Lisa Leonard Giveaway!!

*This giveaway is now closed*

Hi everyone!  What a great giveaway I have for you all today!

I’m sure you have seen and heard of this lovely lady all over bloggyland right?

Yes, that is Lisa, from Lisa Leonard Designs.  It is so awesome to have Lisa as a sponsor!  We haven’t met (yet), but I so wish she was my BFF.  :)  She is soooo sweet just from emails and I am really looking forward to meeting her one day.

A few weeks ago I showed you all in this post what I love from Lisa, and also the necklace that I own.  I can’t wait to keep adding to my collection!

Here are a few more things from Lisa’s site that I’m loving.  I really and truly love every.single.thing. that she offers.

Aren’t those just amazing??!  All of her custom creations are awesome, and I *must* have that monogrammed bracelet. :)  You will find something for everyone on her site, even men, so it’s a one stop shop! :)

Soooo, lucky for one of you lovely readers, Lisa is graciously giving away a $50 gift certificate to her online shop!!  How awesome is that?!

To enter to win, you can do 1 or all 4 of the following if you want, but just leave separate comments for each thing you do so your chances are greater of winning!

1. Leave a comment and tell us what item you would love to have from Lisa’s shop.

2. Become a follower of my blog through Google or RSS and leave a comment letting me know you are, or if you follow already.

3. Follow Lisa on Twitter and then leave a comment letting me know you are.

4. Blog, Tweet, or Facebook about this giveaway and leave a comment letting me know. Be sure and add @decor_chick in your tweet so I can see it.

I’m so excited for y’all.  I’ll run this giveaway through Saturday the 11th and will have pick the winner.

Also, don’t forget to follow Lisa’s blog for more gorgeous inspiration. :)

*This giveaway is now closed*



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  1. My favorite is the “beautiful” necklace!

  2. And… of course I’m already a follower!

  3. Michelle Feddeler says:

    I love the Illuminate Necklace! My oldest Son restores antique lighting in Georgia, this necklace reminds me of him and his beautiful work :)

  4. I really love the “together”, “songbird”, “from up here”, “sweet & simple”, “key to my heart”, & “lucky mommy” necklaces!

  5. Thanks for the fun giveaway! I LOVE the teenie tiny initials necklace :)

  6. And I am a follower :)

  7. p.s – I am a follower through your RSS feed!

  8. i am follower of your blog on GOGGLE!! absolutely love it! think you have inspired to actual be a little bit creative!

  9. I would love one of the initial bracelets!

  10. I’m a follower via Google!

  11. i would get my oldest the Sweet Sister necklace because she is the best big sister to her brother and sister!

  12. I am already a follower and I would love to have one of her bracelets. I especially love the one that said ” it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”

  13. I love the “hope is the thing” necklace, mostly because of the feather.

  14. I follow your blog

  15. i would love, love, love to have just a few things for Lisa’s shop:
    To have to hold- Pewter Heart Wall Hanging
    Aqua stone necklace
    You are loved necklace

  16. I love the Be Still necklace. So cute!

  17. Ooh so many to choose from maybe the through my lens necklace.

  18. And I’m a follower.

  19. I follow you via GFC

  20. I follow Lisa on Twitter @liflovegreen

  21. I mUst have the cream in my coffee necklace!!!

  22. I tweeted! @lifelovegreen

  23. I follow lisa on twitter!

  24. I am a happy follower of this lovely blog!!

  25. I follow through Google! thanks!

  26. I love the little feet necklace or the you are loved! BEAUTIFUL! thanks!

  27. 1. I LOVE the wish necklace. Beautiful! That’s what I would pick. Or maybe the orginal…classic is always good.

    2. I already follow you on the email feed

    3. I posted you on my FB page


  28. I would LOVE the original necklace. I’m about to have baby #2 and would love to have both of my babies names on a necklace!!!

  29. I follow your blog :)

  30. I am a follower already ;)

  31. I love the little lady necklace from Lisa Leonard’s shop! ;)

  32. Emily McKenna says:

    I adore the jumble of charms and key to my heart!

