Painted Nightstands

Part of the master bedroom redo involved updating these nightstands.  These are actually living room end tables, but we use them as our nightstands.  They serve their purpose, they are pretty (now they are), and they were free!  I’ve actually had them many years. They came with my furniture set my mom bought for me when I moved out into my first apartment. *tear*

I must have gotten too excited about painting them and forgot to take a good before picture.  But here is a picture where you can see what they used to look like before the black paint.

It was kind of that orangish color of wood.  Really looked terrible with our bedroom furniture.

Here they both are with a new face lift.

Ahhhh, love it!!  Gosh, I love spray paint.  Can I say that anymore to annoy y’all?  I’m really trying.  ;)  I also got some cute new knobs from Hobby Lobby to go with the new room, but I’ll have to show them another day.  I’m sure you are all on pins and needles just waiting to see my knobs.  Yep, I’m sure of it.

First I sprayed both tables with Minwax Water-based Polycrylic, satin finish.  That stuff is awesome and doesn’t smell.  I sprayed it with that first to seal in the finish that was already on the table, so I wouldn’t get peeling paint when I applied the new paint.  When you aren’t going to really prep furniture such as sanding and whatnot, which I don’t, this step I have found is pretty necessary.

After about 30 minutes of drying I used Rustoleum black spray paint in a satin finish.  Highly recommend the black satin.  I am in love with how our tables look now, and it went on very evenly.

After they were both painted black, I sprayed 2 more coats of the Polycrylic as the protective finish.  It will prevent scratches and dings and the paint won’t chip.

Here they are again.

I can’t stress enough how much spray paint will change your life, and your furniture’s life.  So if you have any outdated furniture that could stand to be more chic, paint it!!  Paint is the remedy for everything.

These tables do live in our master now and I’m sure you’d much rather see them in there, but I’ll show you soon I promise! :)



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  1. Wow, they look great! I’m going to copy your method and try it on a re-do sometime. Thanks for the tips!


  2. Spray paint and things from HL! You can’t go wrong with that combination! Can’t wait to see them in your bedroom! Great job!

  3. Okay, I’m inspired! Looking around house for something to paint..

  4. Great Job. Black makes everything elegant!

  5. Totally agree — spraypaint is like a new lifestyle choice! LOVE the new look – ultra chic — nice job!!

  6. You did a wonderful job… thank goodness for Spray Paint…
    thanks for your visit to my blog today… nice comment!

  7. I sprayed a table royal blue gloss and I love it. I didn’t do as good a job as you though, very thurough.

  8. They turned out awesome.

    Isn’t spray paint the best invention ever? After I did my cabinet I am hooked on spray painting.

  9. Hi Emily! Thanks for the post to my blog today. I responded to the post. Your nightstands look totally awesome and I can’t wait to see what knobs you picked to go on these beauties. I guess I really am a total decorating nerd! I am heading over to Hobby Lobby to look for some knobs today myself for my buffet redo. I have a date today with spray paint and glaze for some of my thrift store finds. I l-o-v-e spray paint!

  10. Looks great!

  11. They look great! I did my coffee table black over the winter {I used my free quart of Glidden paint} but I just bought the Rustoleum spray paint in a satin to freshen up our front door lights. Love it! I’d love to see these in your bedroom.

  12. Your tables turned out great! I have one upstairs just like it that needs a little something. It’s in my son’s game room so it’s sort of low on the to do list!

  13. They look great! Spray is definitely the best invention EVER!

  14. Aaaah, definitely better in black!! Love it!

  15. Thanks for the tip on the Miniwax Polycrylic. Wish I had known that two weeks ago when I refinished a rocking chair! We’ll see how it stands up. I LOVE your nightstands. I used that exact Rustoleum black satin on a floating shelf in my family room. Keep up the informative posts!

  16. They look fabulous! I love spray paint too ;) I have a question for you. I found a table with a pine top and I want to paint the whole thing a creamy white, but I’m worried the knots from the pine will show through eventually (happened to an entertainment center I painted…grrrr). Do you have any suggestions for this or have you dealt with this before?


    • hmm, well I would spray the poly stuff on first to seal it in, then use a spray primer, and then paint it. And a few poly coats when you are all done painting. I would think that would keep the knots from coming through. I’ve done some pine shelves in white, the same way I just mentioned, and they were fine! Good luck!

  17. You did a beautiful job! I love the finish…I can’t wait to see the knobs! Thanks for visiting yesterday…so nice to meet you! -shaunna :)

  18. That is so funny! I had those same tables and painted them black too! You did a great job. Have a great weekend.

  19. Those are awesome! I want to do that. I never thought of spray paint! You have given me hope of doing it now!!!

  20. Oh… and can I ask… how many cans of paint did you use for those two tables?

  21. I have these EXACT same tables!! Mine were free, too. I got them from my ex-husband’s soon to be next ex-wife. The kids and I are keepin’ the tables, and ditchin’ the Evil Stepmom!! I’ve been contemplating painting these puppies, but I think you’ve managed to tip me over the edge into actually doing it!

    They look GREAT!

  22. I have the matching coffee table that I want to paint! I’ve been looking for the polycrylic spray all over town!! Where do you purchase it?

  23. Oh my goodness!! I was so excited to come across this post!! I have the same ugly end tables and matching cofee table I was contemplating throwing htem out and getting new ones at the thrift store, not anymore!! we are redoing one room of our home at a time and those tables have plagued me for the longest I hate the original color, I am headed to lowes right now since I have a coupon to get some paint!!!! Yay you just saved me dont know why I didnt think of painting them I have spray painted everything ele in this house *giggle*

  24. Kelly Madsen says:

    Hi Emily! I just love your posts! I have a quick question for you. I just finished spray painting a piece of furniture red then added a water downed black latex paint as a sort of glaze to it. After it was all dry I sprayed it with a clear top coat from Valspar and it turned the whole thing white….When I went to Lowes to find out what happened, they told me it was because I mixed oil based spray paint with water based black latex paint. They said you cant mix oil based and water based products. After reading your post about your night stands where you mixed a water based product and spray paint, Im wondering if the employees at Lowes are wrong? Can you provide any better guidance? Perhaps it was something else that ruined my project? Any thoughts or insight would be so helpful!

  25. Thanks for the idea. Love the tables. Just wondering— could this be done on kitchen cabinets? Mine our stained a light Oak and would love to change color.

  26. Have you thought about buying a wagner airless spray gun … cheap and easy to clean. Don’t look at cheap imitations as you’ll waste your money but if you want a spray gun without a compressor this is the handy gadget to have. Love your site. Keep going you’re inspiring me.


  27. Amanda Payne says:

    Did you put the polycrylic in a sprayer? I can’t find any in a spray can.

  28. Hi Decorchick!
    I was just wondering what finish you used for the polycrylic? (Clear gloss, satin?)

  29. Hi! I found this blog by searching “Minwax Polycrylic Spray” on Pinterest. :) Your nightstands look fantastic! I am planning on using the spray to seal my newly painted dining chairs. Did the texture turn out smooth for you? And did you do any sanding between coats? Thanks!


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