Are Tieks Worth The Price? Here’s My Full Review.

Hello friends! I hope you are all doing wonderful! I wanted to write today about a certain shoe…yep, a shoe. But not just any shoe. Tieks!!

A Review on the Tieks Ballet Flats | Decorchick!®

I purchased these back at the end of October, and yes I purchased 3 pairs. I just couldn’t decide on all of the beautiful colors! :) So if you have been thinking about splurging for a pair for yourself, I’m here to give you the low-down today, just because I want to. And just because I want you all to have the most comfortable shoe EVER also. :)

And let me just go ahead and put this out there that no, this is not a sponsored post. I don’t have to write about this. I’m writing because I want to share! And I’ve worn these non-stop for about 3 1/2 months now, so I feel I can give a good honest report about them.

First of all they come packaged in the most beautiful packaging.

Tieks Packaging | Decorchick!®

And inside the flats are folded up, and you also receive a shoe pouch to carry your Tieks in (because they are that easy and convenient to fold up and throw in your bag), and you also receive a much bigger bag, so you can throw your heels in it when your feet get tired!

Tieks Shoe Bag | Decorchick!®

Tieks Foldable Shoe Bag | Decorchick!®

I think that is a super handy addition, especially if you wear heels often. I do not, but good for those of you that do!

They all have this thick amazing rubber blue sole on the bottoms, which provides plenty of support and flexibility.

Tieks Blue Soles | Decorchick!®

That alone should tell you how awesome these are, because most flats barely have a sole at all.

Here is how easily they fold up, really making them compact and easy to travel with.

Tieks Folded Flat | Decorchick!®

I also just love their signature blue sole and blue stripe on the back of the heel! And I will say, the heels have never hurt or dug into my skin, and I love that about them. Their Italian leathers are so supple and mold to your feet making them a dream to wear. Really!

Now, I wanted to really test these out before I wrote about them.

Tieks Ballet Flats | Decorchick!®

And my 3 pairs have basically traveled the world already!!

I’ve always been a flip-flop girl, even in the winter, but now I am totally a Tieks girl. They just look WAY more fashionable and pull an outfit together. Flip-flops do not. ;) So I have basically lived in these ever since I ordered them.

Tieks Mustard Yellow Flats | Decorchick!®

Their first major trip out was to Ecuador last November! And this is me wearing them on the plane there.

Tieks Leopard Print Flats | Decorchick!®

And here I am, actually at an event in Ecuador with Young Living and am sporting my mustard pair with a floral sundress.

Tieks Mustard Yellow Flat | Decorchick!®

The test of ALL tests was when I took them to Disney in December! Ummm, you all know how much walking is involved at Disney right?! Like miles and miles per day!

Here I am wearing them at the Be Our Guest Restaurant one evening while at Magic Kingdom.

Be Our Guest Restaurant and Wearing Tieks at Disney | Decorchick!®

And then another day while at Animal Kingdom.

Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom | Decorchick!®

I wore them SO much at Disney. I alternated between either Tieks or my Skechers Go-walks on all of our days there.

And let me just tell you all this. These are seriously the most comfy shoe ever! A lot of times I even forget I still have them on while I’m just at home.

Now let me get to the wear and tear and how they have actually held up over these past several months…

So the other day, my heart broke a little bit when I saw this on the back of my mustard pair.

Scuff Mark on Tieks. Don't worry though--Use a baby wipe! | Decorchick!®

But the good news? Is that it came right off with a baby wipe as you can tell in the picture below!

Mustard Yellow Tieks | Decorchick!®

I was SO relieved. So just know you may end up getting scuff marks, especially on the lighter pairs, but it will come out!

The only wear and tear I’ve noticed on my leopard print pair was on one heel, and the wear is so minimal and hardly noticeable when wearing them, so it’s definitely not a big deal to me. I do not baby my shoes, and some wear and tear is bound to happen. The leather on these just gets more and more comfortable with each wear, I must say.

So right out of the box, my leopard and my mustard pair were absolutely perfect and needed no break-in period. The black pair for some reason wasn’t AS comfortable, but since Tieks are handmade, there can be some slight variation between pairs. My Matte Black pair didn’t feel as perfect as my Mustard Yellow pair right out of the box, so I contacted customer service. If you didn’t know, Tieks has an awesome exchange policy for unworn pairs. They responded quickly and were happy to let me exchange them for a different Matte Black pair, which fit perfectly! They even paid for shipping both ways!

Their classic pairs, like my mustard and black Tieks are made from full-grain Italian leather. The leopard print is made from split-grain Italian leather, and therefore doesn’t require much break-in at all. Actually none in my experience. Both leathers have been excellent so far and I can’t wait to build up my collection even further!

So are Tieks worth the price and investment? Absolutely in my honest opinion! I won’t wear anything else now! I haven’t even worn my cute boots this year because I’ve lived in these flats!!

They have SO many colors, and I think I want some pink ones next. You would be surprised at how many outfits the pairs I have go with. Adding that pop of color or print to your feet really make you look like you know what you are doing, fashion wise. :)

They do recommend this also…if  you wear a 1/2 size in your regular shoe, order the next whole size down. So for instance, if you always wear 8 1/2, order a size 8 in Tieks. I always were a size 8 shoe, so I ordered the 8’s and they are perfect.

A Review on the Tieks Ballet Flats | Decorchick!®

I hope this post has helped you in deciding if these are for you or not! They would make the most perfect gift at any time of the year also! :)



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  1. I’m on my second pair of Tieks– I purchase a pair every time I get a bonus at work.
    I’m in love with them, and find them to be the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. I get so many compliments. I spend a lot of time traveling for work, or running around coordinating family events for a houseful of teenagers.
    Best of all, looking forward to buying a new pair keeps me from spending money on less expensive shoes that I never wear! I think that despite their scary price tag, I’ve saved money. Plus, they are incredible quality.

    • I totally agree with you Lolly! Investing in higher quality items is usually well worth it. And it does keep you from buying several different $20 pairs that will eventually crap out and probably aren’t even as comfy!

      • Hello Decorchick,
        Thanks for the great review of Tieks. I am doing my research now, so you provided me with lots of information. I was thinking of getting myself a gift card every month to save up and purchase a pair. I’m retired, so I only get paid once a month, so I thought that way I won’t put out the whole amount at one time. :) I will let you know what color I decide on and how I like them.
        Thanks again….

      • Even though I’m a guy I’m thinking of getting a pair :) why should you gals have all the fun. Anyway my feet have become sensative over the years. I’m 42 and I haven’t found many comfortable men shoes. I like the fact that these shoes mold to your feet , that really caught my attention so I’m considering them. I guess I will be also challenging society’s views on what a guy should wear. I honestly don’t care. I wear what I want as long it’s okay with my wife and she approves.