  33. I became a follower of your site…thought I already was. Oh well, glad I am now. LOve your site.

  34. 1. I LOVE Lisa’s new photography necklace! I am a pathological photo taker and I think it is PERFECT!

    2. I follow you on FB and through the email feed.

    3. I Tweeted about your giveaway on Twitter.

  35. Emily McKenna says:

    Oh and I am a follower!

  36. I posted this give away on my Facebook =)

  37. Emily McKenna says:

    Oh and I shared the link with everyone on FB! Too bad I am not on twitter…

  38. Just visited Lisa’s site. SUPER CUTE things…My favorites are the song bird necklace and the through my lens necklace (its perfect for any blogger).

  39. I love the teenie tiny initials necklace!

  40. I’d love that monogrammed bracelet or the second necklace you pictured!

  41. I follow your blog (and love it!)

  42. I also follow Lisa on Twitter! (les852)

  43. i love the hope necklace!

  44. i follow your blog!

  45. hope is the thing is my favorite right now, I need some hope!

  46. I follow Lisa on twitter

  47. I follow using google reader

  48. i would take the original petite necklace with my son’s name on it. :)

  49. I’m a follower! :)

  50. I love the initial necklaces!!! Great giveaway!

  51. I’m a follower.

    I love the teeny tiny initial necklace. Although they are all very nice.

    dalboxermom at gmail dot com


  52. You know I’m a follower girlfriend!

  53. I adore the “hope” necklace. My blog has that quote on the header. I love Lisa’s work!

  54. Everything Lisa makes is wonderful !!!!!

  55. I am a follower !

  56. I am already a follower !!!

  57. I follow Lisa ( and you!) on Twitter

  58. I love the together necklace and the frames necklace. Such cute work!

  59. The necklace is what caught my eye, and prompted me to enter this wonderful giveaway. Emily Dickinson is my favorite poet. Beautiful!

  60. I adore the monogramed bracelet – it’s lovely!

  61. Already a follower =)

  62. I just followed Lisa on Twitter. =)

  63. I love the marked by love necklace.

  64. I am a follower of your blog!

  65. LOVE her Open Circle Bracelet! What a great giveaway… LOVE Lisa’s stuff!

  66. Follower :)

  67. I love the ‘starry heart’ necklace..but everything is so beautiful!

  68. I’m already a devoted follower of your blog! :)

  69. Following Lisa on Twitter!

  70. And finally….sent out some twittery love!

  71. happy follower!

  72. Kelly Newton says:

    Love the Hope is the Thing necklace, so awesome!

  73. The fly free piece is lovely.

  74. Erin Nusbaum says:

    I love Lisa’s shop. I love how you can personalize everything.

  75. i love, love, love the new “through my lens” necklace! (and i subscribe to your rss feeds)

  76. Danielle Hagedorn says:

    Already a follower!

  77. Danielle Hagedorn says:

    I love the dewdrops necklace

  78. i follow you via google reader!

  79. im now following via twitter too!

  80. the kisses & hugs necklace is super sweet!

  81. I’m a follower – sign me up!

  82. I LOVE the “Mama” necklace!

  83. I love all of Lisa’s stuff – I want the aquamarine earrings and that chunky stone necklace.

  84. I am one of your followers! (:

  85. Gotta be the hope necklace!

  86. April in CT says:

    I follow your blog!

  87. April in CT says:

    I’d love to have the Open Circle necklace!

  88. I would love anything from her, but I really like the “key to my heart”

  89. I’m a follower of this blog. :)

  90. I would love to have the “from up here” necklace. Beautiful.

  91. I love her dewdrops necklace.

  92. I follow on gfc

  93. I like her illuminate necklace.

  94. I really adore the friendship necklace.

  95. I follow your blog already!

  96. I now follow Lisa on Twitter :)

  97. I really like the dewdrops necklace!

  98. I’m a follower!! :)

  99. I would love one of the bracelets. The open circle one is my favorite.

  100. I am a follower!

  101. I love the large link charm bracelet and would adore each letter to represent the grand darlings. I’m crossing my fingers on this give away! I hope it works!

  102. I love your blog and am already a follower…I hope this will increase my chance to win such lovely tokens of creativity.

