Fall Decorating! {And a Giveaway!}

Yes the most wonderful time of the year. FALL. I know I’ve said that many times. :) But we finally dragged out some of the Fall bins from the attic and I dug out a few decorations! I keep things very simple these days. Clutter drives me crazy, so I keep it pretty minimal. Because prepping for holidays is no easy task!

Fall Tray in Living Room | Decorchick!®

A simple ottoman tray, a fall pillow, one of my favorite throws, and I’m good to go!

Abundance | Decorchick!®

I brought out my favorite branch to put in my big mercury glass jar like I have the past several years. :)

Fall Leaves Stem | Decorchick!®

And the deer head just stays up year round now. :)

And I even started working on the Fall mantel.

Fall Mantel | Decorchick!®

I’ll show the full mantel soon, but I’m already loving it!

So of course when you bust out the holiday decor, you’re going to have a mess and you want to clean up! At least I do anyway. And it only stays like that for 5 minutes, but hey, 5 minutes is 5 minutes. :)

Fall Decoration Bin | Decorchick!®

That was just 1 bin. I am overwhelmed with how much STUFF I have. And I have gotten rid of tons recently! But it’s still too much. Gonna work on that again!

Luckily though I have this little handy dandy Electrolux Ergorapido Vacuum for quick clean ups. (And I have one to give away!!)

electrolux ergorapido vacuum | Decorchick!®

And it’s CORDLESS and light, and gets under seriously everything!

Vacuum Under Couch | Decorchick!®

Our sofa sits up high off the ground, so it’s ALWAYS dusty under there and drives me crazy. But this vacuum is seriously so easy and functional and makes prepping for Fall easier when you can just vacuum up the glitter explosions! :) I use it every single day in the breakfast area too to pick up all the kids’ crumbs!

So who would like to win one of these bad boys??

To enter to win:

  • Leave a comment and tell us why you would love to have this!
  • For an extra entry, share this post on any social media channel (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter), and include a link back to this post. Then come back here and leave a second comment of where you shared. Easy peasy!

Winner will be announced and contacted on Friday, October 7, 2016. Good luck friends!!

You can always find all Electrolux appliances at Amazon and the official Electrolux website. And you can also follow Electrolux on social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. We love social media! :)



I’d like to thank Electrolux for sponsoring this post. All thoughts, reviews, and musings are always my own. :)

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  1. Id love to win this little vacuum! We have some bad allergies, and I love to keep things clean! The winner will be announced on my birthday, so hoping that brings me luck!!

  2. I shared on my Facebook wall!

  3. What an amazing little vacuum! I have 3 dogs, so having something like this would help me keep up with the dog hair issue in between deep vacuuming each week. Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Teresa Denney says:

    I have only had electrolux vacuums until we moved 10 years ago and we married in 1973. I am obsessed with cleaning under furniture and this would do the trick. Great giveaway!

  5. D'Ann Davis says:

    I have an in home daycare this would be a God send!

  6. I’d love to have this light vacuum to bring up and down my stairs – they are the worst to try to keep clean!!
    Thanks :)

  7. i would love this vacuum; my vacuum is large and very heavy — after having surgery it’s hard for me to lift and manage — this would be wonderful ….

  8. Angie Jerde says:

    This vacuum looks awesome! I have so many little nooks and crannies that are hard to reach with a normal clunky vacuum so this would be perfect : )

  9. Lisa Brown says:

    I would love to own it to use it in the kitchen where there is always something to vacuum up and would be easier to take out than the big vacuum.
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  10. Lisa Brown says:
  11. I’d love the vacuum to catch all those dust bunnies that are appearing more and more now that the heat is occasionally on! Sounds like a great product!

  12. With housecats, the fur is always flying. I’d love this vacuum to keep it in check, especially under beds and other furniture.

  13. This vacuum is far easier to get out instead of the larger ones. And when you have cats and sew and other projects there is always something to vacuum up.

  14. Michelle Ward says:

    I really would use this everyday at my house. My three kids and two dogs track messes into the house constantly.

  15. Barb Berglund says:

    I would Love to have this vacuum. I would use it everyday to clean up after my very messy large dog. It would be great not to have to get out my huge, heavy vacuum for small clean ups.

