New Rolling Storage Cart and BHG Products at Walmart Giveaway!

This whole organizational thing is quite a process. Slowly but surely we are making some progress little by little, day by day. And it feels good! Just like purging almost. See, we have had this table thing in our bathroom for WAY too long now. The only thing it was good for was holding an obscene amount of magazines and books, or bathroom readers as Randy calls it. And it collected crazy amounts of dust. I found it at a yard sale and slapped some paint on there years ago, and it was just time to say goodbye.

Goodbye and hello to our new rolling storage bathroom cart.

Bathroom Storage Rolling Cart | Decorchick!®

So cute right?

Here is what we had before.


I know. Crazy books. Don’t ask me.

The rolling cart is another BHG product from Walmart and it would be so great for many things like organizing craft or school supplies etc. It probably wasn’t intended for a toilet room, but hey it works. We have like zero shelves or anything in there so we need something. And the price is ridiculous and you can’t beat that!

Bathroom Organization Cart | Decorchick!®


BHG Rolling Cart | Decorchick!®

You never would have thought that having a drawer for toilet paper would be so awesome. Because before we had to keep it in our closet. One of the baskets will fit about 7 double rolls of toilet paper, or 8 if it’s squished if you’re wondering. :)

Oh, and I will say that I did keep some of his books in there just took them out for the photo. I figured I was doing y’all a favor by not photographing Bat Boy Lives and the others. ;)

Now who would like to win a $100 gift card to Walmart?!


To enter, simply leave a comment on this post and tell me what you’d like to use this for!

Easy peasy. Winner will be announced next Monday, January 26. Winner must be at least 18 years old and a U.S. resident. Good luck!



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  1. Angela Betlewicz says:

    I would use this as my “intimate” drawer. Storing undergarments and socks in my closet :)

  2. New towels for bathroom or a new
    set of pots and pans would be great!!!

  3. Great improvement! What happened to all the crazy books?

    I would use the card to buy 31 packs of double filled Twist & Shouts….and a tube of mascara.

  4. Lauren Payton says:

    Pots and pans!

  5. eva scott says:

    I’m always trying to figure out the best organization system for my kids playroom so I’d definitely use it there.

  6. New year, new paint job for my home! I would buy two large cans of paint, brushes, rollers, and all supplies needed to neatly do my job and enjoy!! Thanks!

  7. Anne Haun says:

    I would love this card – would use it to store bathroom supplies.

  8. I’d like to buy bins to organize my laundry room.

  9. Love this! I would use this for all of my son’s art supplies and crafts!!!

  10. I don’t have a cabinet in my bathroom for towels. I would use one drawer for towels. Love the idea for toilet paper- so one drawer for that. Probably the third drawer a mixture of pet shampoo/supplies, bath spa items, and body crimes/lotions. I would hide the magazines for a picture,too! But would have a few on top–Good job

  11. This would be great for organizing crafts or my toddler’s coloring books and crayons!

  12. Jean Wright says:

    This would be perfect for my kitchen, since I am “short” of cabinet space. I would use it to store canned food items, paper products, and seasonal items for holiday decor. The top appears to be like a wood block that can be used for cutting board.

  13. Would love it for homeschool supplies!

  14. I have something similar, but yours is way cuter. I would do exactly the same thing!

  15. i am a visual learner…after seeing your cart, I realize that I could use 1 or 2 in my home. Pick me!

  16. Kristy Zuverino says:

    Some things for the home, My bathroom is so plain i need some new decor!

  17. Sherri Cato says:

    I would love this for my bathroom, I would use it the very same way that you did.

  18. Teresa Snyder says:

    I would use it for my daughters art and craft
    Supplies and school supplies

  19. This would be great for my yarn and other craft items, magazines, and other odds and ends that won’t fit on my nightstand.

  20. Dianne Madison says:

    I would also use it in my bathroom for storage!

  21. Joy Leftwich says:

    I’d love to use this in my girl’s bathroom. Great organization!

  22. Carrie I. says:

    I’ve been wanting to do some low cost updating to my boys’ bathroom and a Walmart GC would really help with that!

  23. Renee Kern says:

    I would use the gift card for a new rug in our “foyer”. Walmart is the only store around that sells 4 x 6 rugs and that is the perfect size.

  24. Cindy Starnes says:

    I would use the gift card to buy desperately needed kitchen knives, because the ones I have had for years, that said would “never need sharpening”, we’re clearly lied about.

  25. Heather White says:

    I would love a few of these for extra storage in the bedroom!

  26. I would love to check out all of the great BHG products! Everything I have seen looks fabulous and I am trying to make my home more organized, but with STYLE! Thanks for keeping us posted and for the wonderful giveaway!!

  27. Denise Rosales says:

    I need this & so cute & practical!

  28. It would work awesome as a end table in our living room. I’m all for functional storage pieces!

  29. That is an awesome cart!

  30. So many possibilities! I think I need one for every room, plus a few for my classroom!

  31. I would love to use in the bathroom for holding bath salts, bath soaks, bubble bath all in one basket, I would try to keep all hair gels extra in another (hoping others would use it for that instead of leaving all over counter, another would probably hide female products.

  32. Janice Toguchi says:

    this is exactly what I need for my remodeled bathroom! Searched websites for hours this weekend- who knew? Walmart & BHG!

  33. i would buy storage containers for my closet that I am cleaning and reorganizing

  34. This is great! I didn’t realize bhg had something like this. I’m looking for it for my bathroom as well! :) thx for the post!

  35. Shelia Leach says:

    I would use it in the bath to hold extra products to keep them off my counters.

  36. I need this for my bathroom stuff too!

  37. Whitney Hansen says:

    I’m about to redo my kid’s bedroom, and I’d love to use this extra money for it.

  38. I’d use this to get some organizing items for our new kitchen!


  39. Mandi Fulmer says:

    We spent Christmas break decluttering our house. . I would use the gift card buying organizational items to keep our house in order.

  40. I would love the giftcard to buy an area rug or some bins for organization. Txs

  41. Hope Robles says:

    i love that! We have a table very sismar to the one you had before in our kids restroom.
    I would definitely buy groceries with that gift card.

  42. i love what you did with your bathroom organization upgrade! Looks great! I wish I had a bathroom big enough to add additional floor storage; instead all of my stuff is under my bed.

    I would use the gift card for baby formula and diapers. Haha, I know it’s not exactly the most exciting but we’re just getting by and $100 would help so much :)

  43. Claudia Castro says:

    I will get this for my kitchen , to store potatoes, onions and so on. My counters are very small so the fact I get another table really helps! Great suggestion,thank you!

