Oreck VersaVac Vacuum and Steam Mop Review and Giveaway!

*This Giveaway is now closed and winner announced at bottom of post*

Hello hello! Man we’ve had some great giveaways lately right? And today’s is definitely AWESOME because you will get the chance to win Oreck’s new VersaVac which is their first ever vacuum cleaner and steam mop in one!

Oreck VersaVac

It’s a full-powered bagless vacuum and steam mop that is portable, lightweight, and incredibly easy to use. It is also safe for all floor surfaces including wood floors. I’ve never had an Oreck vacuum cleaner before but have always heard amazing things about them. I am a slight geek about new cleaning products so I was pretty giddy to review this.  And the VersaVac did not disappoint!

When I say this is easy to use, because you might be thinking a vacuum AND a steam mop could be tedious, it is not. Not at all! Here is a close up of all of the dials, and you’ll see for yourself.

Oreck Vacuum

That really couldn’t be any simpler could it? And this picture was taken when I was testing out the steam mop function of the vacuum and it worked great!  It’s very easy to transition from vacuum to steam mop too. You just attach this on the bottom along with your pad (included) and get to work.

Steam Mop Pad

It’s also easy to fill the tank up and take off the pad with the release button.

Oreck VersaVac

Via Oreck

Here is a side view of the vacuum/steam mop.

Oreck VersaVac

The water tank is the one in the front, and the bagless canister is the one in the back. Because I am honest with you all, if I had one negative thing to say about the VersaVac, it would be that the bagless canister is a bit small.  You can see in my picture all of the junk in there, and that is from a brief cleaning of our wool rugs.  So that’s the only downside is that I would have to empty this more than I am used to, but I’m sure I could get used it it. :) But the flipside to that is that we know this is a powerful little vacuum picking up all of the fibers from our rugs.  :) When I cleaned all of our tile floors though with the steam mop function, I had more than enough water for that in the tank and even some left over by the time I was done. That did make me happy that I didn’t have to fill up the tank mid-way through. And the tank is heated up and ready for steam cleaning in less than 60 seconds!

So overall I do love Oreck’s new VersaVac and the power that it does pack. It’s also great that it’s not bulky at all and will easily fit in a small closet. Plus the fact that it’s a 2 in 1 machine so it eliminates the need for a separate steam mop so it saves more room.  I LOVE steam cleaning our floors with 2 little ones in the house instead of using chemicals too.  It’s just kind of a no-brainer for us that that’s the way to go now.

So are you ready for a chance to win the new VersaVac?

To enter the giveaway to win an Oreck VersaVac please do the following:

  • Visit Oreck and tell us one thing you learned about the VersaVac;
  • Bonus entry: Like Oreck on Facebook
  • Bonus entry: Follow @Oreck on Twitter
  • Bonus entry: Facebook or Tweet about this giveaway including a link back to this post. Please mention @decor_chick and @oreck in your tweet.

And that’s it! Please leave separate comments for each thing you do. Giveaway will be open until Thursday, October 4, 2012 and winner will be chosen via Random.org. The giveaway winner must be a resident of the U.S. 48 contiguous states.

Good luck!

*The winner is #212 and that is Jammie. Congrats! An email has been sent.*




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Oreck Corporation provided the prize for the sweepstakes but is not the sponsor of the sweepstakes. I received the product for free from Oreck to review, but rest assured, all opinions are 100% mine. 

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  1. This looks awesome! I learned that You have focus the steam for 15 sec to sanitize!

  2. Deanna Winne says:

    2 in 1! That is worth it’s weigh in gold in this small house.

  3. How unique and such smart styling too! This is a great idea for my house with its different types of flooring.

  4. Amy Clayburn says:

    I have learned that VersaVac can be used on hardwoods, linoleum, tile and stone

  5. Amy Clayburn says:

    I like Oreck on FB!

  6. I learned that there is a trigger lock for constant steaming, which is great! This would be a great prize – we’ve been comparing and looking at different steam mops. I’ve always loved my mom’s Oreck vaccuum, so I know this will be of great quality as well.

  7. I liked Oreck on Facebook!

  8. I followed @oreck on twitter!

  9. I tweeted about the give away, mentioning @oreck, @decor_chick, and linking back to this post.

  10. It is less expensive than my big Dyson!

  11. I like that you can easily go from hardwood floors to carpet, because I have both in my apartment. Thank you for the giveaway! It would be great to win this!

