try!

    Thank you for the chance.

    Linda H.

  70. Nancy's Couture says:

    I love Scentsy!!! I have a plug in warmer and keep it plugged in close to the front door. When company comes the first thing they smell is Scentsy.

  71. Nancy's Couture says:

    I subscribe to her newsletter.

  72. Nancy's Couture says:
  73. I have heard so much about Scentsy and have been dying to try it. Candles burn so quickly and I love the scents.

  74. I signed up for the newsletter.

  75. I tweeted today about this giveaway.

  76. I love using Scentsy!

  77. I’ve seen a lot about Scentsy on blogs lately and would love to give their product a try. Thanks for the giveaway.

  78. I just got Scentsy as a Christmas gift this year. I love how great it smells, but it’s not overpowering which is super important to me.

  79. April was in CT now CA says:

    I’ve always wanted to try Scentsy!

  80. I love everything Scentsy!

  81. i love this,i have never tried scentsy before and i never heard of it before.i hope to win so i can try it.after checking the site i want to get so many different things.i have a house full of cats and a dog i know this would help us so much

  82. i added my name to the newsletter list

  83. i added this pg to my facebook pg

  84. I love Scentsy…and that I can leave one burning in my children’s rooms, too. I only have one (and a Buddy) and would love to try out some more scents. Thanks!!

  85. I LOVE Scentsy- Seriously!!! My Favorite scent is Vanilla Walnut!

  86. Signed up for Erin’s newsletter! Excited to hear all about what is new with Scentsy!

  87. The Scentsy Buddy looks so cute – and a wonderful smell adds so much to a comfy home. Would really like to try Scentsy :-)

  88. I would love a scentsy – have heard such good things about them.

  89. I signed up for Erin’s newsletter.

  90. I would love to try Scentsy. We burn candles all the time and would love to try out some Scentsy products.

  91. Tracie Trump says:

    Love to have the snapshot warmer,

  92. I love my Scentsy but would love to have another for downstairs!

  93. Tracie Trump says:

    signed up for erin’s newletter,

  94. Doris Lynn Turner says:

    Love Scentsy !! Last year I actually had 5 of them after going through a divorce and staying with friends everywhere I stayed I left a Scentsy as a love offering !!! Time to get me another one or two !!! They make me smile and make me happy and that is why I shared them all !!

  95. I love the Scentsy bathroom plugs. They can make a stinky place smell great!

  96. I Love Scentsy. Biggest problem I have with it is deciding which of the wonderful scents to use. Have already ordered the white flowery plugin shown above. Should get it tomorrow. Along with it, I have 2 new scents coming. My house is going to smell wonderful.

  97. I love my Scentsy!! I would love to get a mid size warmer for the front of our house, or a plug in warmer for the guest bathroom!

  98. Like the nursery one, haven’t tried but would love too. The cinnamon vanilla, sounds yummy.

  99. I love candles but haven’t had the pleasure of trying Scentsy. I hope I win.

  100. I have 2 warmers and a plug in and have a wish list for 2 MORE warmers and 1 more plug in. I just tried the Pretty in Pink Scentsy bar, but it’s not my fave. I LOVE the Camu Camu and Sunkissed Citrus! There are so many more I want to try.

  101. susan beaty says:

    never really thought much about scentsy until tonight. now i really want to try it. would be great to have scents all thru house. 2 dogs, a CAT(litter)…. and a bird. always burning candles, incense, etc. would love to not have to worry about if put candles all out etc. probably cheaper in long run, since i dont buy cheap candles. from other posts read here, it sounds like this is a winner. ok ill let you give me a boost by winning. thanks, susy

  102. susan beaty says:

    joined Erins scentsy site. love her name…. susy

  103. susan beaty says:

    facebook sharing with link to you. good luck all…..

  104. Scentsy addict? Ummm… that would be me.

  105. LOVE Scentsy! A girl can never have enough bars!

  106. I have heard about Scentsy for about 2 years now and still have not tried it. I would love to! I really like the idea of the plug-in ones too.

  107. I love scentsy, great products!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  108. Tweet!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  109. I have the 2nd warmer that you show, with the cross on it and I love!!! Thanks!

  110. Sounds wonderful–I would love to try Scentsy!

  111. Gina M Maddox says:

    I have heard so many great things about Scentsy! I would LOVE the chance to try them out. Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  112. Gina M Maddox says:

    I am an e-mail subscriber!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  113. Anonymous says:

    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  114. I know about the Scentsy company, but have not seen the little bear. It would be great for a baby gift!

  115. Tammy Gillespie says:

    My daughter uses Scentsy and loves it. I’ve always used candles so would love to try!

  116. I would LOVE to try Scentsy! I have a Sheltie that was supposed to be about 25 pounds, but topped out at 50 pounds ~ not from fat either. He loves to go in and out of my home (work, work, work), and he has two indoor kitties who plan his demise every day. I also have two messy kids and soon to have two stinky bunnies. With all this chaos, it would be WONDERFUL to have a product that fills my home with peaceful scents.

  117. LOVE Scentsy…especially the fall pumpkin scent…delish!

  118. I’ve heard lots about Scentsy, but have never tried their products. I would love to win!

  119. I seriously love Scentsy! I need some new scents to rotate through, so this would be awesome to win!

  120. I love Sentcy, I need a new full size warmer!!

  121. Thanks for the chance to win! Never tried but am anxious to!

  122. Ooh, I’d love this. My mom and sisters all have warmers and I envy them. There is a pomegranate scent that I sooo want. How exciting!