  44. i would use this in my craft room to store supplies. I love the look of this.

  45. Maggie Fieger says:

    imwould use it to buy the bookshelves that are in your entry. My kitchen would be much improved. Thanks

  46. I need a cute little bench or stool for my bedroom!

  47. I would use it to buy storage containers,

  48. This would be wonderful storage for the laundry room! Thanks

  49. beautiful space! I could def use something like this for all of my preschoolers books, papers, crayons, markers, and other supplies!

  50. I would get one of these! More storage for the bathroom!

  51. Kathy Adams says:

    I would love to win and I would use it for new pillows. Love reading your blog! Thanks Kathy Adams

  52. Elizabeth G. says:

    I would get a pair of the BHG galvanized storage baskets!

  53. Entryway organization.for hats gloves etc and swim things n summer. Lamp on top.

  54. I would use it for the same thing! It would fit perfect between the wall and toilet for storage of hair dryers, makeup, etc.

  55. Rose Castillo says:

    This piece is so versatile, it can be used in the bathroom to keep items out of sight. I would prefer to use in my bathrooms or storage for mail and magazines which seem to accumulate just as quick as they arrive.

    I could definitely use the Walmart gift card for purchasing new towels and bathroom accessories.

  56. Kathy Tolleson says:

    What a great giveaway . I would like to use it for some house paint . Would like to get everything pretty for Spring

  57. Heather L says:

    I would use it for organization items! We lead a church ministry that distributes hygiene items and store a lot of the supplies at our house….hence more organization is always needed :)

  58. SherRee Jacklin says:

    I would that cute cart in my kitchen! I will work perfectly!

  59. I want to use this in the bathrooms.

  60. I love this cart! Wal-mart has really stepped up their game lately! I think I could one of these carts in almost every room of my house….the organization is crazy! If I had to pick one room to use it in, I think I would put it in my office/studio. It would be great for holding photography props, hats, small blankets, etc. I love it!

  61. Donna Felton says:

    I’d use it in exactly the same way! Our bathroom is small with no shelves and minimal under-counter space. I love what you did!

  62. I would use it in my bedroom. Me and my granddaughter share a bedroom and we have a lot of stuff in that one room.

  63. Cheryl Rogers says:

    I need to organize my files and paperwork. I believe I need a filing cabinet with all the manilla folders and labels! That is what I need to buy at Walmart!

  64. I would use this in my closet to store small items.

  65. I would also use it for my bathroom as I have a perfect corner. I currently have a cabinet I bought on Wayfair but this would be great for an updated look! I love that you weren’t afraid to show books in your bathroom lol, we have a bible in ours because God can speak to you anywhere hahaha.

  66. would love the cart and would love to buy new towels and pillows.

  67. Susan Christy says:

    I would get some shelves for my laundry room and baskets for my linen/beauty supply closet.

  68. I’d use it for more cute storage options like this- we’re having a baby in March and for 4 people to fit into 700 square feet we need all the organizational help we can get.

  69. Brandy LaVoie says:

    We just bought our first home so we have lots of projects to make this home our own. Including painting the awful wood paneling!

  70. I’d use it for pots and pans or diapers.

  71. I would use this for craft storage for my kiddos!

  72. Juliette Mariano-Carlson says:

    Need some makeup and luggage. Thanks!

  73. This would be great in my scrapbook area. It would also be good in my pantry. Gee I love this cart already!

  74. Alex Davis says:

    I love your blog! — I would use the gift card to buy a matching bathroom set and towels. I am getting so sick of using our kitchen mugs to hold our toothbrushes and ratty old towels that are borderline falling apart.. lol :)

  75. Stephanie B. says:

    I’d use the card for a pouf footstool and a small side table…trying to finish out our nursery before baby boy arrives and my rocker/glider could use some helpful companions!

  76. Christina Fabanich says:

    I would use this in the guest bathroom for my teen daughters extra stuff. She doesn’t have enough cabinet space and she leaves everything out on the counter.

  77. Angelia W. says:

    I would love to use it for the finishing touches in my laundry room. And organization for the powder room. Thanks for the opportunity :)

  78. Ashley Irizarry says:

    I really wish I had the knack for organizing that you have. I think I would use the card to buy some cute storage bins for the living room.

  79. Renae Koehn says:

    I need/want something like this cart for my sewing supplies.

  80. i am starting to create a space for my crafting. I’m sure Walmart has lots of functional and pretty things to help me make it my space.

  81. Cara Martin says:

    I would use it for homeschool supplies that way if we did school in a different room I could just roll the cart there!

  82. Oh I want one! Right now everything is squished under my side of the vanity cabinet, and it’s a pain to get anything out. I’ve been dreaming of a small cart for my bathroom – this would be perfect!

  83. Courtney Maier says:

    I would probably put this in my closet and use it to store socks, undies and other random items that seem to get lost in dresser drawers and bins!

  84. I need one to organize the kids arts and craft supplies!

  85. I love that cart! I’d use it to organize the girls’ arts and crafts supplies in the office!

  86. Savannah W. says:

    I would buy some supplies to update my master bath! I would probably buy that cart, I love it!

  87. I would use it in my kids room.

  88. Alica Wildcatt says:

    Office storage!!

  89. Sarah Ashworth says:

    I would use the gift card for som organization for under my bathroom sink. It’s like a black hole where things enter but seldom get found again. It’s our catch all for the bathroom because we don’t have any drawers. Everytime I have to get in it to get something out, I have to pull out 10-20 items before I get to what I was looking for and then I have to put everything back once I found the item. Such a pain in the neck!

  90. I’d use it to update my kitchen dishes.

  91. i would definitely use it for that cute cart to put in my half bath.

  92. Sheila maines says:

    The cart, I would use it for onions on bottom, potatoes in middle, hand towels in top.
    The WM card, spring will come so new plants and new home decor items, DIY stuff. I have a bar stool I need to paint, saw paint at WM, then add some batting to top n cover.

  93. Michellelhb says:

    I would love to use this for organizing items on my screened porch. So cute!

  94. I’d probably use it for art supplies!

  95. I would love a WM gift card for some large plastic storage bins for all the baby clothes my little one is outgrowing!

  96. Karen Jerread says:

    Three please. One for the bathroom for towels and TP. One for the utility closet for cleaning cloths, disposable dusters and such and one for my closet for my undies, sock and jammies.

  97. I would most likely use it in my office wannabe! I am organizing an office for all my projects and at the moment could use bunches of help! Thanks so much!!!!

