Front Porch Facelift

First of all, I don’t really think what we have is considered a “porch” but I didn’t know what else to call it.  Entryway, walkway, or is it a porch?

So, here is our porch (or entryway, walkway?) before.  And this picture was from December when it snowed because I was a bad blogger and didn’t take a good before shot. Boo!

First thing I did was paint the front door black.  I used Behr’s “Black Suede” and rolled it on first with a foam roller, but didn’t get good, even coverage, so then my dad came over and took the door off and went over it with a few coats of black gloss spray paint.

Much better.  And what’s up with my pink-tone welcome mat?  Yea, I don’t know either.

Then I added the wreath I made to the door.

Here are some planters I found at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $15 each!!  They were originally $50.  Craziness.  I planted topiary trees in them.  Hope they survive till at least the holidays so I can put Christmas lights on them. :)

Sooo, here’s what our porch-entryway-walkway looks like now…

And with a little vinyl.

Much better right?  I’m very happy.  It’s another one of those things that you think “why didn’t I do this a long time ago?”

Yes, I got a new doormat thank goodness.  To find out how I made those little black numbered pots you can click here.  When you don’t have vinyl, you just free-hand it.  It’s all good. :)

Here are a few more shots…

Lastly, I made a chalkboard sign to hang outside for the solicitors.  They always come knock and ring the doorbell when the baby is sleeping.  Arghh!!

Hope it works. :)

I hope you enjoyed our little front porch makeover!

P.S.-I had to update this post to say the topiary trees have bit the dust.  The porch still looks the same, but I don’t have anything in the red planters since I apparently have a brown thumb instead of a green one. :)

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  1. LOVE IT! the pots you made and the topiary’s are the pefect warm inviting touches. JOB WELL DONE! what a great entry home door and all! Jenn

  2. As always, paint can do wonders, I can’t even decide on a color for my door. My neighbor was bold enough to paint her front door turquoise.

  3. OMGosh, that is a gorgeous porch. Love what you did with it. Very welcoming Ü

  4. My front porch SO needs a makeover. Thanks for sharing all these cute ideas.

  5. That looks so much better! Very welcoming…unless of course you are a solicitor!

  6. i really like the addition of the topiarys, and your new doormat. it’s got a ncie shape to it…i need to find me one of them.

  7. What a difference! Beautiful!

  8. Super cute, Emily! I LOVE the topiaries & their pots! Way chic!

  9. Emily first of all your home is gorgeous! I would love to see more of it. WOW!
    You did a great job with your porch redo. Our homes entrance is the most important part I do believe. I always love black front doors and topiaries. Fabulous! I need to paint mine as well and will keep your paint type in mind. How is it wearing with the elements?

    I’m having some quirks with my blog today and cannot add new blog buttons or awards. I keep getting an error message. Hmmm…

    Have a great day! ~Melissa :)

    • Thank you so much Melissa!! Your entrance looks beautiful too. The door has been holding up fine though!

      Thanks so much for the sweet comment. Hope you get your blog quirk worked out. :)

  10. Oh the porch looks great!

    thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my wall! :)

  11. Love your front walkway/entry area. I plan on picking up the black paint for my front door this week so I can tackle that over the long weekend. What did you think of the Behr paint?

    • Thanks Kathy! The Behr was ok, not my favorite. I think the spray paint in gloss looks a lot better and more professional looking. Maybe it was just something with my foam roller though…

  12. Looks great!!!!

  13. Wow it is beautiful!!

  14. SO WELCOMING. I love it. Great job.

  15. I love the black door and the topiaries! They add great height to the porch. Your dad is so sweet to lend a helping hand.

  16. Beautiful make over. Your door looks so classy and the topiarys just
    finish it off. Annette

  17. Love it! So elegant and classy! At first those planters looked small but then in the shot with everything and the trees they are BIG! Good job! Let me know how that no soliciting sign goes i may need to get one…. its really bad here!

  18. Sarah @ Thriftydecorchick says:

    It looks GREAT!! Complete transformation.

  19. It looks so welcoming now! Very pretty! Have a great week!

  20. What a fun re-do. I need to get a new door period, I’m inspired I’m going to addit to my list for this summer!

  21. What a wonderful welcome into your lovely home! Thanks for inviting us to tour it on Modern Craftswoman Monday! Rory

  22. It’s amazing what some plants & an adorable chalkboard sign can do! Great job. It looks gorgeous.

    (found you through tip me tues.)