        • Anonymous says:

          I have a hard time believing that any woman’s shoe would be more comfortable that men’s shoes that are available.

        • Anonymous says:

          Try Ecco shoes for the men.

          • It’s seems my post erased. I commented to anonymous to thank you for the recommendation and stated that Tieks are not what they say they are since in the scheme of things they are not even comfortable for a man. With all the talk about how great these shoes are I definitely was considering it.

        • Work it, TM!

          • cat weber says:

            What about Dansko clogs? My husband has 10 pairs. He wears them with suits or with shorts, with anything!

          • Thanks! The problem with most men’s shoes is they cover the instep of my feet. Where the toe “cleavage” if you will begin and the top of my foot is where my skin rubs against the fabric/leather leaving it irritated. It then takes a while to heal since I need to air it out so the best thing was a shoe where it was open leaving my instep exposed. Hence the ballerina shoe and my interest in the ballerina shoe. It not only covers my toes but exposes the area I need so it doesn’t get irritated.

            • I like you TM and one of my professors wore ballet flats and he looked awesome in them. Challenge away! I hope you find the comfort you seek!

          • Susie, I will definetly work it lol. I just ordered them since I really didn’t see what I was looking for. It’s not only comfort I’m looking for but a shoe that exposes my instep and flip flops or men’s samples tend to cover the top of my foot. So yep, I got the Tieks and just got my pair yesterday.

      • Hi! Just a quick question: I occassionally have problems with plantar fasciitis–that being said, is there enough cushion in the tieks for my heal when it flares up? Anyone ever ask that question?

    • I have about 8-10 pair and I love them! I have been wearing them for about 4 years and they are just as new now as they were then. Best shoes ever! However, your toenails matter so be sure to get a regular pedi when you want to wear them so you don’t make holes or marks with your toenails. Gross, I know………..

      • Exactly ehat I wanted to know if they were tight on toes or gave ingrown toenails like most flats do

        • I usually wear a 9-1/2 shoe, and ordered a 10 in the copper shade. I’m glad I did, not only because my feet are wide (a “B” at least), but also because I found I really needed the size 10 length. Time will tell whether the shoes stretch in length, but for now they are perfect!

    • Anonymous says:

      Do they make your feet sweat? I live in Florida and also live in flip-flops. I have a bad back and need a cushioned shoe. I have been looking at these for a long time now. Afraid to make the big step.

      • My feet do not sweat in them.

      • I live in Orlando. They definitely do make my feet sweat. The inner soles of my shoes are stained dark from my sweaty feet, and I wear them indoors in an air-conditioned office. It’s not a huge deal to me though. You do have to be careful with the summer thunder storms though, as these shoes (particularly the metallic ones) do not love water!

        • ..suggestion… to try super thin insoles… I don’t work for the following company…. but i like their product because it is so thin. I use them in a lot of shoes to capture the sweat….the only disclaimer is when peeling them off (after they get super dirty…) they could affect the shoe interior….. so use at one’s own risk :) the product is summersoles They aren’t just for summer i use inside of heeled boots too so my feet dont slide down with socks and stockings.

      • I live in Phoenix Arizona…. No sweating here. I bought a pair literally four years ago in red and they still look good. With the investment.

      • I live in the Philly area, have several pairs. The patent ones do make my feet swear a bit on the hotter summer days, but I have no problems with the “regular” ones.

    • Gloria F Stevens says:

      Where can I purchase these shoes and how much do they cost

    • Do they pinch the back of your heels? I always have that issue with ballerina flats and get blisters

      • Nope, no pinching or rubbing. The entire seam around the top of the shoe is lightly elasticized except for the heel, which is cushioned.

    • Do they run try to size? Smaller or larger. I wear a 10.5

      • They suggest if you wear a half size to size down. So you would order a 10. Hope that helps!

      • I am a 10.5 also and my foot is somewhat wide. I ordered a 10 and it fit very well. i was on the fence for over a year because of my wide foot but I’m glad I finally gave in and ordered them.

      • I wear an 11 but have to go all the way up to 12 in these. It really depends on width of foot and shape of your toes! But their return policy is great, free shipping both ways; if you try them on and they don’t fit, it’s easy peasy to order the replacement pair!

  2. I’m with you! After trying Tieks I can’t go back to ‘lesser’ flats. I’ve had mine for a while now and I definitely find myself wearing them more than any other shoes I own. Probably because they look so cute and I’m able to wear them all day in total comfort. For sure worth every penny!

  3. Lori Forney says:

    I have the pink and they were the only shoes I wore all over Europe and the Mediterranean on our cruise!!! Best shoes I’ve ever had!!!

  4. What about arch support? My feet are fussy. I can’t wear ordinary flip flops or flat like pancakes sandals. I do have some “dress shoe” leather arch supports, I wonder if anyone has experience in this area?

    • I have super high arches, wide feet and really short toes. After a million years of ballet, my feet are pretty intolerant of shoes with poor support. While these don’t have a “built up” or cushioned arch, I think they are so successful and comfortable for two reasons: they really mold to your feet, so your toes have the grip needed and the foot roots into the ground; also, the cushioned sole and split sole design lets your feet flex and grip more naturally. I really do recommend them. Naturally, you could add an insole if you felt you needed it.
      Also, a little tip– if they are tight in some places that you think they’ll need some room for comfort, (or to accommodate an insole) heat the shoe gently with a hair dryer while pushing it/stretching it into shape from the inside, it lets the leather give gradually until you have it the way you want it.

    • Hey Kristen, I think with the way the soles are on these, that would help with the arch issue. I’ve never had any back pain or anything after wearing these for long periods of time. It’s worth trying for sure! And if they don’t work out you can send them back. They encourage you to try them on around the house, and if they aren’t perfect for you, you can send back. I hope they will work for you!

  5. So happy you did this review! I’ve been eyeing them for months and have very picky feet for comfortable shoes! :) I’m loving the burgundy ones!

  6. I miss your decors post so much. Are you turning your blog to a new direction? We are seeing very little blog post regarding home decoration now. I have for over three years followed your blog and every time you post a new post it’s very discouraging that it’s not about your home. Hope to hear from you. Thanks.

    • Hi Yasmin! Thanks for being a long time reader. I have mentioned many times for the past year or 2 now, that I am writing much more about everything else in my life. Not just decorating. So this will be more of a lifestyle blog now. Sure I love home decor, but changing and re-changing things all the time just isn’t sustainable for our lives. There’s just so much more to life than always decorating my home or making crafts that I only use once, so I am choosing to write about wherever the wind takes me, and whenever I am inspired to do so. So sorry to disappoint you when you check my blog out and it’s not a decor related post. There are TONS of bloggers out there and plenty of other inspiration you can get if you are looking for decorating ideas. :)

      • Thank you so much for your reply! It makes sense what you are saying.