  98. Bertie DeWane says:

    I would probably buy this cart and use it in my laundry room/craft room/storage area. I love it.

  99. Holly Jenkins says:

    area rug for our closet, or new curtains for the kitchen! thanks!

  100. I would love to use this to store fabric and supplies in my craft room.

  101. I’m not sure what you are referring to…your site?? if so, I use it for new ideas…and I love your ideas!
    You new storage unit?? greeting cards, I always keep a supply of them, and like to have them in some kind of order.
    The Walmart gift card?? hmmm…I sure can get ‘in trouble’ in that store…so many things to choose from…hmmmm…maybe new plants in the Spring, and gardening stuff.

  102. Your storage upgrade is wonderful! WalMart has had some really nice storage things lately. I would use the gift card toward patio furniture…summer is coming! Thanks for the chance. Jane

  103. Where would I not use it? So practical and nice looking. I would use it to hold photo items and albums or in guest bathroom for supplies and fancy towels.

  104. I would use it in my craft room.

  105. I think I would use it in the kichen, for more pantry storage.

  106. I think I’d do the same thing with it in my bathroom or maybe in the kitchen for onions and potatoes. Very cute cart!

  107. betty kratz says:

    I need & want new dishes. Maybe a new rug too…happy Monday.

  108. Brandi camp says:

    I love this!! I have a small bath that needs help too! Also my daughters need new bedding.

  109. Sherry mau says:

    maybe bath mats & towels

  110. Denise Wilson says:

    I would like to get some organizational items to use for the kids homeschool stuff and toys.

  111. karen-anne says:

    I would use the cart for toilet paper and all those odds and ends that always end up on the vanity!!!

  112. I would use it to buy things to help organize my pantry.

  113. Office organization!

  114. That rolling cart! Cute!

  115. I would use the gift card to buy supplies to organize my pantry. I love the crates you bought for yours.

  116. eileen marie says:

    Actually, we need a rolling cart like this for our bathroom to store all of our baby bathing needs, as well as a stash of diapers & wipes for our new arrival due in March!

  117. Teena McElroy says:

    I’ve been wanting a powerful blender for smoothies.

  118. sandi Allen says:

    I would buy paint to paint my bathrooms and living room.
    Thanks for the chance!

  119. I need to get my house organized as we will be welcoming baby #5 in August.

  120. i’d love to use this for craft storage I my craft work area that’s inside my master closet!!

  121. If I were to win this $100 gift card, I would purchase organizational baskets, and some fabric, to use together to finish up my cleaning and purging process. I, too, have been slowly purging and organizing!

  122. Elizabeth Wilcher says:

    I would use it for my scrapbooking items. Perfect for stamps.

  123. I would use this to store my current crochet project yarns.

  124. I want to buy some new sheets for my little guy’s new big boy bed!

  125. I would totally use this for my kids art supplies and Play Doh!

  126. Amy Johnson says:

    I would buy storage for my living room! I need to organize all my baby toys and stuff! Love it!

  127. I would use this as storage in my computer room.

  128. Sherri Tilley says:

    i would get my pantry organized.

  129. I’d love to use it toward a new BHG comforter set so I can finally update my bedroom.

  130. If I don’t snag it for my bathroom I’m sure my daughter could use this in her dorm room this summer.

  131. I’ve been organising so I’m sure I can find a way to spend money at Walmart!

  132. Cool giveaway! I would use the GC for organizational containers and hope to possibly squeeze in a few pillows for my patio


  133. I’d use this to get some storage baskets for my pantry shelf in my kitchen. The shelf is just sitting there, and it looks pretty ugly.

  134. Would love to use it for office supplies in office.
    Have been working on that room recently.

  135. I need that for my bathroom as well!!

  136. Baskets to organize my office!

  137. Definitely would use this in my boys’ room! This would be great for storing all the stuff they need for their game systems!

  138. I would buy groceries.

  139. I would save this til spring, and then hit up their garden section. thanks!

  140. My husband and I just downsized to an older home. I would use the gift card to help with buying items to help with organization.

  141. Kimberly S says:

    I love that little cart. I think I would use the card to buy some of those carts to organize my craft room. Great place to store the glue guns, bakers twine and all the other crafting do dads. Thanks for sharing this post. Off to Wally world to buy an organization cart.

  142. I would probably use it to buy diapers and clothes for my youngest.

  143. Oh, I love this so much!! I would use one in my entryway for all the stuff that is always piled up there!!

  144. I would definitely put this to use!

  145. Very Cute storage solution. I would use this in my bathroom or hallway.
    To organize hats, gloves etc

  146. Jennifer B. says:

    What a cute cart! would be great for our mudroom

  147. I would happily use the card for paint and supplies for the bathroom remodel I am planning!

  148. I think I would buy the same thing and use it in my kids’ bathroom. It looks like the perfect size!

  149. I would love it in the bathroom or even in the livingroom gor projets or toys.

  150. I could use a couple of these in my spare bedroom for nightstands. Or in the guest bathroom. The laundry room. The ideas just keep coming !!

  151. Oh, and I could use the gift card to catch up and get ahead on birthday and Christmas gifts. Love it !!

  152. I would probably give this to my daughter for the bathroom in her new house. She needs some portable storage in her bathroom.

  153. I would use mine to organize my crafts and kids craft supplies and office area.

  154. Julie Roper says:

    Love this update! Functional and attractive. If I won the gift card, I just might follow in your footsteps and get rid of the ugly wicker table in my bath and replace it with the same improvement!

  155. Everything is multipurpose! If I won the gift card, I’d be checking out the BHG products. I didn’t even KNOW they were sold there!

  156. Nicole Dz says:

    I would love to use this for organizing my home office and making more room for my stuff.

  157. Kristina A says:

    I’m needing to organize my kids playroom so I’d use it towards that.

  158. My bathroom could use some organizing so maybe some new cute towels and few shelves!

  159. Organization and paint. Got the cleaning bug.

  160. Melissa S says:

    I have so much organization that needs to happen right now. I’m sure this money would go fast!

  161. Patty Lucas says:

    We just finished an expensive renovation of our second floor and I FINALLY have a craft room all to myself. I need so many things to help keep me organized. This would help tremendously.

  162. I would love to buy more bins and baskets to organize my house! Thanks for the giveaway!

  163. Oh my stars – I love it. I would need about 20 of them for the laundry room, baths & the kids. Love love love.

  164. I would use this in my craft room to store all my supplies. Love it!

  165. Barb Hughes says:

    I would use this for a baking center and put the mixer on top. It could be rolled into the pantry when not in use and clear up more counter space!