  23. Looks great! Love those topiary’s! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  24. wonderful transformation. we painted our front door black last year and I love it. I love how you pulled all the decorations together, especially the flower pots!

  25. Your front porch looks very inviting! Great job! :o)

  26. I’m a newbie on here and love everything you did with your front porch. It’s very lovely!

  27. Isn’t it amazing what a few changes can do? Your front entryway area is so pretty, and welcoming now. (I don’t mean to imply it wasn’t before) Well done, and on a budget too. I so need to redo my front ‘porch’ area. *sigh*

  28. looks great very welcoming

  29. Visiting from Thrifty Thursday.

    What a BEAUTIFUL entryway! All of your pretty touches just made it even better. The “no soliciting” sign is cute too. We have one by our door (albeit not as cute as yours) and it only works some of the time. Apparently some solicitors can’t read. :)

    • Hi Shari! Thanks so much for visiting and thank you for the sweet comment!!…Yea, I don’t think the solicitors can read the “no soliciting” signs in the front of the neighborhood entrance either!

  30. Our HOA told us that we could only repaint the front door the same color that it already is–which is the same color as the house!! Luckily our house is a light color and we painted it white (which is not the house color) without anyone noticing. (The door had to be repainted when we moved in because of previous damage done to the door). I would LOVE to paint it a dark color (like red or black, or even a cheery blue).

    I like your topiaries. I have had plans to put some in at my house ever since we bought the house, but they’ve never been in the budget. Are yours Texas Privet? I’ve never seen such narrow ones as yours, and I need narrow ones, because like you, I don’t have much room. The ones here are really wide and $80 each (that was the price 3 years ago; I’m sure they’re more now).

    I may just need to train my onwn from some smaller bushes. . .

    • They are Eugenia Topiaries. I think that they were $25 each so that isn’t bad. I got them at Home Depot. I liked theirs the best and I went to a few different garden places. I will have to keep them trimmed so they stay in the circular shape and so they don’t get too big!

  31. Everything turned out perfect!
    Happy 4th to you and yours!
    hugs from Savannah, Cherry

  32. OK, totally taking your idea! I have the same odd porch spaces with plants running up the side walk too.

  33. I have the SAME exact mat at the house we just bought (the pink one lol). Jeez…I didn’t realize how bad it looked till I saw this…I better change it out! LOL. Thanks for linking to gettin’ crafty on hump day! :)

  34. Hi! I’m visiting from Get Your Craft On. I love your new look! The topiary trees are my favorite part. I adore the pops of green against your brick and the black door. I gave my front porch a makeover this week too (after five years of living here) and I’ve been wondering why I didn’t do it sooner. Pop over for a minute if you like outdoor curtains. :)

    Enjoy the holiday weekend!


  35. Hello there! This is my first time visiting. LOVE your new Front Porch/Entryway!! Looks beautiful with the new rug, plants, wreath, painted door and I DID see your welcome letters on the door in the other post! It looks so nice, I can see why you are so happy with it. And I especially love your topiaries! They are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. I will visit again!
    Best regards,

  36. I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

  37. I love your front door makeover! THe vinyl on your last post looks awesome! I exp love the chalkboard, it’s a very friendly way to say beat it :)
    Have a great weekend!

  38. It looks very welcoming.
    I love the little chalkboad!

  39. Your entry/porch is charming! I love the black door. Being someone that does possess a “green thumb”, you might try some white geraniums next to the door in your pots. They would look very welcoming. And perhaps some low trailing plant surrounding them, like Purslane, which is very heat resistant and blooms continuously.

  40. This makeover looks fantastic! Would you mind telling me where you got the vinyl “welcome” letters. This would work great for my porch, I have no room for a wreath due to a storm door.


  41. Hi. I am popping over from the party. (#206). I am happy to meet you and see your lovely redo. Have you thought of artificial topiaries?

    Gg – Notes on the Journey

  42. Looks wonderful! great work.

  43. It looks so lovely but sorry to hear about the topiary’s…bummer!

    The black front door looks very elegant ~ great choice of color. Happy Memorial Day weekend to you :O)


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