Life With Two and My Recovery

I’ve received several emails from some of you asking how it is now having 2 kids now and asked how I’ve been feeling from my c-section.  So I thought I’d write a little bit about it, what we’ve experienced so far, and how we deal with it.

First of all, the c-section: I can honestly say the recovery with this one (my 2nd c-section) was a breeze compared to the first.  I know a c-section usually isn’t on people’s list of how they want to deliver their baby, but I happen to think they are great.  Yes they are painful, but so is a vaginal birth too, much less a natural birth.  I’d much rather be injected with something momentarily that kills the pain. I know God made our bodies for childbirth, but God also created doctors for a reason too. :)

My recovery: When I was in the hospital, I was on the pain meds they gave me and all was fine and dandy.  And felt like a million bucks. Haha.  The hospital sent me home with Vicodin and Ibruprofen to take as needed for pain. But 2 days after we brought the baby home, that Friday Ellie would NOT wake up. She seriously slept all day long, wouldn’t wake up to eat or anything and it freaked me out.  I had wondered if it was the Vicodin that I was taking that was making her sleepy (because I am nursing).  And I wasn’t even taking a lot, maybe 2 or 3 pills in a 24 hour period.  So I called my obgyn and asked if the Vicodin could be making her sleepy and they insisted NO that could not happen.  Well I didn’t listen to them and I stopped taking the Vicodin.  The next day Ellie was like a new baby, up and alert and everything.  And I hadn’t taken ANY pain medicine since then.  Yes it hurt, but it was bearable, and worth a little bit of pain knowing my baby wasn’t taking a narcotic.  I also prayed a lot too during that time when it did hurt, and I think God got me through that too, because having a c-section and then 5 days later not taking any pain medicine at all is kind of unheard of.  But as of today I am totally pain free, up and around doing everything like normal. I guess the 2nd c-section is easier anyway because they cut the same incision as before and go through mostly just scar tissue that has no feeling.  So just trust your mama instinct and listen to your body if you ever go through something like this. :)

Ok now how life is with 2 kids: The answer is simple.  It depends what day you ask me. :)

Some days it’s so good that I think to myself we need to have another baby asap.  Then other days when I am screaming, well, you can probably guess how that ends.  My patience is tested daily. We have extended a lot of grace to Emma since coming home with the baby because I can’t imagine how she must feel.  And Emma has been SO great with Ellie it’s really amazing and we are so fortunate.  The only thing is that I can tell Emma gets bored much easier now because I can’t give her all the attention she used to get all day long like before. And we haven’t been going out running errands like we always used to do either and she likes getting out of the house.  She loves playing upstairs now with her dollhouse, but it kind of makes me sad when I hear her playing by herself.  I of course do my best to play with her when I can, but as a lot of you know, a newborn is pretty demanding.

I do my best to give her attention but like any other mom out there, I fail too.  I get mad, raise my voice, get mad when play doh is somehow everywhere, etc etc. It’s really not Emma’s fault. It’s my fault.  I know myself and am TOO anal about the house being clean and orderly.  But when it’s messy and the rug needs to be vacuumed, life feels chaotic to me.  And chaos isn’t good for someone like myself. I really am trying to be more flexible though. It’s not easy! :)

So since having 2, I’m still trying to find a balance. It’s hard finding the time right now to always vacuum and clean up (as frequently as I want it done).  It’s difficult letting the messes go and I seem to be getting worse with that as I get older.  Thank God Emma is a very neat and tidy kid.  I wonder where she got that from?  And yes I still do have helpers twice a month, but for the other 28 days month, it’s my job. And making dinner? Well we’ve had lots of hotdogs as of late. :)

We are all still adjusting and it’s going well so far.  Once we all get into a routine again I know it will be even better.

Is there would anything I would change about this “new” life? No way.  I can’t imagine life without Ellie.  She’s such a sweet and chilled baby too.  God knew this over-anal girl would need a chilled out baby.  But I guess God didn’t give Ellie the memo that she’s supposed to go poop BEFORE I change her diaper.  Not right after in the brand new clean one. :)

Aaaaand that’s the latest! :)



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  1. Wonderful to hear how you’re adjusting. I always like hearing how other Moms do daily life. We’re about to add another one in December, and I am constantly worried how our 2 yr old will adjust. :) glad you’re feeling good, and adjusting to life well. blessings! have a great weekend.