  166. Anonymous says:

    Not sure if you’re talking about what I would use the cart or the card for so I’ll tell you both! LOL! The cart is an easy one! We have a tiny guest bathroom with no closet and no shelves or drawers so this would definitely be used to house toiletries like extras of hand soaps and toiletries, toilet paper, and towels. Another one could definitely be put to use in my catch-all closet for the little things like gift bags sorted by occasion or crafting supplies. And how would I spend the card? Probably on other organization things like plastic boxes that stack. You’ve motivated me!

  167. Cindy Prince says:

    Not sure if you’re talking about what I would use the cart or the card for so I’ll tell you both! LOL! The cart is an easy one! We have a tiny guest bathroom with no closet and no shelves or drawers so this would definitely be used to house toiletries like extras of hand soaps and toiletries, toilet paper, and towels. Another one could definitely be put to use in my catch-all closet for the little things like gift bags sorted by occasion or crafting supplies. And how would I spend the card? Probably on other organization things like plastic boxes that stack. You’ve motivated me!

  168. Entryway drop zone :)

  169. I would use it to purchase this exact item for my mom’s kitchen along with paint to redo her kitchen.

  170. I would love to use this in my bathroom for my makeup, hair products and hair dryer and for toilet paper. It would be great!!

  171. I love that and would use it as more storage for my accessories in my room. I would use the GC for another set of Rachel Ray dishes and serving dishes in Red!

  172. I would most likely use this cart for craft/cardmaking supplies. I can always use an extra storage item. Keeping my supplies organized is an ongoing challenge!

  173. julie smith says:

    i LOVE this!! i can see using it the bathroom but maybe even the kitchen, in the pantry for sandwich bags and snack stuff! yeah

  174. Your cart looks nice in the bathroom, I think I may use it as a night stand even, there are so many places this cart would come in handy.

  175. I would buy the same little cart cubbie you bought! It is super CUTE!

  176. Im sure I will use this for all sorts of things It will change over and over through the years…..It will be much appreciated and well used! :-)

  177. I would love to get the rolling storage rack that you got! It would be perfect in my bathroom!!!

  178. ellen casper says:

    I’d use it for a shower curtain and towels for our master bathroom.

  179. I would get the rolling cart too. I have to keep all our toilet tissue in my clothes closet for lack of bathroom storage.

  180. i need this!!! Just moved in my first home (bought not renting) and I am little by little trying to get out with the old a in with the new!! So tough to do and can’t do it all at once (like I want). I have to remind myself “baby steps “. It will feel homie soon!!

  181. I would love to use it in my bathroom also!! We’re in the process of redoing that room and I love that cart!!

  182. I love this cart and would definitely recommend for my clients who are on a budget and need more storage in small spaces. As for me I would use it in the small space I have when you enter from my garage to store all those things that end up on the kitchen counter or for storage in my daughters bathroom. Thanks for your post, always enjoy reading them. Dawn

  183. Love the rolling cart with baskets for organization!!

  184. Renee smason says:

    I’d like to put my silhouette on the top and supplies for it in the drawers. It would be nice to get it off the top of my desk.

  185. Kristen L. says:

    I would use it in my office to sort all my office supplies!

  186. carrie joly says:

    I love this cart! Great idea. This would be so helpful. I could think of so many great uses for this in our home.

  187. Maybe the same thing. In the bathroom or maybe laundry room. Love it!

  188. That cart is so cute! One of my goals this year is to work on organization. I am going to have to go get one for my front closet for weather gear. I could definitely use more bins and baskets!

  189. I so would steal your idea and use it for extra storage in our master bathroom. After 10 years and 3 months of living in our home. My husband is finally getting it finished!!! No toilet, no shower, no sink, nothing but open walls. It was definitely scary! I would never let our guest go in there ! I would love to post a before and after pic!

  190. Candace Fuller says:

    Love your use of the cart! I try to stay organized but can never get on top of it the way I’d like to. A cart like this would be great!

  191. Hi! I would use this cart in my guest bedroom closet for craft items. It looks like a great organizational tool for small spaces. Thank you for this opportunity to win!

  192. Super cute! I have the perfect spot in our master bathroom. This weird awkward space between the tub and sink.

  193. Hi! First time commenting here. Thanks for the invite and the great blog!

    I actually liked the wood one a lot, but I can see that the shelving setup is not as good as the three shelves and baskets that are in the Walmart BHG cart. I’m learning that when you are tight on space and storage it’s important to get something that best fits your needs, not something that “will work OK.”

    I could see myself using a set of the BHG carts as sort of a wall of storage, maybe under a window or with a long board on top to unite them and make it more of a counter set up. I LOVE baskets and like the way the white canvas softens the dark metal.

  194. I would absolutely use this cute cart in my laundry to keep me organized!

  195. Suzanne W. says:

    This would be awesome to help with organizing toys in my son’s room! It’s the perfect size!!!

  196. This is a fantastic idea, Emily. I have seen those baskets and I’ve been trying to find the perfect place for them. I would use this cart in the laundry for a great place for all the “lost socks”. I’d label a bin for my husband and I and then label one each for my son and daughter.

  197. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says:

    My master closet definitely, man o’ man, it is needed, desperately…..thank you.

  198. This would be great in my coat closet to hold scarves, gloves, hats, etc !

  199. Cheryl Lewis says:

    Hard to decide, but I would probably use it for organizing office supplies or craft supplies.

  200. I could use some bar stools and bathroom towels.

  201. I would use the cart in my office to get it organized and more efficient.

  202. I need storage bins for the garage.

  203. My husband’s in the service and we recently moved to the UK where there is no bathroom storage. I would use it I. My master bath for toilet paper, lotions, and hair products. Thank you

  204. I am reorganizing my office/craft room and desperately need more storage , and I would use the gift card to buy myself one of those rolling carts and more bins. I had no idea how many craft supplies I had. Getting stuff organized will lower my stress levels because it drives me CRAZY when I can’t find what I need. Do you know what I mean?

  205. just moved into a new house… Would love some new sheets for our bed!

  206. Katherine Happle says:

    Love your new rolling bathroom storage area! First of all, to win a $100 Walmart gift card would be a true blessing & I would use it on a storage system for some of my craft supplies & some sewing/crafting supplies….maybe some new material, since all my crafts are made from recycled material.

  207. Jynette Purser says:

    I would use it to complete my baby’s nursery. He’s 2 months old and we haven’t had the spare funds to finish it up.