  123. I love pretty-smelling things! If I have free time when shopping I like to meander amongst the candles, just smelling. I can’t be the only one, right?

  124. I would love to try Scentsy! I have seen the Scentsy buddies & think they would make a wonderful baby gift for a friend of mine who is expecting! Thank you!

  125. Jill Dykstra says:

    In BIG on scents!! I would love to win!

  126. Scentsy is awesome! I would love to win!

  127. I love Scentsy! I was introduced to it 3 yrs ago and love it! I have 5 warmers in my house and 1 in my office. I have given 3 already as a gift. I would love to win!!!

  128. I would love to win!

  129. I signed up for her newsletter. Hope I win!

  130. mary mcmenamy says:

    i would love to win never tried scency

  131. I have friends who rave about Scentsy — sure would love to check it out for myself! Thanks for the opportunity to win and see for myself!!

  132. I adore Scentsy! It prevents my cat from frying his little whiskers off, and doesn’t irritate my eyes like the smoke from a candle with a flame. I would love to have a second warmer in the house :)

  133. I signed up for the newsletter!

  134. I have scentsy products and absolutely LOVE them!! And you are right the scents last forever, I actually feel like I accomplish something when i use the last cube in the bar!! Lol

  135. I posted to my FB wall:)


  136. I have been wanting to try one of these for such a long time.

  137. Signed up for Erin’s newsletter.

  138. Liked on FB.

  139. Ooh I would love to try scentsy! I have heard so much about it, but I haven’t tried it yet! All the details about it – no burning, no evaporating, no wax on the walls – sound great too!!

  140. I also shared this on twitter!!

  141. Linda Trinklein says:

    SUPER excitied! I would love to get a scentsy buddy!

    lzamudio02 @ hotmail .com

  142. Oooh, I love Scentsy. I have one plug in and would love a full-size!!

  143. Nicole Vosburgh says:

    I love my Scentsy! Easy to use and makes the whole house smell great!

  144. Nicole Vosburgh says:

    I joined Erin’s newsletter.

  145. Nicole Vosburgh says:
  146. I would love to try these products out! Thanks for the chance to win!

  147. Katherine says:

    I would love to try Scentsy!

  148. Katherine says:
  149. Katherine says:

    I signed up for the newsletter!

  150. I would love to try Scentsy! I love anything that smells good. :-)

  151. So cool! What a great giveaway! I would love to try Scentsy for the first time!

  152. I’ve wanted to try Scentsy for ages; this would be the perfect opportunity!

  153. Scentsy has been around where I live for a long time (the warehouse/factory/corporate offices are just down the road). I just have to say that one can never have too much Scentsy! I love the Leather scent circles for the car…mmmm! I change my scent every day based on mood and some scents that I’m not fond of in the Spring, I love in the Fall so it’s great to have a stock in case you change your mind from day to day or month to month! Thanks for the chance to add to my stash (actually, I’d really love a plug in for the bathroom!).

  154. I would LOVE to try a Scentsy product:)

  155. i love their products especially their bars

  156. I’ve been seeing a lot of scentsy lately and I’ve been dying to try it out. I like that it’s not too hot so it won’t burn my little ones as they run around the house.

  157. I would love to try Scentsy! My friends are always telling me I will be hooked once I do. ;)

  158. I really like Scentsy…love the hazelnut latte!

  159. I signed up for Erin’s newsletter.

  160. I tweeted about Scentsy giveaway.

  161. courtney walton says:

    i am so excited and anxious to be able to try scentsy, the warmers are all so gorgeous and they look handsculpted. They are lovely!

  162. I would love to try it, I love it when my house smells great!!!

  163. I would love to try Scentsy. I have heard so much about it and really want to try it for myself.

  164. Andrea Czarnecki says:

    Just heard of Scents tonight from a client if mine! Would love to try it!

  165. Johnna Davis says:

    I know a sensy consultant, and have wanted to have a party for quite some time. I would LOVE a credit!

  166. LeAnne Troyer says:

    I love Scentsy…my aunt gave me a Scentsy buddy lamb and it’s so cute my baby girl loves it! :) I would love to add to my scentsy decor for sure!

  167. Laurie Kell says:

    I absolutely love Scentsy! I am an addict :) I recently gave my son the Patches Buddy for Christmas and he loves to sleep with it. He keeps smelling it and says “umm…this smells good”! LOL! I know, right? I have a burner in almost every room. If I was to get picked for the $40 in free, I might just donate it to the Relay For Life raffle coming up in July! Oh, and in case you didn’t know…Scentsy rocks! Just sayin’…

  168. I just ordered Scentsy for the first time and am waiting to try mine out. I am very excited now that I hear all the hype is real!

  169. I signed up for Erin’s newsletter! Excited to see each month’s specials!

  170. I just started selling scentsy products and imediatly fell in love with them. I love all the fragrances.

  171. I got a Scentsy warmer as a gift. I love nice aromas,but am sometimes sensative getting headaches and ill. Scentsy is great! Subtle, but pleasing and unoffensive. Can’t wait to try new scents!

  172. Rose Castllo says:

    I love burning candles and also love the seasonal products for the different holidays. I would love to have my entry picked!!

  173. Love my scentsy! So into those man scents!

  174. I love it! I’ve been using Scentsy for about 6 months now! :)

  175. My daughter uses Scentsy and she keeps telling me I need to try it. This would be the perfect way!

  176. jillayne colbert says:

    I would love to try scentsy!!

  177. Sara Goss says:

    I love scentsy they smell so good!!