The Orange Man Room Reveal!

Well friends, today is the day! I’m so excited to show you the latest room makeover that we’ve been working on for Sherwin-Williams National Painting Week! The orange man room!! And let me tell you something…if you are afraid of lots of color, don’t be! Sometimes the things you are most afraid of, like orange walls like I originally was, it works out even better than you anticipated. And now I think it’s my favorite room in the house!

So my husband did a lot of this room too and had his own ideas for what he wanted in there. Remember he’s a musician, techy guy, and the creative type. So it’s a very eclectic room with lots of his own old treasures, and some new ones.

This room needed to function as an office, part studio/music room, have TONS of storage for all of his music and cords, and overall a man hangout place.  Of course complete with a big tv and every gaming system out there. :) (we had all of those already)

So you ready? Here is the man room reveal!

Orange Room Makeover and Man Room | Decorchick!®

That blue velvet loveseat paired with the bright orange…love at first sight.

Before I get too ahead of myself, let me show you the before pictures of this room. You might faint, so get prepared.




Don’t judge us. I know you have those rooms too. Moving on.

Here is another shot of the much improved room. :)

Orange Room Makeover | Decorchick!®

We paired old and new, traditional and modern, and it just worked!

The paint colors used in here:

We did try the Shoji White on that one wall, and we ended up repainting it and just used the same ceiling paint on the wall. The 2-toned whites and the orange just didn’t look right, and Randy wanted a very clean and bright room. Their Emerald paint line is my favorite because it covers amazingly well and has the low-VOC.

Randy did want all of the walls orange. I fought him on it and got that one white wall. I’m so glad too because those curtains were made to be against a white wall! There was a time though (when I kept going back to return different curtain panels because they didn’t work), when I almost just painted that white wall orange too and was going to just hang up white curtains. But I’m so glad I found these!

I’ll include a source list at the end of the post for everything.

So I’m just going to share lots and lots of pictures. Whenever you see weird looking figurines and things of that nature, that’s all him ok?

He’s always wanted one of those Besta media units from IKEA, so he put all of that together and it looks great in here!

IKEA Besta Unit | Decorchick!®

Vintage Posters | Decorchick!®

Then he also installed the lighting kits and inside that display case, and it looks so pretty when turned on.

Lighted Besta Display Case | Decorchick!®

IKEA Besta Media Unit | Decorchick!®

Vintage Viewfinder | Decorchick!®

Weird Robot | Decorchick!®

And now he has plenty of room for his record player and records in here!

Techniqs Record Player | Decorchick!®

Record Collection | Decorchick!®

The opposite wall of the media unit has the blue velvet loveseat (more like oversized chair) complete with a few animal heads.

Animal Head Collection and Seating Area | Decorchick!®

Blue Velvet Sofa | Decorchick!®

Over on the other wall opposite of the window, is the work area.

Office Gallery Wall | Decorchick!®

Studio Equipment | Decorchick!®

Sherwin Williams Knockout Orange and Office Space | Decorchick!®

Robot Print | Decorchick!®

And then we have the 2 bookshelves flanking the window.

Campaign Bookshelf | Decorchick!®

Randy found/had most of the accessories on them too. This freaky thing is new though.

Sabertooth Tiger | Decorchick!®

A Sabertooth Tiger. Every man’s dream come true.

This light also completes the room.

Sputnik Chandelier | Decorchick!®

It is SO gorgeous, especially when turned on. It does put out some heat though.

Here are a few more room shots.

Man Cave and Room | Decorchick!®

Office Makeover Reveal | Decorchick!®

Orange Room Makeover and Man Room | Decorchick!®

And I think that’s about it! It really is my favorite room right now. It just feels good and happy when you walk in. Like every room should fee! But most importantly HE loves his new room and is happy to have his own space.

It’s such an honor to participate in Sherwin-Williams National Painting Week, so head on over to their site to see tons of other great projects completed by other bloggers. They all are amazing!

After visiting tell us how National Painting Week has inspired you to maybe start your next painting project? Don’t be afraid of color! :)

I hope you love the room makeover as much as we do. This is one I definitely can’t all the credit on, because he did a ton in here! Yay for teamwork.