  103. I am a new follower! loving your blog. :)

  104. I love the “Heartstrings” custom necklace :)

  105. I am a semi-recent follower of your blog :)

  106. I posted a lovely message about the give away…check me out and see…Thank you for sharing about this…I am truly crossing my fingers and holding my breath…can you tell?

  107. I like the lovebirds necklace~

    Thanks for the chance!
    <3 Laura

  108. i follow you via google reader!

  109. I love the sea star necklace!

  110. I have been a follower of Lisa’s on FB for a while now!

  111. I’ve been following you on my Google Reader for quite some time now – LoVe it!!!

  112. Love the family tree necklace! All of her stuff is awesome though!

  113. I am a follower too!

  114. already a follower ty for a chance!!

  115. well all 3 that you have chown would be in my top favorites…

  116. I would love the pewter heart wall hanging! Beautiful work!

  117. I follow this blog

  118. I love the open circle custom necklace.

  119. I follow this blog.

  120. love the vintage frames necklace

  121. i want the leather cuff!

  122. I am a follower!

  123. I follow on twitter!

  124. I love the open circle bracelet.
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  125. I follow via Reader.
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOt com

  126. I love the “every corner of my heart” necklace, the open circle bracelet and the sterling ring. Absolutely gorgeous work!

  127. I’m a follower as well

  128. I love the Illuminate necklace! It’s so cute.

  129. I’m already a follower!

  130. I love all her stuff. I’ll have to get something with my kids names on it!

  131. I love the new feather necklace!

  132. I also now follow her through Google!

  133. Jennifer G says:

    Love the family tree necklace and the monogram bracelet. Gorgeous!

  134. love, love, love the Love Is The Thing Necklace

    Jenni Carlisle

  135. Subscriber fo sho!

    Jenni Carlisle

  136. I’d have to get the Lucky Mommy necklace to remind me, even on difficult days. :-)

  137. Following Lisa on Twitter!

    Jenni Carlisle

  138. i am SO a follower! :)

  139. Tweeted the giveaway!

    Jenni Carlisle

  140. i am lovin on the “key to my heart” necklace! well, i’m really lovin on nearly everything in her shop!

  141. Guess who’s following Lisa on twitter? I AM!

    oh… and about a million other people!

  142. I love the “hope is the thing” necklace. Love Lisa’s beautiful designs. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  143. I’m already a follower of your blog.

  144. I love the from up here necklace the best!! Thanks for the opportunity!


  145. I’m a follower!


  146. totally tweeted it! (@rbeccalynne)

  147. Kim Fahrni says:

    I love her Momma necklace.

  148. Kim Fahrni says:

    I am a follower of your blog…LOVE IT!!!

  149. Awesome giveaway! I love the initial bracelet or initial necklace.


  150. And I’m a follower of your blog!


  151. I am a loyal follower!

  152. I really love the Hope quote, the feather with it is a sweet touch.

  153. Katherine says:

    I love the My Heart necklace!

  154. Anonymous says:

    I follow your rss feed through bloglines.

  155. Katherine says:

    I follow Lisa on twitter. Oh and comment #155 was mine! I don’t know why it didn’t show my name!

  156. I continue to LOVE Lisa’s “from up here” necklace. I wish there was a bracelet to match (hint hint).

  157. I follow your blog through Google Reader 8->)

  158. I follow Lisa on Twitter.

  159. I tweeted about the giveaway at:

  160. I love love love the heart necklace with the initials and pearl :)

  161. I have been a follower for a while and Love it!

  162. I love the dew drop necklace! It’s so simple and sweet

  163. I blogged about it here: under the current giveaways section on my sidebar.

  164. I love the “be still, ” “sea star, ” “sweet and simple birdie,” necklaces, not to mention her earrings and bracelets. I can’t pick a favorite!

  165. I am a follower.

  166. I’m a follower!

  167. I am a follower!


  168. It is soooo hard to pick one favorite but the Open Circle Bracelet is so charming!


  169. hi there
    I would love to win the monogram/bracelet

  170. I really love the keys to my heart necklace!

  171. I am a Google Friend:)

  172. Following Lisa on twitter

  173. Love her stuff! So cute! I am totally digging the aqua jewelry. I also love the Whooo do you Love necklace. What is my obsession with owls i ask you?!