  208. Such a cute cart! I would use the gift card to buy things to organize my craft supplies.

  209. This would be super cute in my laundry room! Thanks for the idea!!!

  210. I absolutely love the cart! I would use it in the bathroom since I have very little useable storage.

  211. Super cute bathroom storage. Just looked it up on their website. Love the bin that you marked “Lady Products”. ;)

  212. I would give the gift card to my niece that has a brain tumor so she could buy clothes for herself and things she needs for her 20 month old daughter.

  213. I would use it for all those stray craft supplies!

  214. Love the idea of putting this cute cart in the bathroom!

  215. Lisa Kissner Cooper says:

    I think this would be great next to the door to collect gloves and scarves!

  216. Earlier I was checking the Homeright web site for a paint sprayer and saw it is available through So if I was the lucky winner that is what I would buy.

  217. I would love to buy the rolling cart, bhg med and small wire baskets and other organizational items for my laundry room.

  218. So many great ideas mentioned but, for me, the fact that this has wheels means it’s meant to move! For my use, I can see this storage cart go from my laundry room to my kitchen – to store kitchen towels – no need to waste a kitchen drawer or two. Also, what a great place for emptying out children’s backpacks – all those papers to look at, yikes! With a drawer of their own, their name so nicely printed, plus a little motivation to file their papers – when the time comes we can wheel the cart over to the kitchen table and get down to business. Truly this cart could find work in every room of my home!

  219. We are going to be remodeling our office eventually. It’s a small room and this is a rental home so we are going to design and build a desk the whole length of the wall ourselves. The desk will be counter height (36″h) I would use it under the desk for storage. It would be perfect since we are building the desk ourselves there will not be any drawers otherwise. Thanks for sharing this product.

  220. I would use the card for birthday stuff for my littlest guy and some storage items for my crafts. They have exploded all over the basement!

  221. Jennifer Madigan says:

    Kids toys

  222. JessicaBennett says:

    i need this in my bathroom for the same purpose! I could use another in my pantry!

  223. Diane Hartz says:

    I would buy storage containers and jars for organizing kitchen and a new piece of cast iron cookware.

  224. Cute rolling cart!!! We just bought a new house so there are a million things at Walmart I could spend money on.

  225. Lisa Kubin says:

    If I won the Walmart gift card I would buy something to organize my laundry room. I love the cart with baskets you used, really love the chalkboard labels and the fact that it rolls!!

  226. I would use this for one of the 9 cube organizer bookcases and the square fabric baskets that fit inside each cube!

  227. I would get boxes for Christmas decorations!

  228. Tish Sappington says:

    I would use this cart in my laundry room or my closet.

  229. Sabrina Woolsey says:

    Love this! Would use it by my garage door, for shoes, gloves, purse, etc.

  230. This is a great makeover! I love this new little shelf! I would use it in the restroom- I basket for each kid and 1 for everything Else!!

  231. KRISSA WRIGHT says:

    I would use like 10 of these to organize my crafting corner!

  232. I ould use it in the guest bathroom! Cute!!

  233. Would love a few of these for my home office and hubby’s too!

  234. carol clark says:

    id like to buy a new desk from walmart id add money to it but it would be so nice to get a new desk

  235. I would love one for my bathroom for toilet paper , towels and washcloths.

  236. Patricia Cranford says:

    I would love one for my bathroom for extra toilet paper, towels & ect.

  237. I could use this in my quilting area! It would be great!

  238. I would buy groceries!

  239. FRANCENE Smith says:

    I would definitely use this on the cart… and would give to my grandson for all his cars:)

  240. Stacy Riddle says:

    Would be great in my office!

  241. Nicole Davis says:

    I would buy stuff to organize my pantry!

  242. You are Amazing! If all the email I get YOURS is the one I click on! I would so use this for more than myself but my college kids as their bathrooms you can barely turn around in & Yes I would label as you did! If it were for me I would use in my office to stash special balloons as I have a Ballion Decorating delivery business & this would be Awesome!!! Thank you for the inspiration & opportunity to WIN this!

  243. Night stand for my husband’s side of the bed.

  244. Dawn Kaestner says:

    Who knew Walmart and BHG could make such a difference? Love it!

  245. I think the one you set up is darling. I would probably use it for the same thing!
    Walmart is getting more and more classy aren’t they?!

  246. Would love this for my master bath!

  247. April was in CT now CA says:

    My niece is about to have twins so I would give this to her, she can certainly use it!!

  248. Brandy Zubia says:

    I would so use this in the master bathroom. After 10 long years my husband is finally finishing it! It didn’t have a toilet, sink, or walls for that matter! I would live to show you a before and after picture.

  249. This would work great for my daughters art supplies!

  250. Ananya Gupta says:

    I would use it in our laundry nook.

  251. This would be ideal in my kitchen for fresh produce.

  252. Benny Sequeira says:

    This would work great for my craft supplies – well organized in one place.

  253. I would buy as many of the storage racks as the $100 would cover! I need storage like that in each of my bathrooms, my kids rooms, and my laundry area. The possibilities are endless!!!

  254. I would use this adorable basket system in my laundry area. It’s just what it needs! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  255. I love your new cart. I could use the gift card for sooo many things. Maybe paint. Or maybe new bath towels. Nice wooden hangers. Thanks for the chance to win.

  256. I would use it in my first grade classroom. My students could easily see and access the items in this cart.

  257. I love this. I think I would use this for pen, pencils, glue, post its and all our other stationery supplies.

  258. I would have to get a couple of these…. one for daughters playroom, our kitchen and our bathroom. :)

  259. I sure could use this cart in a couple different areas in my new home.

  260. I would use this in our kitchen. We are moving Feb 4 to a home with very little cabinetry. This would be perfect!

  261. jenn wright says:

    I would use it to organize my pantry!

  262. Love the cart! I want one… We have no,storage in our bathroom, or even accessible nearby, this house was DEFINATELY designed by a 6ft tall man.

  263. I’d like to use this for craft room organization.

  264. l can think of many uses for this, as well as bathroom storage, office storage, kitchen items, so many ideas have come to mind!!!

  265. I would use to to buy some bookcases and a storage bench that I would use in my son’s room to store his toys and make him a little reading nook. :o)

  266. Stephanie says:

    i would use the gift card to buy organizational items to clean up my kids toys and paintvto pain their play room.

  267. Julie Wood says:

    I would use the gift card to go to Walmart and buy the organizing baskets and files to help me get organized in my office in 2015! I like the rolling bathroom cart. It is so cute! I would like a cart like this in my office!