  12. Shannon Macklam says:

    I liked Oreck on FB!

  13. Shannon Macklam says:

    I learned it can be used on all types of floors.

  14. Cynthia Flagg says:

    I didn’t know there were vacs/steam mops in one. How cool!

  15. Cynthia Flagg says:

    I liked Oreck on facebook.

  16. I learned that it comes with 2 washable microfiber pads for the steam-mop function

  17. I liked Oreck on facebook

  18. A 15 second surge of steam sanitizes flooring…

  19. I like Oreck on FB…

  20. The water tank is removable so you can fill it at the sink rather than trying to pour a cup of water into the vacuum. LOVE that. My old steam vac bit the dust, so I could really use this one. :)

  21. I liked Oreck on FB. :)

  22. I love that the VersaVac can be used on hardwoods, tile and stone!

  23. I love that I can use this to clean/vac all my different flooring!

  24. I like the trigger lock idea. Your finger would get so stiff without it!

  25. Thanks for the giveaway! My vacuum is on it’s last legs! I love that the canister is so easy to empty and that it will replace my vacuum and mop!

  26. I like that it sanitizes in only 15 seconds. If you were to put cleaner on a surface most of them take 10 minutes!

  27. I learned it transitions from hardwood to carpet with the flip of a button.

  28. I have both tile and carpet so it’s great it can be used on both.

  29. Anonymous says:

    It takes the place of: the broom, the dustpan, the messy bucket and mop. Sounds wonderful!!

  30. It takes the place of: the broom, the dustpan, the messy bucket and mop. Sounds wonderful!!

  31. I learned that it can be used on multiple types of flooring. I follow them on fb & twitter
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  32. I like Oreck on Facebook

  33. Tracy Napper says:

    I liked Oreck on FB.

  34. I learned that floors can be sanitized in 15 seconds!

  35. I love the all in one feature!!! So handy for all types of flooring. This is a great give away.

  36. I learned that you can use it on: hardwoods, linoleum, tile and stone. Also the sanitized floor in 15 seconds….who knew! This sounds like an amazing product. Thanks for reveiwing it for us :)

  37. Rea Hughes says:

    I learned that it has an easy empty system

  38. I learned that it is lightweight enough & easy enough for my middle-schooler to be able to use it safely! (I’m thrilled, her… not so much, lol)

  39. I “liked” Oreck on FB

  40. I linked back to this on a FB post :)

  41. To sanitize with the Oreck, focus the steam in the area for 15 seconds. I love the 2n1 feature!

  42. I learned that to empty the vacuum canister, just click it off and push a button. Awesome.

  43. I learned just how small a steam vac can be. Awesome!!

  44. Margaret Ybarra says:

    Visited Oreck and love the fact that you can transition from carpet to bare floors!

  45. Margaret Ybarra says:

    I Liked Oreck on Facebook:) Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. I really like the fact that there is a re-usable pad and the fact that it lights up to tell you when the steam mode is ready! I think I need this! Thanks for the fun!

  47. I am now an Oreck follower on twitter!

  48. I visited Oreck and learned that it takes a 15 second surge of steam to sanitize flooring.

  49. I’m a FB fan!

  50. Kim Armstrong says:

    I have a small Oreck vacuum and LOVE it. I have always wanted the steamer for my kitchen floors.
    Kim Armstrong

  51. I follow on Twitter.

  52. Kim Armstrong says:

    I now follow Oreck on Facebook!

  53. I learned that VersaVac can be used on hardwoods, linoleum, tile and stone!

  54. I’m now following Oreck on FB

  55. I learned that the VersaVac can be used on hardwoods, linoleum, tile and stone.

  56. I am now following Oreck on FB.

    Thanks for the chance!

  57. Follow Oreck on Twitter @presprizes

  58. I learned that it can be used on hardwood, tile and stone. Also it easily transitions from hard floors to carpet with on/off brushroll option.

  59. Tasha Green says:

    I learned the Oreck VersaVak can be used on hardwoods, linoleum, tile and stone. Love the fact that it cuts out the need to sweep before you mop. Thanks.

  60. Tasha Green says:

    I follow Oreck on Twitter.