      • I have plantar fasciitis! Will these shoes be comfortable and help relieve this problem?

        • Gina Waterman says:

          Probably not. I’m a long time customer at The Walking Company store; go there if you haven’t already and check their Abeo line. It is one of the best shoes/sandals/sneakers you will ever wear. They have TONS of shoes now available att the store or online and their customer service is amazing.

          Good luck!

          p.s. I have one pair of Tieks; love the look but nothing is as comfortable as a flat or shoe with built-in orthotics.

          • ABEO is an AMAZING shoe company! Spendy, but so worth it. For anyone with foot problems, they are a Godsend! I even have a pair that are cute ballet flats.

        • Anne Bullinger says:

          I found OluKai flip flops so helpful for plantar fasciitis, one of the sturdier styles with a rubber footbed. I just noticed they are sold at The Walking Co.

        • I had terrible plantar fasciitis and the orthopedic doctor I saw told me basically to “walk less” (I wasn’t walking much as it was). Didn’t offer any other solutions, so I was on my own. I bought a pair of MBTs (original rocker shoe before everyone started doing it!) at The Walking Company. Within a few weeks these shoes CURED my plantar fasciitis. Seriously – I don’t even wear the MBTs anymore really, but I haven’t had a problem since. I do make it a point to buy “good” shoes overall – because I just end up not wearing or giving away poorly made shoes, or shoes without much support. I bought a pair of Abeo clogs, and they’re pretty good, but not as perfect as the Merrells I used to wear. Unfortunately, Merrell has changed their line and I can’t find a pair that fits the same way these shoes did (and now they’re too broken down to wear). So I’m still on the hunt for the perfect shoe… I may just be convinced to give Tieks a try – especially after hearing from someone with a wide foot like me!

        • My shoe for that is Orthoheel–the flip flops I live in and I have sneakers and nice dess sandals from orthohell (vionic) great for plantar faciitis

        • FitFlops brand are wonderful for plantar fasciitis. If you are overweight or have fallen arches you need to avoid flat shoes. Arch support is key to pain free feet as you age.

        • I not only have plantar faciatis, but have had a major fall and had foot reconstruction. And super SUPER high arches. For flip flops I swear by Fit Flops. I have Orthoheels, Abeos, Danskos, OluKai, Rainbows…and I have a horrible lower back. So for flip flops I swear by Fit Flops. I haven’t tried the Tieks yet. I have one leg longer than the other and have to put an insert in one shoe so not sure if I should size up or down being a 6 1/2

  7. As I’m reading this I thought ok fine but what about a day in like Disney World, then boom. Question answered

    • Yes! I either wore these or the Skechers Go-Walks at Disney. I think I alternated each day, and some days I would bring my go-walks to the parks also in case my feet did get tired from the flats.

  8. Kim Henrichs says:

    I LOVE mine!! So comfy!

  9. I have been searching for a flat that stays comfortable. I try them on & they seem great. Then after wearing them for as little as 30 minutes, my feet swell & the shoes get tight & pinch & give me blisters quickly. These sure sound like what I’m looking for to stay comfy. I practically live in socks or flip flops – so my feet don’t like being constrained. I’m glad you did the review – I think I’ll have to pick up a pair & give them a shot.

    • Hey Gina, flats have done that to my feet before too, so I know what you are referring to. These definitely do not do that. At least they do not on me. I used to live in flip flops also, so constraining my foot in a typical flat just wasn’t comfy. Haven’t had a blister ever with these either. They seriously just get more comfortable each time you put them on. The leather is really great and just molds to your foot. Now like I said in my post about the black pair, those just haven’t felt AS comfortable as my other 2 pair. And the same thing for a friend that ordered the black too. I know they will break in eventually, so I am not worried about it. My mustard and leopard pair are like butter though. If you don’t need black ones immediately, I’d suggest going for a fun color or print so you can experience how great they feel out of the box. I hope they will work for you! And if not, their customer service is great, and you can send them back if they aren’t for you. But it’s worth a shot I think. :)

      • Any problems with the Leopard chipping. I read on another website that Tieks customer service told this woman that the Leopard was prone to chipping.

        • Hi! I just saw this comment and wanted to share my experience with leopard Tieks. I ordered mine in May, and they are already chipping noticeably along the sides and across the toes. I was so disappointed! Customer service was helpful and recommended a polish to help repair the finish. I did that and it helped somewhat. If you do get a leopard pair, I suggest treating them before you wear them to help protect the pattern. Customer service also told me that darker colors and the patents don’t show wear so easily. Hope that helps!

          • Be very careful with the metallics too. The pressed foil on the outside wears out very quickly.

        • I have the leopard print and it has rubbed off on the toe and heel. I definitely won’t get them again, though they are super cute. I have black and pacific green, too, which amazingly goes with so many things. I do love them.

          I’ve found that if you toe nails grow upward a little bit, it’s better to size up to prevent pressure which causes ingrown toenails.

  10. As a follow-up to my last message – you mentioned years of ballet. I danced for years – do these conform like a ballet slipper or jazz shoe? I’m looking for something that comfortable if it exists. :)

    • I was never a dancer or in ballet, but I would say my mustard pair would be comparable or as comfortable as a ballet slipper. I seriously forget I have them on sometimes!

  11. Thank you for this review! I’ve been on the fence about spending that much money on ballet flats, but now I think I’ll take the plunge! Perfect timing, with spring coming up. Thanks again!!!

  12. Since they’re worn without socks how is the stink factor? I’d hate to spend so much money on a pair just for them to end up stinking. (That’s been my hesitation about buying a pair so far.)

  13. You had me at walking all day in them at Disney World! SOLD!

  14. I just ordered my first pair and can’t wait to try them. I also live in flip flops but have searched for something comfortable to wear that AREN’T flips. I hope these finally make me happy! It sounds like they will. I ordered the black pair but have already put the pink pair in my “tote” for when I realize I can’t live without them. I love how fast they ship for free. I can’t wait!!!

    • They may just work out don’t give up! :)

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Patty, I had to order 8 and I usually wear 8.5 so I also had to send mine back and get 9’s. I wore them out and around and my feet are killing me after 3 weeks. Don’t leave your house with those babies on unless your 100% convinced your in love with them. You will be stuck with some uncomfortable, expensive shoes. I know a lot of people that love them, my feet just can’t get used to them and they’re huge on my feet. I thought they fit until I was having blisters rubbing on my feet. I hope yours works out great! They are super cute shoes!

      • I’m sorry they didn’t work out for you! One of the best features of these I think is how they do not give blisters like most flats do!

      • They did not work out. The 8s are too big. I am sending both pairs back.