  268. Emily Poff says:

    That is adorable! I would actually use it for the exact same thing, but with wipes/dipes, books and TP. Right now, our books are strewn across the floor and the wipes and TP are in a small two shelf unit that doesn’t look good.

  269. Danielle Ferretti says:

    Would use the card to help get a new vaccum cleaner as our old one is on it’s last leg…. :)

  270. I would use this for some accessories for my closet office. We are turning the closet in our guest room to an office for my sewing and crafting.

  271. Sheila Moore says:

    I need help with organizing in my bedroom so I would use it to buy items to help me do just that. Thanks for the chance!

  272. Cute rolling cart! It would be great in my boy’s play space for dvd’s, cd’s, and headphones.

  273. I would buy new linens for the bedroom.

  274. I would use the gift card to purchase the cart!! I’ve been looking for something to put in our dining room to hold our bible and other family worship books that we use at the table everyday! Love it!!

  275. i would love to put this cart in my mud room!

  276. That is exactly what I need for my bathroom!

  277. Francesca Anatra says:

    I like this in the guest bathroom for toilet paper, hand towels and washcloths and soaps.

  278. katie greenlaw says:

    I’d love to have this in my boys’ shared bedroom. Gotta corral the junk ;)

  279. I think it needs a complete basket for books! Reading in the bathroom a few minutes here and there saves your peace of mind and gives you great inspiration. :) Weird but true!

  280. I would use this to organize my son’s Lego and Hot Wheels collection.

  281. I would use it to buy organization shelves for the laundry room

  282. I would use the rolling cart in my office/home school room/sewing room. Fabric, envelopes books, spray paint etc…..
    The gift card I would use for fabric to make roman shades for our master bathroom!!!

  283. I have the perfect spot for this in the bathroom of our mountain cabin. I need a place to sit my toiletries when we are there but there is no vanity. This would be perfect!

  284. I would love to win! I would have to say, I’d use the $100 gift card for supplies for my daughter’s upcoming 18th birthday party. It’s in February so this would be wonderful to win!

  285. I would like to use a $100 gift card to Walmart for storage / org. items I don’t have a room that is complete yet since our big move in August 2014… I know, it has been awhile! I am slow to make a commitment until I have lived with it for awhile, and cost is always a factor! I really like your storage choice, it looks great!

  286. I love all the new storage bins and baskets walmart has come out with recently!

  287. I saw the nicest Tv stand at Walmart – this would pay about half of it.

  288. I would use it in my entry hall. It would help collect keys, sunglasses etc. All the stuff that my family tosses here and there and then they can’t find their keys or sunglasses!

  289. I would use this in my boy’s bedroom for all of their many legos.

  290. I would use it for fabric in my craft room I am trying to create.

  291. Katie Cooley says:

    I would use this is my nursery! We are expecting our first child and I would store baby wipes, diapers and similar in the cute cart. :)

  292. Groceries

  293. I would love to buy this for my wife…to keep all her stamping stuff in. She makes a lot of cards and this would help keep her area even more organized.
    Now, if I used it, I would put it next to the back door, and put all my stuff in it that i need for work. (before walking out the door each day)

  294. Kate Horrell says:

    This would be perfect in my craft room for all my yarn and supplies

  295. I would use the WalMart card to purchase photo boxes. I am organizing all my old photos and need storage containers.

  296. I would buy storage solutions like bins for my family room.

  297. Cindy Baker says:

    OH!! I would LOVE to use this in the master bath to hold towels! It would be perfect!

  298. Dana Tiner says:

    I would LOVE to use this in my crafts room!!!!

  299. Cute cart! I love all the BHG organizing bins there – so probably a bunch of those!

  300. Probably use it mostly for toiletries so I could try some fancier ones, then maybe a couple small fun items.

  301. I have a craft room that works well for storage, but there’s no room to craft! I would love to keep my current project supplies in this rolling cart so that I could work on it in the living room while I watch Castle and put it back out of sight when the show’s over. (I really LOVE Castle! haha)

  302. Elaine Hankins says:

    I would use this in my grandchildren’s play closet to organize their toys!

  303. Are you kidding, I love this cart. definitely would become another scrapbook cart to help keep things hidden while in my TV room. Love it.

  304. I have been “visiting” the striped BH & G dinnerware set at Walmart each time I grocery shop :”) I would totally take it home with me! although… we have a very small bath as well and the cart is DARLING

  305. I would love to put this in my entry for the kids ( and our) gloves, hats ect.

  306. I would use it to organize my craft supplies.

  307. o geez, where wouldn’t I use it would be an easier way to answer lol
    But right now my craft room/office could use some better functional storage so I’ll take 2! Bahaha

  308. I would use it for baskets and bins. :)

  309. Melissa D says:

    Very cute idea. I would use it for my daughter bathroom – more storage space is always useful!

  310. I would use this in my bathroom or laundry room.

  311. Nelida Rivera says:

    For home decor

  312. This cart would be perfect for my husband’s cording for all of his knot projects. I’d love it because his supplies would be handy but out of sight next to his chair in the family room while he’s working or off in a corner when he’s not using it. .

  313. I would love to use it for this same storage cart, if they ever get it back in stock.

  314. Sara Garcia says:

    I would love to use this for my bathroom toiletries!

    Thanks so much!

  315. STORAGE. I just downsized into a townhouse 1/2 the size of my house and my boys and I need storage solutions! Love the new line at Wal-Mart!

  316. I would buy a Laundry Hamper/Sorter with Wheels

  317. I would use this in my walk in closet for socks and bras.

  318. I would use this to store project supplies! 1 drawer for each project!

  319. I would use this for some of their cute baskets and bins to organize this house!!

  320. Love the rolling cart. I’d love one for my sewing room/craft room/whatever doesn’t have a home room. I think it would be perfect for sewing notions and it could be rolled into the other room when I want to take my sewing room to the dining room and spread out on the table. lol

  321. I would send the gift card to my daughter who lives away at college. She could use it for groceries and/or things for her dorm. Thanks!

  322. I love anything storage related! Going to work on the laundry room next. This would be wonderful! <3

  323. Heather S says:

    I would use this to buy my kiddos clothes that they need! Thank you so very much for the chance to win such an amazing and generous gift! :)

  324. Are you asking what we would do with the gift card? If so, I actually like the cart you have and could use it in one of our bathrooms since right now we are using a cd rack to hold hand towels and wash clothes. The BHG cart would look much better!