  61. I love that it is two in one and easily goes from carpet to hardwood.chedeb5353@hotmail.com

  62. Liked on FB. chedeb5353@hotmail.com

  63. I learned that the Double helix brushroll has on/off option giving speed choices for carpet and hard floors. Thanks

  64. Kristen McNinch says:

    i learned that the versavac has a 30 foot cord! genius! mulit-space cleaning is the way to go! thanks for the giveaway! pale blue apron at gmail dot com

  65. Kristen McNinch says:

    i liked oreck on fb! thanks for the giveaway! paleblueapron at gmail dot com

  66. Kristen McNinch says:

    i shared the giveaway on my fb page! but if any of my friends win because of it, they better let me try it out! thanks for the giveaway! paleblueapron at gmail dot com

  67. I learned 15 sec. Of steam can sanitize….love that feature! Thanks for the giveaway..pick me!

  68. Cara Green says:

    I learned that it works on all floor types. I also learned that with 3 males and 3 cats in the house I NEED one right now!

  69. Cara Green says:

    I liked Oreck on facebook. Happy to do so. LOVE my vacuum!

  70. Cara Green says:

    I shared this blog post on facebook.

  71. I like that it is multi-surface cleaner and has adjustable steam settings. Would love to win this as I have tile, wood, and carpet floors with 5 littles running around the house:) It would be used quite often!

  72. I like Oreck on Facebook!

  73. Shared on Facebook!

  74. I like that it’s Chemical-free cleaning with steam function.

  75. I Like Oreck on Facebook.

  76. Following @Oreck on Twitter.

  77. I learned that a 15 second surge of steam will sanitize the floor.

  78. I like oreck on facebook.

  79. I learned that it has adjustable steam settings so you can adjust it to your needs. Thanks!

  80. Lauren Ellis Robinson says:

    I learned that it can be used on all types of flooring – which is great because we have wood and tile!

  81. Lauren Ellis Robinson says:

    I ‘liked’ Oreck on Facebook!

  82. Lauren Ellis Robinson says:

    And I followed Oreck on Twitter – lauren_rson

  83. Heather Spooner says:

    I learned that the Versavac can be used on hardwood and tile floors. Thanks!

  84. Heather Spooner says:

    I like Oreck on Facebook. Thanks!

  85. Heather Wood says:

    You pretty much covered everything the website did. I am excited about not having to sweep then mop. It is so tedious to do both that I put off cleaning the floors longer than I should.

  86. I visited the Oreck website and found that not only can it be used on a variety of surfaces, but it has a removable water tank (which I love), and it looks so easy to empty the vacuum bin!

  87. I like Oreck on Facebook! I will share their info with my friends!

  88. The VersaVac is perfect for my home because its “2-in-1 cleaning system” works on both hard floors and carpet!

  89. I’m following Oreck in Twitter and will retweet their info!

  90. I visited Oreck on FaceBook and “liked” their page.

  91. I follow Oreck on twitter also!

  92. I retweeted this page for all my followers to check it out as well!

  93. Lisa Cooper says:

    The VersaVac can clean tile and carpet…two in one. Why hasn’t someone thought of this before? Yeah Oreck!

  94. barbara n says:

    I learned that the VersaVac vacuum is a bagless vacuum but also is a steam mop amazing! I want this!

  95. Jackie Dyson says:

    I learned that it has a 1400 watt steam mop with variable steam levels! I would LOVE this! It would be perfect for my feral cat rescue, so much fur and paw prints everywhere.

  96. I liked Oreck on Facebook!

  97. Leslie Bruce says:

    Learned that this is steamer vac all in one.

  98. I learned that you can use it on hard surfaces. I can use it at our auto shop’s office. We have concrete floors in here.

  99. Leslie Bruce says:

    Liked on Fb

  100. Mentioned Oreck contest on Facebook.

  101. It can be used on hardware, linoleum, tile and stone!!! I want one!

  102. I learned that the VersaVac can deep clean my carpets and steam clean and sanitize my tile! What a great idea.

  103. Elizabeth Buck says:

    I liked Oreck on facebook!!

  104. Oh, Emily, this product looks amazing, a 30 foot cord, steam/vacuum/ and weight of only 12 lbs. How much better can it get for folks like myself with limited mobility.