        • Patty, put some socks on and wear the smaller pair in your house. They’re going to hurt like heck, but one day you’ll put them on and be like “wow, they don’t hurt anymore!” I wear an 8 – 8 1/2. I got an 8. They didn’t fit tight. Everyone I know with them talks about them molding to your feet. The 8s had some wiggle room though so that concerned me. I had nothing to lose and went to the 7. Wore them at home for a week with socks (at Tieks advice). I’m so glad I did. They fit amazing now!!

      • I had to wear mine constantly for almost a month before they stopped giving me blisters. Eventually they did though, and now they are very comfortable. My blisters were on the top of my feet, near my big toe.

  15. Hi Jamee, so sorry to hear this! Have you contacted customer service about this? They will take care of you. If you have worn them out of the house (you can wear them inside your home with no problem) then that may be an issue, so hopefully you haven’t done that? I wish you have had the same experience as I have had because I seriously think they are amazing! Contact CS if you haven’t already. Keep me posted.

    • OMG. Customer service is amazing. I tend to drag my feet and a piece of the blue sold chipped off. They sent me a new pair for free! I will continue to buy them because of this.

  16. I’ve had no squeaking. Have you reached out to customer service yet?

    • Yes and they suggested just trying a different show, same size. I’m going to try it but a little concerned because my big toes are very tight in the size I have. So tight they ache after wearing them for any length of time. Not sure why I’m trying so hard for shoes that aren’t comfortable. Guess I’m still hoping to love them like everyone else!

  17. I’m chomping at the bit to order my first pair of Tieks! Other than finally picking a color…I’m wondering if foot odor is a problem or do you wear little footies? Thanks!

  18. I would love a pair & like so many have been eyeing them for months. My only concern, I have a narrow foot. When I can find them, I wear a 9 aa/narrow. What size would you suggest? You have me sold on the yellow which just happens to be my favorite color.

    • I would not size down, even with a narrow foot. I usually wear 7 1/2aa and I ordered a 7. It was too short ( My toe touched the end if the shoe on both feet.). I returned those and got an 8. They were too big ( slipped on both feet). I returned those, too. Sadly, I guess Tieks aren’t for me.

      • Same thing with me. 7’s too small, 8’s too big. Wonder when they’ll start making half sizes?

    • Hi Cathy, just order the regular size you wear and try it out so order the 9. If they don’t work, just send them back. Hopefully they will work out!

  19. Is the 8 squeaky or the 7? My 8s squeaked and a friend who is all levels of obsessed with Tieks told me my foot was moving too much in them. I got the 7s and wanted to cry. They HURT. I’ve wanted these shoes for years. This wasn’t happening. And then Tieks told me to put socks on and wear them in the house. Hallelujah! That did the trick. The 7s fit like a glove now. I can’t keep my big toe nail long but I’m ok with that. For the first time in my life I have “dress shoes” that don’t make me want to cry from all the blisters.

    • If your big toe still feels constricted on top, try the hairdryer trick– it really works. Heat the outside of the shoe (gently) with the heat from a warm hairdryer. From the inside (use a broomstick or the back end of a highlighter marker– something long enough to poke up in there) gently push/stretch the shoe in the problem area while the leather is still warm. It really works! Back in high school, we used to stretch unforgiving leather shoes by putting a little rubbing alcohol on an old cotton sock and wearing the shoe for a bit, this can also work but may pull dye out of the inside of the shoe onto your sock. If you are “stuck” with the shoes, no harm in trying to fix them! It might make all the difference-

  20. I’ve been eye balling tieks for quite some months now. People either seem to have glowing reviews or horrible ones. I clean and am on my feet for 11 hrs a day and sometimes my legs are so sore at the end even though I run on a regular basis and wear tennis shoes all day. The only shoe that gives me support so my legs don’t hurt is dansko. Which is great except they aren’t very nice to look at and very noisy on my customers hard wood floors. So been wondering if tieks would Give the support I need or not? I love the looks of them and would love a cuter option then tennis shoes!!

    • I guess these shoes can be pretty polarizing. I have a high arch, wide foot and narrow heel. I wear clogs at work (I’m a chef) and like the support I get from Tieks. I can’t wear Tieks at work, obviously, because they don’t cover my whole foot. However, I wear one of my pairs every day all day when I don’t wear clogs and my feet are always super comfortable. They don’t have built in arch support, but are designed to let your toes really grip, which is its own kind of support. The cushioning makes them super comfortable, and even though I wear them barefoot, they don’t get stinky. I have had them on for whole days at conferences– where my Fitbit tells me I’ve walked 10 or more miles in a convention center. Since they are real leather, my feet don’t get hot or sweaty. I think Tieks are worth a try– and if you are a half size and discover that your toes are a little constricted at the top, I’ve had great luck warming the shoe with a hairdryer, then gently stretching them out from the inside with a broomstick– my first pair needed the extra help, my subsequent ones fit right away. This is an old trick from field hockey and cheer shoes in my youth and is great for leather shoes where you need “spot” treatment.

      • Thanks for your post here. I was very curious about sweat and odor. Your comments were very helpful. :)

    • I would definitely try them out Samantha! And if they don’t work out, they don’t work out. You can send back with no problem, just don’t wear out of the house. :)

    • Samantha, If you’re cleaning, do you really want to wear $175 shoes? Have you ever worn Keens? Very comfortable with toe protection and no problem getting wet.

  21. Hildred Sullivan says:

    I, too, had an issue with my big toe showing through the soft leather, so as beautiful as they were I had to send them back. Customer service was great, however, and the return was easy. These just aren’t the shoes for me.

  22. I have been eyeing Tieks for literally YEARS. I really haven’t heard any negative reviews–I have read dozens. I hesitate because one-the price is scary for flats, and two-I have big wide feet (size 11). They aren’t off the charts wide but I can’t stand it when my ‘toe- lines’ show. (is that a word? Lol!). It makes it look like I’m trying to fit into a too small shoe. Does anyone have any problems with this?

    • You would just have to try them out I think to see if you see the “toe cleavage.” ;)

    • I have 2 pair of Tieks. Both do not have enough room in the big toe srea. You have to cut your toenails really short. If you have ever worn Toms shoes, they have really nice space for your yoes. I wish tieks would do that because I would definitely buy more pairs. They are super comfortable but lack in the toe area.

  23. I’m on my third pair and I had the same problem on my first pair. Here is how I solved it: gently heat the problem area with your hairdryer. Stretch from the inside using a broomstick, the blunt end of a magic marker or simply put it your foot and wear around (obviously, the other two ideas are better if your toe is sore). After a few minutes of this treatment the leather stretches and the shoe fits beautifully. Don’t get carried away-work gradually- you don’t want to go too far and make the shoe misshapen.

