IKEA White Paint Formula

We’ve accumulated a few pieces of IKEA’s furniture pieces as of late, and I needed the matching paint for it so I can do a few customizations to these pieces. A few secret projects up my sleeve. Don’t you hate that? Anyway, I decided to do the hard work for you and take a piece of the furniture into Sherwin Williams so they can color match it up and get the correct paint formula. You’re welcome.

Ikea White Paint Formula | www.decorchick.com

They got a great match to the shelf I brought in.

Ikea White Paint | www.decorchick.com

And here is the formula so you can just show them this at Sherwin Williams and they can mix it up for you.

Ikea White Paint Formula | www.decorchick.com

I just bought a quart of the Pro-Classic latex, and we determined IKEA’s furniture to have a semi-gloss sheen to it, so I got this in a semi-gloss finish. I chose latex, but you could do oil-based if you want as well.

I assume most of IKEA’s white furniture pieces are the same shade, so for reference, this was matched to a shelf from the white Billy bookcases, and it also is the same white as the Hemnes dresser. They are actually kind of creamy whites too.

This will be great for touch ups to your IKEA furniture, and if you ever want to do any of those crazy furniture hacks!

Ikea White Paint Formula | www.decorchick.com

Again, you’re welcome. :)



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  1. Perfect timing as I am going to be painting a few pieces in my daughters room to match her Ikea pieces!!

  2. Perfect timing! I’m planning a trip to Ikea soon. I’ve got an office project up my sleeve and I know I’m going to have to do some painting of certain parts to make everything play nicely together. Thanks for doing the legwork. Definitely pinning this.

  3. Awesome to know. I think the only IKEA whites that aren’t slightly creamy are Lack, Malm and Ribba. Those seem to be bright white!

  4. I love how you always share your formulas! This one will come in handy at some point and I’m still grateful you shared the Gray you used in your daughters room that one is going in my house very soon!!

  5. Oh. holy. cow. This is beyond fantastic. We have a coffee table whose legs got waterlogged, so it’s waiting to be fixed. And this will be a life saver, because if I have to paint that whole durn thing, I might die. Not that a coffee table is hard to paint, but this one has a glass top and drawers underneath. Thanks!

  6. Awesome, I always buy the black/brown because it is easier to match. Now I can buy both!
    Thanks for sharing,

  7. Thanks for sharing, I always buy the black/brown because the whites were always to hard to match.

  8. Does this match all furniture lines? I have read that not all of the whites at IKEA are the same!

  9. I do not have any IKEA furniture but I’m wondering if this would work on some other type furniture that has an oak finish but is laminate book cases? Do you think I would need a primer first to cover the oak finish?

  10. I am going to assume that you meant I AM finding it very…….glass houses Tom, glass houses.

  11. Does this formula match the Ikea Adel (Off-White) kitchen cabinets?

    Thank you

  12. I painted my dark brown IKEA HEMNES TV stand white (latex/semi gloss with primer in it) but after the 2nd coat it could easily be scratched with fingernail and the paint came off. The paint person at HD said I can use primer/paint in 1 to save time and money so I went with their suggestion but I’m not sure if I was supposed to apply the primer separately. The description of the TV stand says it’s solid pine and stained so I don’t know if this means this is laminate. I see a lot of IKEA hacks for laminate but I don’t know how to tell if mine is laminate unless all IKEA furniture is laminate. Any help would be much appreciated!

    • There really are no shortcuts to sanding and painting…I learned this the hard way too :(
      He probably meant a separate primer though. I did slightly and I mean slightly lol rough up a piece, prime it with kilz and paint sw pro classic two coats and it is holding up. A lot of people prefer zinnser but I had kilz from another project and it worked fine. Some people say deglosser saves time, but I tried it and would rather sand than use stinky chemical and rub with steel wool. They say chalk paint works without sanding, but at least in my case it scratched right off. These are just my experiences and personal opinions.

  13. Hi Emily, happy New Year!
    Thanks for the information on the white paint. I’m about to start a small project trying to paint, repair ikea chairs and table that are white and have too many scratches but I still love them. Which are the steps to prepare the surface before painting them? Thanks in advance.

  14. Do you know if this will fix the chip marks on the white hemnes dresser? I want to continue using it, but the chips drive my nuts. Thank you!

  15. Good color info… but what I a looking for is how to prime or prepare the ikea laminates so the paint won’t peel. not that i plan on much of the sides showing at a wall to wall style but the ends and fronts.
    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

  16. Super! Thank you so much for posting.

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  18. i found Glidden White 1104/wn56 was a close match for the IKEA PAX enclosure I bought.

  19. Has anyone been able to match the ikea red wood furniture? I have a pine bed I want to paint to match my ikea red dresser and nightstand.