New window treatments I made, and breakfast room redo

Warning, this is kind of a long post, but y’all like pictures and how-to’s right?  Okay, good. :)

Our breakfast room used to look like this…

Please take note of the extremely low curtain rod, high water drapes, and the breakfast table too big for the breakfast room. Geesh, this is almost embarrassing showing.  But, I’m just keepin’ it real.  It actually excites me to see how my taste changes and the new looks I come up with.

Now the breakfast room looks like this…

Goodness, isn’t that better?   Isn’t that fabric yummy?  Mmmmm mmmm.  Choosing this fabric was really out of the ordinary for me since I always tend to buy reds, golds, and greens.  But I am so glad I thought out of my boxy brain and went with this one.

Okay, let me tell you how I made these drapes and made changes to this room.

First, I bought the fabric at Hobby Lobby.  I spent $45 for 6 yards of it and that was with my 40% off coupon.  So that is much cheaper than buying pre-made drapes with the length that we need for our big and tall windows.  I had the nice lady cut the fabric in 2, 3yd sections.  Does that make sense?  I did this so I could cut the length of the fabric in half and get 2 panels from 3 yards of fabric, making a total of 4 panels.  Here’s a picture in case you are confused, because I sure am just writing it.

After it’s cut, you end up with this…

Sorry for the bad picture.  I had to use a flash because I had to work on this at night.

Then I just used hemming tape to make a hem on both ends of each panel…

I did this to all 4 panels, then they were ready to hang!  Easy peasy.  And nope, they aren’t lined.  I don’t care though because they make me smile, and I MADE them!   :)

Have I mentioned I love them yet?  My nice Daddy came and raised the rod for me.  I hate hanging curtain rods.  He thought I was nuts for wanting the rod so high, but I wonder if he still thinks I’m nutty now?  Probably so.  Raising the rod high makes it appear your windows are even higher, and it just looks pretty.  It’s also pretty when the drapes puddle the floor instead of having high water ones.  I hung the fabric with ring clips and made my “pleats” by clipping whenever it looked right to me.

Look, I also have lovely raw edges, and they also make me smile.

Maybe one day I’ll dress them up like Nester does to her mistreaments by gluing on some fringe or those little ball things, but for now, I am content.  Well, at least until tomorrow.  If you haven’t read about her “mistreatments” please do so now!  You’ll never think of window treatments the same way.  She’s my hero.

Another thing I did to this room was remove the leaf in the table.  Well, actually my husband did that.  But that made a huge difference in opening up this area and now there is plenty of room to walk around the table, unlike before.

Got some new place mats at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $4, and this glass pitcher was also on clearance for $4 or $5, then I just threw in some sticks that I had left over in the garage.

Gave the room a final sweet touch by framing my first mother’s day card.  This thrift store frame has been sitting in my garage for months.  I knew there would be a purpose for it one day. Then hung it up with some of the extra fabric.

One more picture of the new breakfast room…

Love it!!  By the way, the paint color in here is also Tobacco Road. :)



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  1. Hi! Thanks for letting me know about your fun site! Your drapes look great! I love the fabric!

  2. Thanks for the entry. I haven’t ventured into window wear yet, but this encourages me to try!

  3. omg! this is fabulous! love it and what a great no sew idea! i am needing to revamp my french door with curtains and will definitely be doing this…very soon! awesome, awesome, awesome! so happy i came on over from today’s creative blog for this fab tutorial! hugs!

  4. Such a cute makeover! I also love Tobacco Road paint color! :) Your new curtains are so pretty, love the new look!!


  5. Great makeover! Just raising your curtain rods changed the whole look of the room. :) Your fabric is fabulous! I’m a big fan of “fake” drapes too…made some recently with a huge dropcloth from Wal-Mart and used the clippie things. I don’t think I’ll be doing the “pooling” thing on the floor again b/c my dog keeps trying to sit on them!! :s

    Thanks for the visit today! I hope you’ll be able to swing by Decorating Dilemmas this week with a Dilemma OR a Solution. I’m posting it tonight and it will be up until 11 pm tomorrow. :)

  6. Oh I just adore the fabric that you selected for your new panels. Well done!

  7. Welcome to blogland! Your blog is lovely and I’m glad to be a follower now. I’d love for you to come see me sometime at Scene of the Grime, where the Domestic Detective (me!) blogs about decor, thrift, crafts, true crime, mom-hood, and other stuff, too. Best wishes with your blog!

  8. Found you thru House of Smiths…..Love the no sew curtains(I cant sew so this is very inspiring)..& the chalkboard…LOVE IT!!
    Im you newest follower!