    I’m not one to beg, but I do thank you for the chance to win this fantastic must have appliance.

    I Liked Orek on Facebook and also posted on Facebook about it with a link back to your blog.

    Hugs, Lori m

  105. DeDe Calkins says:

    I learned that the VersaVac is bagless and has multiple cleaning tools!

  106. DeDe Calkins says:

    I Liked Oreck on Facebook!

  107. I have an Oreck vacuum and love it. My housekeeper said they were the best so I got one years ago and have not been disappointed. I LOVE that there is now this combo machine and woud love to win. Thanks

  108. Followed Oreck on Twitter! Thanks.

  109. Bri Murphy says:

    So cool! The 2 in 1 has different attachments that are easy to swap out when needed!

  110. Bri Murphy says:

    I liked on FB!

  111. Stefanie Gladden says:

    I learned it is Orecks newest, most versatile vacuum

  112. Stefanie Gladden says:

    liked on facebook – Ann Lyfe

  113. Anonymous says:

    following on twitter – @steffers516

  114. I learned that the VersaVac is easy to use on all floor types and I definitely learned that I need one.

  115. Stefanie Gladden says:
  116. Windy City Girl says:

    Love how easy the VersaVac is to use, especially the foot touch pad removal! I want one for Christmas!

  117. Just checked out the website. I love that this can be used on different surfaces.

  118. Mary Johnson says:

    It has a trigger lock for constant steaming.

  119. I learned of its compact design and easy switch from hard woods to carpet. Sounds like a great multitask-er from a well known brand.

  120. Anne Marie says:

    I learned that it works on tile, carpet and hardwoods.

  121. It is better then the awful Dyson I have. I also have a Hoover steamer, one to do both jobs would be GREAT!

  122. What’s not to love about this wonderful appliance? I like the fact that one machine can multi-task. The fact that it doesn’t require bags for the vacuum and is easily switched to a steam mop is a huge plus!

  123. I liked Oreck on FB.

  124. I learned it is a multi tasker. Great. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  125. I learned that they have a lock on the trigger mechanism…which I love. I have a little handheld steamer that is difficult to use because you have to clamp down on a trigger to keep it on.

  126. I did all the above.. twitter, fb and their website. crossing fingers to win!

  127. I like the fact its a 2 in 1 and compact

  128. ‘like’ Oreck on FB

  129. Liked them on fb.

  130. VersaVac can be used on hardwoods, linoleum, tile and stone.

  131. linked this post to FB

  132. maureen mcgraw says:

    Love that is a vac and a steam cleaner in one. I have a small house and look for appliances that serve dual purpose. Maureen

  133. I love Oreck vaccums! I learned that the Oreck steamer heats up in 60 seconds and is ready to clean! Fabulous!

  134. I learned that this would be very easy to use and that your floors get an awesome clean with one machine, no matter what floor type. Like on fb and followed on twitter.

  135. amy pugmire says:

    i learned that the 2-in-1 cleaning system works on both hard floors and carpet

  136. amy pugmire says:

    Facebook fan of oreck. amy bolda pugmire

  137. amy pugmire says:

    I follow oreck on twitter. 1ampgmire

  138. amy pugmire says:
  139. Erin Buchanan says:

    It’s a two in one and that it’s compact. Nifty!

  140. Christine Fritz says:

    Great product! I learned that it’s safe for all floor surfaces, including hard wood floors.

  141. I like the fact that the brush roller has an on/off option! Would love to win this!

  142. Molly Bussler says:

    Awesome giveaway! I learned that the VersaVac is great to use on hardwoods, linoleum, tile and stone etc.

  143. Molly Bussler says:

    Liking Oreck on Twitter @mollydo2

  144. Molly Bussler says:

    Liking Oreck on Facebook – Molly Ann Bussler

  145. I love the easy dump canister. My current vacuum uses bags, so this would be an amazing upgrade!

  146. I learned that I can use it on all floor types – which I love!

  147. liked Oreck on facebook.

  148. Love this. I learned you can switch from vacuum to steam in a matter of seconds. Turn to steam wait for the green light and go.

  149. Love the tigger lock

  150. The ultimate multi-functional, multi-surface cleaner, VersaVac is powerful and is easy to use — on all floor types.

  151. Andrea Masterson says:

    I learned that you can use it on hardwood and carpet, which is exactly what I need in my house!

