It All Started With This Duvet.

I mentioned to you all that my Mom got us a new duvet for Christmas.  It was the one I have been dreaming of for several months now…the Organic Cotton Pintuck Duvet from West Elm. It looked so luxurious online, and it’s just as luxurious in real life.

And since that was a night shot, here is a picture of the sham so you can see the true color.

The color is called “Slate” and it’s a deep charcoal gray.  Very, very pretty.  Isn’t the texture of this set amazing?

So anyway, this duvet cover led to this…

Uhh, yea.  But I had been secretly wanting to repaint our bedroom (again), so this was the perfect opportunity.  And I’m not sure what color it’s appearing on your screen, but it’s gray.  Straight up gray and it’s gorgeous!  No funky blue, purple, or green undertones.  I’ve developed a deep fondness of gray.  It’s really an interesting color, but a great neutral.  Buh-bye blue walls, I loved you for 6 months, but it’s time to go.  It’s time for calming neutrals. :)

You probably won’t believe me, but this is the exact same color as what’s in our office (Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams).   Paint is SO strange.  I don’t see how it can look totally different like this in the same house.  Weird, very weird.

So that’s what I’ve been working on lately.  Another master bedroom makeover. :)  Can’t wait to show you all!  Gosh, if I get tired of paint colors every 6 months, I guess I’ll never have to worry about having anything to blog about right? :)

P.S. – You can also find me over at Hi Sugarplum! today as a guest poster for her Best of the Best series.

She’s had a lot of great guests the past 2 weeks.  And if you don’t read Cassie’s blog, you really should.  She is awesome, her blog is awesome, and she’s hilarious.  A perfect combination!

OH, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :)



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  1. New follower, found you through Hi Sugarplum. You have some amazing skills, can’t wait to go through your posts and catch up.

  2. Love your gorgeous duvet, and the gray color is beautiful. I can’t wait to see the new room. Have a very Blessed New Year. Hugs, Marty

  3. I have been seeing these covers everywhere lately and I couldn’t decide whether I liked them or not but the more I see them the more they are growing on me.
    i love that slate color also, it can be mixed and matched with just about any color which is always a plus for me.
    We have had red and black as a theme in our bedroom for so long I want something different. Id love to do that slate and lime green or a blue!

  4. Love it Emily! Can’t wait to see it all come together!

  5. Looks so classy already! I love West Elm’s bedding, can’t wait to see the finished product :)

  6. i’ve had this duvet for about a year and a half and i might buy another color for when this one wears out. i love it. but you need to be careful when taking naps and playing around on top of it, the pintucks will pop and you’ll end up with a slightly flatter look.

  7. LOL – I am in exactly the same situation. My bedroom redo started with my closet redo last January. I did my closet in black and turquoise and then it didn’t match my brown and blue bedroom. so I bought a black and white rug and tried to get it all to come together and it is still mismatched. I am hoping to get it done this year – lol!

    Love that duvet!


  8. haha, you sound like me… I feel a need to paint every few months, my hubby doesn’t always give in though.

  9. So we ARE sisters! I knew it! I change colors like that too. And my husband thinks im crazy. I try to tell him, im just a design blogger;-)

    Have a Happy New Year girl!

  10. Paint is funny. It does the same thing in my house. Just the lighting, windows, lamps, etc.

    I love gray too but I can never seem to get it worked into my house. I painted out bedroom Olive Branch from Pottery Barn and it can look gray so I am happy. I bought a gray lampshade at Target and it goes. Now I am on the hunt for the comforter. Keep your eyes out for me.

  11. I looooove that paint color! What is it?

    Also love the duvet cover :) We’re planning on a grey & teal themed re-do this year to our master bedroom! Can’t wait to see your progress

  12. I can’t wait to see the finished product. I’m painting our guest room gray, but it takes me a long time to finish.

  13. I have that same duvet in ivory. I love it, but just a word about it. Don’t pull too hard on it. The little strings holding the pin tucks together breaks really easily, so when making the bed make sure you have two people to lay it nice and easy on the bed or just pile it all in the middle and pull it off from the sides. Every time I hear one of those little strings break I sigh. Hopefully you’re not as impatient as I am. But it is gorgeous, so it’s so worth it.

  14. The bedroom make over is awesome – LOOOOVE it!

    I noticed you painted the ceiling in the same color – do you do this in every room? I love it! Nice gift from mom!


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