Source list:

  • Blue Velvet oversized chair – High Fashion Home
  • Blue dotted rug – Target
  • Grey storage ottoman – Target
  • White animal heads – Z Gallerie
  • Metal antlers – Homegoods
  • Orange geometric curtains – Z Gallerie
  • Curtain Rod – West Elm
  • Besta Media Unit – IKEA
  • Campaign Bookshelves – World Market
  • Campaign Desk (already had) – World Market
  • Gold garden stool – Homegoods
  • Sputnik Chandlier – Z Gallerie
  • Octopus Print – World Market
  • Octopus Bookends – Z Gallerie
  • Round tray on ottoman – Homegoods
  • Big round clock above bookshelf – Homegoods
  • Sabertooth Tiger – Z Gallerie

Then most of the other accessories he already had and are really old, and some he found at antique stores and such. The artwork he already had and then printed out a few new ones.

And I think that’s about it. Really this time. :) Tell us what you think!



*I have partnered with Sherwin-Williams and am participating in National Painting Week 2015. I have received compensation and as always, opinions, colors, design ideas are always my own. And my husbands.

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  1. I thought you were crazy to let Randy talk you into orange…..but it looks AWESOME!!! Love the dark blue with it :)

  2. Orange is my favorite color so I think the room looks great. I especially love the curtains and may have to find a home for those in my home! thanks for the photos- I’ve been anxiously waiting for the reveal

  3. Love the color combination!! It’s hard to pick a favorite thing in this room, but the galaxy light stands out to me. So I’m going to say that! It’s super cool and funky. That’s what I love about it. Thanks for sharing all the awesomeness of this room!

  4. Love, love, LOVE the curtains! I also love how the chandelier picks up the orange wall in its reflection. And since I’m an Auburn alum and huge fan, the color combo is a win!! Great job!

  5. Wow! I’ve been thinking that when we move back to our home at the end of next year, my man might want a man cave. This is fabulous. Tasteful, colourful. Love the orange too. Not an overly macho man cave. I’m showing this to my man to inspire him.

  6. Barb Hughes says:

    WOW… ORANGE you glad you listened to him? :)

  7. Impressed without a doubt! Still gives me a flashback to my high school room though the royal blue and white really pull it together! My favorite part? LOL The Sabre Tooth, I kid you not! Love fossil things!

  8. Bridget Harthcock says:

    Well it looks like Randy has a creative touch too! The room looks amazing!

  9. This is amazing. I love the light and the Orange, Blue and White color scheme make it feel even more Jonathon Adler-esque. Really, really amazing room!

  10. The orange and blue really give this room energy and spunk! I love the old robot poster. Vintage robots are one of my favorite things.

  11. Is this the same room? I can’t believe how awesome it looks! I love the blue and orange combo. Great job.

  12. I love this room. It is amazing! Now you have me wanting one of these rooms.

  13. HaHa! My husband took one look at the photos and instantly bookmarked the page. I guess I am going to be seeing some Orange over in his home office real soon. ^_^ This will definitely redefine how we see Open Floor Plans & Designs…

    Thanks for sharing…

  14. This looks great! Love the bright orange and the accessories you paired with it! It flows!

  15. Love the interior decoration renovation. I’d recommend keeping blinds as they add an excellent touch of privacy when needed. Additionally, they keep a room cool in the summer and you won’t need to change to thicker drapes. Faux wood blinds would have been a great touch here!

  16. This room came out AMAZING! i’m a musician as well, i know how hard it is to find the space you need to keep all your things together. this is a great combination of modern, minimal and old, retro style! love it!

  17. wow! Looks great! It is an amazing and inspiring space. Thanks for sharing :-))

  18. More info about the TV unite pls!!! Love your combination and I’m wonder how did your hubby put in the lights!

  19. A lot of inspiration here :)

  20. Great room…love everything! Thanks for sharing!

  21. I really love the music area. I took piano lessons about 2 years ago and really want a keyboard but couldn’t figure out how to fit it into my little house. This looks stylish and like it would fit! I like the matching book case too. Lovely.
    I agree… never fear color. If it seems like too much you can always tone it back by adding grey. I have three bright murals in my house and I’m planning a forth!

  22. I was pulled in when you mentioned a renovation using orange. Tough color for a room, but you did a great job! Love how all the accents fit so perfectly together and blend both colors so well. Very good eye for decor!!

  23. Wow! This orange is fantastic! So many people would be afraid to try this in their own homes, but it really does work. You picked an awesome light fixture to use as a focal point, too.


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