  152. I visited Oreck and learned that the price for the versavak is pretty reasonable compared to dyson. I can’t wait to try it! :)

  153. I liked Oreck on Facebook.

  154. I found out that you can use it on all floor types, which would be a perfect all-in-one for my house!

  155. I liked Oreck on Facebook!

  156. Christina K says:

    Love the 15 sec. sanitizing feature. With a toddler in the house this would be perfect!

  157. I learned that you can remove the water tank to fill it at the sink. That is so convenient. I always make a mess when filling the tanks that are on the machine!

  158. I liked Oreck on facebook.

  159. I learned the price is reasonable…And I’m on the hunt for a new vacuum cleaner!

  160. I love the two in one features in this Oreck combo! I hate having to keep buying and changing bags with our current vacuum and I’ve considered getting a steam mop since I hate dealing with a bucket and water; the Oreck VersaVac is the perfect fit! I was also glad to learn that it comes with two washable and re-usable steamer pads- a definite plus. I would love to win this giveaway and would definitely put it to good use in my home!

  161. I love that its a true all-in-one. I can do every room in the house with one device – you can’t beat that!

  162. Jacqueline says:

    I learned that steaming hard flooring SANITIZES it – awesome! Would love to give this a shot. Thank you!

  163. Jacqueline says:

    Liked Oreck on FB!

  164. oreck fb liker
    amramazon280 at yahoo dot com

  165. they got a risk free trial for 30 days
    amramazon280 at yahoo dot com

  166. I love that it works on all floor types, and that it vacuums and mops!

  167. I like Oreck on FB!

  168. I learned the VersaVac can clean tile and carpet!?!? So awesome!

  169. Kara Mellett says:

    I learned that it is a bagless vacuum with an easy dump canister cup!
    Hope I win it!

  170. Kara Mellett says:

    I like Oreck on Facebook!

  171. Theresa J says:

    You can steam for up to 30 minutes.

  172. Theresa J says:

    I Like Oreck on Facebook

  173. Theresa J says:

    I follow Oreck on twitter


  174. Theresa J says:
  175. I love that the steam is ready so quickly, and the fact that it’s two floor cleaners in one? Awesome!

  176. WOW! It only weights 12 pounds. I have purses that weigh more than that.

  177. I liked Oreck on Facebook!

  178. I followed Oreck on Twitter!

  179. I tweeted about this contest. Hurray!

  180. I LOVE that it can be used on all floor types! I learned that it can vacuum AND steam mop!!!

  181. Elizabeth H says:

    I learned a lot that I really like. The power and also steam focus. Can’t beat a 2 for one. Thanks for the opportunity.

  182. This is awesome! I love that the VersaVac can work on either my hardwood floors or the tile in my kitchen and bathroom!!

  183. It can work on both hard floors and carpet.

  184. I “like” Oreck on Facebook.

  185. Anonymous says:
  186. I learned that dumping the canister cup is easy: Just click off the canister, empty and click it back on.

  187. I learned…. The steam mop function has variable steam settings for every floor in your home.

  188. I Like Oreck on Facebook
    Dana J Valle

  189. I Follow @Oreck on Twitter

  190. I learned that the Versa Vac is a 2-speed full-powered vacuum and has 3 adjustable steam levels.

  191. Liked on FB as Teresa Winsome.

  192. Follow on Twitter as @didyouyarnthat

  193. Tweet:

  194. Melissa C. says:

    I love that the water tank is removable so I can take it right to my sink… No more bucket…yay!!!

  195. Melissa C. says:

    Liked oreck on FB

  196. Love that the steam can sanitize my floors and that the machine is lightweight!

  197. Just liked Oreck on Facebook! :)

  198. Just shared this post on my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/momhomeguide

  199. I was thrilled to learn that the VersaVac has a 30 ft cord, which means not having to stop and move the plug every few minutes!

  200. Would really like to have one of these for my hardwood. I’d love to be able to sanitize in 15 seconds and really like the 30 ft cord.

