Hobby Lobby Decor {I was shocked!}

So yesterday evening I went into Hobby Lobby because I saw something online that I *needed* to have. And actually, I can’t tell you the last time I’ve been in there. It’s been MONTHS. I know, I am shocked too. But I seriously have enough crap around here to decorate with, that I don’t need any more. Except for what I went in to get. :)

And to my surprise, they had all of this awesome stuff!! I guess I won’t wait months before I go again, because they have stepped up their game. And this is probably old news to the regular HL shoppers, but I know not everyone has a store nearby, so you might like to take a peek with me.

When I got home I looked at my phone and I took like 30 pictures in the store! I’m sure they thought I was nuts. Especially having my kids with me. But you do what you gotta do.

So what did I just have to have? These guys.

Gold Deer Heads | Decorchick!®

Ok so I originally went in for the gold one. But then the guy showed me the one with the glittered antlers, and well, they both came home with me. I wanted it for part of a Christmas decoration for something, and I’ll decide which one looks better when I get that done. My husband said he wants one for his office so I guess I won’t be returning one. :) I used a coupon for 40% off for one, and got the other for 50% off because he was a little scuffed up. But if you go in next week when they are on sale, you’ll get them for 50% off.

He did say though I should paint the nose red. And I might just do that.

So I guess you can say we’ve finally jumped on the animal head bandwagon? Probably 5 years too late.

Oh, and this guy also comes in black with gold-dipped antlers!

Black Deer Head with Gold Dipped Antlers | Decorchick!®

Speaking of black and gold, I was just in love with everything they had in those colors.

Black and Gold Love | Decorchick!®

Black and Gold Prints | Decorchick!®

Black and Gold Mirror | Decorchick!®

They had SO many pretty gold accessories! Clearly I am still loving gold very much.

Gold Accessories Hobby Lobby | Decorchick!®

Come Thou Fount Picture | Decorchick!®

Gold Accessory | Decorchick!®

And I shared this photo on Instagram and Facebook yesterday, and y’all seemed to love it just as much as me.

Funny Laundry Sign | Decorchick!®

Can I get an Amen?

They had these huge industrial metal signs too, if you like those.

Industrial Metal Signs | Decorchick!®

Hobby Lobby’s Christmas decor didn’t disappoint either. It’s just aisles and aisles dripping with pretties.

Silver Christmas Accessories | Decorchick!®

Colorful Gingerbread Houses | Decorchick!®

My kids LOVED those.

Then they had the most beautiful tree out in front of the store.

Silver and Gold Christmas Tree | Decorchick!®

I am SO ready for Christmas. I think I might even start early this year. The kids love the decorations so much and 1 month just isn’t enough for them.  Even Emma likes the new deer head. :)

I hope you enjoyed taking a stroll with me through Hobby Lobby! I forgot what it’s like to get out of the house some! :)

Which was your favorite?



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  1. I had the same experience last time I went to Hobby Lobby – I was amazed and some of the fantastic decorative accessories I found! They are really upping their game lately. However, when I was there (a month or two ago), they did not have those brass and glass display boxes you are showing in one of your photos. I love those! Guess I am headed back to Hobby Lobby today.

  2. Oh you are tempting me!! I was on a Hobby Lobby binge for a few months, like every week in there and decided to lay low after I got the fall stuff up but now!!

    I did pick up a few of the gold scripture quotes for my daughter for her room that I am adding touches of gold to. I didn’t get the animal head but got lots of the gold stuff. Love Hobby Lobby!!!

  3. In my book it’s never too early to start decorating for Christmas. In fact, I am doing the finishing touches on mine right now. I should be totally finished by sundown on Sunday.

  4. Wait till you see what I did with the deer head ornament! I haven’t posted it yet because it’s Christmas but be on the lookout for it!

  5. I loved Hobby Lobby too, until I realized the majority of their items are “Made In China”.. very frustrating and I really stuggle with myself when I need/want something from there.

  6. I WANT that laundry sign!!!

  7. Thanks for pre-shopping for us! Now I have a list and I’m ahead of the game! I agree with decorating early too! I’m not having Thanksgiving this year so why not? Xo Kathy@The Daily Nest

    • Right?! I totally went and bought that laundry sign (with coupon!). Of course, I still HAD to wander for 40 minutes, but still… I at least had an idea of what they had!

  8. i’, loving the gold at HL too! Never been a big gold fan but my mom gave this oval mirror with a gold frame that is older than me! its in my living room now, so i’ve been adding some gold to our decor. I already planned to rip off the Come Thou Fount framed art. Just need to buy a gold sharpie :)

  9. I agree about Christmas- I plan to start decorating some of the house in November this year. I usually wait until either after or right before Thanksgiving. But, it just isn’t long enough for us, either. I LOVE Christmas time. ;-) And Hobby Lobby’s Christmas stuff is very tempting!

  10. Been a few months for me. Guess I have to run on in. Luving all your pictures :) The black and gold animal head spoke to me! As did the huge metal letters…
    Thanks for scouting out for me!
    Hugs, Gee

  11. LOVE the laundry sign, but not the color ;( well, I like the color, but the color doesn’t work for my laundry room – might have to make one myself. BTW we are redoing my sons room and he is obsessed with all the gold stars and things from HL !

  12. Wow I will have to make a trip there, and remember my 40% coupon. LOL

    I have been meaning to ask you this for a while. How is the Home Schooling going?

  13. The gold–its killing me! We literally just moved in and got all new colors, bedding, etc. and I want to redo the entire house now because of all that beautiful GOLD!

  14. I am absolutely going to get the framed hymn today for my mother in law! One Christmas gift down!

  15. Anonymous says:

    What company makes these

  16. Anonymous says:

    Why not just shoot a deer and get it mounted? Looks better

  17. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of torn, I have always shopped at Hobby Lobby. But lately, I have been seeing complaints about this Christian founded company stealing ideas. I certainly hope not otherwise, I will not shop here any longer. There is always sole shopping at Family Christian.