  16. I’d love to have this vacuum because my toddler is a walking, snack-eating tornado ;)

  17. Dog. Hair. Hate dragging the big vacuum cleaner out all the time!

  18. I would like this because it is easy to maneuver and would help me get under the couches and beds better. We have dust allergies so I need to reach every spot.

  19. I would love this vacuum because it’s lightweight and would be easy to lug up and down the 3 levels I have to clean. Thanks for the offer and your decorating skills.

  20. We have wood floors throughout our house so this would be great!

  21. We have 2 cats and it seems like I could vacuum up furballs and other stuff daily. This would be so much easier than getting out the big vacuum!

  22. So beautiful and heart warming! Nice decors!

  23. nancy hrba says:

    Like to have a lightweight vacuum cleaner. Thanks!

  24. I would love to have a vacuum this light weight. The older I get, the harder it is to bring out the big cannister heavy duty vacuum for all the little clean up jobs everyone experiences. This would really help me and relieve the stress on my back from my larger model. Thanks for the opportunity!

  25. LynneMarie says:

    Oh wow, this would be so great for those times when I need to clean up small messes and cat hair and don’t feel like breaking out my heavy, clunky vacuum.

  26. Would love to have a lightweight vacuum and one that actually cleans my carpet! Right now my vacuum is a little sub-par.

  27. I think it would be great for daily cleanups, and leave the heavy duty vacuum for the heavy jobs like spring cleaning. Awesome-sounding vacuum!

  28. This would be awesome for sweeping up after our 4 kids!

  29. Sheila Smith says:

    I would love this simply because i have 5 kids. No explanation needed. :) Mess makers.

  30. Anne Marie says:

    I would love this – I have two little grandchildren living with me so there always seems to be a mess on the floors. This sounds like the perfect answer for me.

  31. I’m tired of sweeping with a broom:)

  32. Melissa Owen says:

    I have a 28 and 8 month old. Our house gets DIRTY, quick. I really should vacuum every night, but it’s such a pain to lug out my big vacuum each night after a long work day. If I had a small, yet powerful vacuum, it would be a dream and I’d be more motivated at clean!!

  33. Oh, goodness- so glad I stumbled across this. I would absolutely love this. I have two cats and a dog and wood floors. I am so tired of sweeping each day it isn’t even funny!

  34. Rebecca F. says:

    I would love this! Our wood floors get so dusty under the couches and tv console and with a recent hip injury, it makes it difficult for me to bend down to clean under there. This would be perfect!

  35. MaryLeigh Lippincott says:

    Hello!!! First of all, I didn’t even know Electrolux made these bad boys! I have a heavy upright Electrolux vacuum from 1995??? And although I love it, it”s pretty much held together with duct tape and old gum…. (JK about the gum) It would be fabulous to have one of these especially since we live in Phoenix and keeping up with the dust is quite a chore. Thanks! Love your site.

  36. My house is always tracked with dirt from the dogs and hubs. Being lightweight is a plus! The wood floors and I would be so happy to win this.

  37. I would love this vacuum since I have a dog, cat and well husband with a house full of hardwood floors. I vacuum almost everyday especially now that leaves and pine needles will be tracked in.

  38. I love Electrolux. I grew up with one and have two very old ones now that still work. This one looks so cool! Hope I win!!!!

  39. Wow! This would really be used in my house between the dog and two new grandsons!

  40. I would love the vacuuum because my stairs are carpeted and your vacuum looks so light!

  41. I would love to have it because I need to vacuum everyday. My boys keep our home messy. This would be perfect for vacuuming different parts of our house and maybe the boys would love to use this as well!

  42. I am always cleaning up tiny messes! The backdoor leads right into our kitchen and I’m always pulling out dining table chairs and navigating the table with my clunky vacuum or broom. This little Electrolux would fit perfectly!

  43. I would love this for my workshop! It would really be useful!

  44. Katie Greenlaw says:

    What a great vacuum. We had a cordless sweeper for a while that was great, but broke. We haven’t replaced it. With 3 kids under 6…there is always something to vacuum up ????

  45. The Electrolux Ergorapido would be perfect for cleaning under the sofa and beds. Our current vacuum works great, but it is too big to go under furniture. I would love to replace my broom and dustpan with this beauty. :) Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  46. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    I’d love to have this for our home! It would make cleaning up quick and easy throughout the day!!