  24. Joy Pottmeyer says:

    I bought a pair of black tieks and I love them! The only complaint I have and my co workers have is the smell/odor from your feet. Its not just one pair but both pairs that I have bought. What would you suggest that I do to help with this problem?

  25. Amy Johnson says:

    Thanks for taking the time to provide an honest review for those of us who are considering a purchase!

  26. Darlene Morris says:

    I want a pair of leopard print in something I can wair everyday ..on my feet for long periods of a hairstylist. .

  27. Anonymous says:

    I’m over here reading this while I’m wearing my Tieks hours after I’ve been home. Before Tieks, my shoes were the first thing I would kick off when I walked in the door. Not anymore…I wear my Tieks up until I go to bed.

  28. DixieDarling says:

    Thanks for this post.
    I am buying myself a pair & my mother a pair. I can not wait to get them especially since spring is here. I have to get the yellow because they looked great on you & my favorite color. I am sure I will end up ordering several colors too.

  29. Helene Mikell says:

    I have a question: my feet are two different sizes. My right foot is a 9 and my left foot is an 8.5.
    I always have a really hard time with slip on shoes, ballet style shoes, etc., anything that has a back to it, because my heel slips out on the left when it fits correctly on the right. Those sticky little heel cushions don’t work for me. It looks like the Tieks have an elasticized construction? Does it help to ‘mold’ the shoe to your foot? I don’t want to pay this much for a pair of shoes and have them not work out. Thank you in advance :)

  30. I wear a 9 1/2 to ten. 11 is best for me to get long enough. Esp in classic

  31. Lori Kemp says:

    And now, a perspective from an older reader. I am a “fashionable grandmother,” and I have a slightly different take on this lovely shoe. I, too, love the Tieks. However, I developed a raging case of plantar fasciitis. (You’re young, so google it.) When I went to podiatrist for help, I was wearing my Tieks. He said, “This shoe is your problem.” While it has a much nicer sole than a regular flat, it has absolutely no arch support. Therein lies the problem. Sadly, I need a shoe that has much more arch support. I am crushed because I love my Tieks. Wear them while you are young and beautiful. Some day, you will need “grandma shoes.” I’m trying not to feel as if life has ended …. (*wink)

    • Lori Kemp,
      You’ve answered my questions for me. I’m a grandma, my feet hurt all the time, and I have plantar fasciitis. I can already see that these adorable shoes will not work for me, as much as I would love to have them.

      • The best flats I’ve found for plantar fasciitis are Vionic. They have built in orthotics but don’t look like “grandma shoes.”

        • My podiatrist made custom orthotics for my feet. You might want to check into having some made because you can slip them into pretty much any shoe that isn’t a sandal or flip flop and have the support you need. They cast your feet to make the mold and mine are just thin hard pieces of plastic that I slip in and out of whatever shoe I wear so I’m sure they would work in these as well.

        • Clarinda Wheeler says:

          Vioncs are great to relieve plantar fascitis. After wearing these my feet problems seem to be solved. Yea Vionics!

    • Don’t give up too soon! I’m a fit pro, specializing in corrective exercise and have helped people get past PF numerous times. Find a fitness professional who’s knowledgable about strengthening the hips, which takes the pressure off the plantar fascia. Also, practice walking with a shorter stride. I’ve beaten PF more than once so I’ve learned what it takes to get past it once and for all!

      • I would love to know more about your techniques for curing PF with exercise. I have had shots, ice daily, stretches daily, vionic shoes, 6 laser treatments on each foot……Im faced with surgery next. I would love to avoid surgery if at all possible!

  32. Lori Kemp says:

    I’m so pleased to help. I’m always afraid that my comments will come across as flippant, but I really do want to warn people. My podiatrist says that he is seeing foot problems in young women who are too young to be experiencing them. The,problem: flip flops and flats.

    • Why can’t you buy the arch supports that can be slipped into shoes? I love my Tieks and think I’d certainly give that a try first

  33. Okay…lets be honest…the price is over the top; however, I’m a reasonable girl. If it’s something I wear often, a quality item and also brings joy and comfort into my life…yes, I will splurge. I made my purchase on a day when my feet were killing me. I bought the black matt in a size 10 since I wear a 10.5. They killed my big toe the first few days I wore them but had seen many people post about needing to break them in. Also I wore them on a rainy day so that really helped to perfect them to my feet. I still have to keep my toenails trimmed at their shortest. The leather and construction of the shoe is the highest quality. I’d had some Lucky brand flats that hurt my heel and can in no way compare to Tieks. Next time I’m going to order an 11 just to see. Personally I’m not a huge fan of the teal sole…wish it was just black. But it’s probably that teal rubber sole is what make the shoe so incredibly comfy. The heel strike is perfect. They’re my go to shoe…actually the only shoes I want to wear. I wear mine with skirts, capris, and skinny jeans/jeggings. I’m going to definitely be buying another pair. As a teacher who is on her feet all day, they’re definitely worth the money!

    • I’m glad you love yours now. :) Another thing you can try next time is to wear thick socks with them around the house. That should help alleviate the big toe issue. I agree though…certain things you get what you pay for and I don’t mind splurging on a nice pair of shoes or a nice pair of jeans!

    • The price is not at all over the top… They are leather. Leather costs money, especially if it is good quality. My husband (who has been doing a ton of research into leather and leather working) says they are a very good price for leather shoes. They’re also hand stitched — this is skilled labor.

  34. I have prehensile toes! My second and third toe are longer than my big toe. This often compromises comfort. Do you think Tieks would work for this condition?

  35. My questions is do these smell if you don’t wear socks I hate socks and because I love flats well let’s just say I go thru a lot of flats! Lmao

    • They don’t. My feet sweat a lot and sometimes after the first time I wear shoes tey are gross. These are still okay after a dozen times I have worn them. Just got but I love them

  36. Awesome review! I’ve been considering getting Tieks forever, but I have a low arch and am worried about the lack of arch support, although everyone says they are super comfortable. I think that eventually I’ll just have to order a pair and try them out for myself!

  37. I’m going to Italy for three weeks June/July and contemplating Tieks. Just wondering if your feet get too hot in these during the summer. Thanks.

  38. Just received my first pair of Tieks yesterday, Mother’s Day. My daughter has several pair and loves them. I resisted buying, because they are a bit pricey, so my daughters surprised me with a pair of fushia ones. Glad to read your positive review. Hopefully, I will be just as satisfied as you are with my new Tieks!