  2. It’s funny how different our experiences can be. My first c-section was a breeze compared to the second. I still would like to know what a vaginal delivery would be like but we are not having any more kids. I think some vaginal deliveries are way worse than c-sections. :) Glad you all are doing well. And don’t be sad about Emma playing by herself. I think it is great for them to play by themselves and be independent. One day she will look forward to some quiet alone time. LOL. Plus, it is so much fun listening in on what they talk to themselves about. It is one of my favorite times for them. My girls are two years apart (they will be six and four in August) and I can relate to everything you said.

  3. Any doctor who told you that the vicodin could not make your infant sleepy needs to have his head examined.

  4. I am happy things are going so well. Emma looks like she has fit right into the “little mama” roll. The pictures of them together are adorable. My first and only c-section was done by emergency. I was not allowed to even pick up the baby for 6 weeks due blood loss. It was a very hard time. I love hearing stories as yours where everything goes pretty much as planned and has a happy ending. Your girls are gorgeous and hey, hotdogs aren’t so bad in the big scheme of things :-))

  5. I had the very same “sleepy” experience after my c-section with my first daughter. We left the hospital 3 days after she was born and that night I took one pain pill. It was the only one I had taken since being home. The next day she would not wake up at all. I was totally freaked out. I knew instantly what caused it, so that one pill was my one and only pain pill. And just like Ellie, my daughter was a new baby the next day. 7 years later it still blows my mind that no one even warned me that that might happen.
    Anyway, happy to hear life with 2 littles is going well. They are precious!

  6. I remember feeling the same way when my second one came along…guilty for not playing with my 2 year old and taking her to her classes and I swear she had an uncanny way of knowing just when I needed to nurse her new sister and she needed to use the potty. And guilt for the new baby who had to wait to be feed while I took the older one to the bathroom. My girlfriend gave me the advice that I had to keep repeating to myself…they are so blessed to have a sister…a sister to entertain, love, be a forever friend…they are so lucky to have one another.and I see that bond more and more everyday.

  7. Beautiful babies! I love the name Ellie :) I have a 3 yr old son & I just had a daughter 6 months ago & it took awhile to get a “routine” going. But let’s be honest; it’s hard to have one with a new born. You do what you can & try not to let the little things get to you…like the vacuuming :) I’m still nursing & I still have the same guilts, like when my son is hungry or has to use the bathroom & I can’t get to him right away. But they understand & know that mommy is busy & will help ASAP. ;). Hang in there, it gets better & you start to figure this whole thing out!

  8. What sweet girls! So glad to hear that you’re recovery was a quick one and that you’re adjusting to life with two :). It is such a HUGE adjustment (or at least was for me) and being honest about the ups & downs is helpful to new moms. Kuddos on the transparency girl and blessings on your new addition to the fam!

  9. i two ‘normal’ deliveries, and then an emergency C, hated the C lol, but i was off pain medicine within 6 hours – it just didn’t hurt, they had me on morphine – and it was making me sicker then a dog so i just stopped taking it and then realized i wasn’t in any pain but to this day 7 years later the C scar is still numb . – everyone’s different that’s for sure!

  10. Love your honesty in this post!!

    I had a c-section with #1 but had scary complications so my doc recommended the vbac for #2. Having done both, I would say I wouldn’t choose either. Third degree tearing had me scared to sit down for 2 months -ugh! Sorry if that is TMI.

    Now that my second is 2, I really see what a gift he is to his sister. She loves nothing more on Earth than her brother. Period. They play together constantly.

    I still feel guilt for the way I handle the older one. Even now, when Reid does something and Lacey reacts I get mad at her. I try not to but it is so hard!!! That is on my prayer list daily – patience with Lacey.

    Good luck! Sounds like you are doing great. I did have to let a lot of things go after the second… but one thing at a time…

    • Oh Erin thank you for your comment! I can’t wait till Ellie gets a little bigger so she and Emma can really enjoy each other. That should be so fun and sweet. :) And yea, letting things go is so difficult. Ugh!

  11. Please know I totally understand! I had 2 and lived hundreds of miles from family, no help & a husband that was working 12 hrs day/night. It’s enough to wear on your nerves but hey, the house stuff will always be there…time spent with the little ones is fleeting and precious. Do what you can, when you can but make them the priority. And…toss these words in File 13 if you like. :)

    Hang in there! You’re doing a marvelous job ~

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