  47. I would love to have this vacuum! It would be perfect for everyday clean up from dog & kids. Thanks!

  48. We put in hardwood floors a year ago and ever since then I’ve needed a lightweight vacuum that could clean up the every day messes that kids and a dogs create. This Electrolux would be the perfect tool to have.

  49. Looks like the perfect everyday vac – especially when you have four hairy dogs! Love that, unlike other stick vacuums, it has some brush action!

  50. Kim Henrichs says:

    I would LOVE something lightweight that was easy to get around the house!

  51. I would love this vacuum because I have two mess boys, a dog and a cat.

  52. I would love a vacuum like this for everyday cleaning!

  53. I would use this everyday!! In the kitchen for crumbs, in my bathroom where there is always a ton of hair on the floor because I shed so much lol!! I want this vaccuum!!!

  54. I would love a vacuum that I can easily use on our new wood floors. I, too, have dust under the couch….

  55. because of a big dog that lives in our home :) looks like it can get hidden hair from any type of area!

  56. Lori Carlson says:

    Would love this to use in the kitchen! I have 3 kids, a dog, and a husband…. So 5 very messy kids! Haha! This would come in handy rather than always having to drag my big vacuum out.

  57. I hate to drag out my vacuum for my kitchen floor which gets trashed pretty quickly. That cordless Electrolux would be so handy! Love it.

  58. Michelle J. says:

    I have a lot of kids who make a lot of messes, so this would be perfect!

  59. Michelle J. says:

    I shared on Twitter.

  60. We’re hosting the holidays this year–so we could really use all the help we can get in terms of cleaning!!!!!

  61. I need a vacuum this size for quick clean-ups! Great giveaway!

  62. Sarah Brown says:

    I sweep multiple times a day with a broom with my toddler. With a baby on the way, it would be so much easier to have this! Plus my son loves vacuums and he might actually be able to use this one since it is lighter than our big one.

  63. Anna Marie says:

    I vacuum every day. My vacuum is so heavy that it hurts my back. A lightweight vacuum for vacuuming spills would be a godsend.

  64. Megan Bohlinger says:

    With a two year old and a cat, we do our fair share of vacuuming in our household. This would be so helpful!!

  65. I love this little vacuum! We have an old Lab who is shedding like crazy, it would be s life saver.

    Thank you for the opportunity, I love your blog!

  66. Sheryle G says:

    This would be great to have. Small and easy to use!

  67. Jennifer J says:

    A lightweight vac like this would be wonderful! Perfect for quick clean ups and easier to move around with on stairs. Soccer season is upon us at my house and all the grass and little pieces of turf getting tracked in would disappear in a jiffy with this vac!

  68. OMG this would be perfect…military family with little kiddos and a little dog – perfect for quick clean-up with little time and scoop up grass from baseball cleats!

  69. We have a Dyson and a Shark Navigator. The Dyson is too heavy and the Shark is making very loud noises. Having the Electrolux would be amazing!

  70. I would love to have one of these to clean up under the table after dinner!

  71. Wow…this would be perfect to clean up after our kids and furbabies. What a timesaver! We have to haul our Shark down the stairs and having this would make tbings much easier! Also am loving the fall decor. You’re an inspiration ????

  72. Tracie Cooper says:

    I would love this for my home as I currently don’t have a vacuum and this would be perfect for my laminate floors.

  73. Tracie Cooper says:

    I shared the giveaway via twitter as @traciemich05 and on FB as Tracie Michelle Cooper

  74. Tracie Cooper says:

    I did share via FB but was unable to share via twitter!

  75. I’m moving in a few weeks and don’t have a vacuum for my new house! This would be amazing to have!

  76. I have two little Shih Tzus – the little doggie tumbleweeds can get out of control fast! Our sofas are high off the ground, too – I hope this would help me like it has you.

  77. I have a black lab and two young kids this would help so much on top of that I have laminate flooring.

  78. Elizabeth says:

    I have 2 small kids so would love a vacuum that’s small and compact so going up and down the stairs is easier!

  79. I could definitely use one of these for vacuuming under my furniture and stuff! My battle with fleas has been tough since I have to constantly move my furniture around to vacuum under it.

  80. Very nice.. This will be amazing to have at home.