  39. Carla OBrien says:

    Just got mine. Fabulous
    I bought them from never having flats that didn’t hurt my feet. Probably paid more in total for the ones I bought and gave away.
    24 hours later..,NO blisters. Amen!
    The price is costly but I am sure they will last for years.
    The Obsidian Black is what I chose. Straight out of the beautiful box was these amazing gems smelling so nice! Looking so sharp. Very well made.
    Comes w/the extra portable shoe bag.
    Also, the customer service is great.
    I don’t know if other people have issues already with their feet, but mine feel great in these.
    Definitely will be my go-to shoe.
    Hope this helps others who are unsure because of the price.
    I figured if they didn’t work for me I could always just return.
    Maybe next year I’ll add another color.
    Glad I purchased.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Thanks! I have been debating, but you just convinced me.

  41. Question… I’ve always been a flip flop girl too. I’ve never tried Tieks but I’ve seen ads and articles popping up all over and been super intrigued. So, this article has been really helpful! My question is, do your feet sweat in them? One of the reasons I’m a flip flop girl, is because I my feet sweat a lot (gross, right?!). They even sweat in my flip flops. I’m not sure if this is normal, but I tend to steer away from any shoes that don’t have a lot of air flow or ones I can’t wear socks with. I know I could go with no-shows, but they can be uncomfortable. Any insight?

    • Hi Steph, my feet do not sweat in them. The best advice I can give you is to just try them out and wear them around your house and see if you have any issues. Hope they work out!

  42. Are these in a store that you can try on before you buy or is this a order only product

  43. Love them

  44. So would you recommend these for trips that involve a lot of walking? Just got back from London and clicked in 54 miles and 265 floors on my fitbit in 7 days. I wore sketches go walks and ASICS and still ended up with a slight blister on ball of my left foot by my big toe. I’m in desperate need of comfortable shoes for travel. Don’t mind spending the money on shoes if I know they will be comfortable. Any advice if these shoes or any other kind would work? Flip flops kill my feet.

  45. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with these shoes. I have been wanting to try them, but wasn’t sure if I would like them. Your post has made me decide to go ahead and get them! Thanks again!

  46. Rhonda Reynolds says:

    Do these shoes have very good support? I have extremely high arches and can’t wear normal ballet flats

  47. I am currently planning a trip for Disney and need comfy shoes of course. Especially since I have sciatica problems…shoes make a difference. I have been looking at Tieks a lot and reading great reviews. I just haven’t yet pulled the trigger on buying a pair because they are $200. Sigh… It sounds like they truly are amazing. I also see that you wore sketcher go walks. This was also nice to hear as they were one of the shoes I was thinking about bringing. Did both Tieks and sketchers hold up well in the rain or on water rides?

    • Hi Charity, yes, I alternated between the 2 shoes and it was great. The only ride I can think of where water was really involved would be splash mountain, and whatever I was wearing that day was fine. :)

  48. Mine were really tight at first too!! To the point where I couldn’t wear them a full day because they hurt too bad but the next size was too big. I saw someone online said to put a couple thick socks on and use a hairdryer around the toe area the heat the leather and that made such a difference! I was just careful to move between shoes to not get them too hot! Now I wear them everyday and will probably never wear anything else!!!

  49. I just got my first pair and they seem pretty tight. To the point that I can see the shapes of all my toes. Should I go up a size?

  50. I had three parties of black ones….
    They always folded up on me with every step amid fell off..but their smallest size is 6 and I wear a 4.5 little girls… I have small feet. I think it’s the fact that they fold, being the reason i can’t wear them. But if you have feet go ahead.

  51. I have very narrow foot would they work for me… It’s so hard finding shoes.. Paula

  52. I live in hot, sweaty, humid Florida. . .I’m afraid my feet would be stinky and sweaty. Anyone wear these in a hot climate for long periods of time?

    • I live in Orlando… and my feet definitely sweat in them! To the point that the inner sole is a completely different color where my feet touch it. However, I’ve had them 3 months and they are not stinky. However, be careful with them in the summer thunderstorms, they really don’t like getting wet!

  53. I was a skeptic. Just couldn’t believe that a ballet flat could be comfortable all day as folks had said. I tend to wear a size 9 and an 8.5 every now and then. I ordered a 9. They were tight around the top of my foot and uncomfortable. I knew many people said they would stretch but one thing I’ve learned through the years is that a nice leather shoe does indeed give but it gives for comfort. It does NOT give to increase the shoe size. So I ordered the 10 to compare and it was immediately comfortable. I went with the 10 and have no regrets. I walked around two or three college campuses a day for an entire week in my Cardinal Red Tieks and neither my feet nor my knees ached at the end of each day. I actually don’t kick them off once I walk in the door from work because I feel like I have on slippers.

  54. Thanks so much for your review. I’ve seen ads for these shoes & they look so wonderful but the price…well, let’s just say that I’m not quite as nervous about the investment.

    And one last thing – you have the cutest little girls! Love those precious smiles!

  55. Allison Ruzicka says:

    I’m so disappointed!!

    I really love my matte black pair. The size 7 fit is great for me. The leather is soft and the scuffing has been minimal in these few months that I’ve been wearing them. But I ordered a pair in the poppy color and not even after 3 wears the entire body of the shoes is flaking and cracking. I couldn’t believe it. I emailed them and they blamed me for the damage done. However, they made a “special exception” for me to exchange them, but to not expect that again. So the new pair of poppy Tieks came in looking great! I’ve been wearing them for about a week now and the flaking and scuffing is starting to show on these too!!! I’m guessing there is something in the finishing on these causing it because the matte black pair still looks gorgeous! I don’t even know if it’s worth it to email. Oh and as frustrating as that is, this new pair is the same size but won’t stay on my heel! It feels snug, but like the heel section doesn’t go high enough to hold contact. I’m very frustrated and I don’t know what to do!

  56. Camille Williams says:

    My first pair are on their way to me! I have sensitive feet that are also always in pain (probably because I’m an OC girl who lives in flip flops, which is obviously not good for my feet). I’ve been wanting to try a pair, and finally bit the bullet last night! I can’t wait!

  57. miriam machado says:

    So, how much do they cost?

  58. Hi!

    I bought my first pair as a birthday gift to myself and they arrived yesterday. I’m a pretty solid size 8, although my foot is somewhat flat (thanks to years of Keds) and wide, but nothing major. I bought the vegan Greystone in an 8 and they are sooooo tight, my toes are squished and they rub the back of my heel.

    I emailed Tieks to ask about getting a 9, but now I’m wondering if it’s the vegan material that’s the problem. I’ve read a few other blog posts that say the leather ones stretch more easily. In any case, I’m waiting to hear back and have not worn them outside, as their return policy is void if you do.

    Do you have a pair in their vegan style? Did you have any problems initially? I want to love these and buy more pairs, especially for traveling! I hope the size 9’s do the trick!

    Thank you!

  59. Jill Anderson says:

    Do you have any comments as to whether orthotics would work in these shoes?

