Redecorating Above the Cabinets

Some people don’t like anything above their kitchen cabinets, and some do.  I happen to like a little something up there.  But what I previously had up there wasn’t working for me anymore.

Here is the before (with the kitchen still painted Tobacco Road):

What was bothering me about those dishes and pitchers up there is that they seemed a little old fashioned to me?  Something about the scalloped plates made them seem oldish. And no offense if you have scalloped plates–I like them too, just not in here anymore. :)

And here’s a close up of the old stuff after I re-painted the kitchen.

And here is the after when I changed things up a bit.

It’s just a bit more current and fits into the rest of the house now.

All of the new dishes and accessories are from West Elm and were on clearance for cheap!  I kind of did the layered look on this side, and one of my favorite things is that grey and white trivet.  And I have the big mama owl up on this top cabinet looking out for baby owl on my newly redone kitchen table. :)

I love those little plates with the green and yellow accents. :)

And a couple of full view shots.

I replaced my coffee filter wreath above the pantry door with that new botanical print.  It seemed to fit in well with the new decor in here so it came home with me.  :)

I’m still working on some things in the kitchen…going back and forth, and back again. But hopefully I can finish this room already!  But who am I kidding?  I don’t think any room will ever be totally finished.

So are you anti above kitchen cabinet decorating, or do you do it too?

I’ll be sharing this post at Sarah’s Before and After Party: The Guest Room



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  1. Love it! love the Owl!!!! Did you get him at HomeGoods? I just saw one the other day and should have grabbed him! Im sure he’s gone now :-(

  2. Oh, I am sorry to see your coffee filter wreath go; it was so cute. I just added all sorts of vintage globes above my cabinets and LOVE them. My family are sort of on the fence, but i don’t care. I like them and that’s what matters! ;)

  3. IMO, it’s not how modern or vintage the plates look, it’s the lack of visual weight or impact. The pieces don’t seem to have enough weight to draw attention. There is limited height up there so I know your choices and I am definitely not an advocate of silk ivy leaves but I’m not sure your changes have the impact you are hoping for. Ofcourse, it all may look different in person than in a photograph.

  4. This transformation rocks!! Love the updated, clean look with your new paint color. Very fresh! And I’m coveting your owl. :)

  5. Love the “update.” Looks so fresh. And that owl is beautiful!

  6. I like the change. It is refreshing with just enough pops of color to draw the eye. If I had the space above my cabinets, I would definitely decorate it.

  7. Looks great! Love the mama owl!

  8. i love having stuff above the cabs in my kitchen – there is a huge amount of space up there to pretty up! During the holidays we hide the kid’s gifts in plain sight up there – that’s how big it is! Love decorating with plates, too!
    Check it out:

  9. Love the changes Emily! Fresh and Bright!!

  10. It looks great! I love the little pop of color you added. I am in love with that little owl!

  11. I love those West Elm plates!! urban outfitters always has fun ones that size too.

  12. I, too, love the owl and would love to see your white pantry door switched out for a frosted glass one with a frame stained to match your cabinetry. Would add light and reflection and an up to date look. Also like the botanical print much better than the wreath. As you said, our homes are always a work in progress

  13. I love the scalloped plates! :) But after you painted, they got kinda’ lost up there, so I think you made a good decision to change them out and add a little more color. I like a little something on top of my cabs, but it is hard to find things that will fit up there. Personally, I would rather have taller cabs with more storage, but apparently that’s not what the builder thought in our house….

  14. I like it. I wish I knew what to do to make things look pretty.
    It really is a talent. I’m wondering if I should display plates/platters
    above my window. So I am happy to find your help. Keep at it.

  15. It looks great! Love the changes. And that owl up there is too cute!

  16. Definitely looks more modern and I like the green and gray especially with your new paint. I just had to look at my cabinets to see if they go to the ceiling- I had never even thought to put anything up there before!

  17. that little owl is so cute! love it.

  18. So cute! And I loved the layered look! I have a huge amount of space above my cabinets and I have been toying with what to put up there…I’m really loving the plates idea!

  19. LOVE that owl!


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