  325. Love this idea!! I’m going to have to try this!! Thanks for sharing!!

  326. I am doing a major clean during the winter months. I need help with organization. I would use the gift card to organize my kitchen and entry hall with bins and hooks. The cart is an awesome idea for tiny bathrooms and tiny spaces.

  327. Chelsea G. says:

    I would buy some organization products for the kitchen cabinets.

  328. I think I would use this in the kitchen to store produce in.

  329. Love this cart!!! I can think of a million and one uses for it…… but the first one that comes to mind, is to organize my OILS!!!! :)

  330. I would love to give this to my daughter for use in her new house… the laundry room! It would be great!

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  331. I would use it in our playroom! The three baskets would be filled with “Bills to be paid”, “coupons” and a bin for coloring books. :)


  332. That would be fun in our kitchen. Napkins, daily table cloths, etc. Loving the BHG at WalMart right now.

  333. I would use the gift card to buy BIG bed sheets. I love the way they feel.

  334. Linda in MI says:

    Storage cubbies for our entry-way!

  335. I need bins to organize the basement and paint for the half bath redo!

  336. Dawn Connelly says:

    i would use the gift card for some of their latest BHG decor items that I’ve been eyeing.

  337. I would use that nifty little cart for socks, undies, and bras!

  338. I would use this for some organizing bins.

  339. I would definitely use it for my kid’s arts & crafts stuff!!!

  340. I would use gift card to stock up on necessities and the cart would be great in the laundry room :)

  341. amanda whitley says:

    i would use it for my hallway for hats and mittens.

  342. I would use it for cupcake wrapper and sprinkle organization! (I have a problem. Ha!)

  343. Kim H in GA says:

    For my craft room…lovely.

  344. I would use it to help me with my New Year’s resolution, organization!

  345. I would love to put it towards new bedding! Our comforter is so old!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  346. I would love to use the cart for our dog bat station aka midget bath, since the doorway is only 5’6 and the tub is itty bitty. It would hold all sorts of doggie bath goodies, towels, soaps, brushes!

  347. I would use it for organizing my craft supplies.

  348. Amanda Hoffman says:

    i would like to use this for organizing stuff in my sons room

  349. I would gift it to my Goddaughter who just moved into her own apartment.
    She has no pantry storage and could sure use this. She does cake decorating to earn extra money
    and has so many odds and ends!

    Wishing everyone Good Luck!

  350. New curtains for my back door and some new towels for the bathroom!

  351. I would use this fabulous cart in my daughter’s dorm room this fall at Winona State University. It would help to keep her organized. It’s a very hip and trendy cart.

  352. Cute cart! I need (5) new, bigger picture frames for my kids pics I hang in the hallway. I also need new towels for our master bathroom that’s being remodeled.

  353. I would use this for my craft supplies.

  354. Oh my gosh – I can think of so many uses……pantry items and just roll it out when needed, the bathroom as you did, the entry for mittens, hats, etc., the laundry…….endless!

  355. we just bought a house and move in at the end of this month, we need a TON of organizational help.

  356. Would love one of those rolling carts! It would be great to put craft items in. :)

  357. I would use it to store all my party supplies and decorations. Love it!

  358. I have so many little corners that will be perfect for this. Maybe in the basement for some toy storage.

  359. Gina Morrison says:

    Three kids and three drawers! Perfect!

  360. Gina Morrison says:

    perfect for my 3 kids school things!

  361. Melissa L. says:

    I would use it for gifts. Thanks for the giveaway!

  362. Stefanie Gladden says:

    I would use this to buy some new workout equipment!

  363. I’d get a cart for the kitchen, along with matching individual basket for my open shelves :)


  364. Cute cart, I would use the gift card for a cart like this or some other organization tools (only cute ones of course) to help me in keeping things out of sight, out of mind, and in order!

  365. I volunteer at a food pantry and could use this cart for numerous thing at the pantry. From the office supplies to the persol hygene item we give out. And the fact that it is on wheels make it even more appealing,. LOVE! LOVE !
    LOVE it.

  366. I’d love this cart! It would be perfect in our mudroom for socks! I’ve been wanting to keep socks where the shoes are so we don’t have to always trudge upstairs to our dressers to get our socks. The kids always take their socks off as soon as they take off their shoes. I’d use the top for “big kid socks” the middle for “little kid socks” and the bottom for “lost” (no matches) socks. That way, after I wash and fold them, I’d just put them in the cart and once in a while I could mate up the “lost” ones. Thanks for the ideas!

  367. I would probably use this adorable cart in my craft room but it would really look cute in my bathroom too. It sounds like it would hold a lot. Thanks for the chance to win!

  368. I would use this for craft storage.

  369. I would use this for my daughters nursery.

  370. Oh I love what you did! I really could use one of those in our downstairs bathroom. I doesnt have a closet, so everything accumulates on the counter! This would be perfect! I would love to spend it on getting some new organization products like this one to help organize our home for the new year!

  371. Laundry room to store my dog walking gloves and jackets.

  372. Craft room! It is on a total revamping right now and it is scary how many little tidbits I am finding that go with other tidbits to make an amazing project!

  373. I would love to win the gift card for multiple things!! The rolling cart is so cute and I could utilize it in my playroom for the kids art & craft supplies. I truly could use the gift card for multiple things at Walmart. I loved the crossmill bookcase that you had listed in a previous blog post. And also my pantry could use a makeover as well with all the cute jars & baskets. Oh the many possibilities with a gift card!!

  374. Im gearing up for a redo of my now a ‘tween’ daughters room and this would go toward that – most likely something turquoise :)

  375. I’d buy bedding!

  376. I’d probably use it for clothing and shoes.

  377. I would use this cart in my sons room. I would buy it along with some other storage items.

  378. Cart would be helpful in the half bath or laundry room

  379. Lisa Brown says:

    I would use it for groceries

  380. I would put it toward a new headboard for my son’s new big boy bed!

  381. I would love to use this in my scrappy space!! Thanks for the chance to win!!
    – April W

  382. i need to organize the yarn in my craft room, this would be perfect!

  383. I’m loving BHG @ Walmart! Could use some shopping money!

  384. I would use it in my bathroom too!!

  385. Barbara Dundas says:

    Craft room storage or for the Laundry room

  386. theresa nolan says:

    I would use that sweet cart for my knitting supplies! Thanks for sharing this BHG shelf/cart from Walmart!

  387. The rolling cart is something I would buy

  388. This would be perfect in my toddler closet or my own to store socks and various accessories

  389. Tarez Elliott says:

    Would love to get that same cart for our bathroom as well!

