I Want To Do This. Should I?

Isn’t that paneling gorgeous?  That image is from Phillip Sides who does lovely work.

And I am thinking of doing it to this big wall…

Sorry for the Christmas photos…it was raining and dark ALL day yesterday.  All Christmas decor is stored and put away and it feels so good. :)

But my question is, should I do the above paneling, or just continue with the chair rail and framed moulding boxes like I have been doing?

Here is another view with the other entry/living room wall to the left which does have the framed boxes wainscoting.

So what do y’all think?  A full wall of the gorgeous paneling, or half of the wall to keep the same pattern going with the framed boxes?

(p.s. – I just now realized my dog’s rear is in that picture. Can you spot him?)

Thank you for your help!!

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  1. I think it would be AMAZING!!!

  2. My vote is for that butt kickn paneling! I’m in love with it : )

    So jealous that your xmas decor is all put away! Kiddos are going to Grandma’s for a couple of days so I’m going to try to get it put away while they are gone!!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE that paneled wall! I guess it all depends on how hung up you are on continuity…if you’re not, then the paneled wall, if you are, then stick with the chairail. I think it would great either way. The paneled wall might break up the chair rail look a bit. I, personally, would love to see the tutorial on the paneled wall…I’m vascilating between doing that kind of wall and board and batton in my foyer…..can’t decide. :)

  4. Oh I love the paneling. It would look fabulous on that stair wall. Stunning. Hugs, Marty

  5. put on your big girl panties and go for it!!!! ;)

  6. ABSOLUTELY! That paneling is just gorgeous! Of course, I have no clue how much work it would entail, but it sure is pretty :)

  7. That paneled wall is gorgeous! If you go for it, please post a tutorial.

  8. I say do the whole wall. You’re so blessed you have one that will work perfectly!!!


  10. Love that paneling, my sister’s husband is a finish carpenter and she has a stain-grade wall in her dining room done like that as a contrast to all her white trim throughout the house and hers is gorgeous. I’m not a fan of ‘matchy matchy’ but if I did it I would still make sure to add a small piece of trim to the inside of each square to add some detail and tie it in with the more decorative trim on your stairway boxes, JUST to help add some cohesiveness.

  11. Do the paneled wall–it looks amazing!!

  12. GO for it. I think it will look great!

  13. Do it!

  14. I think the chair rail is too matchy matchy and the paneling is the perfect answer. Also the straight chair rail on the angled wall would look kind of weird and fighting with the angle at the top – but the paneling creates a continuity and flow – awesome idea!

  15. I have a wall very similar and never thought of doing that, but WOW I love it!! I too would like a tutorial on how to do it! I say GO FOR IT! Even if it is so I can see the how to….lol

  16. No question Dooooo It!

  17. Oh definitely do it!

  18. I say go for it! I love the look…would even consider doing it on a similar wall in my family room!

  19. You should do it! It would look so good. It is still boxes, so it would blend with the other decor you have. Then, when you finish, you can come to my house and do it!

  20. YES!! I think you should. It would be gorgeous!!!


  21. I think that paneling is GORGEOUS! However…I do understand your concern about it all working together since you’ve done another type of paneling right by where this would be. I think it’s a similar enough look that it could be pulled off. I think you should go for it (a little for selfish reasons too though because I really want to see how it’s done so I can copy you!)!!!

  22. Jennifer Scott says:

    I say – whoa on the wainscoting! You have it several places and I think that is the beauty of it – it makes a wall special/stand out. You lose that “wow” factor if it is on several walls. My two cents, anyways…

  23. Most definitely! It’s gorgeous!! (your house is already gorgeous, though! :)

  24. It will probably looked great but, I am wondering how the oblique boxes verses the right boxes will look so close together. Since the rectangles are on the other wall, it looks great but I am wondering how they will look so close to the parallelograms. Good luck!

  25. I love it!! So pretty, and YES do it! It might be too much is you did the same as the opposite wall.

  26. Wow That’s nice… I say do it! Whatever you decide I’m sure it will turn out great!

  27. Oh yes, absolutely. It’s gorgeous.

  28. You should totally do it! Great idea. So pretty! xoxo

  29. I really love the paneling. I have and open floor plan and think it would look great on the wall in my hall. If we weren’t planning to move in the next couple of years I would do it. Or maybe I should tell the truth and say my Dad would do it.

  30. YES!!!! I think the panelling would complement the work you did on the stair case beautifully! I actually want to add panelling to the ceiling of my study… you can never have too much molding or trim work!


  31. Really??! You even need to ask! Of course you should!!

  32. I think if you love it and it will make you happy then you MUST do it!!! And then blog about it so we can see ;-).


  33. ABSOLUTELY! I think it would work with what you’ve done and it’s amazingly stunning! So elegant!

  34. I vote for the paneling! It’s gorgeous! If I owned my house and we had stairs, I would SO do that! Love it!

  35. ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!! It will really coordinate with the paneling going up the stairs which will make it look like it’s always been that way. Will be GORGEOUS!!!
    Great Idea!!

  36. Do it do it do it! Can you just imagine your garland hanging next to paneling like that? Its gorgeous! A complete no brainer, do it!

  37. I think it will finish off the area, so go for it! I would make the squares bigger though, to tie in the wall size. Looks like everyone else thinks so too!

  38. Do it!! That is gorgeous!!! It makes me want a wall like that in my house.

  39. That panelling would be really amazing! I say go for it!