  60. My foot is a size 7 but I end up wearing a 8 1/2 to 9 because I have a very wide foot and high arch and instep
    I have not read anything related to that in the comments.
    How do they feel for wide feet? I would love to get a pair and are they only sold online? Can you pruchase them in any stores so I can try different sizes to see what works best

    • They are only sold online. Since the leather will stretch over time, they should work with wide width. I can’t guarantee that but it’s worth a shot! If they don’t work out, returns are easy.

  61. Anonymous says:

    After reading all of the great reviews I really wanted to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Tieks and brag to everyone around me but it was not to be. I had to order up (I am a 1/2 size) and oddly, the shoe on my larger foot was looser than the other but I couldn’t order the size down as they would have been too small. So now I feel like I’m working hard to keep the shoes on my feet and they don’t feel comfortable at all. I find my $50 Toms to be far more comfortable than these. But that’s just me . . .

  62. Hi. I hate to admit but, my feet get super sweaty after wearing shoes without socks. I have a pair of flats that get so gross after a few hours. Anyone have this same problem and can comment??


  63. The wear on the one heel…
    Not sure if anyone has posted this or not (I did not read all the comments). I found this also – and realized it was from driving (as it was the right heel). So, I simply now take that shoe off when I wear them and are driving and no further wear. And the left still shows none. Hope this helps with the mystery of the one heel wear :)

  64. Nancy Krizan says:

    Hi. I’m intrigued by these shoes both for the look and the comfort factors. Big problem: i wear a 6 1/2 AAA shoe. my feet are very narrow, and ballet flats especially gap horribly at the instep. My heel is even more noarrow (I can wrap by hand around my ankle and touch thumb and forefinger. Do you think these would work for me?

    Thanks! Nancy

    • Hi Nancy, I honestly am not sure. The only thing I could suggest would be to try them out, and if they don’t work, send them back. Their customer service is great, and returns are effortless.

  65. Judith Alban says:

    Hi, the only issue I can see is there does not appear to be any arch in the shoe. I am flat footed and archless shoes really make my feet tired fast. They look very flat i that area.

  66. Hi, I am looking for something like this to wear on my trek back and forth to the train each morning. It seems like you don’t wear any type of sock with these – sorry for the gross question but do they get sweaty in the summer/smell? Thank you!

  67. Amy Williams says:

    Have been interested in these shoes for awhile. I go in and out of people’s homes all day and remove my shoes at the door (I am a pediatric PT and am usually down on the floor playing with babies). So, I usually always wear socks or the thin “ballet flats” socks with the rubberized heel grips. Can you wear those type of socks with these shoes or does it cause some type of slippage problem? I don’t like being barefoot in my clients’ homes, so these aren’t for me if I can’t wear my footie socks with them.

    • You can, but you have to wear the ones with the most minimal coverage, or they will show. They gap just a little bit at my inner arch, so if you wear colorful footies, you will probably be able to see them too.

  68. I have a bunion on my right foot & wide feet. Would these work for me?

  69. WrightGirl says:

    Thanks for the honest review! I have always wanted to try these! Can you also tell us where you found your distressed jeans? Thanks!

  70. I totally agree with this whole review . I LOVE MY TIEKS! only thing I would question is the size suggestion. I think it s best to size up , if you wear a .5 size. Enjoy

  71. They don’t look like they have any arch support….

  72. Linda, that is my concern. I have high arches and I can’t seem to find a flat that has the support to keep my feet feeling good until the end of the day. I wonder about whether they would be a good investment for someone with high arches.

  73. I have the mustard yellow pair! Love them! They have stood the test of time in walking around big cities where normally I would have nasty blisters.

  74. Why is there no address for these shoes or price and phone number?

  75. Sandy Camacho says:

    I am 62 years old and sell luxury cars so I’m on my feet quite a bit. I have four pairs of Tieks and would have more colors if I could afford them. I have Matte black, Black Patent, Taupe, & Ballerina Pink. I wear these to work almost every day. My feet are almost flat. I like to dress fashionably, but age appropriate. Tieks go with everything! I don’t wear heels at all anymore. Not safe. I’ve had my Tieks for several years and they still look great. Next purchase with either be the cardinal red or the leopard. No stink ever. I have a tiny foot and size 5 is perfect. Highest quality materials.

  76. I have a very narrow heel, so flats don’t usually fit me. I wear a 9 1/2 most the time, but sometimes a 10. Depends on the brand. What size do you think I should get?

  77. Do any come in a man made fabric – I prefer not to use leather.

  78. I read all of the reviews and decided to try my luck with Tieks. They look cute and if they were as comfy as some said, I would be in Heaven! I usually wear a size 8.5 M width. So, I took the recommendations and ordered a size 8 in the black matte leather. They arrived promptly in the pretty case. I tried them on immediately, as I was so very excited to have a comfy pair of ballet flats. Well, right away I could tell I would not be able to wear these all day, or even half a day. They pushed on my toes noticeably. Plus, they squeaked a lot when I walked. Since they were so expensive, I was not going try to stretch them, or suffer while I broke them in. I am starting a new job and the last thing I needed was to have aching feet. So, I returned them and received a full refund. now I have them out of my system and I know they didn’t work for me.

  79. I wear a size 13.5 Narrow, not that I can ever find it! So I wear a 13 or 14, whatever I can find. I usually wear velcro adjustable sandals. Works for a lot of the year, but not in the winter in Kansas City. Is the 13 in these likely to fit me? Also, I am a piano teacher; is the sole of these strong enough to be comfortable using the damper pedal for several hours a day? Thanks!

  80. Jennifer Nick says:

    Never even heard of them before, but they sound great – I just ordered a pair! Thanks!

  81. I have 5 pairs of Tieks; black patent, white patent, cream, olive, and a burlap looking pair. The tamoxifen I had to take after breast cancer caused arthritis in my knees making it hard to wear any kind of heels. I wear an 8 narrow and am really hard to fit. Took a chance on Tieks and I can’t say enough great things about them. They’re the most comfortable shoe! Hoping to purchase several more colors!!!

  82. Barbara Perkins says:

    I just wish Tieks would make a vegan leather version. I’d try them in a minute. I’ve heard many good things about them. Maybe someday they will.

  83. My foot was not made for women’s shoes. They are huge, wide, and completely flat. Before kids I wore a 12 wide. After 2 pregnancies, most of those shoes are too tight. I’ve worn nothing but Crocs for 4 years now. But I heard about Tieks, and found out my sister-in-law has a pair and loves them–although she has a normal-sized foot and lots of cute shoes. I’ve NEVER paid $175 for a pair of shoes before, but I’m tempted. I hear some Tieks come in 13, and I think that’s what I would need to provide extra sizing to extend around the width of my foot. My concern is the width of the sole. I’ve had shoes before in which my wide flat foot extends over the sides of the sole of the shoe, making a hard lump under my foot that is very uncomfortable. Any idea if this might happen with Tieks? Are the sides of the soles hard and/or thick in the arch area?