  174. Just became a follower too!

  175. I love the jumble of charms necklace.

  176. Of course I follow your blog!

  177. And, I follow Lisa on Twitter @txelz

  178. Oh wow, I’ve been wanting the Itty Bitty Hearts forever. Thank you for the opportunity. Love your blog!

  179. I am following your inspiration filled blog!

  180. I love the double heart cuff & the sterling ring!

  181. I am a follower!

  182. Followin’ Lisa on Twitter!

  183. Re-tweeted about this contest!

  184. Heartstrings necklace–love!

  185. Subscribed!

  186. i am cracking up at the second picture with the two initials ‘b’ ‘m’. i am a nurse and that will always be bowel movement! hahaha crappy humor here. I would inscribe it with my grandbabys’ initials: ‘e’, ‘c’ & ‘k’.

  187. Jennifer H says:

    I was so excited to see this giveaway!! I have been wanting a “mommy” necklace (even though my boys are thirteen) for a long time and saw the Heart Strings necklace about a month ago. Told my hubby I would love to get this as gift….still waiting (patience is a virtue) and with a $50 gift certificate it would be awesome. I follow you through email.

  188. Jennifer H says:

    By the way I follow you via email. Thanks!!!

  189. I am a new follower!

  190. I like the friendship necklace. I would give it to my BFF for her Birthday in October.

  191. I love the laundry line necklace, but I have seven kids and I’m afriad it would look a little more Mr. T than I would like, so I guess I’d go for the monogram necklace.

  192. I have had my eye on her jewelry for awhile. *LOVE* it. I too, love the monogram bracelet… but what isn’t there to love in her shop?

  193. Of course, I am a follower.

  194. I love the “You’re the cream in my coffee” necklace!

  195. I’m following Lisa on Twitter. Thanks for this awesome opportunity.

  196. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway. I’d love that initial bracelet too from Lisa’s shop, or the link bracelet or the dewdrops custom necklace. Lovely!!

  197. Post this on my Facebook now too.

  198. My {current} favorite is the ‘you’re the cream in my coffee’ necklace!

  199. I follow Lisa on Twitter – @thesweetpetunia

  200. Danielle Hagedorn says:

    I follow on google

  201. There are so many that I could see myself wearing! I love the “little feet” necklace or the “teeny tiny initials” necklace…”heartstrings”…too many to choose from!

  202. I follow your blog! I look forward to the emails alerting me to your newest blog entry!! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  203. I suggested the site on my facebook page!

  204. I LOVE the new ‘lens’ necklace in her shop. I would definitely pick that! :-) Thanks for the chance!

  205. I follow Lisa on Twitter. :-)

  206. I follow via Google RSS. :-)

  207. I think i’m partial to the mommy necklaces, i guess maybe because i’m a new mom myself, but this jewelry is something diffrent then the rest for sure! Love it!

  208. I’ve been pining over the family crest necklace for a while now! love, love, LOVE it… and Lisa Leonard!

  209. I’m a new twitter follower of Lisa’s! @MandysCorner

  210. Tweet tweet! :]

  211. I follow your lovely blog! :]

  212. Ahhh, I love both of my Lisa necklaces … but have a wish list of many more. I’ve had my eye on the laundry line and the ‘from up here’ bird necklace for quite some time :).

  213. I follow your blog ;).

  214. And I follow Lisa on twitter :).

  215. Suzanne Black says:

    What !!!??? Pick just one…? Impossible..but I adore that monogrammed bracelet.

  216. I ? the family tree necklace. Lisa has such a wonderful talent!!
    Thanks for the chance :)

  217. I am dying to have the ‘little feet’ necklace! Love it!

  218. Oh, and I follow your blog…I came across it yesterday! :)

  219. I love the Jumble of Charms and Whoo Do You Love? necklaces!

  220. I also follow your blog.

  221. I looooove the Captured Heart necklace and the Songbird necklace!

  222. I love everything Lisa Leonard!

    I’ve been dreaming of shopping in her store forever!
    I want the initial charm necklace w/ pearl!