  201. I liked Oreck on FB.

  202. I follow Oreck on Tweeter

  203. I learned that the VersaVac can be used on all floor types – awesome!!!

  204. Following on Facebook :)

  205. Following on Twitter :)

  206. I learned that you can use it on almost any type of flooring: wood, tile, stone, etc.!

  207. I learned there is a lock setting for constant steaming- that’s what I really want!

  208. I learned it has a 30 foot cord which would make for easy cleaning of different rooms. sweepmorey at gmail dot com

  209. I follow oreck on twitter mommysdizzy

  210. Danielle T says:

    i like that its 2 in 1 and has a trigger lock for the steam!

  211. Danielle T says:

    i like oreck on FB (name is realia mazing)

  212. Danielle T says:
  213. Enter me! I learned that the steam function is chemical-free, which is great for the house and the environment!

  214. The steam pad is easily removable with your foot – very convenient :)

  215. Just “liked” Oreck on facebook :)

  216. Shared the contest link from your facebook page.

  217. Liked decorchick on facebook.

  218. I love the idea you can use it on all floor surfaces.

  219. I love that it steams AND vaccuums, does hardwood floors AND carpet. If I don’t win I may just have to buy one!

  220. I like Oreck on Facebook!

  221. Following oreck on Twitter @willowhandmade

  222. Its great that you can use this on so many surfaces! This is perfect for my house. thanks for the giveaway :)

  223. I like Oreck on Facebook

  224. i love how this machine can easily switch from vacuum to mop

  225. i like orek on facebook

  226. I love that it is both a vacuum and a steam mop!

  227. I follow Oreck on Twitter.

  228. I like Oreck on Facebook.

  229. I like that this is something that can be used to clean carpets and hardwoods.

  230. I learned that the list price is $249.99

  231. Following on FB

  232. Following on Twitter

  233. I learned that I seriously need one of these! The ease of filling the water tank and changing the pad is sweet! The steam mop I have, well, let’s just say it isn’t easy or convenient to do either and feels so flimsy! Hope I get to try this one.

  234. I like that its so light weight compared to a heavy duty cleaner!

  235. You can clean/sanitize without using any chemicals which is great when you have little ones and you want to save money on cleaning products. I love that it can be used on multiple floor types!

  236. I love the steam feature! This machine is awesome; I would love to use this on my floors. I love that you can steam clean with water instead of using chemicals!!

  237. I liked Oreck on FB!

  238. I like that it can be used on Carpet and Hardwood. Perfect for our main level!

  239. I liked that the steam mop can be used at variable levels, and it works on both the surfaces.

  240. Learn about the removable water tank.

  241. I liked Oreck on Facebook

  242. I’m following @Oreck on Twitter

  243. I liked Oreck on Facebook. Too bad I didn’t have a Twitter!

  244. I have learned that you can use it on multiple floor types, as well as no chemicals are needed.

  245. I love that the water canister is detachable, great feature!

  246. Devra Webster says:

    This machine looks awesome! I have a larger floor cleaner, and a separate steamer. I love how this one encompasses both features as well as a vacuum and is still under 20 pounds. I can take care of all my floors with one machine.

  247. Tracey Nichols says:

    The brushroll has speed settings for both carpet and hardwood!

  248. Had a look at the website, and it looks really neat! I would love it, since we have tile, hardwoods, carpet and a little vinyl in our house! Ha And it appears to do them all with ease. ;-)

  249. Tracey Nichols says:

    Liked Oreck on FB

  250. I “liked” Oreck on facebook. ;-)

  251. I learned you can use the Versa Vac on hardwood, linoleum, carpet, and tile! So great!

    I’m also following them on Facebook.

  252. i do not need a dust pan. That is amazing because dustpans are so gross. This would be a great thing for my house. With 6 kids there is always dirt on the floor

  253. Devra Webster says:

    Reviewed: Check
    Followed Facebook:Check
    Followed Twitter: Check
    Posted and linked back on Facebook: Check
    Tweeted and linked back on Twitter: Check

    Phew :)

  254. I learned that this baby weighs in at less than 20 lbs! Such a great concept.

  255. I Visited Oreck and learned that this has a trigger lock for constant steaming…yay for easy peasy cleaning!

  256. I “like” Oreck on Facebook

  257. I just “liked” oreck on facebook!

  258. It’s bagless!

  259. Amy peacock says:

    It is versatile. Can be used o multiple surfaces including tile, linoleum, and stone.

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