  84. Lindsey Steel says:

    I just heard about these a couple of weeks ago and I have been curious about them. I am a high school teacher and have been looking for some cute yet comfortable shoes to wear. However I have a lot of foot problems. I am a 9 1/2 wide with very high arches with a bunion on my right foot (born with them and I had surgery to remove the one on the left) and my left foot is half a size smaller than my right. Because of this I have never been able to wear ballet flats simply because my feet won’t stay in them. Plus they aren’t comfortable at all.
    Has anyone else had feet problems similar to this and gotten Teks? I don’t want to spend that much money on a pair and they don’t even work for my foot.
    Any suggestions for any other shoes brands that would be good for teachers with my feet problem but are also cute? I’m 24 and don’t want to wear the typical ugly orthodontic shoes that I see a lot of teachers wear. Thanks!

    • Im curious about this too, the grossly named bunion is something i’ve had all my life and shoes that “hit” that area of the bone aggravate the bunion. Are TEKS only online? is there a free return policy if they hurt my foot bone??? Thanks so much for anyone who is in the know on these foot challenges!!

  85. Amanda Pederson says:

    I just bought my first pair and they arrived last week. I’ve worn them around a few days and today I noticed the back of one of the heels already has scuff marks and looks like the color is chipping away!! Is there a way to avoid this, do you think the baby wipes tip would help? Any tips would be helpful!

  86. Gladiator007 says:

    I’m not impressed and sorely disappointed. I did not get the same feelings for them on my feet. I tried them and just thought they needed to be worn to stretch them out. I’ve worn mine about once a week to try to get them worn in but it’s not helping. I got the black pair too and they are not comfortable after 3 hrs. Very sad.

  87. Karen Smith says:

    Three weeks in Italy with Sketchers Go Walks with Goga Mat technology, and NO foot pain!!! Tried my Easy Spirits one day and was miserable. I’ve got the Goga Mat flip flops, too, and that’s all I wear all summer. Like walking on a cloud!!

  88. I am usually an 8 1/2 (medium width) shoe so I went with the 9. I needed to break them in QUITE a bit before I could wear them. I wore heavy socks (sprayed with a combo of alcohol and water) around my house. I always used a hair dryer to help stretch the leather. I do love my Tieks, as I find them to be very comfortable now that they are broken in. However, I am disappointed because you can see my big toe poking through on each shoe. I have well-trimmed pedicured toes so I do not think this should be happening. I have worn my Tieks to Scotland, Paris and South Korea. I will keep buying them!

  89. I want to thank you, Decorchick for posting your experience with Tieks! I’ve been wanting a pair for YEARS! I’m about to go on a trip to France and am thinking, now is the perfect time to try these. Your review answered all of the questions I had! Thank you so very much for taking the time to post such a thorough review!

  90. Got my first pair today and was so excited about all the positive reviews. Put them on and wore them around the house for awhile. Had to take them off because they hurt my bunions soooo bad! Will they eventually stretch and be more comfortable?

  91. JoAnn Chappelear says:

    I just purchased my first pair and did what was recommended by ordering size 8 instead of 81/2
    Well it’s not working out for me. I’m disappointed because my toes hurt. Maybe next time I’ll order a size 9

    • I had the same experience. I tried three different stretching methods & nothing helped. After wearing them daily, and suffering the entire time they were on my feet, they finally stretched enough to be comfortable. I’m concerned that if I buy the next larger whole size that they’ll be too large when they stretch out. I think it’s completely ridiculous that shoes as expensive as Tieks don’t come in half sizes.

  92. I occassionally have problems with plantar fasciitis, do tieks have enough cushioning in the heel area to help with this problem. ANyone else with this issue that bought tieks?

  93. Great post! I’ve been wanting to try some but just haven’t been able to bite the bullet. I’ve always worn cheap shoes & now that I’m getting older, my feet aren’t liking me anymore!! I really want a fun color pair but think I might need to settle for a neutral pair to start…

  94. I am really concerned about blisters. I am diabetic and my right foot is a tad bigger than my left. It is almost impossible for me to find ANY shoe that doesn’t give me blisters on my right foot. I wear a 9 and for flats I usually go to a 9.5. I have read the reviews and I am very concerned about their return policy. Sounds like they don’t take them back unless they are in “new like” condition. I don’t think you can truly tell if a shoe fits unless you it wear it outside. And to me if it is worn whether in or out it is a USED shoe…and that makes me think that you might not get a NEW shoe you might get a shoe someone has worn in their home for a month and then returned it. GROSS!! That is the only thing keeping me from ordering. If THEY are SO comfortable then CS should have a policy of “love them ” or send them back”.

  95. 449143 6328Appreciate it for helping out, superb data. 557017

  96. Does anyone who wears them have a narrow foot? I have a difficult time finding shoes that will stay on my feet because they are generally too wide.

  97. I originally tried them because I hurt my back & could no longer wear my beloved high heels. To my surprise I thought they were really cute & I was excited to wear them. I was very disappointed. My experience with Tieks is a polar opposite of your experience. They hurt my toes every time I wore them for the first two months.

    The cause of the pain is that they don’t come in half sizes. The advice that their website gives for people who wear half sizes is to go down to the next whole size. So I followed their advice and bought the shoes that were the next smaller whole size. They killed my toes every single time I wore them. So I took them to a shoe repair shop & had them stretched but received no relief. I then wet socks with alcohol & stuffed the shoes with as many socks as I could cram into them, this didn’t relieve the pain at all. Next I filled baggies with water, stuffed the bags into the toe of the shoes, & froze them. Still no relief. Finally after two months of daily wear and pain the shoes stretched enough to be comfortable. I can now comfortably wear when they stretch out they’re not too them all day long.

    I’m now left with three options. Buy a second pair in the smaller size & suffer until they stretch enough to be comfortable. Buy a second pair in the next larger whole size & hope they’re not too large when they stretch out. Or move on to a brand that offers ballet shoes in half sizes, In my opinion it is ridiculous that shoes as expensive as Tieks don’t come in half sizes.

  98. Colleen Clasen says:

    How comfy for a girl with a bunion?

  99. Kelly Kitchen says:

    Hi There!

    I am going to Disney World in 2 weeks and want to bring my Poppy Tieks along for the trip! I typically wear my Tevas (oh so unattractive but they help my feet so much). My only concern is, how do you keep your Tieks from getting wet at Disney World? I can’t imagine it’s ok for Italian leather to get wet and I can see taking them off for Water Rides…but what about in Animal Kingdom where just the AIR is wet and there are puddles everywhere? Any help you can give me will be GREAT!


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