  223. I’ll follow!

  224. Oh, I love Lisa too! My new fave is the hope/feathers one that you showed. I LOVE it!

  225. I follow you!

  226. I follow Lisa on twitter. (sumsmom)

  227. I love Lisa’s Be Still necklace or her Whoo do you love? necklace.

  228. I follow you!

  229. I follow Lisa on twitter too!

  230. I tweeted about this giveaway too!!

  231. So many cute and creative ones to choose from but I really liked the simplicity of the friendship necklace! Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  232. I am a follower and I love the Open Heart Necklace!!!!

  233. LOVE Lisa Leonard designs!! You can tell so much thought and care goes into each piece. My favorites are the ‘my heart’ necklace and the ‘you are loved’ necklace.

  234. I am a follower of Decor Chick on Google!

  235. I already follow Lisa Leonard on Twitter!

  236. I want the through my lens necklace really bad!

  237. I follow

  238. follow Lisa on twitter ~ momof2dancers

  239. I love all of Lisa’s necklaces, but right now I think my favorite is the “vintage frames” necklace.

  240. I’m so glad you posted this. I received a necklace similar to the one with the children’s names for xmas last year. I’ve been looking to purchase more for myself and gifts. This gal’s stuff is amazing, love it.

    It’s really hard to decide which is my favorite, but I’m thinking it’s got to be the “Lots of Love” necklace, but I am drawn to the monogramed bracelet as well.

    So many choices! Love it.

  241. I follow you religiously! Oh, and I’ve recommended you to others, who are just as excited to read your blogs as I am!

    Again, keep up the good work! You are amazing!

  242. I’ve posted your link on my facebook page, and am happy to do so!

  243. We enjoy looking at your site for your newest creation and blog. I have a link on my Facebook as well! I’d love to have Lisa’s “Starry Heart” necklace!!! Keep up the great work!!!

  244. Love the monogrammed bracelet!

  245. wow, I just found you tonight and have been here for more than an hour. I am in awe of Lisa’s new inspired necklace hope is the thing, I love her handwriting on it too. Also love the to have and to hold wall hanging.

    thanks for the chance to win. LOve your little place here.

  246. am a new follower! thanks

  247. Lynn Petty says:

    1. I LOVE the “beautiful” necklace!!!
    2. I follow you on FB and through the email feed.
    3. I shared your blog with my FB friends and all my email contacts.

  248. I love the songbird necklace and the friendship necklace. Such beautiful pieces…

  249. I’m a follower & retweeted you!

  250. I’m a follower!

  251. I love the wish necklace!
    I also LOVE your blog!! Thanks for all of the good inspiration : )

  252. Lee-Ellen says:

    Wow – it’s hard to choose! I think I’d pick the cream in my coffee necklace.

  253. Lee-Ellen says:

    I’m following Lisa on Twitter

  254. Lee-Ellen says:

    I also follow you in my google reader

  255. With a baby due next month, I would love to have the “lucky mommy” necklace.

  256. I’m a follower via GFC

  257. I’m following Lisa on twitter


  258. I LOVE the vintage frame necklace – beautiful! I don’t know if I’d have my three initials, or just my son’s first initial – or I could just get all of them and change as I want. :)

  259. I’m a follower now:) google

  260. Love, love, love the bracelet! The vintage necklace is beautiful also!

  261. I posted the link to the giveaway on my facebook page.

  262. Courtney Kane says:

    I would love the lucky mommy necklace. A good friend of my just had a baby last night and I would love for her to have it!

  263. Sheila Smith says:

    I can only pick one thing??? I love it all! I would pick the Be Still necklace.

  264. Sheila Smith says:

    I’m a google follower!

  265. Anonymous says:

    I love the hope necklace!! I’ve seen some of her things and they are all great!!

  266. All gorgeous, but love the Fly Free Necklace!!!

  267. I already follow your blog through Google! Love it!

  268. Now following Lisa on Twitter!

  269. Tweeted about the contest!!

  270. I love the numbered necklace with the kids names :)

  271. I already follow; you are one of my favorites.


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