  9. Oh Shoot!!!! I meant to say I found you thru House of Hepworths!!!
    Super Big Sorry!!!!
    Jen from Piney Flats Style

  10. Saw the post about you on HOH and wanted to come over and say hi. The room looks great! The room is completely transformed just from something as simple as curtains! Love the fabric choice too!

  11. Just stopping by. . . HOH recommended you so I thought I would drop by and check things out :D

  12. Makes me wanna run out, get some fabric and throw me up some curtains. Very nice. I like that they are kinda sheer.

  13. Looks good!!

  14. Lovely transformation – looks so totally different than before. Dropped by via HoH. I love no sew projects, I’m sew-hopeless! I’ve been putting off new curtains for 6 months, but I think I’ve been inspired – Thank You!

  15. Love love love it! HOH sent me over and I’m glad she did your blog is awesome!

  16. i love your curtains too. very pretty. and thanks for showing us how you made them!

    love your blog too. good luck with all your blogging. i look forward to reading/learning all about ya!

  17. I LOVE IT!!!! I made some curtains for my basement doors a month or so ago and I used the iron on stuff too! SO EASY ’cause I don’t sew! I love your blog and I will be back!!! Always love to see neat ways to fix up my house and not spend a lot of money! Blessings to you!

  18. Your curtains look great! The lighter color makes the room look so much brighter. I love the first card framed….what a great and precious idea!

  19. Thanks you so much for explaining how to do this! They look lovely!!! I need new curtains bad and I’m having a had time finding some I like!

  20. Magazine cover quality and style – nice job!

  21. Those drapes are perfect! Thanks for the inspiration! And I love your chaulkboard! I saw your breakfast nook featured on another blog, and now I don’t remember where, but I love them.

  22. beautiful room! The drapes are lovely. Thanks for the inspiration! I came over from HoH, and I’m your newest follower!

  23. I love your new curtains! I can’t believe I just found your blog…can’t wait to look around!

  24. You have a lovely home!
    Thanks for linking and helping to make this the most successful Modern Craftswoman Monday so far! Rory

  25. Looks great! Where did you get the skeleton keys? Too fab!

  26. Beautiful fabric! Way to step out of your comfort zone, too!

  27. Those drapes make such a difference! I want to come over and eat breakfast with you.

    Thank you for participating in the Creative Therapy session over at Life in the Pitts!

  28. Love the new look! Raising the curtain rod makes the room feel so much bigger. Good thinking :). That fabric is fantastic, and so are your new placemats. Love it!

  29. Looks great! I like how the new curtains really brighten it up! Also, LOVE the chalkboard hanging on the wall!

  30. Love the smaller, lighter look! And thanks for including mistreatments sight as well…very cool.

  31. Great job on those drapes…looks much better! Luv that sweet Ist Mothers Day card framed…awesome idea! Hope you have a FUN weekend:)


  32. Those curtains look GREAT! The fabric is so pretty. Love the stripes! The rod definitely looks better raised a little.

    Love the chalkboard above your table too! CUTE!

  33. Hi..I’m Barb….I am from Fri. Hodgepodge…Great job on the redo!!!
    I am your newest follower. I hope you will get a chance to visit my blog @
    & get inspired by something for your family/home. I hope you will follow me as well. Nice to meet ya new friend!!!

  34. The curtains are SUPER pretty and I love the big keys on the wall! Thanks for linking up to Anything Related!

  35. Love the new curtains! And the antique keys hanging on the wall. :)

  36. No sew curtains? That’s right up my alley…your breakfast room looks fantastic!

    Thank you so much for linking up to the party.

  37. I’m Featuring this over at Life As Lori!!! It’s beautiful..

  38. Great job! I love it and thanks for linking up. I am featuring your project this week. Thanks also for the great wall color. I am looking for suggestions!

  39. No wonder you don’t have time to blog! The room looks stunning.
    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

  40. Gorgeous drapes Emily! I love the fabric. It looks fresh and pretty in your dinette. Great job!

    Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  41. That looks wonderful! I love that fabric as well! I was planning on using it in our dining room but ended up changing my direction at the last minute.

  42. Love those window treatments! Thanks for linking up to my party!!

  43. Oh! I forgot to add that I was already following your blog for my second entry! :)

  44. Did you make that chalkboard hanging in the background? If so, do you have a link for that? Thanks!

  45. Ooops! I just saw the link at the bottom. So sorry! I’m new to your blog. You’ve really inspired me! Thanks a lot!

  46. Hi,
    Just popping to let you know that your post has been featured in my end of year highlights. Thanks so much for sharing.

  47. your blog is very nice very nice


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