  390. I love this and would definitely use it in our new building for our nonprofit to hold materials for our girls!!!

  391. Christine Stanfield says:

    I would use this rolling cart in my bathroom to store extra wash cloths and towels since my linen closet is in the hall.

  392. Aww I love this!! Saw it on Instagram & had to check it out b/c we too have zero shelving in our sweet little bathroom! We had a little wooden shelf before we got flooded by a freak rainstorm in the spring and now were slowly adding stuff back :) this would be perfect ❤️ Thanks for the idea!!!

  393. I would use the gc and buy the rolling cart or two…some organizing baskets for our bathroom closet…I really like the medium wire baskets with chalkboard tags…I need to organize!!

  394. My mom just moved in with us and we could use some extra storage right now.

  395. I would love the rolling carts to store my kids craft items and maybe in the kitchen for fruit, and potatoes!

  396. Oooo I love this cart! I would really love it for a bedside table, I think it would be great

  397. I would use it in my kitchen. I am a kitchen towel collector. I can’t resist cute kitchen towels. I also seem to collect cute baking cups.

  398. Looks like I would have to use the gift card for this rolling cart! So cute!!

  399. I’d use it for a small wie cabinet I’ve had my eyes on at Walmart. The BHG line is super cute!

  400. I would use the $100 Walmart gift card to spruce up my laundry room and to buy a lamp for my living room! There are so many things I could do with $100!!!!

  401. Lee McKeon says:

    I would use this cart In the laundry room for sure!

  402. I would use the gift card for birthday supplies for our (almost) one year old!

  403. I would use it as a mini recycling center.

  404. The rolling storage cart is lovely! Really like the post! Thanks for sharing! Regards, Storage Rotherhithe Ltd.

  405. I’d probably use this in the powder room or game room. Nothing like rollable storage!

  406. Christina says:


  407. my craft room could definitely use an item like this!

  408. We recently purchased our first home and I would use the giftcard to decorate. I love that rolling cart, I would use that in the kitchen for potato and onion storage.

  409. Love this! I would use the cart in my kitchen. I live in a really old house and have very little kitchen storage. This would be great for a corner to keep all the paper products – garbage bags, baggies, paper towels, aluminum foil, paper plates, napkins, etc.

    Thanks for the chance!

  410. I would use the giftcard to update our bedroom with new linens.

  411. beth jillette says:

    I would use this to sort and store my yarn by weight…..actually I might need more than one :-)

  412. Dawn Kaestner says:

    The socks in my laundry room are screaming out for this organizer!

  413. 100.00 dollars from Walmart can go a long way….mmm….I love to sew, and I have been wanting a serger for a while, so maybe I could use the 100.00 dollars towards a new serger! Thank you for the giveaway and for your great ideas!

  414. Julie Smith says:

    perfect for the kitchen or bathroom for sure!!

  415. Mary Stewart says:

    My granddaughter and I will be planting a vegetable garden this summer. We can buy all we need for her small garden with that $100 gift card!

  416. Oh my, I might need two of these, a his and hers. The baskets make it so doable for our closet to get STUFF off the floor. Thanks for sharing. What a great giveaway with a super idea of how to spend it.

  417. Niki Blake says:

    I would use the gift card for anything and everything…..Wal-mart has it all! Thanks for the chance!

  418. Oh, oh, oh, I need this for my bathroom ! I have no storage at all, TP goes in a basket on the floor, yuk! Thanks for the chance to win.

  419. Lisa Kubin says:

    I would buy something for the kitchen I am trying to decorate my kitchen with new updates!

  420. I too would use it in the bathroom. Very useful.

  421. Anonymous says:

    This would be a blessing to our home! I think I will use this handy organizer for my five children and keeping their school work neatly in one place. My current storage organizer for school work is on it’s last leg

  422. Lashunda Nance says:

    This would be a blessing to our home! I think I will use this handy organizer for my five children and keeping their school work neatly in one place!!! My current storage organizer is on it’s last leg

  423. Kat Crutchfield says:

    I would use it for my jewelry making supplies : )

  424. Marsha Ward says:

    Hi! Lol! I JUST got rid of my plastic shelf thingy like that, I had been using in a corner I thought wasn’t that noticeable… Until my friend came by and mentioned how it looked a little “off”, then my mom came by came by, and asked, in that funny way moms ask with their face a lil screwy as to say, Uh, Yuck… WHERE did I get THAT from?! Haha, actually, from a neighbor, of HERS, that put it out for free! She said, Yaaa, I can see why! Lol! The final straw was when my boyfriend came by, of course, not all the same day, but with in a week or two, and said, Hey, uh, where did that come from and said he was pretty surprised I grabbed it. It’s now in a pile, ready to go to donation! Lol! Sooo, I’d use the cart here for chat supplies for my lil guy, his ends up all mixed in with mine, so by the time I find all the supplies to do a project with him, we barely have enough time to finish it up, or I’m rushing him, so this would be devoted to juuust HIS, and, it’ll look soooo much better than I had there and the now pile that sits waiting to be organized, and put in a permanent “home”! Lol! I love love BHG, and the prices are great, especially considering the excellent quality of their products. Sometimes their things are a little out of my price range, so I’d DEF love to win the cart, or the card to buy the cart! Lol! Thanks for posting, and for always keeping up with your blog, so many of the ones I follow, are no longer blogging or once every few months, and I have been looking for newish ones to follow that are as good. So, keep up the great work, it seems, at least here, that you won’t have to worry about wether anyone reads you or not!

  425. I would love to use the cart for my scrap booking supplies or in the laundry room for swiffers, toilet tissue, etc.

  426. Redoing my middle daughers room. This would be great for storing all her hair, nail and makeup stuff to roll from bedroom to bath to mirror!

  427. Barb Hughes says:

    SO much competition, LOL! I have a serious addiction to baskets and boxes, so this just feeds my needs… gotta learn to use more labels, as I lose so much! I think this would work in my pantry for loose things that pile up on the open shelves.

  428. Kasey Montgomery says:

    Love this storage bin!! I would use this to help in decorating our new house. Closing on the 10th and will need A LOT!!

  429. I want that rolling cart for my 1/2 bath! I need some organizational items in every room and closet!

  430. I love it – I could use one in about every room I have – starting with the pantry. Would be great for fruit & veggie storage

  431. I would use this for my bathroom as well! It is a SUPER small space, and we currently have no place to keep our towel, toilet paper, and other necessities. This looks like a great solution!

  432. I’m confused since this ended in January. ??

  433. Ha, ha , ha, just got it! Happy belated April Fools Day! Emily, don’t you know that we DIYers don’t joke about gift cards